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  1. Thank you Paul. I used Starnet to remove the stars from narrowband channels and then I combined stretched starless bicolor image with stretched RGB image using Pixinsights pixelmath. This seems to give more control over faint details and color balance.
  2. Thank you for your kind comments!
  3. This target is not seen often in amateur photographs, perhaps because it is very faint. I shot this planetary nebula on two nights in January from my remote-controlled observatory in Finland. In my blog you can see larger version: https://www.evenfall.space/post/ancient-planetary-nebula-hdw2 Gear: SkyWatcher Esprit 100mm f/5.5 ASI1600MM-C EQ6 guided with ASI224MC Ha: 36x300s, OIII 120x300s, RGB 10x120s each. Total integration time is 14 hours.
  4. I shot luminance for this trio of galaxies in December and after two clear nights in January I managed to get RGB as well. Larger image can be found in my blog: https://www.evenfall.space/post/galactic-waltz Gear: SkyWatcher Esprit 100mm f/5.5 ASI1600MM-C EQ6 guided with ASI224MC TS Optics LRGB filters. L: 196x120s, R: 60x120s, G: 72x120s, B: 60x120s. Total integration time approx. 13 hours.
  5. Here is my latest project that I started in December. More info on the object itself can be seen in my blog: https://www.evenfall.space/post/hinds-variable-nebula Technical details: SkyWatcher Esprit 100mm f/5.5 with flattener, ASI1600MM-C, StarLight Xpress filter wheel with TS Optics LRGB filters. EQ6 guided with ASI224MC (finder guider). Luminance: 136x300s and R/G/B 50x300s each channel. Total exposure time approx. 24 hours. C&C welcome.
  6. Im glad that you like it. I do have more photos, but I havent found the time to update the observatory page yet. Meanwhile you can see my thread here on SGL to see more photos:
  7. Hello, I started a new blog about astrophotography. It is written in english so I thought I would share it with this community aswell. This is also a good way for me to learn english and get better at writing. There is not alot of content at the moment but hopefully I get more data to finish some ongoing imaging projects soon. You can view my site here: www.evenfall.space
  8. Ive started a blog about this project and everything else astronomy related that I do. Latest update to the blog is my new all sky camera build. Have a look at: www.evenfall.space
  9. After long perioid of cloudy skies I decided to pay the observatory a visit. Mainly because I wanted to do some deep sky observing with our astronomy clubs 16" Meade SCT. I took few friends along and we had great time although transparency was quite bad because there was some hing cloud cover passing by. Most memorable view was NGC6543, cat's eye nebula. I could easily see cyan color and central star. Even some small irregular shapes in the nebulosity, it was a great end to the observing session. While we were busy observing inside the dome on the right, I shot this timelapse infront of our own observatory where telescopes were hard at work recording photons to the hard drive. Sadly my second battery died after 9 hours of shooting and I didnt have third one so I couldnt get sunrise to the end of the video. Regardless Im quite happy with it. Also here is final result of what my scope was imaging, soul nebula. This is one of my favourite objects in the night sky. More technical details can be found in my Astrobin.
  10. Good point, that information is based on lightpollutionmap.info - I double checked and those parameters (Borttle 3 / SQM 21.83) are still in there on the position of our observatory. Anyways, Ive been more than happy with the darkness of the site. Insulation wouldnt really work here in the north. It would cool down very quickly during winter without active heating which would give us terrible seeing.
  11. The problem is that it isnt smooth. Its anything but, wobbling is visible even on 1s exposures and phd just cant keep up with it.
  12. I think the fungus invasion has stopped, or atleast I havent noticed any change for worse after we improved the ventilation. Its only on the surface and doesnt seem to affect the condition of the wooden walls. Ive been having major issues with my new setup, mainly the mount. I bought second hand EQ6 a while ago and havent been able to test it because summer time here is daylight almost 24/7. Now that I have tested it the RA axis seems to wobble around 40" (!) so the mount is currently unusable. Erik has more knowledge of the mount mechanics so I asked him to help with it and last weekend we dismantled the entire thing from head to toe. There was dried lube and backlash on both axis - but the error only went down to 8" peak to peak even after changing greases to superlube and eliminating all backlash. I think it might be an electrical issue because nothing seems damaged inside the mount. Luckily I was able to borrow our astronomy clubs NEQ6. Club members prefer the two paramount ME's over NEQ6 so there is almost no use for it, so they offered it to me to use until I get my mount working or a new one. It was a very kind act and I got my first light yesterday. Also, we installed new security cameras for the observatory. Outside camera has a fixed position and its mainly used to see how much snow has accumulated on the roof so its safe to open. Inside camera rotates 360 degrees so we can easily see if something is wrong with equipment inside the observatory. Both of them have IR led's which can be turned off on command to avoid light leaking to imaging sensors. Also the inside camera has a two way voice so it can be used to give advice to a person inside the observatory, for example if something needs to be booted or unplugged. Also the cameras can send photo or video to email if they detect motion in case of someone is breaking in.
  13. I agree that the humidity is quite hing. We have improved ventilation recently but so far nothing has changed. It hasnt been issue to any equipment because they are warmer when turned on than air around them. They dont seem to collect moisture at all. Same cant be said about our walls though.
  14. Ive been collecting bits and pieces to upgrade my setup and its finally coming together! I built a power distribution box that is attached on top of the telescope to minimize cables that come down from the scope. Only thing that is going up from the pier to the scope is one USB 3.0 cable and power cable. Inside the box is 8 chanel usb relay to unplug equipment remotely and fuses to every power outlet so in case of a short circuit I hopefully only blow a fuse. Startech USB 3.0 hub is attached on top of the DIY power distribution box. The scope itself is SkyWatcher Esprit 100mm optimized by Teleskop-Austria, it is paired with Starlight Xpress 7x36mm filter wheel, USB_Focus V3 and ASI1600MM-C. For guiding Im using ASI120MC with a finder guider. Also I sold my old HEQ5 to make room for EQ6 which is more suitable for this scope. I cant wait to get my first light with it.
  15. Final image of the season for me, for the first time our roof actually got stuck. Thankfully it was closed during the time. There was one loose wire that caused power loss to the roof motor, it took me 4 hours to fix it because there was alot of wiring to go though with a multimeter to sort the issue. Now it is fixed and ready for autumn season. Details in Astrobin: For next year I will upgrade my dslr lens to a telescope and mount from HEQ5 to EQ6 to get longer focal lenght. Thinking of getting SW Esprit 100mm because it is very sharp and doesnt require any collimation. Also I will ditch my laptop and build a better pc for the purpose. Biggest need is definedly wake-on-lan which isnt an option in BIOS in my current setup.
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