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  1. @malc cThanks, I will get to flocking eventually, if I stay with this scope as my primary imaging scope, I still need a coma corrector, so I am debating to get a refractor, yes I know it needs a flattener as well. @discardedastro Has pointed out some interesting things of which I have just done a few test shots. These are just single images, but they do highlight a few issues. This first is with the rear covered with just the normal dust cover on the front all are 300s @f5 prime focus and with the camera covered with extra blackout though a perfect fit with the tube, anything camera wise
  2. @discardedastroWhat I will do when I get sometime is do a long exposure during the day and try this, the camera/focuser is covered with a lightproof cover, it is possible that some light is getting around the main mirror cell, but I don't think that was the issue in this case, as the M51 exposure later that night, did not show the same issue, nor on my previous attempts of M42/43 and the Horsehead Nebula earlier this month. The mirror cell is usually in the darker part of the area the scope is in, it is just the front the experiences overspill light from neighbours lights, but as we know light
  3. @discardedastroThanks for the input, as I said previously the rear of the primary is painted matt black (black board paint as you say) as is the draw tube and the edge and rear of the secondary. I am pretty sure it was either the moon angle or the shed light, the next clear night I will try again, with the shed light off and the moon will be out of the way for the next two weeks nearly. I am not worried about removing the primary as I had to shorten tubes in the past, I also did darks frames.
  4. Love the enthusiasm, keep it up, I feel like that every day I see stuff and image it. They are not always good but what the heck,
  5. I got a 200p Jan 2020on an eq5 mount, it isn't a great combination, I did however manage some A.P. with it before I upgraded the mount, I can't travel as I need to be handy for the lady I help. Previous comments are correct about e.p. positions. way back in the 90's I had a 10" Dark Star Dob and it was a beast I wouldn't have carried anywhere but the back garden at the time, so it seems to me that the 200P is a carry scope (just) I am not sure if I would carry it to the local rugby field, same sort of walking distance with an eq mount, possible an Alt/Az as has also been suggested, but I don'
  6. I have just had a thought, it could have been the interior shed light, as it was pointing in that general diection, and I was imaging in the shed at the time. M51 was almost 180° in the other direction, and I was imaging from my bedroom via remote excess and the shed light was off.
  7. Secondary edges and draw tube painted mat black as is the base of the primary, plus I was using a homemade light shield from cardboard, ok it's internals are not painted, but just the matt brown cardboard is, so not likely to produce such a bright streak. It might be another light source from the direction the scope was pointing.
  8. @The Admiral, @tooth_dr Thanks for your input but as you can see from M51 shot the same night different direction and further from the moon, the moon at this moment seems the likely candidate. This is a cropped and to me at the moment a finished image of M51 well at least today. I know I need to work on different aspects but, very little time with clear skies since last Sept, and only about 4-5 nights since I got the guide scope in late Sept early Oct.
  9. Just worked through the above tutorial. Tight crop from a full frame DSLR
  10. I think this is an improvement on last year's attempt. They are both quite tight crops from a full frame DSLR 2021 2020
  11. Possible the moon was 59° 2.5' away. I will try again next week with no moon, proving there are clear nights. When I did M51 later in the evening, the moon was 84° 32'.
  12. @david_taurus83I have a home made light shield, as O have a neighbours bathroom light on most of the night, it shines right down on the scope, about the only place in the garden it does, at the time of imaging it would have been greater than 90°there are insecurity lights on two opposing housing, but the scope is hidden from most of those sources by the boundary fence, It is rather a steep hill I live on. I am just working on a sequence of M51 and no such issuses with this one, taken later the same evening. so it is likely to be a light source of one form or another, I will invest on a be
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