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  1. That's come out nice That's one angry looking gas cloud, looks like a monster from the depths of the abyss, lol A bit to low for me to capture in the UK, But nice to see something from down under. Nicely processed. Paul
  2. Looking good Carole, The new scope and flattener , are performing well, Glad you got to spend some quality time with it to see, how it all worked out. Nice image, and processing Well done Paul
  3. Hi, I am unable to download and look at the pictures at the moment, But I can offer some advice, In General broadband targets when the moon has come up and is less than a 1/4 you can get some good results, if you pick a target facing as far away from the moon as possible, some broadband light pollution filters, will help a little as well, but not by much. DSS debayers the image (I've used generic RGGB for FITs), resulting image has greenish tint hardly any colour even though its a colour DSLR. is this normal? This is quite normal, The color Bayer matrix in your camera by its very definition RGGB, ( this is a filter that sits on top of your pixels )it has only one red, one blue but two green covering each pixel, , consequently, your camera is more green sensitive than any other color. If the moon is out, the data you collect, the signal from the target needs to be stronger than glow coming off the sky glow from the moon, otherwise the sky glow will wash out the image, or you will get bad gradients in your image. If you live in a area, where the light pollution is low, and the moon is less than 1/4, you should get some fair results, but if you live in a moderate to high area of light pollution, even with the moon not out it will seriously affect your image chuck the moon in the mix as well with broadband imaging, its a real struggle to get a decent image. I have been there and done that so to speak. possibly go down the route of getting your camera modified, at least this would enable you to use narrow band imaging, to a certain degree. Unfortunately, no amount of processing can get the detail out of a image if it is drowned in sky glow, or has a really bad gradient, Don't get me wrong,, I am only talking about really bad sky glow, caused by the moon, or street lighting, you will be amazed to what information can be drawn out of a image with software, On you tube there are loads of good tutorials , try this one for a starting point https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W66Okjh4P2g Patience and persistence, is what is required, when i get back later i shall look at your images. hope this helps a little Paul
  4. Hi Graham, I am looking at it on my phone screen at moment, but it does look more sharp...don't know what you have done but good job. Thats the only thing with PI it doesn't have selective masking as such. Something like photoshop you can select what parts in detail you want to select. Paul
  5. Very nice image for 2 hours of data, I like the wider field view that the Red cat gives, why are you not overly keen on the result. well done Paul
  6. Loving the colors and composition, The image does look to me to be a tiny bit soft, not sure if its because of the format it got loaded up in or its due to processing, or its my eyes, lol. Ether way, still a nice image. well done Paul
  7. Funny thing is i like the first image the most, The wide field Ha second, Personally I feel sometimes less is more, but beauty as they say is in the eye of the beholder. Ether way nice images. well done Paul
  8. You already have a stunning image of M31 To add more data is the icing on the cake, Hopefully the cloud Gods will be kind to us all soon. good luck with you project, stay with with it. Well done Paul
  9. Congrats on first try with the EAF, looks like its working a treat, Bag your data, you never know when opportunity will strike. well done Paul
  10. Wow, that's come out lovely Adam, Your Camera scope combination is working a treat. Is it my eyes or does there appear to be a bit of O3 trying to squeeze, through in a little round patch with what looks like a bit of HA on the first image , Middle, just over 3/4 of the way to the right, i can not remember, seeing that in other images of this target. its probably my eyes, lol, ether way a cracking image. well done Paul
  11. Very nice indeed, and in a bortle 8-9 skies, amazing. The Ha is the icing on the cake, Nicely captured and processed. Well done Paul
  12. That a good take, in these horrible conditions, just as well you were on a balcony, if you were on the ground, your rig would have floated off, Its amazing you manged to capture the data you did, with the rain the UK been having. Nicely done Paul
  13. Congrats on a nice image, and only your 3rd dso, 10 times better than when i started out, As tomato said a slight blue tinge, stars look good, and overall processing looks good, as Ouroboros said you should be able to squeeze a bit more data out of the image, mainly by selective stretching of M31 maybe, but in saying that, its better to under stretched than over,,, its finding that happy medium that's the hardest. Nicely done, and looking forward to your next target. Paul
  14. Very nicely Done, Nice composition, capture and processing. well done Paul
  15. A nice close up of that area, you have certainly done it justice, great colours and processing. Nicely done Paul
  16. That's come out well, I admire your will power to get up again and have another go We all have to start some where in the great hobby of ours, and your certainly on the right track, the only way to learn is through making mistakes and asking the question how can I make it better, Like Olly said lots of little steps.. well done Paul
  17. Most impressive, for me it has to be the best take I have seen of this area, superbly processed and framed well done Paul
  18. Wow, it looks like you are setting some new standards, with your scope camera combo, beautifully captured and processed. Looking forward to your next Pic Well done Paul
  19. Congrats getting on with the AsiAir, All appears to be working well, your second take on M31 looks a tad green to me, unless its my monitor, also, make sure you take dark frames, and flats if you haven't, i can see the censor read noise top right,, i get it on my 294pro. apart from that a very nice take on M31, well done Paul
  20. Pretty photo indeed Rob, nicely captured and processed, I think the lens has performed admirably, I do not think you could ask for more. well done Paul
  21. Worth every minute you dedicated to it, Absolutely stunning, well done Paul
  22. wow nicely captured, Looks like the Aurora was in full swing whilst you were there. well done Paul
  23. Very nice image , lovely star colours and well processed Well done Paul
  24. That's a wall hanger for sure, I admire your dedication to this one target, but it has clearly paid off. cracking detail and color, and nicely processed. well done Paul
  25. Wow outstanding, , I think this is the best capture I have personally seen on this target. The RGB data on top is the icing on the cake, well done and thanks for sharing Paul
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