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  1. That's a beauty Peter, wonderful colour and detail.
  2. Thanks Kon, glad you like it. Hopefully next season I can give it a good run.
  3. Thanks Peter, It's a great scope well worth the upgrade from my 130. All taken with the 160
  4. That looks really bright, definitely worth a call. There really is no need for that level of lighting. I have one like that right outside my front door too, kills the colour of anything I'm imaging in that direction. We have a five year plan for moving house, we want to stay in the area but we want a little bungalow out on it's own away from public lighting. I just have to guarantee a kitchen island
  5. Thanks Dave. Light pollution getting worse around my area and led lights to be retrofitted soon too, at least they will be dimmed after midnight.
  6. Added a new version, cropped and rotated to improve framing, reprocess with some added saturation.
  7. Thanks Martin, I live in a housing estate in rural East Cork, bortle 4. Unfortunately loads of public lights and recently my neighbours on both sides have installed floodlights. Using short subs helps with the light pollution, I've tried 300 second subs but I find the colour gets washed out. Gain 0 is definitely the way to go to take advantage of the deeper wells. I'm torn between getting the Asi2600mm and Qhy268m for lum and Ha. I like the fact that the 268 has an extended full well mode, but the 2600 might make more sense as I can simply remove the colour cam and replace it with the mon
  8. Indeed, always something. To be fair when I've got issues it's usually something I forgot to do, when I was setting up for this image the camera wouldn't connect. I spent about 20 minutes trying all sorts until I realised that the usb connection wasn't pushed all the way in.
  9. Thanks Dave. My house gets in the way at this time of year for most nebula targets. Still waiting on Takahashi to release the extender for the 160 so I can give galaxies a go.
  10. Thanks. Ya, I think I tried to fit too much in. I use Starnet on every image and then add the stars back in from a slightly less stretched version. Below is what it does with a Osc.
  11. Thanks Ciarán. I've added a rotated version, I had intended to post the rotated version but I just preferred the other orientation. I think it has to do with the way I framed it. I think I prefer gain 0 as I get to use the large full well and the stars should end up with better colour. As long as you swamp the read noise with signal in theory you should end up with a better image. Sounds like a challenge
  12. Thanks Padraic, not looking good for this week either. Really need a non weather dependent obsession.
  13. Hi all, just a quick effort between the clouds last Sunday. Lucky to get anything as the conditions were so poor. 114 minutes in 2 minute subs gain 0 Asi2600mc through the Tak Epsilon 160, mounted on an AzEq6 Captured with Sgpro, stacked in APP and processed in PI,PS and APP. Regards, Richard. New Version
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