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  1. It's funny i imagined a big advantage when i tested my pro version and to be fair it's only very slightly better than the old one and i'm on usb 2.
  2. The buffer helps to reduce amp glow. Using darks removes the amp glow. If you're using darks anyway is there a huge advantage to having the buffer? My point being if one comes up and is good value it should be considered.
  3. I wouldn't discount version 1 or 2 so quickly. I use version 2 and I've had no issues. Works first time every time. I've also had the non pro version of the 071 and currently own the pro version and as far as the buffer goes it makes no difference when using darks. If you can get a good deal on version 2 then go for it.
  4. Allinthehead

    Collinder 399

    Thanks Craig. I'm glad you like it.
  5. Hi, this is Collinder 399 or The Coathanger Cluster. I had lots of issues during the capture of this, mainly cloud and problems with my focuser but i thought it worth posting all the same. 50 * 150 second subs with a Takahashi Epsilon 130 and a Zwo Asi 071 pro. Very little done processing wise. Just a few iterative levels stretches and colour balance adjustment. All done in photoshop. Captured last Saturday night using Sgpro. Stacked in APP. Richard.
  6. Congratulations Mike.
  7. Allinthehead

    North America And Pelican HaRgb

    Thanks David.
  8. Allinthehead

    IC410 Narrowband Ha Oiii DSLR 1000d (Tadpoles)

    And what a difference a cooled cam will make. Only problem is you'll need two for dual rig.
  9. Allinthehead

    A start on the Owl

    Very nice start.
  10. Allinthehead

    IC410 Narrowband Ha Oiii DSLR 1000d (Tadpoles)

    Another nice one Adam. You're liking this narrowband business?
  11. Allinthehead

    North America And Pelican HaRgb

    Thanks Mike. Hopefully i haven't ruined the glow of the stars as i had another go.
  12. Allinthehead

    North America And Pelican HaRgb

    Thanks Mars. I appreciate the feedback. Always a fine line with colour. Too little and it looks anemic. Too much and it looks fake.
  13. Allinthehead

    The Inchworm Cluster

    Thanks, glad you like it.
  14. Hi all, another that needs no introduction but i'll give it a small one. Ngc 7000 and IC 5070 discovered by William Herschel on October 24, 1786, from Slough, England, are part of the same interstellar cloud of ionized hydrogen. It was first photographed by Max Wolf on December 12, 1890. Thought to be about 1,600 ly from earth, although the precise distance is unknown as is the source of the light that makes it visible. Possibly the star Deneb. Stacked in App, Processed in App, PI, and PS. 3hrs Rgb, 5hrs Ha. Imaging telescope: Takahashi Epsilon 130d Imaging cameras: ZWO ASI1600MM-Cool, Zwo Asi 071 Guiding telescope: Takahashi Epsilon 130d Software:Sequence Generator Pro Seqence Generator Pro Filter:Astrodon 5nm Ha Resolution: 4919x3264 Dates: May 10, 2017, May 16, 2018 Frames: 80x150" (gain: 50.00) -20C Astrodon 5nm Ha: 287x60" (gain: 399.00) -20C Integration: 8.1 hours Darks: ~40 Flats: ~50 Bias: ~50 Avg. Moon age: 7.76 days Avg. Moon phase: 50.63% Bortle Dark-Sky Scale: 4.00 RA center: 314.212 degrees DEC center: 44.239 degrees Pixel scale: 2.295 arcsec/pixel Orientation: 2.311 degrees Field radius: 1.882 degrees Locations: Back Garden, Cork, Ireland Thanks for looking, Richard. Jpg High Res
  15. Allinthehead

    The Jewel Box ( NGC 4755 ) in Crux

    Very nice cluster Mike.

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