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  1. Good luck ... not a single gap in the clouds here!
  2. Look forward to the final image with OIII and SII. Going to have a crack with the 250pds, need a few accessories to make it work and might have to be with the 6D for now.
  3. It's brilliant, feels a bit expensive but well worth it for dynamic background extraction alone. Have a look at VisibleDark's youtube videos for some really good tutorials on it.
  4. Thanks Craig, tough one to process this - so washed out with moon so prominent. Adding more data. I'm stacking in PixInsight and then processing is back and forth between Photoshop and PixInsight.
  5. Fantastic image Craig. You certainly got the guiding sorted. Makes me want to turn the 250PDS to something other than planets. Good luck with O3 and S2 ... I don't even attempt those if moon is up - especially O3.
  6. Taken last night under full moon. Trying to get a bit more data tonight, has turned out better than I hoped for give conditions. About 5 hours with RASA8/1600MM in HA and 5 hours Esprit 80/2600MC. https://www.astrobin.com/bry0pg/0/ With a bit more HA data added from last night:
  7. I remember persuading my parents to let me go to that shop once in the early / mid 90’s. I got about 5 mins to walk around. All I remember is a 7” mead triplet on a massive mount. It was all SO out of reach.
  8. With luck perhaps will just need a single component switching out. My mount got wet a couple of years ago and would not work at all ... thought it was going to need replacing or expensive repair but fixed with a new motherboard for £150. Good luck with it, hope it's not too costly.
  9. The subject title made me laugh... sorry, but thank you too as I needed a laugh. I'm just finding total lack of clear skies here in UK are leading to less enthusiasm. Makes you feel like you've pointlessly spent thousands on equipment that you can only use properly once every couple of months if you're lucky. Currently experimenting with a dual setup but it adds a lot of complexity which can also lead to less enthusiasm. I can see how you can end up with too much data but mine is completely opposite issue ... no data at all. Makes you think of going down remote scope route but that feels like
  10. Some good points here. I remember as a teenager in the 90's I wanted a 6" reflector or a 4" refractor. They were completely and utterly beyond my reach. I finally ended up with an 8" mirror and diagonal after much saving and then having to slowly build a dobsonian scope from scratch out of scrap bits of wood and metal over about a year. Will never forget first time I saw m42 through it ... or the time I accidently set it on fire whilst projecting image of the sun! Even with the price rises that starter level equipment is within reach to most and we're completely spoilt for choice compared to a
  11. That's fantastic Adrian, love the framing. Jealous of all these clear skies you are getting too!
  12. Not a good night here again, constant cloud. Out of 500 frames only about 50 were usable - and that's with 30 second exposures. Clear blue now sun has come up though.
  13. That's good to hear ... does that mean they will go back down again then?
  14. Well I'm glad I bought my 250mm Newtonian last year. £385 to £529 ... that's about 37% increase. Many thanks to FLO for all their efforts keeping prices low. No comment on leaders who led the country down this path.
  15. Looks great, like the hint of blue. Nice to hear you're getting some clear skies. Eventually cleared here last night but not until 2 or 3am - too late for me.
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