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  1. DavidJM

    Any-one got any clear skies (UK) Sunday 6th?

    I'm starting to believe that clear skies do not exist anymore in Cornwall
  2. DavidJM

    RACI finderscope

    Hi, my finderscope has image right way up and if viewed through in daylight reads text correct way, 9x50
  3. DavidJM

    How Did You Fare In 2018?

    A terrible year, too much working away and too much cloud cover, broken by a working trip to Australia where I saw the southern hemisphere night sky, managed about 30 sessions, here's to clear skies in 2019
  4. DavidJM

    New to the sky

    Hi there, what's your set up issue, assuming this is the celestron 114mm reflector?
  5. DavidJM

    Club Invitations.

    Thanks John, I live in Newquay, have to say weather has been dismal for what seems an eternity, when there has been a break in cloud we've been hit with sea mist! Hoping for clear skies and hello to everyone in the new club
  6. DavidJM

    First session in 84 days

    Glad your back, I work away a lot and find it's cloudy when I'm home and beautifully clear when away so get frustrated and can go weeks without viewing; always amazing though when you do go back out
  7. Heard that a maksutov might be better at doubles with no spider, 100 is great for portability so torn on decision tbh, are there other benefits for a maksutov over a reflector?
  8. Have the opportunity to pick up a skywatcher 127 matsukov for less than £200, with the gear I already have, is it worth it?
  9. Backing up what others say Align the finder scope in daylight Get decent software to help learn the skies, stellarium is good Turn left at orion is a great book Use your eyes at night and get to know the stars you can see, will really help in star hopping, but remember that what you see in the scope will be orientated differently to what you see with your eyes You do not have the Hubble telescope, do not expect book like images Prepare for clouds and frustration, so many times I have planned a session and seen nothing Don't rush out and spend, enjoy and learn the equipment you have first Finally.........welcome to the most maddening, frustrating yet beautiful, wonderful hobby there is, enjoy it
  10. Please please give me a clear sky, so want a good view of this shower
  11. DavidJM

    The winter Albireo.

    Really good post Nick, will be going out to look for "both" winter Albireo's!
  12. Thanks everybody, sounds like a sensible start would be a dew shield and hopefully that solves any problem, cost effective too
  13. DavidJM

    Mob views in Skye

    Great report and pics!
  14. Will do but please bear in mind a) we haven't had a decent clear sky here for what seems months and I'm not into photography. There is a big difference in scopes though and you also have to factor in other points such as light pollution, usage etc.

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