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  1. From a couple of months back. Desaturated as I left camera on auto white balance which played havoc with background LP and haze. Nice enough. Cheers Paul
  2. The Flame Nebula, Eyepiece and Magnification

    Here, 21.4. Although my Flame observations refer to other locations. As is so often said 'location, location, location...' It is so difficult to keep at DSO observing if you are awash with LP. No wonder so many go the astrophotography route.
  3. Horse Head Nebula - Seeing the 'Snout'

    The answer... ...Elan Valley, last Sunday night, excellent transparency, sooo dark, after midnight, 22" f5 dobsonian with premium optics, 31 Nagler and Paracorr, 2" Hbeta filter. Another chesspiece moment, awesome!!! Not my 'scope though I'll remember the view for a long time. Paul
  4. The Flame Nebula, Eyepiece and Magnification

    As above. I class this as an easy object on a transparent night. Regularly observed it with an OMC140 (unfiltered). Often by creeping back towards the bright star after using it to locate position then move out of the FOV. Cheers Paul
  5. Binocular session in Swaledale

    @Owmuchonomy excellent effort!!! I don't think that you'll get any more if you try Arkengarthdale. SQM from my garden is 21.4 on the best nights ... so I don't travel over the hill (3 miles). As you have noticed, if you get too high you expose yourself to more LP. Try to keep a litte down in a dale and use the hills to hid LP. Hope for a lighter wind next time! Cheers Paul
  6. Moon Illusion

    In the extreme example of this the observer is nearer to the moon by approximately the radius of the earth as they rotate 'closer' to it (moonrise in the east, transits directly overhead and sets in the west). Usually the movement 'nearer' is less owing to the arrangement of the earth, moon and observer.
  7. Additional footage added to previous time lapse. Same tech. details. Good fun, but time consuming. Like all astrophotograhy! cheers Paul
  8. Moonlit under the stars

    Thank you... ...I definitely need to get much more 'footage' to do a decent length piece.! Was very happy with how this turned out. Cheers Paul
  9. A short time lapse. Trying out a Digislider. Canon 7DMkII, Samyang 16mm, f2.8, 6s, iso1600, 440 frames, 5/min, playback 25/sec. Lightroom and VSDC editor. Cheers Paul.
  10. I was lucky to have 10 days/nights at the site of the S.A.L.T. at Sutherland in the Karoo, South Africa. The south is definitely the best, by far! If you are not too far south you also get most of the good northern sights. I usually observe from northern England. I can recommend La Palma in the Canaries to get great views. Cheers Paul
  11. Banked views

    Made me feel quite tired with the travelling! A good session and good effort!! I had a failed attempt at a time lapse on new digislider early in the evening then a short binocular session, including the N6946 and M31. It was very clear though clouding over here earlier, to your west. Thank you for the write up. Paul P.S. If you haven't tried it, Pease 1 in M15 is a great challenge.
  12. Can I see the Crescent Neb in a 130P?

    Hi I observed the main bright arc of the Crescent with an OMC 140 and 32 TV Plossl. This is about x60 mag. Was filtered and a dark transparent night on Anglesey. Keep trying! Good lcuk. Paul
  13. Zodiacal light

    Excellent image! Maybe going down an f stop will help with the vignetting..? Jealous..! Cheers Paul
  14. Horse Head Nebula - Seeing the 'Snout'

    I was very lucky to cadge a few hours observing through a 24" dobsonian at the Parador up on Mt Tiede, Tenerife (thank you Owen). The HH looked like a chess piece..! A view never repeated. Paul
  15. Binocular session in Swaledale

    Thank you... ...Forgot the Firework Galaxy Ngc 6946 and nearby open cluster Ngc 6939 in Cepheus...always a nice tick in the bins and of obviously different character to view. @Owmuchonomy the road from Keld to Tan Hill (West Stonesdale) has some spots to pull in. Remote.... Cheers Paul