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  1. emyliano2000

    Weird stars again.

    After fitting those small metal plates on the inside and outside of the tube I decided to put a very thin shim in the corner of the focuser where the stars didn't look right. That fixed some of the tilt. The compression ring adapter on the focuser tube and the design of the coma corrector have their part of the blame too. The coma corrector has like a groove on it where the compression ring should sit but unfortunately it doesn't so I have to be careful how I tighten it. An all screw connection will fix that problem.
  2. emyliano2000

    Weird stars again.

    I've done, it, I fixed he tilt on the Baader focuser and got the spacing right too. Going to shoot at f3.6 with the 0.9x coma corrector Happy days!
  3. emyliano2000

    The Deer Lick Group and Stephan's quintet

    It is quite frustrating when you are fighting against the clouds. They seem to win most of the times but I love this hobby so much that I'm starting to get used to it. I managed now to automate my setups and even on a school night, if I know it will be clear and it's not going to rain, I leave them running on their own and wake up up with them nicely parked and with a night worth of images saved on my laptop. Now, the images can be good or bad, but what can you do? Having to wake up early in the morning to go to work doesn't give me the choice of staying up late during the week. And having 2 setups is allowing me to image even if I have to test some things with one of them.
  4. emyliano2000

    The Deer Lick Group and Stephan's quintet

    Thank you! I can't complain about the guiding. I'm using a lacerta mgen on this setup and it works great with my 9x50 finder-guider. There is a bit of tilt somewhere though as the stars on the bottom left of the photo are a bit elongated.
  5. emyliano2000

    The Deer Lick Group and Stephan's quintet

    Thanks! 1000mm. I used my 200p for 2 sessions and the newly acquired 10" quattro for the third which also has a focal lenght of 1000mm.
  6. emyliano2000

    The Deer Lick Group and Stephan's quintet

    To bad the light pollution doesn't let me go much above 300sec. Some longer subs would've helped a bit more.
  7. emyliano2000

    The Deer Lick Group and Stephan's quintet

    I posted a single sub on facebook a few nights ago. This is a phone screenshot of that sub as I'm not at home now.
  8. Hi guys. Even though I am planning to add at least one more session to this, I decided to give it a quick stack and process to see how it comes out. I'm pretty pleased, apart from the fact that I have added one session shot with the "work in progress 10" quattro" which doesn't give me nice round stars across the fov. The total exposure time is a bit over 9 hours shot with my 450D. Mainly 300sec exposures ISO800. Do you think the a few more hours will help me bring a bit more detail in the Stephan's quintet? Thanks for looking. Emil
  9. emyliano2000

    Astrotortilla plate solving settings help

    Why can't you solve the images? Isn't the dslr connected to the computer? Astrotortilla solves dslr raw images too.
  10. emyliano2000

    Settings for SXVr-M26C

    On some CCDs you can adjust the gain and offset. I'm using a qhy10 osc ccd and I had to work out the optimal gain and offset for it.
  11. emyliano2000

    Astrotortilla plate solving settings help

    That's the tutorial I used to setup mine. Never failed to platesolve. Great tutorial.
  12. emyliano2000

    Weird stars again.

    I can't really trust the stock focuser because it also has its own problems. If you look at the stock focuser, it has the compression ring adapter screwed to the draw tube then a little deeper inside the tube there's a narrower side. The coma corrector doesn't fit in that narrower side and because of that, it doesn't go all the way in the tube. To be able to fully insert the coma corrector inside the tube, I need to add a M54 extension to the focuser draw tube.
  13. emyliano2000

    Weird stars again.

    I think I found a way to make an all screw connection. I would have to spend another £100 though. The baader mpcc will stay permanently inside the focuser. M68 adapter for diamond steeltrack which would be fixed on the focuser draw tube instead of the compression ring adapter, then a 12mm M68 continuous female thread ring to convert the M68 male into M68 female and a M68 male to M48 female adapter. The baader mpcc will be housed permanently inside the focuser draw tube connected in M48 mode to the last adapter. The camera or other accessories will be connected to the baader mpcc via the M42 adapter that came with it. What do you think, would this work?
  14. emyliano2000

    Weird stars again.

    This was taken with the 10" quattro when I was testing it. Blue snowball nebula. Stars look bad but I like to capture small targets too.
  15. emyliano2000

    Weird stars again.

    I am using one for widefield but for small targets I can't afford to pay big bucks and get a refractor.

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