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  1. This puts our grumbles about gray skies in perspective Hope you come through it safely.
  2. I had a hissy fit last night because council are changing the yellow street light bulbs for white ones and I have just bought an LP filter for yellow light.... BUT Tonight I find out street lights in the whole town are being turned off between 0000 and 0600. This means I will never get a proper nights sleep again, but hay ho, small price to pay
  3. Last week I bought a yellow light filter. Today the council changed the bulbs from yellow to white, with no prior consutation Regarding the safety issue of street lighting - criminals need light to go about their business, a waving torch is a sure way to get the Police called. Many villages in Sussex have no street lighting at all, their crime rate is no higher than any other area.
  4. Daughter: 'Mum, the council were changing the street light bulbs when I left for work this morning, they are white now instead of yellow' Guess who has just bought an LP filter for yellow light
  5. ANYTHING ANYTHING ANYTHING !!! Constant fog and heavy cloud over Sussex
  6. I remember being a very small child and trying to get my head round infinity, I would sit for ages just thinking about it. At age 6 I finally decided it was impossible and guessed I would understand it when I was older.......hmmmmm
  7. Utube has lots of clips about scope assembly and usage, I'm sure you will find your model on there. Clear Skies!
  8. I looked at the instructions for my telescope and nearly cried at the complexity. Then my genius son suggested Utube, sure enough, there were several clips showing exactly how to assemble it. There are also several posts on SGL demonstrating polar alignment, collimation etc, absolutely invaluable! As others have mentioned, don't bother assembling outside because every new telescope or piece of equipment comes with it's own free clouds. They are released as soon as you open the packaging and will hang over your location for a least a week. The more expensive and interesting your piece of equipm
  9. +1 54 posts now. On a serious note though, I agree with others, it's not the cost of the initial scope so much as all the other bits. My scope was a birthday present but I've spent twice its value on extra lenses, filters etc. And from everything I've read on here, the possibilities for emptying my bank account are endless!
  10. That's a bit harsh, ok so 'proof' was the wrong word to use, but the image certainly makes me feel like an insignificant speck! And no Astronomer or Astrophysicist states 'to the best of our knowledge there is no other life form as advanced as us at all anywhere'. This is your conjecture.
  11. Belle will not be buying anything. Belle is broke. This is one expensive hobby!!
  12. I think you have to have a certain number of posts and be a member for a month or so before you can access the classified's.
  13. Paul, TV is tuned just fine thank you...... and the tin foil wrapped round my head is not working either.....
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