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  1. You've done very well given the conditions. Lovely colour
  2. No amp glow with Asi 071, Asi 533 and Asi2600. Same with Qhy versions.
  3. Looks great, pity about the frames lost to the branches. There's always some obstacle to overcome with this hobby
  4. lucky you have the space. Collimation on these fast scopes needs to be bang on but by the sounds of it you have other issues to deal with. In that thread they spoke about getting the focuser aligned with the secondary first and then go from there. I thought i had problems trying to get my head around the Epsilon's instructions. It's like they used a thesaurus on every word to translate it
  5. Just had a read of that thread and you're right scary stuff indeed. Glad i went with the Tak. I don't mind a bit of tweaking but that's nuts. Are you making any progress with yours?
  6. Yes that looks very similar to what i had. It's a strange one as the 071 has no such issues with refractors.
  7. Thanks Roger. Thanks Dave. I did look at the Sharpstar, very interesting scope. I have to admit that there's some joy to be had in getting a fast newt singing, although you would have thought shiny screws in the tube would be a pretty obvious design flaw. Yes, that is interesting. I spent quite a lot of energy trying to figure out the cause. Would you have some examples to share?
  8. Thanks Adam. It's not ideally positioned and there are a lot of subs taken before and after astro dark but it's nice and bright. I realise now i wasn't clear, the first crop was taken two years ago with the 071 which created the suction cups. Second one is with the 2600.
  9. Hi all. This is a first light image with my newly acquired Epsilon 130d. Some of you will know that i owned one of these and decided to sell it, i was warned i'd regret it and i did, so when this came up second hand but only used in a display i decided to go for it. One of the main reasons i sold it was because i had these large suction cups behind the stars, see below. This is 9hrs in 180 second subs with my Asi 2600mc Mounted on an AzEq6 Captured using Sgpro, Stacked in APP, Processed in APP, PI, and PS. No Calibration frames yet. It's not the prettiest but there's lots going on the background so worth a zoom around. Stars have some issues, possibly collimation or spacing. Richard.
  10. Beautiful Crescent and Soap bubble is so well defined.
  11. Allinthehead


    As an aside, i'm surprised you found the 163 noisy. I thought the data on my 1600 was very clean. What bugged me were the halos around bright stars with certain optics.
  12. Allinthehead


    That's a beauty. Lovely colour and processed very gently.
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