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  1. Thank you al for your comments. They helped me decide to get some 300mm foundation blocks, sink them a bit into the ground and put the tripod on them. Emil
  2. Yeah, I thought about the safety issue. I have some really dense foam blocks, 8" long and 4" square that I was thinking of using to cover the exposed poles and the antivibration pads would be glued to the end of the poles. When I would have to move I was thinking of grinding them as close as possible to the ground and sink them in completely.
  3. yes, that doesn't sound too bad. I just didn't want to ruin the lawn, it's such a well maintained garden and those blocks are gonna kill all the grass under them and leave 3 big squares with no grass in the middle of the garden if and when I will have to move. That's why I was thinking of the scafold poles, They wouldn't leave very big marks. And with the blocks, wouldn't I have the same problem with the legs fully extended. I've seen a photo posted by one of the members with a fully extended tripod, an extension tube and a az-eq6 gt on top of it.
  4. maybe I should consider extending the legs to only half the height.
  5. I'm planing to get one of those too so the mount will be at aprox 1.8m heigh off the ground. 200mm scafold poles sticking out of the ground, tripod (1.4m) and 200mm extension tube.
  6. is there a way to find out?
  7. Well, yes. I'm planning to hit them with a sledgehammer until there's only 8" left above the ground, fill them with sand, put one anti vibration pad on top of each pole then put the fully or nearly fully extended tripod legs on the anti vibration pads. This is how the weights are hanging from the central bolt.
  8. Hi guys. I recently moved to a new house and my view is quite restricted by the house and some trees in the neighbouring gardens. Because I'm renting I can't build a pier to gain a bit of height but I was thinking of using 3 scafold pols. I have 3 x 1m scafold poles that I was thinking of fixing into the ground on the lawn just leaving 8" out and getting an 8" mount extension too to gain a bit of height. If I would extend the tripod legs as far as possible that would help me get over a few trees that are blocking the southern view. I already fixed a chain with 10kg of weights to the tripod central bolt to increase its weight and make it more stable and I wanna get some celestron anti vibration pads and fix them between the scafold poles and and the tripod legs. I'm gonna be doing imaging. Would this be a good or bad idea? Thanks. Emil
  9. I've just sent my mount to Darkframe today and spoke to Dave on the phone. He told me he will start work on the mount this weekend and I will get it back in 3 weeks time the latest. I really hope so because in a months time it's my birthday and I'm planning to go away with the hypertuned mount šŸ˜Š Try giving them a ring. I'm sure they'll answer. Emil
  10. Thanks guys. I already paid to have it done and I've been in contact with Dave over the email. I'm just waiting for the box from them to send it over. I paid for 3 way delivery service too. I paid for Gen 2 hypertuning which I think it includes the belt conversion. Emil
  11. Hi guys. I just ordered a Gen2 hypertune at Darkframe optics for my recently purchaced old black eq6 mount that has been upgraded to synscan by the person I bought it from. Can I have your opinion on this matter please. The website states that their hypertuned mounts perform much better that the new ones. I've been told that I will get the mount back in 10 to 15 days from the date they receive the mount. I've seen posts on other forums and some people got the mount back in 2 months time. I really hope I made the right choice and I hope I will get a good mount out of this hypertune. It wasn't very easy to spend Ā£500. Thanks. Emil
  12. Hi. I'm in the process of moving houses now, so on a little break from AP but I would be really interested in knowing how you've done it. Emil
  13. Here's some of my shots with my canon 700d, sw 200p on a guided eq6 mount. Leo Triplet M97 - M108 M81 - M82 M13 M42 M101 M1 M51 Horsehead and Flame nebulae And some photos of the moon taken with my phone And this is my setup
  14. Thanks to happy-kat I followed the steps on the link and this is the result that I got.I used a little Lightroom too, not too much Emil
  15. Thanks