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  1. This Mount is the business. End of review!
  2. Thanks for kind comments folks. One thing I have noticed doing this AP business is that you get so lost in the technical procedures that you forget the awe of what your actually looking at! So I think I’ll temper the imaging with some straight up visual through the eyepiece. On the diffraction spikes, they are added in post processing and although not everyone’s cup of tea, I’m a fan
  3. Hi Clarkey, I used the ED80 for these mate. I got rid of the RC8 and settled on a C9’25 which I’ll be trying out soon. I’ve done another edit of M42!
  4. Hi Roy, All taken using the same setup; AZEQ6, ED80 Pro, .85 reducer, D7500 with no filters. All the images are guided using an ASI Mini Guide Camera and Guide Scope (my first go at PHD2 ). The settings as listed; M42: 30 x 120 sec subs at ISO 800 and 10 x Darks. All galaxies: 15 x 120 Sec subs at ISO 800 and 10 x Darks. All stacked using DSS and processed in Adobe Ps. I live in a town with heavy light pollution so the processing was a mare!
  5. Some my very first attempts using a decent enough set up. The street lighting is brutal, but the few hours give me good procedural practice, including using PHD2.
  6. Hi Pete, This one mate; POWEROAK Portable Power Station AC50S 500Wh 300W Solar Generator Sine-Wave Wireless Charging Emergency LED Lighting w/ 2AC Outlet,PD 45W USB-C,DC12V Lithium Battery Backup for Outdoor RV Camping https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08KW35YTZ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_fabc_NM71XEQ4DT853S27FJAD?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  7. It’s a Power Oak Pete. Will run you Mount, laptop and ancillaries for around 4 to 5 full imaging sessions. That’s with each session lasting around 6 - 8 hours. Great piece of kit
  8. Have taken ownership of a new C9’25 from FLO. Managed to get it set up just the other night during a rare break in cloud cover. Conducted a star test for collimation and was delighted to find it was absolutely perfect straight out of the box. Not much viewing though as the clouds rolled in. My plan will be to use it with the ZWO ASI462 MC on a bit of lunar and also using the Nikon D7500 on tight DSO. Reports to follow! Set up is now fairly diverse. Wide field using the ED80, as mentioned above using C9’25 and some nightscape using the D7500 on the Star Adventure Pro 2i. Not forgettin
  9. I forgot about Dark Star!
  10. The weather is shocking and I’ve been ripping through my movie collection. The question is, what are SGL members top 10 sci-fi movies of all time. I’ve listed mine below and attached one iconic image from each movie: 10. The Matrix 9. Terminator 1984 8. Equilibrium 7. Blade Runner 2049 6. Close Encounters of the Third Kind. 5. Silent Running. 4. Alien. 3. Star Wars (a new hope). 2. Blade Runner. 1. 2001 A Space Odyssey.
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