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  1. Allinthehead

    Bodes Galaxy 15hr Lum

    Wow great detail in that
  2. Allinthehead

    Ic 1369 Elephant's Trunk Nebula

    That's a beauty
  3. Allinthehead

    NGC918 through a veil of cirrus

    Wonderful. I think this might be my favourite image from your new setup.
  4. Allinthehead

    First light with qhy16200A, heart nebula

    Great first light.
  5. Thanks. They're super scopes. Pity about the spikes
  6. Allinthehead

    Veil Nebula Mosaic - 17 Hrs of Ha and Oiii

    That's wonderful. Not over done at all. Worth leaving an image sit when you think you're done and come back fresh eyed.
  7. Thanks Adam. Thanks Sunshine. I suppose they're dark because there are no large bright stars illuminating the dust. Thanks Dave glad you like it. Thanks Ciaran. Yes it was a challenge for sure. The issue is trying to separate dark nebula from dark background. It took a few goes to get it where i wanted it.
  8. Hi everyone. When i began imaging this target after finding it in Dso Browser (which is fantastic by the way) i didn't even know it's designation but i managed to find another image of this area with the designations attached. There's very little info online about it so i hope it's what i said it is. I did find the bright blue star at the bottom of the image is 1Cam and as i realised after thinking my focus was off it's actually a double star. Class B (B0) giant coupled to a seventh magnitude 6.82 class B0 subgiant dwarf separated by 10.4 seconds of arc. Estimated at 5,700 ly from earth. Takahashi Epsilon 130d with the Asi 071pro 14 hrs in 150 second subs at gain 50 Captured with Sgpro, stacked in App, processed in App, PI and PS. Clear Skies for Christmas Richard.
  9. Allinthehead

    HOO eastern veil

    I use it on every image i do. I use it sparingly and to varying degrees as i find an image looks a little more natural with some green left in.
  10. Allinthehead

    New Toy for Imagers

    Looks like a decent device and well priced too.
  11. Allinthehead

    NGC691 Group

    I enjoyed zooming in on the galaxies. I hadn't come across this group before. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Allinthehead

    A bit of a broken Heart (IC1805)

    That's a pity. I had wondered why we hadn't seen anything from you in a while. Hope all's well.
  13. Allinthehead

    HOO eastern veil

    Lovely image Simmo. Nicely framed with some great detail. There's a hint of green in the background. I wonder would a quick shot of scnr green or hlvg do the trick?
  14. Allinthehead

    A bit of a broken Heart (IC1805)

    Nice start Ken.
  15. Allinthehead

    Rosette Nebula HaSHO

    Nice Rodd. That really is the beauty with that camera, cloud dodging. I'm at it tonight with my 071.

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