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  1. Nice capture on a difficult target.
  2. Thanks Wim, I did want to get more data on this target as like you said when I looked at the first sub NGC 2805 hardly showed up but when the subs were stacked I was surprised how well the galaxy came out I hope you manage to get your data soon. Bob
  3. Thanks it turned out a better target than I first thought maybe I can add some more data to it if the skies ever clear ?
  4. I managed to get a bit of imaging time on Tuesday night and went for this group of galaxies Holmberg 124 in Ursa Major I would have liked a bit more data but the clouds rolled in. Luminance of 33 x 300 and RGB of 5 x 300 each all binned 2 x 2 Celestron 11" scope with a F 6.3 reducer QHY9m camera Bob
  5. I was out imaging tonight and tried out the lens again I noticed before hand that the lens had a HOYA HMC UV filter on the front of the lens which i removed and the frames from tonight were perfect so that has been my problem i bought the lens second hand and did not notice the UV filter. Thanks for the help . Bob
  6. Hi Sean Thanks for the comments. I have had the QHY8 Pro since 2010 when I moved from a DSLR to a ccd I have found it a great camera I use it at -18 C and use the QHY driver at 1 - 140 hope that’s useful info. I used no filters and the adaptor is a one supplied by Modern astronomy which gives a good level fit between camera and lens. Hi Typo Thanks for the feed back. Your image shows a lot less aberrations with me just trying the lens out to get focus I had to turn the setting from infinity to further down F settings on the lens I wonder if another spacer ring were to be ad
  7. Thanks for the reply I thought it looked like coma spherical abbreviation myself this was the full frame I did manage one more frame a 300 second one but half of it was through cloud and the bright stars looked the same. I have a Canon DSLR I may try the lens on it and see what the stars look like as the ccd may have a different result but they are still OSC cameras. With the lens attached to the DSLR during the day the view looks perfect which I would have expected as day time imaging is more forgiving.
  8. I have been imaging for a few years now mainly with telelscopes But I bought a canon 200mm F 2.8 lens a while back and have managed to try it last night for a spell just before the clouds rolled in I coupled it up to my old OSC a QHY8 Pro and find looking at this image of 2 x 60 frames that the brighter stars have flares has anyone come across this before and I wonder what is causing it and is there a solution ? Bob
  9. This entire field is Permeated by integrated flux nebula. I can see some of it but I think I need more time on this target if the skies clear. Imaged on 12-0-1-2021 Luminance of 24 x 300 RGB of 4 x 300 each All binned 2 x 2 scope Celestron 11" at F 6.3 camera QHY9m Bob
  10. It certainly surprised me Lee to see Arp 6 in the frame as I thought there was not much to see in that area. Bob
  11. Thanks Paul I like the dark dust clouds in this target they seem to be prominent. Bob
  12. After some modifications to my set up I decided to test the gear out by imaging IC 2233 which is a edge on spiral galaxy one of the flattest known. So after a while I slewed to the star Castor to re focus then slewed back while centering the target I noticed an artifact on the right of the image but checking up it was a small irregular dwarf Galaxy NGC 2537 ( Arp 6 ) so I set the frame up to include them both in the FOV this is a LRGB image. Imaged over two nights 06/08-01-2021 Luminance of 7 x 600 un binned and 8 x 300 binned 2 x 2 RGB of 8 x 300 each binned 2 x 2 scope
  13. Imaged over two nights 12-02-20 / 06-01-21 Luminance of 15 x 600 un binned RGB of 4 x 300 each binned 2 x 2 WO 90 scope QHY9m camera Bob
  14. Imaged on 20-12-2020 and I have added some old data from 2018 as I have not had very many clear nights this year to give a final LRGB image Luminance of 22 x 300 and 15 x 600 un binned RGB of 6 x 300 each binned 2 x 2 scope WO 90 camera QHY9m Bob
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