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  1. The OTA weight, which includes the telescope rings, mounting plate, and handle. Weights 4.5kg.
  2. Hi will get back to you with the weight as soon as possible.
  3. Glad you all had a good session. I was gutted when I went out later on to see it so clear. The humidity was fairly low, and the jet stream speed was also low. Apart from the wind it should of been a very good session. Dave
  4. The weather is really still very windy, and the sky is still cloudy. So I wont be attending unfortunately. As the wind will wreak havoc.
  5. Open to sensible offer. PM me, you may be surprised!
  6. Thanks for the directions Ade, been there many times. See you then. If I can't make it I'll let you know.
  7. Yes I'd be up for it, just need to see if I can borrow a car! If I can I will definably be there. Badbury rings? I'll bring my Skylight 4" F15. Dave
  8. Hopefully it will be clear in a couple of days. That would be a test of my observing skills
  9. Your explanation matches what I saw last night as well John, the photo from Stub Mandrel is pretty realistic to what I saw last night at the eyepiece.
  10. @chiltonstar, because of the lay of the land here, and were the planets are currently in there orbits, I have to wait for Mars to be placed in a certain place in the Sky, so I view both Saturn and Mars in the same area of sky, I just have view Mars later in the night. Which is an advantage as Mars is higher in the Sky, the approach to due south and after it has gone south. Dave
  11. Ah yes, well this is my first serious season of planetary observation. It took me awhile to get all my kit together, and this is the first planet season where I've more or less got out every chance I can get. Regular practice is definitely helping me. Mars showed me some decent Albedo last night above the south polar cap. Should of Sketched it, I later checked what I saw on Mars via SkySafari, matched up pretty well.
  12. Most unfortunate, just have to keep your chin up! Until the last two observing sessions I was starting to become slightly annoyed as the transparency and boiling was terrible down here, the planets were a dancing mess. Dave
  13. That would be a brilliant idea John, always wanted to look through a Tak100DL.
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