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  1. My current set-up

    Well today I made this modification to my Sabre 2 mount. I've added an azimuth scale, to help me get around the night sky for when I try to find tricky targets.
  2. My current set-up

    Unfortunately last night the sky clouded over. I did manage to get the odd glimpse through my telescopes at stars. I haven't used the 120mm refractor for sometime. I was surprised by how many stars this aperture reveals. I managed very briefly to try my new Edmund Optics 15mm RKE in my refractor. I was impressed with what I saw, the real telling will be on planets. As the sessions went on the cloud got worse. I only viewed very little with the Mak. To behonest I am wondered whether I want to keep the Mak, as I can see it is not quite as good on stars, which is to be expected. I'm in two minds whether to send it back or to get out at the next opportunity and try it on Saturn side by side and compare it to my 120mm refractor. The Mak is really a planetary scope when all is said and done. The mount still has an ever so small amount of stiction on the azimuth axis, which courses me to over shoot, when trying to gently adjust the mount because of the earths rotation and the celestial sphere appearing to move. The altitude axis is silky smooth and very impressive, and easy to use. I might look at adding some more weight to the refractor end of the set up, in an attempt to rid the mount of stiction. Dave
  3. My current set-up

    Well if I gave the donkey a name it would have to be Eeyore, inspired after Winnie the Pooh books and T.V. cartoons, obviously
  4. Hi everyone here is current set-up. Ready and waiting for the clear skies tonight. Put it outside already so that the Mak can cool down. The Altair seems quite smooth in this set-up. Like I've read and been told it is critical with Alt Az mount that you get your tripod exactly level and perfectly balance both the azimuth and altitude axis's. Looking forward to giving everyone an update on how this set-up performs. Now to get used to nudging the mount or telescopes carefully to move around the night sky. I will be printing off a azimuth setting circle and buying a wixy to help me around the night sky whilst looking for tricky targets.
  5. Hello everyone, just an update, I've tried my 120mm refractor tonight with my Skymax 180 pro, and all is well. There is now no sign of stiction at all or any vibrations. Infact both the altitude and azimuth have been improved. Both are now silky smooth and like butter, I'm very impressed. Dave
  6. The Alt balance is spot on for both telescopes. The lighter telescope of 3.5kg is on the longer end. The only thing left is even the weight difference on the az difference is too much, or the bearing is dry. Yes I've also read about the balance being critical. I have a 5" refractor I can try as well, to rule out the weight difference. Dave
  7. Cheers John, I thought it might be a dry bearing. Just wanted confirmation. Sent an email to Altair Astro last night. Tried to phone them today, they are away at Kelling Heath. Hopefully they will offer to sort it, or can advise me how to do it. Great build quality on it though. Very happy.
  8. Old thread revival. I've recently taken delivery of my Altair Sabre 2 mount. When I start to move the mount from standstill, in the azimuth axis, there is a sound and also vibrations, but when it gets moving it is buttery smooth. My telescopes weight 7.8kg and 3.5kg. This is really not going to be helpful when trying to do fine adjustments. Is this stiction? Or is there something else wrong? Like the bearing might need lubricating? Dave
  9. Dew Shields?

    Thanks for the suggestion guys. I sort of made a home made dew shield from a camping mat. Not a very good one mind, its not round. I have tried to make it round using tape in strategic places. Worried about vignetting. Will see what happens. If I buy an electronic dew shield it will be one of the Astrozap, where it has the electronic heater built in, so that if I do need to use electricity the option is there. It works out better than buying both separately. I managed searching online to find the maths I needed to figure out what battery I would need. I'll probably get Li-ion Battery 12v, 7 amps. With a Dew Buster Controller. Hopefully this wont be needed thought. Dave
  10. Dew Shields?

    Hello everyone, I need to get a dew shield for my Skywatcher Skymax 180. From what I've read here, its advisable to get a dew heater strip, or I was thinking of the Astrozap Flexi-Heat Dew Shield. I really up until now have kept away from any thing that is electric. I don't use a phone, computer, or any battery device when I observe. I like to keep it clutter free, and use planisphere and star charts. So I don't know the math to figure this out. What is the smallest 12v battery I can use to power a dew heater strip ( smallest amount of amps )? Dave
  11. which planet killer?

    Thanks Stu, yes plan to get a dew shield for it. Waiting for a Vixen type dovetail to arrive, and then I will try my 60mm telescope as a counter weight, the 60mm weights 3.5kg.
  12. which planet killer?

    Well here's my new planet killer, The Skywatcher Skymax 180 Pro, surprisingly it came with a 9mm and 20 mm LET eyepieces. On my new to me Sabre 2 mount.
  13. Dawn Planets Line up

    Sounds brilliant Kerry. I'm going to get up tomorrow early to try and capture this view. Dave
  14. Which eyepiece do you REALLY use most?

    My most used eyepiece is my 12.5mm Circle T Orthoscopic, followed by either the 25mm Circle T Kellner and 20mm generic Plossl. Dave
  15. Ioptron Mini tower 2.

    Hi Gavin, Yes it was me, that responded to your advert. I have decided that for now, that a goto mount isn't the way to go for me. Because I am a visual observer, and because of the weight and length of some of my OTA's. So I have bought an Altair Astro Sabre 2. Dave