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  1. OK folks, thanks for your advice. I got what I needed. You are all stars! Keep looking up
  2. Thanks Olly, I have just purchased the Nikon D7500 and Samyang 14mm F2.8 Lens. This is because I will be using the DSLR for nightscape AP. It's secondary function will be AP with the ED80. I,m after some advice on a dedicated camera for planetary imaging. Rick
  3. Hi Carol, I would like to get back into AP when I return to UK next week and have been looking at DSLRs to use for WF. But I would also like to grab a dedicated imaging camera for planets/lunar. However, there seems to be a bewildering array out there, so I was hoping for some guidence. My budget cant go much above 1K for both as I would also like to purchase an SCT from a seperate fund. Rick
  4. Thanks Nigella, the SCT is purely for planetary. I intend to use the DSLR on its own for widefield or with the ED80.
  5. Had a bit of a pause on astrophotography and now getting back in the game. I currently have a SW ED80 and am interested in both a DSLR for widefield and dedicated planetary camera. Any advice much appreciated. Oh! and I will be getting an SCT 8 - 9.25" or SW 180 MAK!
  6. I used to live in Crickhowell and you could walk into the front garden, look up and see the Milky Way in all is glory. Having now left the army and bought my house in South Wales, this is what I have outside my door!???
  7. SpaceX Falcon Heavy launches its first commercial flight https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-47903788
  8. Exceptional film making on every level. The tone, direction and narrow focus on the man in the plan was inspired from Chazelle. I think the choice of Gosling was the key component of success. His ability to humanise the mythological Armstrong proved that he is an actor of the highest caliber, unequaled among his peers. Much like the movies protagonist. As for Foy. She is sensational as Janet Armstrong and I believe the best actress of our time. Like all military folk, I know what it is like to leave loved ones behind to step into the void, often on a journey from which you may never return. That dedication to duty and single minded (often selfish) approach to the mission. As an amateur astronomer and space exploration advocate, I thought the telling of this amazing feat was pure brilliance. The director, cast, and all else involved in this sublime piece of film making should receive the highest recognition from their industry.
  9. Brand new out of the box with complete accessories. Never used. £20 inc P&P https://universe2go.com/en/
  10. As new with original packaging and complete accessories. Only used on one imaging session. Selling because I prefer my DSLR for DSO AP. £40 including P&P
  11. D3000 with 18-55mm, 35mm fixed prime and 85-300mm zoom. 2 x Bty, 2 x 4GB SD cards, Lowe Alpine camera bag, Slik Pro tripod. £100 Package includes original camera accessories including charger/USB etc. Mint condition
  12. Hi Mike, The OTA is 5.6kg and the focuser (link attached) is approx 1kg (EP dependant) Rick https://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/ovl-dual-speed-2-crayford-focuser-for-sct-telescopes.html
  13. SW MAK 150 Pro. Excellent condition with superb optics. Comes with a SW SCT Focuser upgrade, dew shield and dew heater straps set up. £400 inc P&P if non collect (Brecon, Wales)
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