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  1. Recently had some bad personal news so did what I usually do in these circumstances.....I bought a new scope To be precise a Synscan 127mm Maksutov from Rother Valley Optics (no planned advert but have to say great service) At last clear skies tonight so set up my new scope, used 2 star alignment, Regulas and Sirius as my garden is only any good towards the south (street lights everywhere else), really simple, five minutes and up and running. Quick tour using handset for messiers and whipped through M46, M47, M48 and M50, followed by the Christmas tree cluster and the beehive With 25mm and 15mm eyepieces I have to say the Mak was a revelation, great views and a fun evening Looking forward to some great nights with this little treasure
  2. Birthday not far off so having invested in a synscan 127 Mak, this is going on my pressie list☺
  3. Great design and website too, shows what can be done with determination and imagination; once I'm out of the illuminated housing estate I'll love to do a project like this
  4. Great advice, tbh I do tend to look at second hand, that's how I got my 200P, 2/3 price seems to be the recommendation, have to say I'm a bit of a squirrel and tend to struggle to let go of things☺
  5. Really good website which I hadn't seen before so thanks ☺, now added to my bookmarks
  6. Chances of a clear sky here.......0%.......chances of partaking in alcohol consumption.....100%
  7. Hi Ben, that's a really good point, I don't use the SW standard eyepieces I had with my scope, hadn't considered that a 10mm and an 8mm would give more options
  8. Thanks for the spreadsheet too, really highlights eyepieces for scopes rather than just generic
  9. Hi Ian I have specs for reading but don't use with scopes (at the moment), the Nirvana's certainly seem to be getting good responses, will likely go for the 16mm to replace the Meade, that will likely spur more purchase ideas knowing me
  10. Heritage 130P or Heritage 100P or MAK 102/127 depends on budget Some fairly good reviews out there but when I started with a very small budget, under £150, I found it really difficult; everyone goes on about bigger the better for light etc. which is great but if you want to start out, go past binos, but really have little to spend at first it's really daunting, love my 100P but to be honest if I had known more I would have gone for the 130P, some good true comparisons of what you would see across different options would also help, plus size, ease of set up, transport etc. take away the astronomy expert and aim at know nothing but enthusiastic; also what you get with scope in terms of eyepieces/ finders - too often reviewers go for "you'll need to upgrade the eyepieces to get the best out of" all good and true but if I can't stretch past £150 and everyone says you'll need to replace and spend more then someone just thinking of starting out may just pass when in reality you can drive the passion for the hobby with what you get in the box to start out
  11. Thanks for the spreadsheet, hadn't thought of Stellarium
  12. 16mm sounds good, would the 4mm be a stretch on magnification with my scopes?
  13. Dilemna time...... I've realised that I'm not a fan of barlows, I'm also not loaded with cash. I love my two BST's 8mm and 25mm, I'm not so keen on my 15mm meade. I've recently expanded my scope collection due to some inheritance with a 127 Mak, so my question is what would be a benefit to my eyepieces, replace the 15mm with a BST? Go lower than my 8mm? Go higher than 25mm? With BST's I would easily get two below £100 or go for something different and spend up to £100 on one eyepiece? Have a wide range of focal lengths and ratios over my three scopes, do I plan for different eyepieces per scope or stick to common eyepieces? Before anyone suggests Televues, I'll need to spend a fair bit on the wife before they turn up in the post unless of course someone knows of deals going round
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