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  1. Your picture reproduces what I was looking at few minutes ago. Well done. I took my daughter 14y to see her first comet naked eye with tail. Not every day you put together the words comet, Naked eye and tail in the same sentence.
  2. I didn't wake up my children. The light dawn doesn't allow me me to call it spectacular. They would not enjoy it as much as I did.
  3. Just catch it on my 8x40. 3h30am naked eye. Direct views. Tail noticeable. Once located with binoculars is quite obvious with naked eye. 3h31 Great tail. ~40 ' that is a bit bigger than a full moon. Quite broad.arc-shaped West Side, straight slightly fainter east side- 8x40 mag. 1.7 3h44am averted vision. Started to be consumed by background dawn light. A beauty!
  4. Next time put the audio from the launch pad. Not studio. Much nicer.
  5. Lovely eyepiece. It works well on my 12" Dob.
  6. Also, it is easy to print a pdf. Pluto here I go.
  7. Thanks Waddenshy, Cartes du ciel did the trick! I have downloaded the GAIA 2 mag 18.
  8. There is a live on youtube tomorrow 8h30 AM BST from Astroneos, Brazil. The same group who have discovered some comets and asteroids recently. Comet Jaques, 2019 OK and others. Latest reports Magnitude 5.1. Coma 10". https://youtu.be/8-xlAL7uKno Today's live is still happening. Brazilian portuguese though. But everybody speaks astronomy.
  9. side by side you can see the gaps.
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