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  1. My mount is always outside, covered with 2 big rubble sacks to waterproof and then a cheap scope cover. I keep a couple of dew heater strips wrapped around the mount all the time to provide some heat to prevent moisture buildup.
  2. Giving up, clear, fog, clear, fog, fog, clear, fog, fog, fog. Really still so great guiding when clear but so far less then an hour of usable data since 8pm so calling quits.
  3. After a bad start with everything possible going wrong now finally imaging Monkey Head. Just been to other side of town and it's in thick fog so not sure how long it will last!
  4. Wow ... amazing image, that must have taken a bit of doing!
  5. Never mid the clouds .... thwarted already. Ordered a the RASA 8 Starizona filter draw from 365 Astronomy and they have sent the wrong item! It doesn't have M42 threads at both ends, one end has much larger M48 thread. So can't do anything at all with the new scope as can't attach a camera! They are sending a replacement immediately though so all not lost and good service from them so far other than the mixup. Have had it for days too and didnt think to check.
  6. That's ok, it's too much to expect so not getting hopes up.
  7. What's going on? RASA 8 ordered from FLO arrived within 24 hours and possible clear sky tonight??
  8. Was all set up and running ... managed 3 subs of IC443 before the usual blanket of clouds rolled in covering what has been a cloudless sky all day.
  9. Thanks .... just ordered one from FLO, hoping fiddly spacing doesn't make me regret it ...
  10. Last night's unexpected clear skies allowed me to grab more data on California Nebula. This is the previous 4 hour HA image combined with 5 hours of SII and one hour of RGB. So total 10 hours with Esprit 100 and 1600MM. Abandoned original bi-colour idea but might have another go later. Also got 1.5 hours of OIII but there was no nebulosity visible as far as I could see so didn't add it. Slightly different version + highres on Astrobin - https://www.astrobin.com/x9j14e/
  11. Looks great. How are you finding the star shapes in the corners? Rather curious about how easy it is to get the right spacing for good flat field. Cheers, Tristan
  12. Stunned to find it's still clear. Forecast here was only for about 2 or 3 hours clear last night just after dark, been gathering data for over 10 hours now and still going strong.
  13. Back to usual here ... sunny + clear blue all day and as soon as gets dark completely and utterly clouded over
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