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  1. Thank you! Even though I'm not even close to being "up there" where a lot of people on SGL are, I decided to try and put a bit more effort in my astrophotography and even though I can't afford more expensive things to make my life even easier, I'm just gonna do my best with what I have and if that means I need to shoot much longer to get the results that I'm after, so be it. I've gone passed the stage when I wanted to shoot 10 targets in one night. Now I only shoot 5 but that's because my veiw is very restricted Emil
  2. Thanks Adam, I'm really glad it came out ok, it makes me wanna shoot more and more of them Emil
  3. This year, because I love small targets and especially planetary nebulae, I decided to start shooting a few to see how they come out with my AT106 and Qhy183m. I'm quite oversampled at 0.72"/px when shooting at 690mm, with the qhy183m, but In order to get a nice looking crop I decided to drizzle x2 for the crop and reduce the wide view photo to its original size. The first finished target is M76, The Little Dumbell nebula. With a total of 35 hours and 40 minutes, it's my longest integration time that I’ve done on a single target. I have a few more of these small gems in the making but I really wanna do at least 30 hours on each one, so that might take a while because of all the good weather we've been getting in the UK. I shot it in HaOiiiRGB, stacked and combined in APP and processed in Pixinsight and photoshop. I really like it, I hope you do too. I'll add an astrobin link with all the details later when I upload it there. Emil
  4. Hi Manos. Would you be willing to sell the OWB filter on its own? Emil
  5. Price reduction on the remaining items. Emil
  6. Wow, that is amazing! Insane integration time! Emil
  7. Thank you! Unfortunately I don't have the 450D or any of the telescopes used to shoot that target but as far as I remember, I never kept the SD card in the camera. A friend told me that using the camera at ISO1600 would show a very good improvement but not having the camera anymore, I can't test it. The canon banding removal script in pixinsight combined with the background flattening tools in fitswork did a pretty good job. Emil
  8. This is why I never throw away data that, at the time, I think it's good for nothing. I revisited my Deer Lick and Stephan's quintet to see how much better my processing skills are after one and a half years. Here's tonight's attempt And my previous attempt: It wasn't very easy to get to this result but I'm really glad I managed to do it properly this time. Here's how the pixinsight autostretch looks like. The 450d banding is absolutely terrible. Full resolution and other details on my astrobin account: https://www.astrobin.com/ncv0wn/0/ Emil
  9. Hi. Any idea when the 1.25" Oiii 4.5nm will be back in stock? Emil
  10. PM received and FUFMPCC sold! Emil
  11. I went back and reprocessed the cluster and I'm even happier with this version.
  12. A few items remaining! Emil
  13. Hi Pete. Is it possible to take the Alt bolts only? Emil
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