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  1. emyliano2000

    TS107 f6.5 triplet or something similar

    It might be a long shot but worth a try. I'm after a ts107 f6.5 triplet. If somebody is selling one or something similar please let me know. This is the telescope. https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/language/en/info/p6106_TS-Optics-Photoline-107mm-f-6-5-Triplet-FPL53-Apo---3--focuser.html Emil
  2. emyliano2000

    A few more things

    The Canon 600D is now sold. Thanks monsween. The only thing left is the Hotech laser collimator.
  3. emyliano2000

    Lunar impact during the eclipse.

    Photos before and after will probably be released on the internet in the next few days. Michelle Thaller from NASA said the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter will try to find evidence of the impact.
  4. emyliano2000

    Lunar impact during the eclipse.

    I can't believe I caught it. It's my first ever eclipse and on top of that I caught the impact too
  5. emyliano2000

    Lunar impact during the eclipse.

    I don't know if you guys heard about the lunar impact during the eclipse at 04:41:44 but I checked my subs and I caught it Lower left side you can see a white dot Emil
  6. emyliano2000

    My take on the Blood moon

    Thank you guys!
  7. emyliano2000

    My take on the Blood moon

    I love that one. I wanted one very bad. I stretched the starfield a bit to make them stand out and kept the background quite dark to avoid stretching the noise too.
  8. emyliano2000

    My take on the Blood moon

    Thanks Carole. I was quite surprised myself to be honest. It's my first ever moon eclipse but I've seen photos taken by other people on different occasions. I'm really happy that I managed to capture it
  9. emyliano2000

    My take on the Blood moon

    The weather forecast was showing clouds all night long but I've been fooled before so I set my alarm at 4am. When I woke up and looked out the window I was pleasantly surprised to see a nice moon and no clouds in sight. I quickly went outside got my gear ready and started shooting. I've been very very lucky to have the clouds rolling passed just below the moon for quite a while. I managed to capture the full eclipsed moon before the clouds began to cover it. So here's my captures. Canon 600D and TS65 quad, Canon 700D and samyamg 135mm f2 lens on my eq3 pro mount. I hope you like them. Emil
  10. emyliano2000

    A few more things

    Hotech is back for sale. Reduced to £75
  11. emyliano2000

    A few more things

    Revelation astro laser collimator and baader mpcc now sold. Thank you robocod.
  12. I guess that is an option but if you're not using a quad refractor and you need to get the right distance to the flattener it would make it a bit more difficult. If I would use the camera on a triplet I would have to ditch the OAG because I couldn't get the right distance with it in place.
  13. A few night ago I managed to win against the never ending uk clouds and I captured my first image with the qhy183m. I used it on my TS65 quadruplet with a SX usb filterwheel and baader filters. The integration time is quite short as this was more like a test so I tried a few 5min and a few 10min subs with the 7nm Ha filter. 6x300sec and 4x600sec Pretty pleased with how it came out but I wasn't expecting to get halos when using the Ha filter. Emil
  14. emyliano2000

    NGC 7293

    Very nice capture! I wish I could image this target from my back garden. Emil
  15. emyliano2000

    Widefield Orion

    Hi John. The photo was shot from a bortle 4-5 location. I live under bortle 6 skies but I travel to darker places whenever I get the chance. I use the IDAS LPS-D1 filters to combat the light pollution. They are pretty good. Emil

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