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  1. Great report and glad to hear it’s not just me that ended with frozen toys!
  2. Hi Jason, I'll take the £20 philips pocket bundle if still available, let me know how to pay, cheers
  3. Hi How did you get on with moving, did you make it to Newquay
  4. Looking for advice What is the difference between a focal extender and a barlow? Looking at a televue 2x barlow and a es 2x focal extender Thanks
  5. Love these eyepieces for the price, anyone on a tight budget will not find any better in my opinion, they have given many happy hours of viewing
  6. Great pics and welcome to SGL from Cornwall too ☺
  7. Thanks! I forgot to mention we had our Bichon Frise as well....easily confused with the sheep?
  8. You can't say enough good things about this little gem
  9. Bought the AZ5 skywatcher mount recently as an alternative to the goto mount for my Skymax 127. It was purchased with the standard tripod and supplied by Rother Valley Optics. Quick supplier comments, I use quite regularly and can't fault, great communication and fast delivery, highly recommend The mount is well packaged supplied in cardboard outer and encapsulated in shaped foam which I'll continue to use (however I've had to modify as the mount can be adjusted for longer refractors or reflectors/ SCT's and the foam is moulded to the lower position) First point, the mount is heavy, solidly built and looks well engineered, it is supplied with two extended axis drive cables although I feel the fitted slow motion knobs will do just fine for me. Fitting to the tripod is a simple turn pin, very easy, first impression of tripod is it's a bit more flimsy than the mount. Legs are extended buy turning upper section which even when I believed tightened fully I was able to adjust height by accident, tripod may be replaced at some point! Dovetail fitting for scopes so easy to fit, had no problem clasping my 127 Mak, states payload of 5kg maximum, would feel that perfect for my Mak but wouldn't push it too far beyond certainly not on this tripod So on to using, feels very smooth in both axis, clutches easily adjusted and when locked the slow motion control is very good, I did have to slightly adjust horizontal due to mild backlash though, when adjusting scope finder I did get some scope shake which settled after a few seconds, another pointer to changing the tripod! In summary the AZ5 is a very good mount at its price and I would recommend certainly with a 127Mak, the tripod not so good although instructions supplied state that there is a heavy duty version available
  10. Perhaps the open outlook to the east Ensures the leaded panes catch every ray And part explains why on the dullest day My eye is drawn up to the colour feast, After a rubbish couple of months, finally a holiday........a week in the Yorkshire Dales, only a 7.5 hour drive from Kernow but worth it! A little cottage east of Hawes, nothing but sheep and pheasants and yes dark skies. Great food in small pubs with the friendly locals, Abbey ruins visited and gloriously recommended to sooth the soul and switch off the rat race (Easby Abbey nr. Richmond, Jarvaulx Abbey nr. Ripon), honestly THE best chips from The Chippie in Hawes and of course beautiful scenery! With not much room in the car (have to take the family not just the scopes?) I only packed the Heritage 100P and my BST eyepieces, opposite to my home viewing where I can only see the southern sky, here it was the West and North, typically for me the cottage had the only street light for at least 100 miles to the south.....still new things to spend time on........ So two clear nights.....once I got over the nervousness of total dark away from civilisation and wild animal noises I've never heard before....out with the little dob Auriga....the 3 open clusters, M36/37/38, even with a waxing moon, still was able to pull these out, have to say that the 12mm BST is turning out to be a particular favourite, reckon I could make out about a dozen of the brightest stars in the pinwheel cluster. Stars Capella and El Nath (start the Taurus debate here...) a lovely distraction....now if I hadn't taken the wife and son would I have seen the famous nebulae with my 8" Dob? On to Cassiopeia....and after the owl cluster.....and what a revelation. The first time viewing and frankly spent far too long staring at this beauty....actually think I could see it in my sleep that night! The whole constellation was a wonder confirming I need to be less lazy and get my scopes to local dark skies more often......just don't let work life get in the way Spent a fair bit of time viewing the moon, decent views with 5mm BST, and just staring up with my eyes at a dazzling dark sky full with stars. All in all a wonderful week, great days out, dark and clear skies at night, great food (and drink), if you get the chance, pack away some clean undies and a scope and head to the Yorkshire Dales (If you're interested...opening lines are from a poem called east window by Alan Hartley relating to a stained glass window in Leyburn)
  11. Welcome to SGL, I'm in the South West?
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