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  1. I've previously tried imaging with the Meade DSI and a film camera without a great deal of success, but I'm ready to give it another go! Having seem the difference a light pollution filter makes from other posts on this site, I am keen to get one. I'm especially attracted to the Skywatcher filter as a cheap (£20-25) way of finding out how effective it would be for me. I am confused as to where the filter would sit between the telescope and the camera. I have an 8" LX90, meade off axis guider, Canon EOS and also the original Meade DSI. I also have a straight T-adaptor I can use as the alternative to the OAG. I would like to be able to use the filter when imaging with the Canon or DSI. What size filter should I be getting and where would it fit? I'm used to putting filters in eyepieces, but my T-adaptor is not threaded. I've also just read elsewhere in this forum that a 1.25" filter would cause vignetting of the image anyway. I've seem that Meade do some some filters (911X, 911B) that screw directly into the SCT but I can't find any reviews of these, and they appear to have been discontinued (although I have found a shop that still has some). Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. I'm hoping to buy/order something this weekend, as I am off work next week, so have the opportunity to stay up late and do some imaging (if this fog ever goes!) Thanks
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