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  1. davhei


    Welcome! Enjoy the journey ahead. Clear skies
  2. You inspired me that’s for sure, brilliant sketch. More so as you describe it as quickly drawn. I have sketched a few deep sky objects but never lunars. Think I will give it a go next time I’m observing. Well done!
  3. davhei

    hi everyone

    Welcome Dave! I started with binocular stargazing from a reclining lawn chair before venturing into telescopic viewing. Nice way to move forward. Clear skies
  4. Welcome Theodor! Clear skies to you.
  5. davhei


    Had a great session yesterday observing features from the Lunar 100 from my home. Light pollution from the surburban setting and nearby street lamps didn’t make a difference for lunar observation but made deep sky difficult. Nevertheless I finished the evening with the Beehive cluster (M44) and M67. M67 is one of the older open clusters in our galaxy and contain many stars similar to the sun. It looked pretty faint with the light pollution but was a fun target to sketch. Possibly the last sketch for this season as we are moving into the nordic white nights here. Have a nice summer!
  6. Well done! Keep it up and make sure you share the results with the rest of us. Kind regards from your swedish neighbour
  7. Thank you for the kind words, I really appreciate them!
  8. davhei


    Welcome Pete! Greetings from Sweden.
  9. Sweeping slowly down through Virgo and Coma Berenices at low to medium magnifications should reveal a bounty of galaxies even if you just move around aimlessly. The globular cluster M3 in Canes Venatici is a favourite in higher magnifications, would definitely try to go for that one. Personally I cannot recommend a good deep sky atlas highly enough when it comes to locating objects with an unpowered scope. I use Interstellarum myself and am very pleased. I’d go so far as to say I would be more or less lost without it.
  10. Thank you neighbour. Hand warming heat pads have saved my night more than once!
  11. davhei


    Looks very nice, like it a lot!
  12. Small world! From an astronomy point of view I’m lucky to be on the east coast as the west coast is notorious for its weather! ?
  13. Thanks. I wondered if I overdid the faintness but like you said I think it gives a decent impression of how dim they seem at the EP.
  14. Figured a quick introduction would be in order. Have been interested in the night sky ever since childhood. Especially remember when I was maybe seven years old and popular astronomy photo books of the solar system and the deep sky were lying around at home that had images of the horsehead, M42 and other deep sky objects. Really caught my imagination. Actually remember contemplating a Hertzsprung-Russell diagram at that age, very thought provoking. Another major influence in my early teens was the Elite series of computer games if you can believe it. The second instalment Frontier in particular. It modeled an entire galaxy including a large number of actual star systems. Made it possible to ”visit” various classes of stars, binary systems, gas giants and more. The seamless integration of the macro structure of the star systems and the detail down to clocks in church towers showing correct time blew my mind and further increased my interest in astronomy. Didn’t actually start observing properly until a few years ago when I took a lawn chair, a star atlas and binoculars and started stargazing over the course of a year or two. Moving through the seasonal skies and ticking off Messiers, managed to spot around 40, was inspiring and thanks to a local astronomy club I also got the chance to look through a few scopes. Eventually got my own scope after a lot of consideration. Settled on a 10” dob to maximize aperture while retaining portability and keeping my threshold to go out low. Unpowered, as I realized I enjoyed the chase and learning the night sky from my binocular stargazing. Also got a handful of good EPs and a detailed deep sky atlas to help in finding targets. So that’s the start of my journey. Have been trying to make the most of the few clear and cold nights here in the Stockholm area of Sweden where I do my observing. Also found that sketching objects was quite rewarding so I will try to do that occasionally and hopefully get better both at observing and capturing the views on paper. SGL has been a real inspiration and I appreciate the helpful and friendly atmosphere and also find that the similarities between UK and swedish observing conditions help to get reasonable expectations when I get inspired to view new targets. Look forward to learning more and perhaps contributing every now and then. Clear skies!
  15. Last evening had me out looking at globulars and I got the chance to look through a large dob at the Needle Galaxy. Amazing sight with the dust lane clearly visible. Really stunning. Turned my own 10” dob on the galaxy and took out the pad and pencils. Not as bright and detailed of course but the shape was clear and a hint of dust lane could still be seen.
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