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  1. Allinthehead

    M45 Pleiades / Merope Nebula

    Looks like you have some nice data there. I think you could go to levels and reduce the blue channel only. Then you could try selective colour and reduce the cyans. I had a quick play with the jpg.
  2. Allinthehead

    NGC 7635 & M 52

    Missed this one for some reason. That's a lovely bubble, nicely processed.
  3. That's a great first. Well done. I love that gold hue around the wall.
  4. Allinthehead

    The Iris Nebula NGC7023

    Nice Iris Dave.
  5. Allinthehead

    M33 in RGB **added Ha**

    That last version is fabulous and an absolute pleasure to view at full size. The Ha regions are so well defined.
  6. Allinthehead

    NGC7000 SHO + LRGB stars

    That's great Martin.
  7. Allinthehead

    Pacman Hargb

    Thanks. Yes i planned on going deeper but my patience ran out
  8. Hi Adam. You should also consider Pixinsight as it can align images but also has many other tools. I'm not familiar with registar but i think for the money pixinsight offers more.
  9. Allinthehead

    Pacman Hargb

    Thanks Chris. Glad you like it. Thanks Peter. I might revisit with more data as there's loads of feint dust to be extracted.
  10. Allinthehead

    G65.3+5.7 A weak SNR in bicolor

    Excellent work. That's some amount of hours you put into it.
  11. Allinthehead

    Pacman Hargb

    Thanks Carole. When i get a chance i'll upload an rgb only version.
  12. Allinthehead

    Pacman Hargb

    This area is full of feint dust and the idea behind this image was to capture and highlight. To my surprise i found a lovely little nebula which the Pacman is moving towards in the bottom right of the image. Wish i had a long focal length for it. Does anyone have a name for it? This is 180*150 second subs at gain 50 -5 with the Asi 071 calibrated with Flats, Darks, and Bias 96* 300 second subs in Ha with a 5nm filter and the Asi 1600 gain 129 -20 agian fully calibrated. Total of 15.5 hrs The Ha barely made a difference to the image which feels like the time would have been much better put into more rgb data. Mounted on an AzEq6 Captured using Sequence Generator Pro Processed in PS, APP and PI. Stacked in APP. Richard.
  13. If they're good enough for Hubble. They do help mask poorly processed stars tho.
  14. Thanks Olly. That definitely looks better. I'll go for the cure long term and this patch in the short term.
  15. Thanks Mark. I wonder can the Ar window be removed on these cameras.

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