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  1. The advantage of spotting scopes over astro scopes is they are designed for moving around and surviving a few bumps on walks etc and generally have some level of waterproofing against inclement weather. I don't yet own a spotting scope but have been looking at them recently - I often go to nature reserves (I'm a WWT member) but only use binoculars at the moment. The Regal M2 has good reviews and seems to feature quite often in the various 'top 10' type articles as a strong contender in it's price bracket. Larger apertures give better low light performance so can extend the use into early eveni
  2. I only paid £128 for mine although they dropped to £121 on 8th June - Amazon price history I don't understand Amazon's pricing strategy but I'm not complaining....
  3. If you don't need the mains power socket conversion, then you might want to consider a tracer battery or the Celestron Power Tank Pro (£207 at picstop). These are Lithium Iron Phosphate, are lighter and safer than standard Lithium batteries and will also take more charges. The Celestron Pro pack has 12v lighter output, 2 USB out and a 2.1mm 12v output. I use mine with a mount, dew band and ASI533. I haven't run out of power in a session, but I don't think I have managed more than 4 hours since I got the battery with the poor weather over the last year. When finishing, the battery has still h
  4. Amazon managed to send my binoculars to the wrong end of the country, but I have now received them. I will hopefully get a chance to compare to the Helios over the weekend.
  5. Sold for £802 (£1154 with buyer's pemium and VAT) - wonder if it was someone from here again?
  6. My assumption here is that for Aurora and milky way widefield the shots will most likely be untracked - I could be mistaken though. If I was replacing my camera now I would go with the 'R' series - however I am waiting for the 7d equivalent as the R5 is more than I would be willing to spend. Of course this is Skipper Billy's money we're spending which is why I suggested Amazon with their excellent returns policy so he could buy and try. There are a few longer exposure shots on astrobin taken with an R5. I've dropped the links below. astrobin1 astrobin2 - milkyway Astrobin3
  7. The other way of looking at it is to choose the camera that is the best fit for your main use - if it is predominantly going to be used for daytime photography, is the occasional AP usage going to be good enough?
  8. My understanding of the Sony issue is that it is a hot pixel removal process rather than noise reduction which is removing stars.
  9. A quick search seems to indicate it is not a problem in the real world - noise reduction is applied mostly on short exposures and up to ISO 640. I 've no experience of the 'R' series, but these user reviews for astro seem don't seem to flag any issues. dpreview petapixel Edit: It's only £30 more on Amazon that the cheapest available, so why not buy, try and return under distance selling regulations if you are not happy. You might have to pay return postage but it avoids an expensive mistake.
  10. I posted one of these back in march and one of our members got a bargain (and available!) Skywatcher 80ed. The John Pye auction website has a Nexstar 8SE available with 1 day left on bidding and a current bid price of £170. Note that you need to multiply the bid price by 1.44 to allow for VAT and buyer's premium that you will have to pay and while you can bid online, you must be able to collect from the Nottingham sale room. The auction is customer returns and ex-display items, and while it shows a sealed box that would be no guarantee of the state of the telescope. Public viewing was today be
  11. I don't - I have a pair of Helios Stellar II which cost the same as the Skymaster 20x80 should have done, so it will be interesting to see a side by side comparison. I would expect the more expensive binoculars to demonstrate less CA. and perhaps a bit of extra sharpness. It's worth checking out the reviews on the Binocularsky website if you can not done so.
  12. At this price I have given in and ordered some as well - I won't have to share mine with Mrs Shimrod any more
  13. Glad it worked out for you, definitely a good deal at the price. With all the cloud and poor weather we've had over the last 12 months my Helios 20x80 have seen a lot more action than any telescope - great for those 20minute gap in the clouds sessions.
  14. As a consumer you don't have the option of not paying VAT, so surely a discount of 30% is just that. I think items like optics and manual mounts tend to reach a base price by a certain age and stay there - this is probably the underpin of the '2/3rd rules' and does mean you can buy and sell on the used market and lose very little money. Electronics on the other hand do go out of date and can fail, so electronic based items will continue to decrease in price as they age as the risk of something failing increases.
  15. This is an interesting find. In another thread, someone was recommending the ASI290 over the ASI120 as it was more sensitive for guiding with an OAG. The Bresser is half the price of the ZWO ASI290 - if it is just being used for guiding, does the ZWO offer any advantages over the Bresser equivalent?
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