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  1. Lovely. Well worth all the effort.
  2. Hi Julian. Nice capture. I hope you don't mind me having a little play with your image. You have a green cast over the whole image. You could just change the individual channels in levels, or there's a plug in for PS called HLVG which gets rid of the green. Richard
  3. That's a very good M51 and only 2.5 hrs.
  4. Tis grand. You can always get a new wife.
  5. Thanks David. If i wasn't planning a dual rig i'd be regretting upgrading to the az-eq6 when the eq3 would be more than capable. Appreciate the comment Mark. Sky conditions are good. Rural Ireland although i live in a housing estate with public lighting and random neighbour lights to deal with. Appreciate that thanks Paddy.
  6. Stunning Paddy. Huge amount of galaxies lurking in the background.
  7. Nicely done.
  8. Thanks. That's a nice scene you described although i have to admit i needed to google Christie Brinkley. Showing my age i think. Thanks Rodd.
  9. That's a lovely image David. I wonder would you be better off adding more in lrgb while the conditions allow and maybe grab the ha on a night the moon is interfering.
  10. That's fantastic. You must be pleased with that Samyang.
  11. You should be getting the new version with the screws at the top to stop it from accidentely opening Thanks. This is a 4/3 sensor Thanks Bob. Thanks Dave. I appreciate the feedback. Thanks Olly. I still believe that somewhere between 3 and 5 minutes would be the sweet spot for this camera and it would help to reduce the amount of subs and processing time. It's also not without it's flaws. I have 5 hrs of Oiii subs to add to my 6 hrs of heart Ha and i'm having trouble removing the amp glow from them. I tried shooting the darks again but to no avail. Thanks i remember when researching this camera i found some amazing shots on astrobin to help convince me. To be able to do narrowband with such short subs is great for beginners and people with more basic gear. I could have easily got this result with my EQ3-2.
  12. Hi all, managed to collect 6 hrs of the Rosette over the past few nights. First data in about a month, and i've forgotten how to do everything. Had problems aligning the 3 nights data so had to crop a little. 320 * 60 second subs unguided 20 darks, 20 bias, and 30 flats. Gear as per sig. Hope you enjoy, Richard.
  13. Using platesolve 2 with sgpro is unbelievably simple, and gets me within a handful of pixels in minutes. Well worth the effort.
  14. Nice result Ken.
  15. Thanks for that Ken. I'll give dynamic alignment a go. 60 second subs for both Ha and Oiii. I used the same settings and same darks. Worked on Ha, failed on Oiii. Now that i think about it, i had trouble with amp glow using dss out of the blue, no apparent reason when it had always been fine. That's why i switched to PI.