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  1. I have a Baader steeltrack SCT focuser fitted to my edge 8in, which i find a great improvement but when i use a heavy 34mm 2in eye piece, the focuser tends to run on its own. The knobs turn as the draw tube drops down, usually in an over head position. Is there a way to adjust tension? or do i just rely on the stop screw to lock it in place? I've checked on line but can't find an answer to this problem. the eye piece is a weighty lump but if i had a DSLR fitted, surely it must be as heavy?
  2. I remember sending off for moon landing pictures when I was 10 from Heinz beans. The image of the earth from the moon fascinated me but I never owned a telescope till fairly recently. Now I'm getting it all coming back, the amazement and awe!
  3. Thanks Chris, that's put my mind at rest. After buying and fitting , I started to read that there could be a problem with back focus, reduced light, etc, but the length of the focuser is the same as the original nut plus visual back. I'm sure there's a downside but I hope not enough to remove it.
  4. I've just fitted my new baader steeltrack focuser to my EdgeHD 8in. I removed the large nut actually on the back plate, which the visual back used to screw on. The baader sits flush with the back, which seems good in regard to the optimum distance required (5.25in). Have I fitted it correctly? I ask because on the baader site they say it has a 2in fitting for the 8in and 3.3 for larger scopes. With the nut removed, it leaves a 3.3in screw fitting. Does the nut hold something essential ? Hope it doesn't all fall apart! I am unable to test it properly due to the never ending rain and gales!
  5. Seems to work perfectly. It has very good reviews.
  6. Sorted! Lots of heat from a hair drier. Really like it!
  7. Help needed! Does anyone know which way the nut should turn on the rear? It's the big nut against the ota, I have a baader steel track arriving today and can't get the .........thing off. Tried hair dryer. I don't want to bang it, just wondering if it's reverse thread? Postman due soon!,,,,
  8. Thanks for the suggestions . A trip to B and Q this week then!
  9. Any thoughts on what to use as a cover, best materials , ? Need to keep dry but not too heavy and allow heat to escape.
  10. That's sounds like good thinking. Didn't think about birds,etc.
  11. I'm never sure whether to cover the scope when's its cooling just in case of rain or just leave it open, so it cools faster? What does everyone else do? I'm dreading the day it pours rain all over my equipment ! I would have thought covering the tube prevents the internal heat from escaping?
  12. Manual for me. If i could GOTO any star or deep space object at a push of a button, i think i would just sit in front of my computer screen and view them there. For me, the challenge of astronomy is searching that black stuff for amazing new objects, which i believe will keep me awe inspired for many years to come.
  13. Yes shaun, very impressed. The forecast was spot on, cleared at 7pm then clouded by 10.15pm. they all performed excellently. they're now my main set and ill put the x-cels and panaview up for sell. downside is the weight, there enormous! but great quality. Couldn't really afford them at the moment but at this price, couldn't resist and no probs importing from Germany.
  14. I'm moving the scope outside, still clear. Eyepieces have arrived, all set. Now have 34mm 28mm 24mm 20mm and 16mm maxvision's. (Un-branded Mead swa 5000's) With my tal x2 Barlow I think I've got it covered. Hope it stays clear for a couple of hours as I need to try all of them all!
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