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  1. Eq3 pro stiff in both axes

    I'm planning to use it with my ts65 quad, 420mm focal lenght and with some camera lenses and keep the eq6 for the 8" newtonian. I've been trying for a while to learn phd2 but with just one mount I didn't wanna spoil a good night worth of imaging on learning phd2. So far I've been only using my Lacerta mgen standalone autoguider but now I have the possibility to use it on one mount which I'm taking photos with and learn phd2 on the other mount.
  2. Eq3 pro stiff in both axes

    You have to take the polarscope out completely to expose the threaded ring. Then take out the RA setting circle ring and the bolt that's holding it in place. That threaded ring is held in place by 3 grub screws that can only be undone by turning the RA axis until each of the grub screws are in line with the hole where was the bolt that's holding the RA setting circle in place.
  3. autofocuser for 200p

    I had enough frustration with the stock focuser and I went for the baader diamond steeltrack. Next on my list is the diamond steeldrive. Emil
  4. Eq3 pro stiff in both axes

    I will be guiding. I own a Lacerta standalone autoguider which I'm very happy with. It can dither too. The small tring below it, yes. Scroll up and look at wimvb's suggetion. That's exactly what I did.
  5. Eq3 pro stiff in both axes

    I loosened the ring behind the polarscope a little bit and smeared some grease on it. It was way too tight. TS65 quad. 420mm focal lenght
  6. Eq3 pro stiff in both axes

    Already did. Bargain £30
  7. Eq3 pro stiff in both axes

    That's me 😂😂😂 Look at it now 😊 20180315_183829.mp4 I think I'm just too used to my hypertuned eq6 and I'm expecting the same from this one. I know they are not the same. UK climate. I got star trails on 10 sec exposures. Polar alignment was spot on with the polemaster. I'll have to test it now to see how it is. Emil
  8. Eq3 pro stiff in both axes

    Done. The RA feels so much better now. When I balance and I move the counterweight on the bar there is a portion of about 40mm on the bar where nothing happens like it's in balance. I presume the center of that 40mm will be the spot where the mount is in balance. I will mark that spot when I will have all the equipment on the mount and always balance it east heavy. On the dec axis, the bolt inside the mount was quite tight too so I loosened it up just a tiny bit. It is better now but still not enough to balance it properly. I think that some good quality grease would make both RA and DEC much smoother.
  9. Eq3 pro stiff in both axes

    I'll give it a try, thanks.
  10. Eq3 pro stiff in both axes

    Here's a couple of videos I made of the mount to highlight the stiffnes. 20180310_093845.mp4 20180310_094105.mp4
  11. Eq3 pro stiff in both axes

    Tried that, no change.
  12. Hi guys. I recently bought a eq3 pro mount for travel purposes. I got it from somebody who only used twice so it's as new. The goto things weren't even taken out of the box. Is it normal for a new mount to be quite stiff. I can't balance it at all in both axes. I will be using it for imaging with my ts65 quad and camera lenses and ballacing the mount properly is quite crucial. I managed to take some photos with a canon 135mm f2.8 lens and the result is pretty good but I'm worried that I won't be that lucky with the ts65q or the 200mm lens Emil
  13. The end of LP filters?

    I live in Bushey Hertfordshire, bortle 6 zone, and I have London in the south east. I'm using a idas d1 filter but it only cuts some of the light pollution. Do you guys think a D2 would help a little more against the London's nightmare LP when imaging targets in the SE and S? I took some images of the Rosette nebula using a 6nm Ha filter and you can see how the light pollution is decreasing as the target is drifting towards the SW during the imaging session. Emil