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  1. Sorry I was getting confused with the mini version, sending PM now
  2. Just to double check it's the same as the newer S but with the USB 2 port!?
  3. Thanks guys for all the info. Just to check, are my above calculations correct? I shall look into all suggested options
  4. I have recently brought a second hand 600D, Baader astro-modified for £250. IT came with a battery grip which is really handy for a long nights imaging, and shutter release cable, and camera bag, a great buy!. I posted up a wanted add on astro buy and sell and was contacted buy two people so they are out there!
  5. By the end of the year I would like to be guiding so I'm slowly sorting out what I need (baby steps!). I have been doing my research, nearly gave up again just reading about what I need!, is nothing easy in this hobby!? My scope SW 130PDS - 650FL, camera Nikon D750 and Canon Modified 600D, mount HEQ5 Pro. Ive brought Adam's Altar Astro 60mm guide scope so I'm now looking at cameras. I have read that mono is better so I'm looking at (to keep costs down) the ZWO ASI120mm and the S model!. Looking at the specs and whats compatible, I believe the following calculations will give my the correct set up: So Canon APS 4.3 x 206 / 650 (scope FL) = 1.36 APS Nikon 5.97 x 206 / 650 =1.89 APS ZW0 guide cam APS 3.75 x 206 / 225 (Astro guide scope FL) = 3.4 APS Guiding ratio = Cannon 3.4 / 1.36 = 2.5 Nikon 3.4 / 1.89 = 1.79 I believe a maximum ration of 4.1 is suggested so these calculations fall well in regards to this? Also, apart from the USB port, size and weight extra are there any other differences to consider between the ZWO ASI120mm and the S model, for me the USB 3 port would be better. I will also be looking into this but for a beginner and to keep frustrations down, what would be the best/easiest software to use to start guiding? Cheers Russ
  6. Sorry I should learn to read carefully! Ok I will take it, if you can PM me your PayPal I will pay later this afternoon if that's ok as I need to head off to work now. Regards Russ
  7. Ok cool, that could work, I've also seen now that a guide scope can attach to the top of the main a scopes guide rings. Let me sleep on it, but lastly I see your in Ireland, do you roughly know what UK postage would be?
  8. Yes I see there is still alot going on, I have work tomorrow so it will be a long day if I stay up tonight!
  9. Hello, my astro modded 600D turned up today and im keen to get back to imaging. Obviously its not getting dark till late but I wanted to ask whats up there in regards to DSO's during the night hours that might be worth staying up to capture and what sort of time are they at a good height!?. I have only ever done astro photography at the beginning of the year so I'm not familiar with whats up there this time of year. (I'm based in the UK) Cheers Russ
  10. Ok thanks, let me have a think, I'm trying to see if there is away of attaching it to a Sky watcher 130pds to use as a guide scope. having to buy another set of tube rings and bracket could bring the price closer to a new scope. regards Russ
  11. Hi, do you still have the original tube rings and bracket for the Altair guide scope?
  12. Thanks, i will check that out. Cheers
  13. Ok cool, so the number of slots does not necessarily mater either !?
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