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  1. Always nice to see your images Mr Kinch, what ever the format may be. Thank you for sharing.
  2. Clearly the dew shield is the perfect size so by the process of elimination the scope is too big. Scope meets angle grinder. Problem solved. ps it does look cosy in that dew shield!
  3. Boom. Lovely shot. When I worked on my same image I ended up in one place . Now I’m revisiting again and I’m seeing all different colours. Thats art for you.
  4. I have something similar but the brightness is adjustable. Point the scope straight up. As you have no brightness adjustment it’s a bit of trial and error with sheets of paper or a white t-shirt (handkerchiefs or something similar also help) over the front of the scope and between the light panel. Aim for a stretched histogram between 30/50% from the left hand side.
  5. Messier 1, Crab Nebula. I have been photographing this supernova remnant during the clear nights available to me in January. This image is based on the Hubble Palette and uses Sulphur, Oxygen and Hydrogen filters (Sii/Oiii/Ha) to create this pseudo colour picture. Each image of which there are 85 is made up of 5 minute exposures; Sii 25 x 5 mins (Baader 8nm 1.25”) Ha 30 x 5 mins (Baader 7nm 1.25”) Oiii 30 x 5 mins (Baader 8.5nm 1.25”) Sii/Ha (Gain 139 Offset 21); Oiii (Gain 75 Offset 15) These images were then calibrated and stacked using the software, Pixinsight. Time to move on to another target now though I will be returning to M1 next year to capture some more data.
  6. Tried the EAF with a WO Z61 and WO Z103. Couldn’t attach it so sent it back to FLO. Whilst I have no experience with your scope to honestly answer the question I can say that in the end I went for the Sesto Senso. Bit more expensive but the mechanical attachment works on my scopes......once you have centered everything up
  7. I have looked at this four times today and I will keep on looking at this wonderful image. Love it.
  8. I thought the emblem would be a tree so as to fit in with their new uniforms. https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/51174445
  9. Returned to M1 over the night of 18/19th January and then again on 20th to capture this small target in Ha, Oiii and Sii. The processing seems to take longer than the imaging what with work in the way so having calibrated the light frames, star aligned and stacked the Ha subs in Pixinsight , I couldn’t resist a sneaky look at what the Ha subs looked like. There is a reflection occurring on the brighter stars and I don’t know if lowering the gain will help with that. Welcome peoples thoughts. Also the background is too dark but I was in a rush to get it done. 40 x 5 mins at gain 139, offset 21 using Zwo Asi1600mm Pro and Baader 7nm Ha filter. Captured using a William Optics Z103 and SGP. Hoping to get the Sulphur and Oxygen combined with the Ha over the weekend so long as Mrs H jobs list doesn’t get any longer. Thank you for checking in. John
  10. Hi Brian, had some clear nights up the road from you. Great shot and looking forward to the further tweaks. John
  11. Returning to Messier 1 capturing some more light frames. Lovely clear night. Messier 1_frame23_Ha_300sec_1x1_gain_139_offset_21_2020-01-18_201459.fit
  12. I have spent the last hour debating whether to share my fortune/misfortune, stupidity/moment of inspiration or..... oh hell lets just call it what it is, I am an idiot. This time last year I purchased a William Optics Z103 and the William Optics 0.8x reducer Flat 6AII. I was happily imaging with my WO Z61 for the early part of the year then, in the Summer, I decided to get into the Z103 and 'learn' how to use that. Armed with the Flat 6AII and the ZWO ASI1600mm Pro Cooled I made the following adjustments to the reducer as per the WO instructions below of 4.6mm and locked the reducer down. So as you can see this boy is on a roll. I went as far as purchasing a digital caliper to really make sure that I had the 4.6mm distance dialed in then but please, be under no illusion, I was REALLY making sure I was at 4.6mm checking and re-checking the distance. Then I had to get the back-focus right and according to the next diagram from WO, I needed a distance of 59mm. I was using a filter wheel with 2mm thick filter so I added a further 0.6mm in to the back-focus as well. Easy right, I've got my digital calipers, instructions and an air of invincibility having spent weeks getting my 4.6mm distance sorted. Game day approached, the BBC Weather app and Clear Outside were for once saying the same thing, Clear Skies. I have my new scope, new reducer perfectly set up and my new ASI1600mm camera. I AM READY. First picture.....rugby ball stars in the corner...eh? Second picture, same outcome. Purchased an adjustable spacer. Arrived a week later. Game day 2. Rugby ball shaped stars. I adjust the adjustable spacer. No effect. In or out, I have oblong stars. Game day 3. I just carry on taking images, all posted here and cropping like crazy and in between sessions measuring and remeasuring the spacing. That was all over the Summer. On Monday this week I emailed William Optics explaining my dilemma. They responded the next day with a solution. This evening I implemented said solution and now I have lovely round stars in the corners of my images. So the moral of this story is this..... WHEN THE INSTRUCTIONS CALL FOR A 4.6MM SPACING ON THE REDUCER, REMEMBER YOU ARE NOT USING A DSLR CAMERA! I am going to grab a cold towel for my head and a beer. John
  13. Just need to dial in the back focus so shouldn’t take too long. Then I can get ready for the wind, rain and snow at the end of the month
  14. Thanks Brian. Might be able to sneak out for 2 hours on Friday before it clouds over just to finish off the testing. Appreciate your comments and always enjoy your images. John
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