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  1. Had another play to attempt more of an SHO style HOO look!
  2. No prob's, the blue does pop a little better. Whats your halo reduction technique!?
  3. Sorry, its the Rosette again! So while the clouds are miss behaving and not allowing me to get some SII, I thought I would see what I could do with my Ha and OIII data. Never processed a HOO image before because I'm still new to Narrowband imaging and this is the first of this data that Ive captured. I'm still learning so be kind, I know Its pretty noisy which is due to the OIII only being 1hr 40 mins worth, I'm blaming the clouds! But I'm happy with it for a first attempt.
  4. I haven't to be honest, would be interesting to have a look. True in regards to modified or not. It's just what I've seen on here and other sites.
  5. What camera was he using, I doubt it was a DSLR, which is where I feel it has little or no advantage. It has been mentioned online from well known guy in this hobby that the extreme isant really suited to older DSLR's which is where I feel the lack of noticeable difference is coming from. I don't know everything and I'm just going on real life examples with DSLR's that I've seen around that's all.
  6. That's a fair comment I've never compared the two but was happy using the L enhance.
  7. Yeah going mono is certainly not a cheap option!
  8. On paper from a technical point of view yes it probably should perform better, my argument is that I've not seen a single example (I've seen loads) with the same or simular camera and filter (I also have the 600D, and live in Bortel 6) that proves its better in terms of the data it collects against the L enhance. There are many things in life that on paper are better but I go off real life examples before spending out. At the end of the day it's only my personal point of view, people can use what they like and if they are happy with its results then that's all that counts, the above is a lovel
  9. For sale, my Optolong L Pro 2inch screw filter, great condition, no longer needed. £100 which includes secure uk postage only. SOLD - Please remove
  10. Thanks, I seem to have manged to sort it now, I did read that photoshop can apparently look blotchy when zoomed out but then when you zoom in it settles and hasn't actually affect the image so that's interesting. Anyway I managed this out of the data!
  11. I somehow got there with the editing, still not fully sure how but I'm learning. So here it is, the first light with my QHY9 mono, 4hrs of HA during two nights of moon lit sky's . Stacked in DSS with flats, darks and dark flats and it would appear that my calibrations frames have worked, they took me all day yesterday to do so I'm really pleased. This hobby tests you and yet it still shows you that its all worth it, this is when you feel embarrassed when you throw a wobbly because of a rubbish night but hey they are going to happen from time to time. I'm now very settled in what I'm
  12. Seems ok to stretch if you apply in to a colour channel! (top left is screen reflection) I was just watching a video for future reference and apparently Photoshop can show blotchy like that but its actually not effecting your image! If you zoom in it appears ok, I would rather know im still processing the monochrome correctly though ans Ive not got the rest of the data to make a colour image yet
  13. I have managed to grab 4hrs of Ha mono data (exciting!) which I have stacked in DSS, lights, darks, flats and dark flats. Ive opened the tiff in PS, mode is 16 bit and grey scale. I went to apply my first stretch and that's why I got stuck. I'm new to mono and assumed I could just stretch the mono Ha image in the same way I do a colour but it would appear not, what am I missing as the curve graph straight off doesnt seem right, its over to the left and when I do stretch it goes patchy! So I'm guessing I'm missing a setting or something which Ive tried googling. So what is the process of stretc
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