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  1. Allinthehead

    Anbody seen this before?

    Bang on. I changed my rejection to sigma
  2. Allinthehead

    Anbody seen this before?

    I think you may be correct. Thanks for the replies and i'll post an update when complete.
  3. Allinthehead

    Anbody seen this before?

    Exactly Local Normalisation winsor clip in APP. I'm redoing the stack as we speak without the LN
  4. Allinthehead

    Anbody seen this before?

    No excessive rotation and Mitchell-Netravali for interpolation. I've tried stacking the 120 and 60 second subs separately and no issues.
  5. Allinthehead

    Anbody seen this before?

    Hi Vlaiv. It's 34 by 34 pixels. I should have added that i through 60 second and 120 second subs into the same stack.
  6. Obviously some sort of stacking artifact but i've not seen it before. Any ideas?
  7. Allinthehead

    Horsehead and Flame region in HaRGB

    Hi Dave. That looks great. I'd love to see the rgb only as i think maybe you've lost the colour in the flame. I know this happened to me when i added ha to mine, i ended up adding the ha at a lower opacity as it gave the image an overall red cast and i also omitted it from the flame as there's a lovely yellow and blue area in rgb only.
  8. Allinthehead

    The Horse Head in HaRGB

    A wonderful image and with only 4 hours makes it astonishing.
  9. Allinthehead

    Orion nebula with Quattro and 1000D

    That last version has a much better colour balance. I really like it
  10. Allinthehead

    Flame Nebula & Horsehead Nebula

    Nicely done
  11. Allinthehead

    Quick Orion Nebula

    Thanks Victor me too. Thanks Andy Thanks, yes the Epsilon is mighty fast, the spikes help hide the dodgy stars Glad you like it.
  12. Allinthehead

    Quick Orion Nebula

    Hi this is just a quick one from last Wednesday night. I've had an awful couple of months weather wise here in the south of Ireland and a couple of hours of clear sky was a nice relief. Takahashi Epsilon 130, Zwo Asi 071 1.5 hours rgb in 120 second subs with 5 second subs for the core I blended in a little Ha data i had from last year at 20% opacity in blend mode lighten. From memory this was . 4 hours in 600 second subs with my now sold William Optics Star 71. Captured with Sgpro Stacked in APP and processed in APP and PS. Hopefully more to come soon Richard.
  13. Allinthehead

    M42 in RGB and Ha

    Great improvement on the Original. Just need to lose that blue trail
  14. Allinthehead


    That's a beauty Mick and i'd imagine quite feint too.
  15. Allinthehead

    IC 1871 The Whirling Dervish Nebula

    Spectacular detail Barry.

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