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  1. I'm looking to sell my Zenithstar 66ED petzval which I now rarely use. It was bought in 2005 from Ian Kind Imaging and has spent a lot of that time in storage. I've recently used it as a guide scope. It comes in a padded carry case which is very portable and light. Looking for £150 which includes royal mail insured delivery.
  2. A few queries on this lens regarding the fungus - I've attempted to photograph the lens with a high powered torch shining through it so size and location of the fungus can be clearly seen.
  3. Ah I see what you mean. I've never had issues with shutter vibrations as I use my 300 2.8 with a Sony A7R3 - no mirror so no vibrations.
  4. Are you stopping your 135 down or using it wide open?
  5. I was worried about filter sizes but this is with the 1.25" filters and EFW mini. I used low gain and vignetting was not even slightly a problem. I was at f/5.6 so perhaps that is too slow for filter size issues. I'm going to try my f/1.4 lens next to see how bad it is with 1.25" as that really should require 2" filters.
  6. That's amazing, thanks so much for such detailed info! I'll have a good look at this, looks like quite a project to get up and running with steep learning curve. Brilliant setup!
  7. I know I'm going to regret selling this but I've not used this for almost a year now so regrettably putting this up for sale to fund a zwo 183mm. This is the original version of the canon 300 2.8 lens - the one without IS. It's pretty much an f/2.8 100mm refractor. It's in excellent condition and comes complete with original leather lens cap, hood and case. There is a little bit of dust in the optics but makes not difference optically. There is also 2 very small spots of fungus on internal elements - not more than a couple of mills in diameter. Again makes no difference in optical quality of the image. Bokeh of this thing is superb and extremely sharp lens, perfect for astro, wildlife, portraits and landscapes. A few example images I've taken with it below. There is currently one of these on MPB for £1459 so looking for half that - £730 given the very small amount of fungus. That also includes UK next day delivery (which is £30). £700 if collected - from Harrogate North Yorks. Final thing to bear in mind is needs to be used with a DSLR (I've been using it with both Canon and Sony Alpha bodies with Sigma EOS adapter) as it's focus by wire and focus is not activated unless a body attached. So not one for dedicated astro cameras. An astro modified DSLR would be a perfect match for this monster lens. Any queries let me know. Updated - Also includes an Optech hood hat.
  8. Thanks, yes the 100-400ii is very sharp pretty much to edge of field on full frame and you are only using centre with a smaller chip. I used to have the 200 2.8, wish I'd held on to it now, very fine lens. I'm finding the issue is focusing though rather than guiding - this is just piggybacked on my esprit 100 with azeq6. Planning on trying a few of my wider lenses next.
  9. This is my first attempt with the 1600mm pro and a Canon lens. It's taken with the 100-400mm mkII @ 100mm at f/5.6. About 8 hours exposure in total, moon was past first quarter during both nights, skies not very transparent and ngc7000 still relatively low in sky. Found it very hard to focus accurately - used bahtinov mask and stopped down slightly - but unlike scope could not automate focus as temp dropped. 45x Blue @2min 45x Green @ 2min 23x Red @ 2min 53x HA @ 5 min https://www.astrobin.com/405980/?nc=user
  10. Stunning image and really interesting to see how you have mounted the lens. Do you know of any article which explains how to build such a rig? Specifically interested in how to build the belt focus system part, really struggling to find anything on such a setup. Many thanks.
  11. I'm looking to sell this DEO OWL drop in filter set as I'm no longer using it due to upgrading to a 1600mm. It fits Sony alpha cameras for use with Canon EOS lenses. It includes both L-PRO max and UHC filters, both 2" with drop in filter holders. Basically same as this link but for Canon lenses rather than Nikon. Bought from 365 astronomy back in dec/jan. https://www.365astronomy.com/deo-tech-owl-nikon-g-lens-to-sony-e-mount-drop-in-filter-adapter-filter-drawer-bundle-with-optolong-l-pro-max-2-and-uhc-2.html Looking for £175 £160 which includes insured special delivery. UK only. Payment preferably by bank transfer or PayPal friends. Image below. Ideal for anyone doing astrophotography with a Sony A7 series camera and great value as just a L-PRO filter alone is only slightly cheaper.
  12. new moon = cloud and rain also seems to be a general rule the weather sticks to. Pier progress is looking great though.
  13. I'd also suggest taking a pic of a brick wall - keep it parallel to avoid any distortion. I bought one of these a few years ago and the test revealed one side of the frame completely out of focus, even when stopped well down. They can be great lenses but you need to be sure to get a good copy as I don't think they are the most consistent regarding quality control of the optical alignment.
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