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  1. Thanks Ragnar I'll have a go at this when i get a chance.
  2. I always thought your images were far superior with the Kaf sensor and looking at that one it's obvious.
  3. Thanks Ciarán. I'll give that a try this evening. Thanks Dave. It did very well removing some large stars including the Garnet with a quick go after using the healing brush.
  4. Why would Zwo be ashamed? This is a Panasonic sensor and the same issue exists in the Atik, Qhy and other versions.
  5. Thanks. Must give this a try. I failed using PS
  6. Thanks Alan. Ya I've struggled trying to get them back in. I assume some sort of star mask and adding them back in by just selecting the stars but I'm not managing so far.
  7. If you take another look you'll see that those aren't stars rather small bright Ha regions. StarNet is a free Pixinsight module and since this is my first time trying this I'm afraid i don't have any reference to say whether or not it's any good but it did a decent job here.
  8. Hi all, this is just a bit of fun experimenting with StarNet for Pixinsight. Thanks @Laurin Davefor helping with the install. This is 18 hours over three panels and 3 nights. Esprit 100, Asi 1600 and Astrodon 5nm Ha filter. What i was hoping is that someone would know how to add the stars back in. I have Photoshop and Pixinsight although my knowledge of the latter is quite limited. Thanks for looking. Richard.
  9. Thanks Ragnar. Glad you like it.
  10. That's a massive improvement. Great image. I think it could be tidied up a little with a crop and some green removal. First is definitely too magenta, at least on my screen.
  11. That's a great improvement on your Mk 1 which was already fantastic. I did have to go searching for it so it might help for comparison to have a link here or the original image for us lazy buggers.
  12. Thanks David. My mistake was to copy the folder rather than the files into the bin folder.
  13. Thanks Carole. Ha is quite feint, i got 10 hrs and needed it. Thanks Alan. I assume you know about Dso Browser? https://telescopius.com/telescope-simulator
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