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  1. Beautiful view! Five moons from two planets. I loved to see the scale of the jovian system compared to the moon. I used a 3" refractor + 28mm 68 Maxvision.
  2. I hope your Dob has got a valid driving licence.
  3. Piero I have got a truss dob. I tend to keep the truss attached to the secondary cage. And the mirror cage properly closed and secured. Both go on the back sit wearing seat belts. The other accessories go in the boot.
  4. Hi Jim How quickly you want to have it? I am embarking on an "ortho eyepieces only for my dob" journey and the 24mm 82 may have to go. I just got a 25mm ortho from Dave. Please hold on if you are not in a hurry and I will let you not if I it is time to say goodbye. Just want to do some tests between the 24mm 82, 25mm ortho and 28mm 68 Maxvision. Regards
  5. Thanks Stu, now I know why I could not find the reply on my inbox.
  6. Hi I want it. I will pm you in my lunch time. Cheers
  7. Joke Stu, I dont think it is possible.
  8. Nice collection. I will keep my eyes opennfor a 7mm. I had a 4mm but let it go. Hardly used and not so comfortable when used. If your about an available 25mm please give me a shout. Regards
  9. Some people would say that real dark skies are SQM >22. In absence of any measuring equipment, I say when "there are too many stars. Nice to read your report.
  10. jaw dropping image. thanks for sharing.
  11. No worries. I have updated the barrel size to make it easier for fellow astronomers.
  12. Hi Peter, Would you mind explaining what is that? Regards
  13. 12" mirror cell added.
  14. "Be the father your ideas deserve." Me