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  1. I can't see the secondary dot in that image. Do you first align the secondary dot on the crosshairs? This ensures the secondary is aligned with the focuser
  2. Do you have the secondary mirror mark in the center of the crosshairs?
  3. Might be worth taking the primary off and check how the mirror is fixed in place, adjust if too tight. My 130 arrived pinched from factory but as i said they use different mechanisms.
  4. From the image you posted above collimation looks perfect. Is it possible you're pinching the mirror somehow? I had stars like this when i over tightened my mirror clips, I'm aware the 180 doesn't have mirror clips but could there be another way to pinch the 180 mirror.
  5. Very nice, and I feel the same excitement when scanning the sky. Nice to do something that feels unique. I admire your honesty. Hate when that happens.
  6. Sorry to see you having such difficulty with your Epsilon Adam, messing with a scope at 02:30 when you're working the next day is no fun at all. If I were in your position I'd get the original focuser back on. Is it a big job to change it?
  7. Exceptional image, from the perfect stars, beautifully balanced looking colour and great detail. Get this one up on the wall.
  8. Great M31 and a massive improvement on the older version.
  9. Wonderful M31 Lee. Very natural delicate processing.
  10. Great image Alan, I can't recall seeing detail like that in this target.
  11. Beautiful image Peter, I find this target is even better in rgb and you've presented an image with a great range of colour and detail.
  12. I found this on cloudynights. "Yes every image from the back yard , but the scope is very portable And the collimation is like a newt , but the tak tools that come with the scope are a must . The tak stock focuser is fine and works well ( add a motor though ) , even though I have a moonlight focuser on it I would not recommend it to anyone as It was not up to the job and it took a long time to get it working well ( disappointed would cover it ). Yes I would buy it again over a frac , cool down time is better - no colour problems at all and its very fast indeed of course if you do not like spikes !! Regards"
  13. You mentioned before you have the Tak tools, I find these are essential to collimate properly. Have you tried it with the stock focuser?
  14. Where in the frame was Deneb when you focused? I slew to a bright star near my target when focusing, I also center that bright star. You should however have focused stars across the frame so something is up. It could be collimation or tilt. Are you using the stock focuser?
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