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  1. emyliano2000

    M45, our Seven Sisters ๐Ÿ™‚

    Somebody pointed out that I captured a faint galaxy It's probably the furthest dso I have captured.
  2. emyliano2000

    M45, our Seven Sisters ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks, I could put the data here for anyone who would like to have a play with it. I might do that, thanks. Thank you alacant. The first shot was taken through a 200p, it's not a crop
  3. emyliano2000

    M45, our Seven Sisters ๐Ÿ™‚

    2 nights ago I took advantage of the moonless night and I went for it again. This is the final result. A total of 9 hours worth of exposures. Better?
  4. emyliano2000

    The heart

    Thanks. I didn't have the Ha filter back then. I got a bargain Astronomik 6nm filter in the mean time and I'm revisiting some of my targets to make them pop out a bit more. Emil
  5. emyliano2000

    The heart

    Following my recent post on the heart of the heart or melotte 15 I have managed to add some Ha to my widefield RGB heart captured last year. The first 2 photos are the RGB versions captured last year and the next 2 are the HaRGB.
  6. emyliano2000

    Melotte 15

    Hi guys. This is my first post in the Deep sky section. 2 nights ago I finally managed to combine the Ha data on the Melotte 15 shot in September this year with the RGB data shot last year in November. The RGB was shot with a modded Canon 450d through a SW 200p with a IDAS LPS-D1 CLIP filter and the Ha data with a modded 700d through a SW 10" quattro with a Astronomik 6nm Ha clip in filter. I'm pretty pleased with how it came out. What do you think? 50x600sec ISO800 for RGB and 22x600sec ISO1600 for the Ha. Stacked in DSS and processed in photoshop. Emil
  7. emyliano2000

    Cave nebula

    At the begining of the month I had a go at the Cave nebula. I'm quite pleased with it. I used my canon 600d on the 10" quattro. 27x300sec and 55x600sec ISO800. Emil
  8. emyliano2000

    QHY183C showcase

    Very nice images indeed. I'm loving the Vdb 141. I might have a go at it. I'm under bortle 6 skies too. Emil
  9. emyliano2000

    Had enough

    They released a full version 3.57
  10. emyliano2000

    Had enough

    I feel your pain. Since I bought my 10" quattro all I get is headaches so whenever I'm planning to use it I have a box of nurofen plus by my side. I nearly kicked into my neighbour's garden once. Software wise, I've been lucky not to run into many problems.
  11. emyliano2000

    NGC7129 and NGC7142

    Shot a month ago on a trip to an Astrocamp in Dorset and processed now. I used the qhy10 on the 10" quattro for this target. I have a lot of data shot from my back garden but the subs are quite washed out because of the light pollution. I might try to add them at some point to see what comes out of it. Emil
  12. emyliano2000

    M45, our Seven Sisters ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yes, I can't wait. I should use the QHY10 cooled at -15C on it.
  13. M45 - The Pleiades I wanted to do this target with the ts65 quad since I bought the telescope last year to see how it comes out but I always got cought in something else. I've done it with the 200p but wanted the widefield version of it too. On Saturday, even though the moon was bright, I lost my patience and went for it. I'm pretty pleased with how it came out and I think I will do it again on a moonless night. The first photo was taken last year with the 200p and the second one is the widefield taken on Saturday. The one with the 200p is made of 20x600sec ISO400 and the widefield one is made of 39x120sec, 6x240sec and 29x300sec exposures and it was shot with my 700d.
  14. emyliano2000

    The Bubble and friends

    It hasn't been that bad. I took the shots over the course of 4 nights. 23rd, 24th September for Ha and 3rd and 9th October for the RGB.
  15. My longest exposure time on a single target. 13 hours of RGB and 11 hours of Ha. Canon 700d and ts65 quadruplet. Emil

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