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  1. image is as it was on the night , no deliberate flipping but of course newtonians do that
  2. sky was actually very bright up here in the North , (though looks dark in the photos) , no astronomical darkness here for a full 3 months in summer This washed out the dimmer full disk that would have been visible if the sky was darker
  3. at about the maximum cover the moon took on a yellow tint 30 mins or so later the shadow has retreated and the yellow tint has gone leaving the moon its more usual white colour Just a couple of smartphone photos from the eyepiece of my 8 inch newtonian
  4. Thanks for the 20mm gave it a run tonight in my 8 inch on the moon nice and clear Lets hope its just as clear for Tuesdays partial eclipse (quick smartphone photo through eyepiece , not as good as actually looking through the eyepiece)
  5. Thanks to all the suggestions , will probably try the hammerite spray from Amazon. Though , being in Scotland , I'm tempted to go for a custom finish.
  6. thanks for the suggestions Yes I have the white weights
  7. The weights from my NEQ6 are beginning to look scruffy. Is there a good colour match car type spray that anyone would recommend for sprucing them up.
  8. Thinking about a return trip to Tenerife Been up in the crater twice at night and it is the very best viewing I have seen anywhere I have been. I am interested to hear of anyone who knows of a holiday home with telescope included or of where I can hire a decent mount for the travelscope I will be taking with me. The mounts I have at home are far to heavy for taking on flights, (NEQ6 isn't exactly hand luggage). Mainly for visual so tracking not essential , though some AP would be good too if anyone knows where I could hire a goto/tracking mount.
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