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  1. Fantastic image.
  2. Thanks Chris Thanks, i was leaning towards the first too. That's actually how i framed it during capture. Thanks Adam.
  3. That's a fine result under difficult conditions.
  4. Hi everyone. This is 2 hrs and 40 minutes in 30 second subs. Gain 399, offset 50. Star 71 Asi1600mm I'd like some advice on the orientation of this image, and any other critique/suggestions as this is a work in progress. I'm thinking of adding 2 hrs of each rgb and another 2 hrs of ha. I'm open to suggestions. Richard.
  5. Hi Adam. It used about 30 gb of disc space including calibration frames, and about 2 hrs to register and stack in dss. I'm not guiding yet, so i expect to start using 3-5 minute subs for narrowband when i get that sorted. This would result in an 11hr image taking up about 10 gb and shortening the stacking times. It's not an issue for me anyway as i usually let dss do its thing while at work. Richard.
  6. That's some detail. Wonderful.
  7. That's the plan, thanks Paddy.
  8. This might be of interest to some.
  9. Thanks for that. I was thinking the Asi120mm would be a good bet.
  10. Hi everyone, i've yet to make it into the world of guiding, but i feel the time is right, having spent the last 8 months getting a good feel for my gear. At the moment i'm using 60 second subs, and would like to extend that out to 3-5 minutes. I'm using a William Optics Star 71, an Az Eq6, and a zwo asi 1600mm. I carry the scope in/out for each session so in a bid to make things easier i think an oag would suit best. So i suppose question is would any of you knowledgeable folk here know of a suitable guide cam for this setup. Thanks in advance. Richard.
  11. I had one more go at this using a blended layer with a less aggressive stretch. Hopefully better.
  12. Thanks Olly. Ya i have Noels Actions. I'll have to try again at this when i collect more colour data.
  13. Thanks Chris. Hi Wim thanks. Ya stars are a problem with me too. I had to really push this data. The rgb is poor enough, i'm in a housing estate surrounded by street lights. More data would probably help as it's only 1 hr for each rgb. I have the cooled version. I appreciate the feedback, here's another quick effort with as suggested.
  14. Hi everyone. I made the mistake of trying to capture this under less than ideal conditions ie intermittent cloud and moon glow. Probably need double the rgb too. Under the circumstances i think it turned out ok ish. 9 hrs 60 second luminance subs at unity gain. 3 hrs total 60 second rgb subs at unity gain. WO Star 71 and ASI 1600mm. Hope you enjoy. Richard.
  15. Looking good.