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  1. There are some points here worth mentioning i think regarding the GA and how it can be useful. Especially if you have beltmodded the mount. Ive been beltmodding and tuning my EQ6 - new bearings, regreasing etc. I struggled like a mad man on DEC backlash for days and days. Was 33000ms now down to 2000 and some ms - so still not perfect. I was tuning the worm setscrews for every microscopic nanometer possible i believe, but still backlash was huge according to PHD2 guiding assistant. Im a newbie and all that, so things could have gone smoother, but my point is i think you can use the Guiding Assistant to your favor. You can use it to troubleshoot the backlash source. If you imbalance DEC and do GA and still get alot backlash - then you "know" your backlash problem is not the wormdrive. Then you can check for example the guidescope arrangement for looseness, and redo the test. If the backlash is still consistent then you can maybe try readjusting the belt (if the mount is beltmodded), and so on.
  2. @malc-c Thank you! What do you mean now? didn't you say you did not find EQMOD PEC helpful vs straight guiding PPEC? If i start AutoPEC while guiding wouldnt it be wrong when PHD2 is correcting every error? Shouldnt it be running unguided? What do i dont understand here?:) @alacant thanx. That was the explanation for a 7 year old. But i truly need for a 5 year old:) How do i do it in PHD2? Yes i have googled it, but cant find the recipe.
  3. Not wanting to hijack the thread, but how did you PEC train the EQ6? If you could explain it like i was 5 years old i would really appreciate it - its a mess in my head now between PHD2, PECprep, and EQMOD, where do i do what, when and how sort of. If @malc-c doesn't want it here on the thread, i would love it on PM
  4. Ah thx. Ive just used a long unbrako (hex key) to push the belt between the plastic wheels. Works fine for me after i found the technique. Question: could the huge backlash in DEC effect tye varies in RA guiding as well? I mean; could the RA guiding get better after ive now fixed the DEC backlash or are they completely separate guiding-wise?
  5. Thx again @spillage. I wasnt wiggling so much but im fairly sure its tight now! ah, yes - about the spacers. I did the measuring and my result was a negative value : -0.015. Not sure what to do about that.. also the 3 dec bearings (minus the cone shaped - 2 on the brass and 1 on the housing. It sounds like they switch up with braking. The axis spins but not the bearing in some positions. On all 3 - maybe. I thought it was just the lower one as it is visible through the polar scope outer opening. The bearings are noe tight to spin around - so i think its just happening when theres total balance and not force on the bearings - so what this does to the guiding - i dont know?
  6. It is. The problem that im portraying is the play in the cog itself. I think the setscrew thats on the flat part wasnt properly fitted/had loosened, so there was play in the cog.
  7. And the braking sounds.... The outer edge of the bearing moves along with it. Would it work with some loc-tite on the outside to make it sit properly in its slot? 20200308_004013.mp4
  8. Ta-daa. Think i found whats causing the backlash... 20200308_002724.mp4
  9. This is what i have done. Ill try to work a bit more with the hoising and set screws, but MANY hours have gone to that with same backlash so. I plan to remove the housing and check the setscrew on the cog on the worm if its tight!
  10. Also i noticed dec is perfect clockwise, but counter clockwise it is more braking, even though its slightly. Dont know what this tells me
  11. I can check again tonight but with both screws all the way out plus housing bolts slightly loosened there are a couple of millimeters backlash tops if any and with alot of force, if i recall correctly. I was going to remove the housing as well yesterday, but i couldnt get the DEC motor out because it was stuck in the belt like the belt. There was tight space to get the cog in there so i dont think theres anything wrong with the belt. Slewing works and everything, but i cant get off the dec housing with the belt in place on the motor.
  12. No their loosened slightly before playing with the setscrews if thats what you mean? The 4 screws on dec housing
  13. Neat trick on checking balance in PHD btw, i will try that:)
  14. Thanks, I will post my phd-log. Yes, I've done the procedure, but in RA axis i easily feel the backlash when working with the set-screws, so its much easier to know when im on the right spot as the backlash disappears. In DEC i dont feel any backlash when working with the setscrews, thats the problem. So my only reference in DEC is when the setscrew meets resistance. Thx @spillage. Yes i am aware that it takes up slack. My DEC is easier to spin around the more loose it is so i worked with this too as it was too tight. I did the deassembly to check my bearings in relation to the slight braking sound when DEC tightens. The easiness in the axies now is close to perfect. And i was happy with my balancing yesterday. But guiding is far from perfect. I get 31000ms on DEC backlash even if DEC is no backlash i can feel physically. This i dont understand. Also the phd2-graph is oscillating heavily on bot axies. Dec wants to stay on the bottom side of the graph. This is why i start wondering if theres something i need to program. Like in phd2 or in ascom, regarding tracking speed or something. I dont know? Worth mentioning is whst i told @alacant is that i "never" feel backlash in DEC, so that its hard to know how the worm is on my brassgear 2nd picture was before guiding assistant yesterday and a bot strange. Havent seen RA and DEC acting with identic trends before
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