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  1. Smooth as velvet. A wonderful image. Have you a spacing issue? As there's elongation in the stars. They seem fine in the centre.
  2. Great job Chris. Very nice.
  3. Thanks Paddy. It's just where i ended up so i went with it.
  4. Great depth and interesting target. Cygnus really is a gem.
  5. Nicely done.
  6. Very nice paddy. This is a new one for me. Good luck with your Spanish adventures.
  7. I appreciate that thanks.
  8. That's nice Tim. Ya i tried the bat recently and it definitely needs darker nights.
  9. Very nice. Looking forward to that.
  10. Thanks Barry. Quality lens i'll definitely pick up another. Mine was delivered to my door next day for 380 euro, bargain. Thanks Chris
  11. Hi everyone. With the fantastic weather i managed to get out three nights in a row. So this is 2 hrs of ha in 30 second subs and 1.5 hrs of Oiii in 30 second subs. Samyang 135, captured with a zwo asi 1600. Cooled to -20 C Processed in photoshop. Local Contrast enhancement, noise reduction, make stars smaller (carboni's tools) I made a synthetic green layer and used duplicated Hue/saturation layers with clipping masks (Canistra method) and somehow i ended up where i did. I used a master dark, and bias. Stacked in Dss. Richard.
  12. Very nice sharp detail. IntInteresting write up too.
  13. No Sii filter I'm afraid. I think it might be worth doubling the ha and oiii data as there's loads of noise.
  14. Unbelievable Mark. The large version is well worth a look. Stunning.