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  1. Eyepiece comparision tool

    Right obviously I didn't spot those things, and thought I'd share to try and help others...
  2. Hello, If anyone has a copy of The Planet Observer's Handbook (2nd Edition) by Fred W. Price. They want to part ways with, then I would be most grateful. Dave
  3. One tool I find really useful in comparing eyepieces and there FOV. Is this one https://astronomy.tools/calculators/field_of_view/ . It allows you to select the object you are planning to observe. You can then iselect your telescope from a drop down list. If your telescope isn't included on the drop down menu list, then you can enter the details as a custom. You can then put in the details of the eyepiece. It allows you to compare the FOV of many different eyepieces. Taking out some of the guess work. Thought I'd share.
  4. Berlebach spreader stopper

    Thanks Paul. I have the normal version.
  5. Berlebach spreader stopper

    Um how do I tell if I have a "c" version?
  6. Berlebach spreader stopper

    Yes it is a Berlebach tripod, and it is the UNI 28. I am very happy with the Tripod. Its in very good condition. I can't wait to use it.
  7. Berlebach spreader stopper

    Thanks, I'd prefer to have a try to put eye pieces and planisphere on etc.
  8. Berlebach spreader stopper

    Thanks Will order right away. And then I will post a photo on show us your Frac thread of the set up.
  9. Berlebach spreader stopper

    They phoned me up John before sending to say that it didn't come with the tray but did come with the steel spreader chain. But its turned up without the spreader chain. I have left them a message. All I need to know is what size tray the UNI 28 tripod would have come with from the factory, so that I can order one with the spreader stopper. Dave
  10. Berlebach spreader stopper

    Sorry to drag up an old thread. I've just taken delivery of my Berlebach Uni 28 tripod. I bought it secondhand. It does not have a tray with it. I'm going to order one of the above mentioned spreaders, and I need to order a tray for it. What size tray does the UNI 28 come with? Does it come with a 27cm x 27cm x 27 cm? Or 37cm x 37cm x 37cm? Dave
  11. The big reveal

    No problem Ricochet, I always appreciated it when someone is trying to be helpful.
  12. Refractor choice?

    Yes John that's the one, thanks. Found the article I read about them and indeed Henry Wildey and David Hinds supplied the optics. http://brayebrookobservatory.org/BrayObsWebSite/HOMEPAGE/forum/So Called Telescope Makers.html
  13. The big reveal

    Well guys at the moment I am going through the process of giving my Skylight 60mm first light. So far so good. Checking out usual targets, I usually view. To see how it stacks up against my other telescopes. I am quite impressed the stars are pin point. I am mainly using the Plossl that came at part of the package with my Towa. My Towa has a 1.25" adapter. The Plossl are not good quality, they are simply ok. They are 10mm and 20mm. Whilst looking at Polaris, I could see the companion star just. I also looked to Albireo in swan constellation which was very easy to see. I've also looked at Vega. And a few other stars. All good so far. The EQ5 tripod, EQ 3-2 mount, is a good combination for this telescope. Can only get better with the Berlebach. Dave
  14. Refractor choice?

    Thanks, yes the 70's era Fullerscopes were suppose to be the better scopes. Because Ernie Elliot retired in 1980. I have managed to find out some info on the 4 " F15 deluxe refractor, it is suppose to be a good telescope by all accounts, and had I think Wigley lenses? Or some lenses back in that time period with a well known name beginning with W. Dave