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  1. DavidJM

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    Welcome to SGL
  2. Thanks, the Dob is my issue really, I'm just not using it, have seriously thought about selling the dob and 100P and getting something like a 71/80ED; the AZ5 works well with the MAK127, using a telrad helps with the small fov and it really is pretty smooth to adjust with no shake; if I did get the small frac it may lead to upgrading to the C6 and selling the Mak127!
  3. Now then you're adding a new dimension....change them both........C6 or a Frac?
  4. OK, I have three scopes, Skymax127, Dob200P and a small heritage 100P, but I'm finding the Skymax127 is getting the use, I struggle with the Dob200P to move about and store easily, the 100P not really in the discussion as I tend to take on business trips with me My question really is what am I losing if I drop the 200P and focus my attention and cash going forward on the 127, I'm fairly fair weather nowadays, work and life takes up too much of my time so it's back yard observing with occasional dark site trips where the Dob is not getting transported at all I have dew heaters, A
  5. Great minds think alike, just looked and have sent email to verify stock, cheers
  6. Yes that's it, now need to find a supplier ☺ thank you!
  7. Looking for help The circle sticker over the lamp is damaged so I do not get clear circles Can the sticker be purchased anywhere or is my Telrad heading to astronomical heaven (aka dustbin)
  8. I'm using version 6 and you can set up as chefgage says, most important thing is show even if not connected to a telescope button
  9. Skies are great around lake area, haven't stayed at the campsite though
  10. All you folks in Cornwall please join the Devon & Cornwall group, it's a bit quiet and needs a bit of livening up
  11. Welcome to SGL from Newquay
  12. Welcome to SGL and from Newquay
  13. Bit south for me, keep meaning to go to a kernow Astronomers meet as really local, also believe there's a good group who meet near helston
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