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  1. Another fantastic result @gorann ! What is your average SQM reading? I run at about 21.3. Am wondering if I can get anywhere near this deep with my identical setup... ...thinking IFN. Thanks Paul
  2. ...aka a 16:9 crop of the Heart as I cut off a bit of a ventricle. First use of IDAS NBZ filter. What black magic is this!!! Was a full moon, like daylight! 48 x 180s subs, RASA8 and ASI2600MC Pro. DSS and PS. Cheers, Paul.
  3. A plug for this free online 'experience'. https://fb.me/e/5Ul7Nf31Z Cheers Paul
  4. Magnificent, epic... ...maybe one for (the entire) next season? Paul
  5. ...and extras. 43 x 120s, RASA 8, ASI2600MC Pro. DSS, PS. It's a nice area of sky. A tad sharper when clicked. Paul
  6. A lovely touch on the processing. A very pleasing image. Paul
  7. TWO PAIRS OF BOOTS!! One pair warming in the house Also go in to swap and warm up before you get cold. 4cast -11C (-14C windchill) here later in the week, gulp... ...have also cuddled hot water bottle
  8. Original version, 5 element f4.9 astrograph. Unused Star71 1/10 wave dielectric diagonal for visual use. £900 including fully insured P&P. Mainland UK. Not used this for AP for ~3 years. Cheers Paul
  9. About 100 mins of subs with a tilted camera...ASI2600MC Pro on RASA 8 on Jan 9th. Big crop to remove worst out of focus stars. DSS and PS. Looks okay from a distance (best clicked). A bit o colour... ...Paul
  10. Threw these away when I saw the out of focus stars...seems there was a bit of tilt! Bottom of image is fine. Cropped out the worst. Looks okay unless you pixel peep M45. 1 hour of 120s subs and 1 hour of 180s subs. RASA 8, ASI2600MC Pro, CEM 40, Lacerta MGEN. DSS and PS. Something to do under a full moon and cloud... ...Paul.
  11. They do show similar effects though very tolerable! Failure to get any of the other variables correct - alignment, focus, optimal exposure, cabling, temperature, tracking and processing could all add to it. Especially in my case!
  12. Browsing ASI2600MC Pro images on Interweb, I can see many have similar star issues...
  13. Indeed!! I did wonder about temperature. AP, endless 'fun'...
  14. I have exactly the same on my RASA 8, ASI2600MC combo. Thought they reduced when I opted for a single curved cabling approach instead of two cables in a circle. Is bearable if no bright stars in FOV. Paul
  15. I use these steps from about 5 mins into the video. You can try without Gradient Xterminator and the Actions.
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