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  1. Optolong is launching the L-extreme 7nm dual band filter soon. Their L-enhance has been praised a lot by the OSC users so I'm thinking the L-extreme will be quite nice. A bit pricey though. https://www.astroshop.eu/broadband-filters/optolong-filters-l-extreme-2-/p,66894 Emil
  2. (Urgent) Star adventurer Looking to buy one today. I have a trip to South Downs national park tonight and I could pick it up on my way from Bushey Hertfordshire Somebody let me down Thanks Emil
  3. The thing is, I'm using 2 mounts so aligning was not a problem but I had 2 scopes on a single mount at some point and the only way to align them without spending money on one of those side by side plates, was to use some guide rings for my small refractor but I suppose you won't be able to do that with any of your scopes so you might have to invest in one if those dual rig dovetails.
  4. I recently started something similar to what you are planning to do. I swapped my cameras between the telescopes to have a closer FoV and pixel scale between them and to see what comes out. Before the change I was using my qhy183m on the AT106 at 690mm focal lenght giving me 0.72"/px and my ASI294MC on the TS65Q at 420mm focal lenght, 2.27"/px and the following fovs. Now I'm using the qhy183m on the TS65 at 1.18"/px and the ASI294MC on the AT106 at 1.38"/px and the following Fovs I don't have the money to invest in a second mono camera so I thought of trying it with what I already have. My first test target was M13 and I'm pretty pleased with how it came out. I spent 2 hours/setup in 2 nearly full moon nights on it, so a total of 8 hours total integration time, 4 with the mono and 4 with the OSC. With the help of APP, I extracted the channels from the calibrated OSC subs and stacked each of the extracted channels together with the mono ones. I don't know if it's the right method of doing it but the result that I got is not that bad. My second test was on M16 in Ha which is quite a low target for me and also goes over London. I know it's quite a bright target but shooting over London is not that pleasant. On this one I shot 19x300sec with the qhy183mono and a baader 3.5nm Ha filter and 19x300sec with the ASI294MC and an Astronomik 6nm Ha filter and the same as M13, I extracted the Ha from the calibrated subs shot with the OSC and stacked them with the mono ones. All in all I'm pretty pleased with what I'm getting from my "dual setup" even though one is mono and one is OSC. The only thing that I don't know how I'm gonna be doing is mix the HSO subs from the mono with the subs shot with my OSC and Altair Tri-Band. I know APP can extract the Oiii from the frames shot with an OSC and a dual narrowband too, so I think I will do the same as I did with the Ha and RGB. Emil
  5. Yeah, it is very much possible that some are better than others. A lot of friends told me that I probably have the best eq3 in the world Lucky me!
  6. I bought my eq3 to have a light portable travel setup that I could easily put in the boot of my car but when I've seen what it can do I decided to put it in the garden next to my eq6 setup. Until a few days ago I've been only using my small 420mm focal lenght refractor with an ASI294MC on it but I decided to swap cameras between the telescopes and put my qhy183m on it now and even though the pixel scale is 1.18"/px compared to 2.27"/px that I had with the ASI294MC I still get nice round stars at 5min exposure. I did replace the silly aluminium tripod with a stainless steel one for increased stability and upgraded to a losmandy saddle though. Emil
  7. I absolutely love my eq3, it's giving me some great results for what is considered a very low end mount. Sometimes the guiding is so good, I find it hard to believe it. Emil
  8. A very active galaxy that would work much better with a longer focal length but I was running out of targets on my widefield setup and I thought of giving it a go to see what comes out. Would love to be able to take a photo of the NGC2404, absolutely impressive HII region in the galaxy. I cropped the original photo to give it a closer view. Eq3 Pro TS65 quadruplet f6.5 imaging telescope ZWO ASI294MC PRO cooled at -15°C Altair 2" TriBand filter IDAS LPS-D2 2" filter Qhy5 guide camera 9x50 finder-guider Tri-Band filter: 32x600sec Gain 200 Offset 10 IDAS LPS-D2 filter: 281x300sec Gain 125 Offset 30 Total integration time 28 hours and 45minutes Emil
  9. Hi Bobby. Can I have the celestron please? I will pay for the postage if it's not too much. Thanks Emil
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