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  1. Is it confirmed? I read a magnitude of 11 on rochesterastronomy.org. So now there are two SNs in the Virgo/Leo vicinity with magnitudes of around 11-12! Just need the clouds to part..
  2. Welcome! Great images, really like the widefield with Barnard’s Loop clearly visible. Keep them coming and enjoy.
  3. That's a brilliant suggestion Martin, couldn't have asked for anything better really. Thanks for posting!
  4. John, do you have a favourite source for reading up on objects? Wikipedia is a treasure trove but I was just thinking if you had something specialised.
  5. Welcome Tom, look forward to seeing some of your imaging work if you feel like sharing.
  6. It is really fun to read about how people get a sense of wonder and excitement when engaging in our common hobby. Does make me appreciate how special the experience can be and encourages going back to an object to reflect on what we are actually seeing. Oddly enough, and perhaps fortunately considering the limitations of visual astronomy, the less striking objects are often those that have stuck with me the most. I recall vividly the profound feeling of space and time when seeing a few photons from a distant quasar. Objectively speaking not much to look at, only a flicker of light when using indirect vision, but the realization that light emitted billions of years ago from the accretion disk of a black hole was destined to be absorbed by my retina in a different part of the universe almost made me fall off my observing chair. The feeling of getting a glimpse of a vast reality beyond the limited point of view that we usually have. It can be like a spiritual experience, and that feeling doesn't come around all that often.
  7. davhei

    Hello fron Canada

    Welcome Derek. Enjoy your re-discovered hobby!
  8. I'll give the Pan 27 a go since one came up for sale. Be interesting to compare the 24 and 27 and decide which one stays. Cheers
  9. Thanks! Do you know the differences between the Vixen and the 22 mm T4 Nagler? I would assume there would be similarities and the Naglers are always held in high regard. Do the Nagler need coma corrector to get sharpness across the full field while the Vixen albeit with a smaller tfov has sharp stars almost to the edge?
  10. Welcome to the lounge neighbour! Let’s hope for some clear nights ahead, way too much cloud these past months.
  11. Would make me look a proper pro wouldn’t it. Some boffin playing with binoculars and setting everything on fire.
  12. Could I hope to see anything by projecting on a piece of paper or cardboard through 8x42 binos without filters? And importantly, could I damage the binos by doing so? Wouldn’t want to crack a lens or soften up interior cementing or the like.
  13. Thanks! The tfov will be pretty close to my limit where I start to get lost when starhopping though. Will have to try and see how narrow a field I would be ok with. Given that this would be my higest focal length EP I would like a bit larger field of view.
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