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  1. Starguider 8-24mm budget zoom eyepiece

    Well spotted eagle eyed Geoff! It's starguider not skywatcher, scopes and eyepieces mixed up
  2. Starguider 8-24mm budget zoom eyepiece

    Bought this zoom eyepiece (8-24mm Skywatcher from Skys the Limit) to go with my Heritage 100P for short back garden stints with no hassle of changing eyepieces. Initial thoughts after a couple of sessions is that for that grab and go quick moment this is a decent combination, the zoom on mine is fine, not stiff at all would actually say quite smooth, don't think the refocusing is an issue compared to changing eyepieces, views at 8mm and above satisfactory but I don't own a swathe of eyepieces at the moment so only the MA's supplied with the scope to compare and the zoom is an improvement on these. Still plan to invest though in separate eyepieces for my 8" Packaging and labeling on mine matches comments already made so agree that it's likely a GSO generic used my numerous manufacturers (Skywatcher is on the side of the eyepiece) Summary - not bad at the price for those quick grab and go sessions and happy to have in my eyepiece portfolio
  3. Newquay and Surrounding Area

    I hadn't noticed the obvious location error, surprised a member hasn't picked that up, going to look at the 2nd Sept meet, it's at a local campsite, as you I've never understood so many meet in the week yet want more members
  4. Newquay and Surrounding Area

    I could walk to where Kernow Astonomers meet but its usually in the week I think when I'm away, have heard they have nights at carewas at weekends sometimes, anyone been to one?
  5. Newquay and Surrounding Area

    Hi, I follow their fb page but haven't visited yet, need a combination of meet date, clear skies and not working, have you been?
  6. Hi all I'm quite new to astronomy and also find that most astronomy clubs meet during the week when I'm typically away for work. So I thought I would start a thread for anyone wanting to chat about their experiences in Cornwall, anyone wanting to help newbies out like me, offer observation lists, recommendations for observing sites etc. With a focus on this wonderful county I call home. Would love to hear from anyone like me who may not have got to the stage of joining a club but has a buzz for the hobby and wants to share their experiences After what seems like weeks of cloudy skies I managed to find M29 in Cygnus last night with my Heritage 100P, rather pleased!
  7. Astronomy clubs near Truro

    Hi There, how did the move go and did you join a local club?
  8. Great thanks, I've downloaded and it makes more sense now, just need a clear sky to go out and practice more, have really caught the bug for this and got my first view of Saturn last night between the clouds
  9. Thanks for information, I'm using stellarium at the moment but will have a look as CdC looks more in tune with my atlas
  10. Thanks, the pictures succinctly explained my query, the issue I think is getting the FOV right for my eyepiece, used my scope in the day now to make sure I've got used to the orientation which should help! I have night sky as an IOS app and also started using stellarium to plan what I want to see but liked the idea of an atlas for when I'm actually under the stars
  11. Some help required! I struggle with what I see with my eyes, what I see with binoculars and what I see in my eyepiece, take away the upside down etc. in my reflector and I'll explain further. I have S&T pocket atlas, say I set Arcturus in the centre of my eyepiece (15mm Meade 4000, my 25mm is an MA and the difference in quality is massive, need to get a new 25mm), how do I match the view in the eyepiece to the view on my atlas, I've tried setting Spica in the centre of my eyepiece, timing how long Spica gets to the edge of my view and dividing the time in seconds by 120 (2.6) and I've taken the magnification and divided by the apparent field of view of the eyepiece (1.95), so even if I take a good average and say 2.0 degrees I don't see the same thing in eyepiece as Atlas (daft it might sound but Arcturus looks huge in the atlas and tiny in the eyepiece, I know magnification etc. represented in Atlas but it still looks wrong). Help greatly appreciated as I look with eyes and can follow the constellations, I can follow with Binoculars but once I use eyepiece the number of stars visible vastly increases and I get confused moving around, hope I've explained the problem!
  12. Thanks folks great advice and lots to consider, think there are plenty of options and all really will come down to my own experience and use of the equipment, there are certainly lots to consider and already I can see that there is no right or wrong within reason, key is to plan ahead for the bigger scope when looking to add or update eyepieces considering my budget; think I'll look to upgrade the 10mm earlier and probably leave other eyepieces to when I go for a bigger scope, cheers guys
  13. Thanks, seems to be making sense to consider the Starguiders with a view towards a good starting ep for both 100P and when I invest in a 200P, not overly comfortable in buying used, don't know enough yet as what to look out for, cheers again
  14. So bearing in mind I'm likely to go for a skywatcher 200p dob in about 18mths and will carry on using my 100P as it's so portable, would it be better to go for a BST for use in both (they are about as good as my budget/ wife will stretch too!), thinking 8mm BST to replace the 10mm MA skywatcher, seen that the BST's seem to get good reviews considering the price, great comments and thanks