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  1. Allinthehead

    M52, Lobster, Bubble et al, HaRGB, Star 71 and 100D

    A bargain too at only £199
  2. Allinthehead

    M52, Lobster, Bubble et al, HaRGB, Star 71 and 100D

    Nice Tim. I have half of this complete, if the blasted clouds would ever blow away.
  3. Allinthehead

    Andromeda 2 panels mosaic, city backyard

    Lovely image Alex. Very natural looking.
  4. Allinthehead

    Ngc 6914 Hargb

    It's a Zwo 2" ir filter. Seems to work well enough. No reflections.
  5. Allinthehead

    Ngc 6914 Hargb

    Yes the 1600 for Ha. I didn't try the 071 as i only have the 1.25" filters.
  6. Allinthehead

    Sadr and Ngc 6914

    Thanks Gonzo. Thanks Adrian definitely worth another go.
  7. Allinthehead

    Sadr and Ngc 6914

    I had an image of the sadr region from May so i tried to combine them with the below result. 2 panels both shot with the Asi 071 and the Takahashi 130d. 8.2 hours in 150 second subs. Processed with PI, PS, and APP. Stacked in APP.
  8. Allinthehead

    Ngc 6914 Hargb

    Thanks Mick. Thanks Gorann. I started off at gain 0 but after a while moved to gain 50 as the read noise drops significantly without having too big an impact on dynamic range. I'm still experimenting. I tried with a light pollution filter and with just a ir cut filter and i found the results improved with just the ir.
  9. Allinthehead


    Nice. Beautiful golden stars.
  10. Allinthehead

    Ngc 6914 Hargb

    Thanks. Glad you like it. A longer focal lenght focused on the blue nebulosity would make for a great image.
  11. Allinthehead

    Bubble HaRgb

    Thanks. I think that area outshines the bubble in this image.
  12. Allinthehead

    Newbie help

    Hi Anthony. You might have better luck in the getting started with imaging section but if i were you i would start with something big and bright. North America Nebula, Elephants trunk, Andromeda for example. A good starting point would be Iso 800 and get as much data as possible. Watch your stars and only expose as long as they stay round. Richard.
  13. Allinthehead

    Ngc 6914 Hargb

    This is Ngc 6914. A reflection and emission nebula in Cygnus. It lies approx 6,000 light years from earth. Embedded Cygnus OB2 stars provide the blue starlight strongly reflected by the dusty clouds. Ha Astrodon 5nm filter Asi 1600mm. 46* 300 second subs Rgb Asi 071. 110* 150 second subs. Total time: 8.4 hours. Takahashi 130d mounted on an AZEQ6. Stacked in APP, processed in PI, PS and APP. Hope you like it. Richard.
  14. Allinthehead

    N America & Pelican in HA, Double First Light

    Some nice images there.
  15. Allinthehead

    Bubble HaRgb

    Thanks. I was aiming for subtle. Glad you like it. Thanks for the feedback Peter.

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