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  1. you can get smaller (and cheaper) packs of screws from amazon. In this case search for '4-40 socket cap screws black' and hopefully you can find something in the right size.
  2. FLO seem to offer their ex-display models at 10% off, so I would use that as a guide price. However with the general price increases that seem to be coming with astro kit at the moment, I would buy even at list price because it is likely a new one in a couple of months time will cost more. Does it come with full manufacturer's 2 year warranty and the licence for Starry Nights?
  3. There is a Humble Bundle collection of sixteen astronomy (e)books available at the moment - the offer runs until the 8th March. For those who haven't come across Humble Bundle before, it is a company that sells ebooks, games and software with the proceeds benefiting a charity as well as the developers/authors and the company itself. You choose how much to pay (over a defined minimum) and determine how your money gets split between the three beneficiaries. The full collection of books would cost a minimum of £13.10. The books in question in this bundle seem to be very academic (and few hav
  4. Hmmm, I have only managed two clear nights since the end of September. It hasn't stopped me buying two filters, a RACI finderscope, guidescope and an ES 24mm 82 degree eyepiece. I think the optimists will keep the astro retailers going!
  5. Here in Lancashire, the cloud has arrived already! Crystal clear skies most of the day, and forecast to remain so until about 9pm. I was part way through setting my kit up, looked up and the sky and most of the stars have disappeared. A scan of the western horizon with binoculars reveals nothing but more cloud, so all packed away again. I bought an ZWO ASI533 back in September, and apart from two nights then, the only thing it has imaged has been a couple of trees and Southport water tower.
  6. The potential downside of the 'M' system is that Canon doesn't appear to be fully invested in it - just look at the small number of lenses available (7 vs 17) when compared to the newer 'RF' mount series of cameras. There have also been rumours over the last year that Canon could kill off the 'M' series at some point during 2021 - so worth doing a bit more research first. If you want Canon, could you stretch your budget to the 'RP' series -you will be buying into a system likely to be around for another 30 years! Alternatively, consider one of the competing 4/3 mirrorless brands such as Fuji
  7. Works well for me too! There have been a couple in the buy/sell section recently for a lot less than the new price (it should only be £300 new for the Celestron version, the Skywatcher compatible version costs more).
  8. I assumed you were comparing 6" across the two mounts. If also comparing 6" vs 8", then you have differences in overall weight - important if portability is a factor - as well as the different focal lengths and field of view. For the latter, you need to consider what your primary interest in observing is going to be. If planets and the moon, then the 8" SCT or 6" Mak might be a better choice.
  9. I can't really comment on the SE vs Evolution as I have neither. The Evolution has a both sturdier mount and tripod and extra AUX ports -although you can always buy a splitter cable for the SE. Again it has built in battery and wifi over the SE. Only you can decide if the difference is worth it - the evolution is likely to settle down a bit quicker after slewing (and may provide more stability on a windy night), but you are also paying for an element of convenience.
  10. The Evolution mount would give much quicker set up time than the AVX, and no need to polar align, so I'd say that is a better experience for visual. If you want to go beyond casual imaging, the AVX is a better long term bet. The Evolution also has a built in battery and wifi (Skyportal/Skysafari control is a nice bonus) so less cables to mess around with - the AVX will require an external power source and wifi costs extra if that is important to you. Both mounts take the an OTA with a dovetail, so changing scope at some point in the future is not an issue.
  11. For a more recent price comparison, I bought a Meade LX90 in 2003, and the cost was around £1750 - allowing for inflation that would be around £2700 today. The equivalent LX90 with some extra technology and improved optics is still only £1890 today. This inflation adjusting website shows your estimate for the fullerscope as pretty much spot on ! Inflation calculator
  12. Prices are only governed in part by supply and demand. If costs preclude price drops then a drop in demand can make it uneconomic to stay in business. Enough astronomy businesses have disappeared as it is. With the internet and easy price comparisons across dealers, prices tend to settle at a level more or less the same across all retailers.
  13. Here's a 300s dark at more or less 20 degrees from my ASI533 if you would like to process the same way for comparison. I've had mine since September but due to cloud cover have yet to use it in anger. Light_ASIImg_300sec_Bin1_19.8C_gain0_2021-02-13_115158_frame0002.fit
  14. It's certainly quite different to the 300s sample image on the camera page at FLO - scroll down to the bottom of the page ASI533 Sample 300s image
  15. Have you seen this picture ( Starsense update connection diagram ). I have the USB version of the handset, but I am pretty certain you only connect the handset to the mount to get power for the update, as the update is made directly to the handset.
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