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  1. I managed toadd a little bit more data to it. I think it's quite an improvement over the original. Managed to get some detail and colour in some of the little fuzzies too. Here's the astrobin link https://www.astrobin.com/lbnn92/
  2. Thank you. I originally did a Photometric colour calibration in pixinsight on the RGB stars. That gave me a pretty good colour from the start. The background didn't look great but it really didn't matter as I was only gonna use the stars from that blend. After that I flattened the background using GradX in photoshop, blackened it and added the Ha as the red channel and 10% luminance. Increased the overall saturation and with a blurred inverted star mask, I applied a few iterations of Noel Carboni's Increase star colour action. Some of the stars had a purple hue so I took it into Camera r
  3. After seeing on the web a nice cluster from the southern hemisfere with a lot of backround Ha, I had a zoom through stellarium to see if I can find a similar one that I can do from my back garden. It didn't take long until I found the NGC2112 cluster that sits very nicely inside the Bernard's loop, so I went for it. Originally I only shot 15x300sec Ha but that didn't give me the details I was after, so I added another 3x300sec and 13x600sec in the hope that I could get some structure in the hydrogen alpha cloud. Even with this amount of Ha the details are not as I was hoping so
  4. Thank you guys. I think I'll keep adding to it until I get close to around 20 hours. I try to shoot the luminance when the target is at its highest and the streetlights are turned off but I think a good light pollution filter would help a bit more. Maybe some 300sec on the RGB too. Emil
  5. Long shot but worth a try. Looking for a straight swap, my sesto senso autofocuser with all the adapters necessary to connect to different focusers, USB cable, 12V cigarette lighter power lead and the temperature sensor (bougth separately) for a Chroma 1.25" Low Glow light pollution filter. Emil
  6. I found this and indeed with a 1.13 redshift it workes out at 12Gly http://www.astro.ucla.edu/~wright/CosmoCalc.html
  7. Thanks, I'll try to add more to it and see what else pops out I didn't actually calculated it myself, I found it on this website https://astrovirusblog.wordpress.com/2020/05/17/m106-quasars-and-cosmological-distances/?fbclid=IwAR2_zqXun40oGqzGSfIq6WAYHrLJO2UdBd5VefqWLa_8Sj88K37JUDFBQOMhash=59fa4c9a54d59330b10735ae0c945b05#comment-699hash=59fa4c9a54d59330b10735ae0c945b05#comment-699 It was showing 15bly under the photo, I messaged the owner and it looks like he rectified it to 12 bly. It's saying that it has a 1.13 redshift. Where do you get your data from, I would love to know.
  8. Thanks. I could've probably done with a bit more data on it, being under bortle 7 skies, to be honest but I was so excited to see how it looks so far that I decided to stack and edit Emil
  9. Hello again, As the galaxies are starting to get higher in the sky, I started to point my telescope a bit more towards them. The first that I can say I have enough data to produce a decent image is M106. Because @wimvb pointed out that my M97-M108 photo had some objects that are very far away, I took the liberty to go online and try to find how far some of the objects in this photo are. I was quite shocked to find that I captured a 19.5 magnitude quasar, 7C 121446.70+472852.00. I added it in white writting to the annotated photo and I also cropped a part of the large photo to sh
  10. Thank you! Quite a few people told me that I must have the best eq3 in the world Emil
  11. Thank you Peter, indeed they are pretty something, I love mine Emil
  12. Wow, thank you very much for the info, I never had in mind that I could capture things sooo far away with my little TS65Q Emil
  13. Thank you! Yes, it is a pretty nice planetary nebula isn't it? Quite recently I've seen a photo of it shot with a much longer focal length telescope and it looked incredible. It even has a very faint outer halo that was captured very nicely Emil
  14. Quite recently I sold my narrowband filters for my OSC camera to fund an upgrade and because I'm only left with the broadband light pollution filter, I felt like shooting a galaxy, but I when I was zooming through stellarium I thought that a galaxy and a planetary nebula in the same photo would be nicer so I stopped to M97 - M108. This is a crop from the wider field of view photo. I drizzeled the stack x2 and cropped it to match the fov of my ASI294MM on the AT106 in case I will add some luminance to it at a later date. I annotated it in pixinsight to show the little fuzzies in the photo
  15. @SyedTI would buy something but looking at your community reputation I'm a bit scared Emil
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