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  1. Thanks Carole, that's much appreciated, I'll search for that thread. Thank you!
  2. Not sure about this one but I had a go at making it starless.
  3. I used my Sesto Senso on the stock focusser on my 200PDS and had problems with slippage. As mentioned it's slipping in the shaft. It could not take my 1600mm pro and filterwheel but I've heard other people's will take the weight without slippage. I switched it to a baader diamond steeltrack which is totally rock solid and solved all the issues.
  4. Brilliant images, absolutely love the subtle processing
  5. Thanks, first time processing dust, took best part of a day to figure out how to make it show up well
  6. Thanks Richard, much appreciated.
  7. Inspired by AlexBB's stunning recent Iris Nebula image I thought I'd have first attempt at this one too given the brief two days of relative clear skies at new moon between the otherwise constant rain. This is approx 15 hours over two nights (bortle 5), mostly luminence with about 90 mins each for RGB. 2 min exposures at unity gain with the 1600MM & Esprit 80. Interesting figuring out how to tease out the background dust, much still to learn, hope to add more for higher image quality in the future.
  8. Just the standard 7nm ZWO narrowband filters - newer version. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/zwo-filters/zwo-125-ha-sii-oiii-7nm-narrowband-filter-set.html
  9. I only managed a couple more hours, probably not enough to make much difference yet, now the British weather has now turned for the worse
  10. Brilliant, your colour mixing is really inspiring. Do you find the longer exposures with the ZWO1600 more effective? I@ve never gone longer than 10 mins, can I ask what gain? Thanks
  11. That's an excellent first attempt for M42
  12. Updated with alt processing - thanks for the idea Göran
  13. Thanks Göran - that's a really great idea, love the image and colour palatte. I'll have a play with that combination. Originally I wanted to do HARGB but went with HaSiiOiii as the moon was still so prominent.
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