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  1. Dave1

    What did the postman bring?

    I've been a member of the Brandon club for quite some while. It's my second Brandon, my first Brandon was the 8mm flat top. Which put up the best views of the moon I have ever seen. The 8mm has done just as good on the planets. I have high expectations for the 12mm Brandon on the Planets.
  2. Dave1

    What did the postman bring?

    Well look what I went and collected from the post office today! Very excited to receive this. Brandon 12mm Flattop.
  3. Dave1

    GRS Transit 2nd June 2018

    No need to apologise. I could of explained a little better in the first place. That would of stopped the confusion.
  4. Dave1

    GRS Transit 2nd June 2018

    Yes I know we thought that... My post was more aimed at the word barge particularly. Barges are not listed at all in my Planet observers handbook by Fred Price. That would simply be called a dark concentration.. According to that book. As you've also read in Ollys thread. There's is some discrpiency as to what this can be called.
  5. Dave1

    Jupiter June 2nd into 3rd.

    The knot/barge did just come out of NED on the northern side of NEB. From what I found out about barges on Jupiter, they tend to sit in NEB but can be slightly out. Barges can be completely in, or slightly out of NEB. http://www.planetary.org/multimedia/space-images/jupiter/barge-on-jupiter.html
  6. Very nice observatory! Congratulations.
  7. Dave1

    Jup - 20180602

    Great image, the photo you took helps me to confirm what I saw and sketched last night! We must of observed at a similar time! Always good to get confirmation. I was using my Baader Zoom lastnight, as I was trying filters for the first time. The mag I was around was x150-x169. Telescoped used was my Skylight 4" F15.
  8. Dave1

    Jupiter June 2nd into 3rd.

    Jupiter was very good last night. Seeing was very good, and so was transparency. I was using my 4" F15, the knot opposite GRS in NEB, was quite pronounced at times.
  9. Dave1

    GRS Transit 2nd June 2018

    Ah until this post I did not realise the dark concentration opposite GRS in NEB was called the barge you learn something new everyday :)
  10. Dave1

    GRS Transit 2nd June 2018

    Jupiter was very good tonight, GRS looked fantastic! Loads of detail on show.
  11. Brilliant, looks like you had a great session. Loads of detail.
  12. Enjoy your new purchase, look forward to reading its first light report.
  13. Dave1

    Jupiter 27/05/2018

    Thanks for the complement Mike, My Tal filters have arrived today. So I will try some of them out next observing session, hopefully I will see even more detail :)
  14. Dave1

    Jupiter 27/05/2018

    Hi Mike I don't mind the questions at all. It helps me to learn. I used a diagonal. So I guess I've been putting North and south on the wrong sides? I have often wondered. Dave
  15. Dave1

    20,000 not out.....

    Thank you Stu for all you work here and contributions.

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