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  1. An excellent find Michael. Adding them to the BAA database could be very valuable. Dave
  2. Thank you all for your very nice comments. Roger has been my BAA mentor and I owe him many thanks for the guidance he has given me. Early on he introduced me to the HADS project run by Patrick Wils. I subsequently met Patrick at the AAVSO/BAA meeting in 2018 and have enjoyed participating ever since. Dave
  3. I have no excuse as this isn't the first time! Dave
  4. HADS star V417 Bootes. The large gap in readings was due to a technical error. i.e. I hadn't realised that the star was going to get so high in the sky and so the scope was gradually being covered by the dome roof. I interpreted the gradual fading of the stars as cloud but when I went out to shut down realised it was still perfectly clear. When I moved the dome back all was then fine so I started again - Duh !!! We live and learn. Dave
  5. No record, just keeping myself occupied during this crisis. I cannot go out for anything else. If the sky is clear then why not?!! The lumps and bumps are due to to it being multi-periodic. If you add two (or more) regular curves of different frequencies together you can get shapes like this. By the way, did you attend the BAAVSS - AAVSO meeting in 2018 and sit in the middle of the second row in the group photo, then you are next to me with Jeremy on my other side? Dave
  6. Another clear night and so another HADS star Dave
  7. Two clear nights - two more HADS stars. Dave
  8. It's worse than that really. Having opened the dome in the right direction, I control everything from indoors in the warm. While it is imaging I can be eating a meal, watching TV or having a whisky !! It can go wrong as it did last week, one of the two wasted nights, when I fell asleep for two hours to find that the scope must have hit the mount and had done its own meridian flip. I didn't realise it could do that!! Dave
  9. This is one I like as it is quite close to Polaris and so I don't have to worry about moving the dome or to lift it on to the POD table. Dave
  10. At last I have managed a long session on this star without any saturation. This one seems much more symmetrical than normal HADS stars (steep rise and slower decline) Dave
  11. Good work Graeme. Any idea why the second one is more noisy even though it is brighter? Dave
  12. Thanks Graeme. See my response to Whirlwind. At least some good news, Patrick has been able to extract a period from the results which fits in with the previous pattern. Dave
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