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  1. NGC6823 and NGC6820

    That's the problem with ha as a luminance layer. It leads to reds becoming pale pink. I use PS so i can't help you out with this. If you don't get some feedback here try posting in the processing tips section.
  2. NGC891, TEC140.

    Liking the detail in the galaxy very nice.
  3. Sh2-155 The Cave Nebula - a study in palettes

    A fine pair. Very moody.
  4. NGC7822 - First image of the season!

    Nice image Gorann. I feel your pain re the sleep situation. Stupid work ruining our fun.
  5. NGC6823 and NGC6820

    I like them both. The rgb does look a bit pale but fantastic detail in both. How did you combine the ha to the rgb?
  6. VDB 9

    My next scope i think. When i move house and build an obsy. So could be a while IOTD on Astrobin. Well deserved Jens.
  7. Cresent Nebula

    Very Nice
  8. NGC 7822 in HA

    Looking good. Great to get the flip sorted. Sgpro and plate solving make it quite simple.
  9. VDB 9

    A beauty. Nicely done Jens. That epsilon looks like a good'n.
  10. Pelican to NAN - Giving it the beans (Star71)

    I like this view Rob very nice. Can you guys elaborate on this blurring of smaller stars please?
  11. Crescent HOO Wider View

    Hi Alan. Thanks for that. Last one is the keeper for me too.
  12. Crescent HOO Wider View

    Thanks Chris.
  13. Elephant's Trunk Nebula bicolour two ways

    Very nice. Second for me too.
  14. Crescent HOO Wider View

    Thanks Martin. I actually do the same with her good self. I still find it hard to tell how much is too much or even when i could push a little harder. I suppose that comes with experience. Richard.
  15. ASI1600mm cool

    I use the Asi with a Samyang 135mm. I bought zwo to eos adapter which comes with a little spacer that gives me perfect focus with my 5nm astrodon filter. My zwo filters are thinner so i'll find out soon if it works with those. All the filters i use are 1.25 which vignette slightly but calibrate out well. I'm also using the zwo 5 position filter wheel. Hope this helps.