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  1. So many stars. Stunning. I love the golden colour of them in the bottom left. Is the black area at bottom centre of the image supposed to be that black? Looks inky.
  2. Thanks Simmo.
  3. Thank you Gina.
  4. Thanks Paddy. I'm in Cork, south coast of Ireland. I picked this up over two nights. Definitely a better winter for imaging this year. Last year was pathetic. I think i misled you, i know i said masked stretch (didn't realise there was a process in PI called masked stretch) but what i did was use a star mask and stretched with histogram transformation. New to PI. Have it on the 45 day trial. I'll have a play with auto histogram. Thanks for the tip.
  5. Thanks ultranova. I appreciate the feedback. I did a masked stretch in PI then transferred to PS for curves, noise reduction, sharpening, and contrast enhancement. I also used carbonis make stars smaller once. I do struggle with the stars. Thanks Sarah. Glad you like it.
  6. Nice Jellyfish.
  7. Cheers Laudropb
  8. Good evening all. This is one of my favorite nebula so much to look at. Hopefully i've done it justice. I plan on adding Oiii when the weather improves. 360*60 second subs using the Asi 1600mm at gain 399 and offset 15. 40 darks, 40 bias. Taken through a William Optics star 71 and an astrodon 5nm filter. Hope you enjoy. Richard.
  9. Thanks Paddy. Funny you should say that as i noticed after i posted it could do with a slight lift and already made an adjustment without posting it. How's this?
  10. Thanks seo. Thanks Shibby. I like the nebula too. So much to look at. Up next is the heart nebula, forecast is clear for me tonight.
  11. I got some snaps of capella in both ha and oiii. Ha shows diffraction pattern but no sign on the oiii.
  12. Thanks guys for feedback. Appreciate it.
  13. I was never really satisfied with the grainy result i got the last time so on a cold and dreary Sunday here in Cork i decided to have another go. Recently i have started to learn some processes in PI to then transfer for finishing touches in PS. So this is 10 hrs in 120 second subs with astrodon 5nm ha filter, 80ed, asi 1600mm I did a masked histogram transformation stretch, then dark structure enhance in PI Local contrast enhancement, further histogram adjustment in levels, selective sharpening and noise reduction, and finally make stars smaller(noel carboni) in PS. Original version here--- Richard
  14. Nice one Gina.