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  1. Beautiful, because of my newbie lack of knowledge, what is this of? ?
  2. Nice, I'm working on this too, it's a tricky one but rewarding.
  3. Thanks guys ? Details: 40 mins worth of 2min subs, around 20 bias and flat frames and a lot of work in post! Oh and a decent LP filter. Lots to improve on but really happy for now.
  4. The whole process of astrophotography keeps going round in confusing circles then! I assumed longer exposures where I live would help with deeper less bright sky objects but I was having difficulties with 2min subs, so questioned on another forum to get the response I posted above. As I say though I'm still very much learning.
  5. I can finally add something I'm proud of using this scope, I'm still very new to all this though.
  6. I think you have done what I've done recently and cooked the exposure time, I was struggling with 120 sec subs being a little washed out and hard to stretch so 310 could be even worse!? I've been told recently that more shorter exposure subs will give you the same results as the same period of time in longer subs, so x10 30sec subs will give you the same results as x5 1min subs and so on but you need an hour or two of the 30 sec subs but it shoundnt wash out. What's a single 310 sub look like? P. S I'm still very new so apologies if I'm learning wrong, someone will correct me if so.
  7. Ok, I will take a look at re doing some flats, thanks for the advice mate.
  8. Yes, just flat's and bias, 20 of each I think. Anything you can say for improvement I will welcome it.
  9. Nice, good to know there's away but much to improve. Thanks for having a go.
  10. Thats about where i got but its the gradient that's killing it and my normal process to get rid of it that i got online from the Astro back yard guy isant cutting it! Thanks for having a go.
  11. Hopefully this will work as Ive never done this before! Go find my horse! ? https://www.dropbox.com/s/i3gvr8azqgva9nb/HorseyNewStack.TIF?dl=0
  12. Yeah i would be more than happy with that with my un-modded DLSR and bortle 6 skys! Beautiful image.
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