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  1. just pondered through the other items for sale from them and they sell everything from gun bipods to invisible silicon self adhesive strapless bra's!! ha
  2. i reckon that cost less than a quid to manufacture! could probably throw a better one together out toilet rolls and an old pair of glasses!! head shake!
  3. good work. i was on a beach last night and the ISS first went past about 10pm, very clear and bright then it passed around 11ish but on a different path and not quite as bright. unfortunetly i didnt have a 'scope or bino's! was great to see as always though! dave
  4. i cant stop playing about with it, just making the planets go round and round is fun!! its also great for working out when we will have the chance to see other planets!! dave.
  5. check it out! http://www.solarsystemscope.com/ dave
  6. from one newb to another, welcome! this place and the folks within rock dave.
  7. in 4 hours ill find out! tick tock tick tock! :)
  8. its in quite a good position where i am, not at the zenith but nowhere near the horizon. if its clear i can get a good nights viewing from as soon as the sun sets. a few weeks back i even managed to view it while the sky was blue, it was that clear it stuck out long before any stars were visable!! ill be on it tonight aslong as the clouds stay away but according to the weather reports, i may not be that lucky! :) dave.
  9. hi adz. where is cornwall are you heading? is it for a holiday or business? im just outside newquay, if your near by im more than happy to bring my telescope along for some viewing and to leech some knowledge from ya!! thanks for the welcoming greetings!! dave
  10. cool, once im settled down here, i have only been here a week, i would be very keen to maybe arrange a meet in a mutual place and share some viewing time. thanks to all you guys once again! dave.
  11. my head hurts after reading through this! but it enjoys it!
  12. yep, that looks like what iv been seeing! thanks todd :) dave
  13. cheers isabelle, that was an interesting read! :) dave
  14. cheers isabelle. i just found it strange how its been there for so long and does not seem to have moved at all! its probably moved alot but to the naked eye i cant see any change! when is mars going to be coming into view? iv been waiting for a good 6 months to see it, it must be like a game of cat and mouse up there, the earth is chasing mars in its orbit! :) thanks again. dave.
  15. yes that is an amazing video but if you want to see the best 10 time lapse videos on the net then this is the link!! Ten Amazing Timelapse Videos | TDG - Science, Magick, Myth and History check it out, the first 4 are similar to the one you posted!! hope you enjoy, dave.
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