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  1. For anyone new to astronomy the British Astronomical Association has designed a programme of talks and practical sessions to help you learn the basic techniques needed to enjoy your hobby to its fullest potential. In conjunction with the Orwell Astronomical Society (Ipswich) the next workshop will be held on Saturday 2 March 2019 in Ipswich from 09.45 to 18.00. Details of the days events and how to book tickets can be found at https://www.britastro.org/ipswich2019
  2. Last summer I spent a lot of time observing and imaging the sun with a WO Z61 and Quark Chromosphere. Recently I have acquired a WO Z103 and if the sun ever comes out I would like to use this refractor for imaging as well. Question I have is with the wider aperture of the Z103, is it safe to use with the Quark and is an energy rejection filter needed? I previously read that it should be ok up to c100mm without an ERF but I cannot see any reference to this on now on the Daystar website. Thoughts welcome.
  3. Hughsie

    Luna 7-2-2019

    I was admiring this image and same “Alien” thought came to mind. Lovely picture.
  4. Hughsie

    Orion Nebula and Running Man Nebula

    Amazing image.
  5. Appreciate there are a lot of Lunar eclipse images out there. After the eclipse I wanted to put together a composite image (if that’s the term) as I have never done that before. Any way, I’ve thrown this together. Thank you for viewing
  6. Hughsie

    Sky At Night Beginners Guide

    Thanks Danny. This completely slipped my mind so the reminder was timely.
  7. Hughsie

    Lunar Eclipse Wide Field

    One of many images captured in the early hours of this morning. Started at 1am then at 2.45am the clouds rolled in and I thought "here we go again". To be honest I was ready to head back to bed, temperature -5c, a light wind and looking North West into the wind all I could see was clouds. In the end I decided to keep the gear out and head back inside for a cup of tea. All warmed up again I peeked outside and the clouds had gone. There is nothing like a clear night to make that cold feeling disappear. Here is a single image of the blood red moon. Equipment as follows; William Optics Z61, Canon T3i Rebel Camera set at ISO 800, single 1.3 second exposure on the non-tracking SkyWatcher EQ2 mount. Just some minor tweaks in Photoshop to bring out the stars a little. Thank you for looking.
  8. Hughsie

    M33 - RGB

    Beautiful capture. Thank you for sharing.
  9. Hughsie

    Soul nebula

    Great image, love those shades of blue. Thank you for sharing
  10. Hughsie

    M31 very first attempt

    Following the feedback and some more reading on the web, I downloaded the trial version of Pixinsight just to see if I could remove the green hue then took it back into Photoshop and processed the remainder of the image there. Must admit, I do like the look of Pixinsight and fortunately/unfortunately I have damaged a tendon in my foot which means no weekend chores for me so I can review the Pixinsight tutorials much to my wife's annoyance!
  11. Hughsie

    M31 very first attempt

    Thank you Happy Kat. The more I keep staring at it the more I see green lol. Startools looks interesting and I will run the original TIF through it when I have some time at the weekend.
  12. Hughsie

    M31 very first attempt

    Thanks Olly. Unfortunately I process with Photoshop on a Mac and so PixInsight SCNR looks out and HLVG is a Windows product. So from what i have read about both I look doomed! Will have to keep working at that white balance and RGB alignment.
  13. Hughsie

    M31 very first attempt

    Interesting John, because it was horribly green after stacking. I undertook a white balance adjustment which cleared it up quite a bit. Thank you for the feedback.
  14. Hughsie

    M31 very first attempt

    Thank you Michael.

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