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  1. Beginning Astronomy?

    I’m normally not a fan of superstore scopes but this one is a decent enough make and a bargain for beginners😀☘️
  2. What is the Maximum magnification you use (in UK)

    I reckon it’s no more than x 30 per inch of aperture. I never take my MAK 150 above x200 on Jupiter or Saturn and on lunar you don’t need to
  3. Great views

    Great night out tonight. Smashing views of M1 (Crab Nebula) and old faithful M42 among others. Best view yet of M78 which was a joy! Alas, the moon came up, but at least I got a chance to try out the variable polarising filter. Great piece of kit with none of the awful green tint you get with normal moon filters. Spot on😀☘️👍🏻
  4. John Young

    RIP John Young
  5. Help me choose a refractor

    Try an ED80 Pro - outstanding OTA
  6. Inspired for 2018?

    Wow, never knew they were going for more! Can’t wait😀👍🏻☘️
  7. Inspired for 2018?

    Just read this. What an inspirational story and if this doesn’t get made into a movie I don’t know what should. Utterly uplifting and thank you to my wonderful wife, Jayne. The perfect Christmas gift
  8. “It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light” —Aristotle Onassis



  9. Welcome to the South Wales group!

    Thanks guys, I will keep an eye out 😀☘️👍🏻🎄
  10. New Obsy!

    2 years ago today I got this built for the local kids. Amazing what you can get done when you’re on message!😀☘️👍🏻🎄
  11. Welcome to the South Wales group!

    Hi there, living in Crickhowell at the moment and would love to come to one of your events. I built an observatory for some local kids when I lived in the West Midlands so if you need a hand on anything at all I’m a volunteer!😀👍🏻☘️
  12. The Apollo Era

    That is an amazing story, and for me, what being alive is all about
  13. Oil leak!

    Cheers Michael - makes sense to me. Now, back to the bourbon!😀👍🏻
  14. Oil leak!

    Doc, Is that something I should be concerned about mate?