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  1. Wonderful, and 68 hrs? That would take me a full season of imaging.
  2. Thanks Ciarán. No plan for adding filters i'm afraid, i don't have any others. Thanks Olly. I'm with you on that. Maybe on a given aperature, all other things equal then F ratio does what it says on the tin.
  3. Ya i reckon keeping things as simple as possible is the way to go. If your guiding is good and stars are good then no point changing anything.
  4. I like it, nice image. The Butterfly looks like it just dropped its star.
  5. Very nice and a difficult target from Cornwall.
  6. I use the same mount Alan and i've often wondered whether this was worthwhile. Given that i use short sub exposure times i never bothered to experiment. Would certainly be of interest to see if others had any positive experience. It's not something i see mentioned on the forum often.
  7. Update on this. I tried again with the Asi 1600 and the stars look pretty good apart from slight elongation in the corners probably due to spacing. I moved the position of the rotator too which could rule out that being the issue. More tests to follow.
  8. You're welcome. Some sources also quote HD 199579 as the offender.
  9. Thank you kindly Ahmed. Thanks Alan. You've gone from one extreme to another with the temperature over there. Thanks Adrian. I'll look forward to seeing your image. The 1600 and the 135 are a great combination. I just used the unity gain setting which automatically sets the offset. I think it's 50.
  10. When i sold my Epsilon i knew i could well end up regretting it, but i have to say i'm impressed with the quality of the Esprit 100, nice round stars and a distinct lack of diffraction spikes. Considering this is only 4 hours through a large amount of atmosphere given it's low elevation i think it has turned out okay. It took two nights to capture the data and i had an issue with my autofocus on the second night where i lost almost 2 hours in subs that were well off focus, no idea why it happened yet. I also had an issue where my guide star would just shoot off in Dec, again needs further investigation. There's always something. I have serious fetish for dark nebula and the dark dust in emission nebula, so in this image i tried to highlight just that. The dark dust here obscures the emission areas and perhaps even the star thought to be the source of ionisation for the Nebula J205551.3+435225. Link for anyone interested. http://www.caha.es/newsletter/news05b/Comeron/ngc7000.html 4 hrs in 300 second subs with an Asi 1600 and an astrodon 5nm ha filter. Unity gain -20C. Mount: AZEQ6 Stacked in APP 2*drizzle Processed in APP and PS Hope you like it, and please click on image for higher quality. Richard.
  11. Some great detail in that Steve, very nice.
  12. I really enjoyed that Gav. A huge amount of work gone into that fair play.
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