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  1. Hi. I just had a read through this and now I'm thinking that the exposure of my flats might be way too short. I'm using a qhy183m and for example the exposure time of the Luminance flats is 0.03612sec. I'm using APT's CCD flats aid to get close to 32000ADU. I'm using my daughter's tablet with an A4 white paper in front of it and the flats are not correcting as they should. Emil
  2. I was very surprised myself to be honest. 0.79 arcsec/pixel is quite a good resolution for galaxies.
  3. Very short integration time but pleased with the result. Only 18x120sec for each of the RGB with my 130pds. No luminance as I got some weird artefacts in the final stack and I decided to do it in RGB only to see what comes out. I'm starting to like this qhy183m more and more. I will probably redo the Luminance and maybe add some Ha to it, especially for the Whale galaxy. Emil
  4. Hi. Can I have the home made dew heater please if it's not too big. I wanna use it on a 4" refractor. And one more thing. Does the 9x50 fider bracket with the broken screw have the rubber ring? I've been looking for a rubber ring but can't find one. Mine snapped. Thanks Emil
  5. I'm pretty sure it can be better than that. To me it looks very noisy. Maybe I should put the tif files here and you guys can play with them. They are all aligned and cropped so only need processing and blending.
  6. Thank you guys. I found it a bit hard to get it right, if that is right, as I'm using Annie's astro tools in photoshop to create the hubble palette and I have no control over how much of the Ha, Oiii and Sii goes into the final photo. I would love to have control over it because what I've done now is process them a bit more or less and then combining the results until I got this. Emil
  7. Not the best but being my first ever full narrowband photo I'm pretty pleased with how it came out. 72x300sec Ha, 71x300sec Oiii, 73x300sec Sii and 23x120sec for each RGB. Qhy183m, 130pds, baader 1.25" filters. DSS and Photoshop. I hope you like it. Emil
  8. I always tend to shoot this kind of targets when I go to dark sites and I choose dark sites with little or no light pollution in the south. Emil
  9. I was unfortunate enough to have a bird with a very upset stomach mistaken the front lens of the telescope with a bird toilet. It was so runny, it went all over the place and I opened it up to clean it and messed up the collimation. It's at the doctor's now, hoping to get it back as it was. I love that scope and I think it's a good match for the camera giving me a 1.18 arcsec/pixel resolution.
  10. It does and it's frightfully bright but as long as you take good darks and don't calibrate them with bias it's removed completely. I've been advised to take dark flats but so far I didn't.
  11. PMs received but unfortunately a friend made me change my mind about the DBK so I will withdraw it from the sale. Sorry. Emil
  12. Hi 

    Further to my first email , I would definitely like the 618 


    1. emyliano2000


      Hi Richard,

      A friend convinced me not to sell the camera so I will withdraw it.

      I'm sorry.

  13. Hi 

    ‘I would be interested in the 618 camera  and  IR block filter



    1. emyliano2000


      Hi Richard.

      Send me a private message please.


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