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  1. I dropped my DSLR

    I just got an email from Juan at cheap astrophotography and he will have a look at it.
  2. I dropped my DSLR

    HELP!!! Hi guys. I have a problem and I'm just wondering if somebody could tell me how bad it is. I recently dropped my DSLR there seems to be a problem with it. Don't know what happened but I think that something happened to the sensor. Here are some photos to highlight the problem. 2 flat frames heavily stretched , one before I dropped it and one after and 2 photos of the corners of some light frames, one before the drop and one after. Nothing has been changed in the imaging train when I've taken the after drop photos. Could you please tell me what you think it might be and if the problem can be fixed? Thanks!
  3. COMPLETED - Eyepiece and barlow

    Eyepiece and barlow sold. Admin, please move the ad to sold section. Emil
  4. COMPLETED - Eyepiece and barlow

    Barlow sold, eyepiece reduced even more. £50 including postage and paypal fees. (Sale pending)
  5. 12v supply to SW HEQ5 pro mount

    That's exactly why I bought the small voltmeter, to monitor the output of the 12v regulator.
  6. 12v supply to SW HEQ5 pro mount

    a friend of mine drew the circuit scheme for the box.
  7. 12v supply to SW HEQ5 pro mount

    Part 2 of my diy field battery done.
  8. COMPLETED - Eyepiece and barlow

    Eyepiece still for sale. £55
  9. 12v supply to SW HEQ5 pro mount

    Could you please tell me how many meters of cable you used? I bought 15m of 25A rated cable and 10m of 16.5A raterd cable and I don't know if it's enough.
  10. 12v supply to SW HEQ5 pro mount

    Could you please tell me how many meters of cable you used to make it.
  11. 12v supply to SW HEQ5 pro mount

    Could you please post a link to what I would need in case my buck converter doesn't work. This is what I got so far. Thanks Emil
  12. 12v supply to SW HEQ5 pro mount

    Thanks. I actually ordered what I think I need for my field battery following most of the things that you used on yours and while waiting for everything else I started with what already arrived in the post. I got a 115Ah deep cycle battery as I would like to run my laptop from it too. Already had a cigarette lighter charger for the laptop. To keep a steady 12v for the mount I bought this https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0191D4REG/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1. A friend of mine is using a similar one and he gave me the link a few days ago. I hope it works. I installed the battery in the box and put thermal insulation all around and on the lid to keep it nice and warm.
  13. 12v supply to SW HEQ5 pro mount

    I am following Julian's posts on the DIY battery with great interest as I would like to make one similar to his and I'm also considering getting a step-up converter for the mount. Emil
  14. Dslr raw debayering?

    I usualy check the AHD option and completely ignore the FITS tab. I just wasn't sure if it's better to do it before.
  15. Dslr raw debayering?

    But is dss doing it properly? Would it be better to do it in pipp with the setting that look the best for a daylight photo and if so is there an option in dss to do the stacking without debayering?