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  1. Starguider 12mm or Xcel LX 12mm ?

    Starguider for me, not enough difference to warrant paying more
  2. Skysafari q?

    As Stu says, move around screen and it's zenith, don't touch the screen and change the time then it's Polaris, you can't move the sky by hand, you have to wait for time to pass
  3. Hi John, that viewing chair is awesome, I'm assuming this is a stock photo, but do you know if it was purpose built or commercially available
  4. The Beginning

    So I started staring at the sky many years ago, I lived in the Black Country (no not Birmingham but if you don't know where it is I'll live with it's close) where the night sky is frankly a permanent orange glow. I was fortunate to move to Cornwall a few years back and........wow, a whole new world came to life so I decided to buy my first telescope last January, a Heritage 100P; why that model I here you ask? Well firstly I lose interest, I have the attention span of a goldfish, I knew I would need something I could grab at a moment's notice and after 9 months I can say that box is ticked, for a newbie this scope is perfect! I also need to point out that I have the finances of a Neanderthal cavemen before the conception of money......but then with huge good fortune a 200P drops in my lap for less than a couple of mid range eyepieces.......I am in heaven not just looking for it! Skip a few months and here I am, owner of two telescopes, a starting collection in equipment, a library of books, numerous software programs and passion for darkness and being outside just staring. I know some constellations, I've seen Jupiter and Saturn, some clusters and scarily a 747 (that was a shock!), oh and yes that small circulating satellite the Moon. I hope to regularly update on my journey whether I find a new planet or nothing because I can't see through the mizzle (look that up, wasn't in my dictionary either until I moved here
  5. Finderscope update

    I did the same, so much easier not being on my knees!
  6. How do I edit my account profile?

    Account setting and then signature, remember to save
  7. Crème de la crème.

    Great post! This is quite easy for me as my journey only started last winter and each session is a wow experience, but that first was the Pleiades with a 10x50 scope, having then purchased my first telescope early this year seeing Jupiter and Saturn is simply breathtaking, to see such sights so far away is still slightly surreal to me and amazing
  8. Recommendations...

    Sorry not a sct person but generally I've focussed heavily on cygnus, some great clusters and albireo is a great double to split
  9. Recommendations...

    Hi, what are you observing with?
  10. SkySafari 5+ Price drop

    I have the plus version and it can be downloaded to a sd card
  11. First filter to buy

    Great, with you & John's recommendations, now on my wants list
  12. First filter to buy

    Hi John, I'm purely visual too and although I live in Cornwall I'm blighted by a streetlight for quick sessions but in terms of suburbs it's still good, so bearing in mind I'm not far from pretty good dark skies and I wish to view some nebulae would you suggest the Astronomik O-III? Also fund restricted
  13. If low budget would definitively go for BST's, maybe 8mm and somewhere between that and what you have, a barlow will extend your magnifications but will also depend on what you prefer viewing
  14. will I see these nebula?

    I clearly need a filter to consider nebulae, great pics
  15. will I see these nebula?

    Actually that's a really cool analogy and makes sense, street lights are my pain but I'm lucky enough to be 20 mins from the moors