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  1. Very nice telescope. May you have many a enjoyable night observing with it.
  2. This is a statement I whole heartedly agree with. I have the exact same sentiment.
  3. Nice report, enjoyed reading it. Its surprising what can be seen with a small refractor.
  4. It is indeed nice, its the original Skylight 102mm F15 telescope, the prototype the AR101.15 was based off of. It was the telescope all the astronomy magazines reviewed, and some of the experience observes here. The experienced observers, who wrote the review for the magazine rated the optics at 1/8 wave, which is very good indeed. It was up for sale, but I'm taking if off for sale. As I want to see what it will do on the planets when they are favourably placed in the night sky.
  5. You've hit the nail on the head there, that's the only time that I could think a rotatable focuser would be an advantage, is imaging. I too took the decision not to go down that root. I just sketch at the eyepiece. I'd buy an 102ED now, but I don't think it would go down to well, here! When I do get around to getting one, if I still have my Skylight 102mm F15 I will do a comparison. The Skylight has 1/8 wave optics, so not to be sniffed at. I would expect an 102ED to do better though. All the reports I've read suggest they are excellent telescopes.
  6. I will probably be buying one of these telescopes at some point. I don't see the fact that it doesn't come with a rotatable focuser as a big disadvantage. If I want to observe sat down in a chair, I simply loosen the thumb screw in the focuser tube and adjust the diagonal to the required angle, tighten thumb screw back up, and job done. I only usually do that adjustment once in the observation session. But then I only really observe the planets!
  7. Congratulations on the new telescope, good find! From your first light report it sounds promising. You may guess from my signature, I like slow telescopes.
  8. Congratulations on the new telescope, it looks fantastic. Look forward to reading the first light report.
  9. Right, I really need this gone! Its taking up to much precious space now! Open to offers. Any offer may be accepted. PM me your offer.
  10. This is still up for grabs, price reduced to £1000
  11. Yes I read your comments on it Phil before purchasing it.
  12. Open to offers, this lovely telescope needs to go to someone who will use it.
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