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  1. I balanced mine up last night with the rings all the way down at the focusser end. When I covered it this morning the rings were about 1cm further up the tube so suspect there is still some slight slippage, will also keep an eye on it.
  2. AbsolutelyN

    Show us your subs...

    Excellent image ... also really enjoyed looking through your website, great work!
  3. AbsolutelyN

    Mains Power

    It will be interesting to see suggestions. I ran my setup from mains for a couple of weeks with an RCD at the source and dribox but in the end was not too comfortable with it as things can get rather wet overnight. I found this thread to be extremely helpful so worth a read though. I've now gone with a regulated power supply and run a 30m 2.5mm cable outside. For PC I've just gone with a very long usb3 cable and run everything from my desktop inside.
  4. AbsolutelyN

    Show us your subs...

    Being new to this I'm very curious. Here is same area of IC 443 taken last night - ZWO ASI1600MM Pro with ZWO HA filter (version ii). 600 seconds at unity gain (-20c).
  5. I have the 7ah and the az gti. It's a great battery but it's pushing it for a full winter night. I've now hooked up regulated dc supply but if I was to buy another tracer I'd be looking at a much more powerful one as now need to power cooled camera, focuser, dew heaters etc which I did not have or anticipate when I bought the tracer. If it was for powering mount only for half a night at a time I'd say the 7ah is perfect. Handles freezing temps very well.
  6. AbsolutelyN

    Jellyfish Nebula - IC 443

    That's a very good point easily overlooked. Seems to be no easy (or cheap) solution! Maybe best to stick with Photoshop to clean things up
  7. AbsolutelyN

    Jellyfish Nebula - IC 443

    Thanks, that's interesting. I'm starting to get the impression it may be worth paying more and very slowly upgrading to Adstrodons over time, at least for one or two filters. So far only seems to be the HA filter I've had issues with but I've not imaged much to know yet. Thanks for the info.
  8. AbsolutelyN

    Jellyfish Nebula - IC 443

    Thanks Anne. I may rule out Baader if they are likely to have same issues. Saying that it's possible to correct in processing to some extent. A bit of masking in photoshop and you can even out the tones reasonably well with curves.
  9. AbsolutelyN

    Apologies, it's another M42!

    That's really nice, it's a very rewarding target for practising.
  10. AbsolutelyN

    Jellyfish Nebula - IC 443

    Hi Anne. What kind of problems did Propus cause? I'm considering Baader narrowband as they seem reasonable price, did you get any flaring cased by the filter?
  11. AbsolutelyN

    Jellyfish Nebula - IC 443

    Brilliant thank you! I'm sure that was set initially but must have somehow lost it. The guiding doesn't look as good now ... gone from 0.2 pixels to 1.2"!
  12. AbsolutelyN

    Jellyfish Nebula - IC 443

    x6gas - I've never heard of the Sharpless catalogue - will have a good look at that thanks. Fantastic images on your website by the way. vlaiv - The reducer looks very interesting, never seen that before. I think configuring something like that is probably beyond me (and budget) at the moment (still learning how to control everything) but certainly one to look at in future thanks. I think a better HA filter may be required first. teoria_del_big_bang - Clear outside said it would cloud over at 3am for me so set a timer to cover scope but it stayed clear pretty much all night, turned out well after a disappointingly cloudy evening. Thanks for all the comments and feedback. Does anyone know why PHD2 only shows pixels rather than arc seconds in history graph? Option for arc seconds is greyed out and can't figure out how to enable it.
  13. AbsolutelyN

    Jellyfish Nebula - IC 443

    Last night was unexpectedly clear after about 11pm here. I decided to have a try at the Jellyfish Nebular but only had about 2 hours before if vanished behind the house. This is 85min of HA and just 6 mins each of G and B with 1600mm. Will try multi night exposures once more familiar with everything. The HA (ZWO version II filter) unfortunately has a big halo and it also has lensing which I've tried to minimise as best I can. Fascinating finding these objects for first time, never ceases to amaze how big many of them are in the sky. Wishing Skywatcher would produce a reducer for the Esprit 100 for wider field of view. Second version with flare better corrected in PS.
  14. I bought this direct from Vixen back in 2015 in an attempt to get my ancient GP-DX mount working. It was used less than a handful of times before I upgraded to a EQ6GT and it's just been sat in storage since. Looking for £75 - includes UK Special Delivery in price. It's the controller and battery box listed on this page: https://www.vixenoptics.co.uk/Pages/dd-3_controller.htm Batteries not included.

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