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  1. Love this area of the sky, job to get from my location, you have captured these two very nice, the colors are striking whats not to like well done galatica77 Paul
  2. Very nice indeed Dave, Funny thing is i didn't even notice the magenta stars, More to the point, personally i do not find them intrusive especially on a false color image. But then beauty as they say is in the eye of the beholder. I admire your long slog on this target, and its paid off Well done Paul
  3. That is up close and personal, I like it I had the same problem with my equipment, mainly the hardware Takes a couple sessions to get back into it. Trouble is with the good old UK weather it could be 2 months apart nice capture Paul
  4. Hi Olly and thanks for the comments, I see what you mean about the the black point, I just pointed it out to Dave, I have just replaced my old faithful monitor and it could be a Tad to dark I normally get the picture somewhere near right with the levels and curves then that last tiny bit i adjust by eye so it looks OK On my monitor. Its nice to be able to do a bit of imaging again, as i was missing it. Thanks for the info Paul
  5. Thanks Dave much appreciated, funny thing is I can see the image needs adjusting on my work computer, I could not see it from home, I have just replaced my aging monitor, probably needs a bit of adjustment, maybe I have it to dark, which would probably cause the problem, as the picture displayed on SGL looks a bit whited out. Thanks for your feed back much appreciated. Paul
  6. Thanks mackiedlmfor the kind comments, I have done the Nebula with a canon 1100d and you are correct, do expect a fair bit of noise, I do not know what your settings you were using, air temp etc but try iso 8oo and 5 minute subs if, equipment allow, but the main thing is plenty of them at least 30 minimum if you can and use darks and lights to help balance out the image. Thanks Paul
  7. Wall hanger for sure, what's not to like about it. wish you hadn't mentioned about the background Galaxies, I must have spent 20 minutes counting them and only got about half way I stopped to save my sanity, lol. fantastic Mix well done. Paul
  8. That's up close and personal, I like it I think we have to take what we can get in the uk at the moment. would look glorious in colour, but The HA version is nice on its own. well done Paul
  9. Wow what a difference, very nice indeed well done Paul
  10. Hi Every one, I was blessed last Saturday night with clear skies so too the opportunity to image the Bubble Nebula, I captured 4 hours worth of RGB but in the end got 2 hours in 5 minute subs due to the neighbors 500 watt flood light and high cloud I found it quite hard to process due to the amount of HA in that region and the overwhelming amount of stars, and the working with only half the intended data I wanted to use, Overall fairly pleased I came away with this effort. Processed in DSS Pixinsight and PE Awo 294mc pro camera -10, 5 minutes subs, star71 scope all sitting on a skywatcher azeq6 mount
  11. That's come out quite well, the color of the target in general is ok, but for some reason the edges going vertical seem over white on both sides what what it seems like on my monitor, almost like over done flats. probably not the case. well done Paul
  12. Wow admire your dedication to the image...I know this one is not for the faint of heart.. It's come out very nice indeed, colours and processing to match. Well done Paul
  13. Your on to something there, nice and crisp, and nicely processed, a wide field wining combination for sure. some interesting specs on this lens, thanks for putting the info out there. Main question, is FLO going to be selling these. Interesting time ahead well done Paul
  14. Nicely captured and processed, adding the Ha was the icing on the cake, Wall Hanger for sure. Well done Paul
  15. That's turned out nice, nothing worse than getting your head around new gear, by the looks of it its working very nice Well done Paul
  16. Wow, about as good as it gets on this Nebula striking detail and colors, the O3 really makes this pop, almost 3d, well done Paul
  17. very nice indeed, I am no expert on mounts but looking at that lovely pick, I would say its spot on well done Paul
  18. Hi Everyone, I managed to squeeze 1hr and 35 minutes on M31 Saturday night before the thin, high clouds stopped play as it was bloating the stars something horrible. Then Sunday I processed the image in Dss, Pixinsight, and photo shop, Not expecting much at all due to the lack of data, but eventually I ended up with what you see here. Am I please with the result, yes I am for the amount of data captured, does it need more to smooth it out, absolutely to gain more color and depth to help stop stretching it beyond what data I captured, so the plan is weather permitting is to add more to it . what do you guy's think. Thanks for looking , stay safe and may clear skies be with you. Paul sky watcher mount, asi 294mc pro camera , guided, 5 minute subs, WOstar 71 scope, Astronomik cls filter in the optical train
  19. What a cracker...you certainly have the rasa tuned in ...nicley captured and processed... Must be a game changer being able to get all them photons quicker. Well done Paul
  20. You seem to have everything tuned in to perfection with this setup...most impressive..nicely captured and processed. Well done on a excellent image Paul
  21. Wow excellent capture and processing. And the colours are very nice indeed Considering your level of light pollution and at that focal length I would be very proud of such a image Well done Paul
  22. Nicely done Chris, must say great informative video. Goes to show what can be done with basic equipment. Well done Paul
  23. Wow something to be proud of, Nice data and beautifully processed, Wall hanger for sure Well done Tayson Paul
  24. Most impressive for the amount of time on it, some nice colors starting to pop through to. Plus no guiding was used, a good job all round I thinks, If conditions allow always go for as much data as possible, to help smooth out the image and get a bit more depth. well done Paul
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