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  1. Altair Astro 178C camera for sale or swap for Mono equivalent e.g. 178M, and includes the 150 degree FOV lens for all sky views Perfect condition and about 10 months old, just not being used £230 with lens £210 without lens
  2. Cheers James - keep me posted if you do develop that Another issue is trying to sort out extension cable for powering the all sky camera as the standard Pi4 PSU uses USB C (why?) so now trying to sort out a 5V 2.5A PSU with standard 2.1mm jack that I can fit into 5m meter extension cable and then put a 2.1mm to USB C adapter on - yikes!
  3. Yes Mike think you are right. My fault for reading the article to build a Raspberry all sky camera (which works with Windows/Allskeye) but I have an Altair camera So looking at alternative options that James is suggesting oacapture Other options with Astroberry/Nina etc as well.... but first a psu
  4. no I have a suspicion that is might be power related as I am not using a pucker power pack with the Pi - and it crashes every now and then will order a proper 3A power unit
  5. just plugged a spare USB webcam in and that works - so something not quite happening with the Altair even though it can see it?
  6. Thanks James Figured out how to load both these .deb files, and can open up oacapture and it scans and sees the 178C However I don't get any image when the camera is connected? Any clues? Keith
  7. Thanks James - it can see something under lsusb as MSC, and can identify altair178c3 in message tail But still new to raspian and can't figure out how to run oacapture - a zip file has downloaded but what now? I try to install and nothing seems to happen? Also the libaltaircam file won't download? Cheers Keith
  8. Have a working all sky setup using an Altair Astro 178C via long USB cable to PC running Windows AllSkEye in the warm room. However would like to replace with Raspberry Pi4 (which I now have) to eliminate the PC link Trying to follow Thomas Jacquin links to set up his Allsky script - but cant seem to get it to work as it doesn't like the Altair camera Has anyone else managed a setup of a Pi and Altair camera? Cheers Keith
  9. Hiya would you accept £85 all in via paypal, posting to Herefordshire? Cheers Keith
  10. Hiya is this still available and open to offers? Cheers
  11. 2 months old and never used as not required as is a lot bigger/heavier than expected for my astro rig £85 plus P&P (UK only)
  12. Mini pier for CEM25 mount, as new only 3 months old £52 includes P&P to UK
  13. Have been looking at Kstars as alternative to current setup of CDC and SGP, but would only work if the hardware setup via Ekos works? However it looks like Ekos only runs outside Windows using Linux etc. Can anyone put in layman's terms if I can run on current Windows PC or do I need to set up a VM/Raspberry pi controller to make this work?
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