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  1. 80mm frac opinions

    My friend - you can’t go wrong with a Sky Watcher 80 ED Pro with an upgraddd crayford. I’ve had mine for 8 years and the views I’ve had have been the best of any scope I have owned (CPC 1100 and MAK 150 Pro). I had it out the other evening and the visual view of M31 was fantastic. On imaging it’s absolutely bang for buck. A real marvel
  2. A bit of M31 action under a crystal clear Brecon sky!😀👍🏻☘️
  3. Music for those cold lonely imaging nights ...

    1. Ma-ma’s requiem by Paul Leonard Morgan 2. Tron Legacy by Daft Punk 3. 2.22 by Lisa Gerard and James Conway
  4. I have mate, great views of Globular with the MAK and when you can pick out M31 with the naked eye you know it’s not to shabby at all😀👍🏻
  5. MAK 150 Pro on HEQ5 from my front garden in Brecon Beacons NP. Not a street light in sight, just me a my neighbourhood bat colony for company! 👍🏻😀☘️
  6. Planning a trip?

    Try this!
  7. ...and the clock is running!

    Found this article on the rise of the commercial space industry- interesting read! 😀☘️👍🏻 The new space race http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-41249830
  8. What a surprise find!

    Marvel or DC?😀☘️👍🏻
  9. What a surprise find!

    On our way from New Orleans to Pensacola and we stumbled on this hidden gem!😀🇺🇸☘️☘️👍🏻
  10. Great reading

    What a present from Mrs Spence and what a read highly recommended
  11. Weather prediction

    Visability on app vs visability outside my window!😃
  12. Saturn 16_6_17 with Skymax 150

    That's outstanding. I have a MAK 150 Pro and hopefully someday get a shot like that!
  13. Get one of these big fellas! 150 on lunar and you'll think you are on Apollo 8!😃👍🏻