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  1. x6gas

    markarian's chain

    That's a lovely image. Nice scope too!
  2. x6gas

    Messier 81 and 82 panorama

    It's a fair point, Olly, but at the risk of sounding like a Monty Python sketch the colours are just a tad too vivid to me. It does seem that while I've been away tastes have developed for more saturation (i.e. brighter blues and reds) in these types of targets (or maybe it's always been like that and I just don't remember) and clearly everyone feels that the colours are spot on. But my personal tastes take nothing away from this terrific image and genuinely weren't meant as a criticism in any way.
  3. x6gas

    Julian Shaw's sombrero - with a surprise!

    OK firstly this is an absolutely exquisite image. Even by Olly's hugely high standards I think this one is special. Congrats to Julian for the data acquisition and to Olly for the exemplary processing... Secondly, thanks for a really, really interesting and thought provoking thread. It's making me wonder whether I should persevere with my Edge11... I have a 5" frac and a 2" x2 Powermate and I have the camera adapter on order. If I can get it to work I will seriously consider ditching the SCT in favour of an Esprit 150 (though I'd need a new mount as well); I don't really do planetary imaging. I'm wondering what the Powermate will do to the backfocus requirement of the flattener and whether it is possible to insert the Powermate after the filter wheel... the Powermate will thread on but doesn't have the scaffold support of the AP Barlow so it would be advantageous to place it right before the camera. It would also mean my OAG would be guiding at the native f/l of the scope which might have some advantages (like finding a greater range of guide stars...) Any thoughts on this?
  4. x6gas

    IFN around M95 & M96?

    Hmmm. I'd be interested to know what issues using darks that don't exactly match the duration of your lights might throw up... Anyway, have you changed your image train since shooting the lights? It may be possible to shoot some flats now and see if there is anything that could be causing the effects in your image.
  5. x6gas

    M81 and M82

    Lovely. How long were your subs? I feel the pull of a Mesu that I'm trying hard to resist.
  6. x6gas

    M109 First Attempt and M51

    I'm afraid I can't really help with advice on your ZWO as I'm [still] an Atik man but... ...hat tip for even attempting to image these with a 72mm objective, 420mm scope. Your M109 is impressive for 90 minutes worth of data. I imaged it a few years ago with my 11" SCT and recall it being pretty challenging. I might be tempted to collect a lot more luminance data and see how much you can improve the monochrome image. Have you tried collecting the colour data binned? It's amazing what some people can achieve with not much colour data and a good luminance layer...
  7. x6gas

    Soul Nebula IC1871 from SE London

    I agree with Sara - lovely colours Carole. Definitely a keeper...
  8. x6gas

    M106 and companions

    Nice capture.
  9. x6gas

    Rosette NB1 filter

    Very, very nice. Does the sky have the hint of a green tint to it? Whatever, I really like this and it is beautifully framed for such a large object.
  10. I think that's a very nice result. Sure, it's a shame that there is a fair bit of noise in the background but you have nice round stars and no chromatic aberration (which I seem to suffer sometimes with my Edge 11...)
  11. x6gas

    M81 LRGB

    That's got promise Steve but there isn't much colour saturation on show (and I don't like too much!). What processing workflow did you follow?
  12. x6gas

    Messier 81 and 82 panorama

    Fantastically detailed image Barry - simply wonderful. I must confess that the colour of the galaxies is a bit too vivid for me and that - to my eye - makes them a tad unnatural (I actually prefer the colours in your UK version). I'm clearly in the minority, though. In any case, it's a tremendous image. Have a cookie...
  13. x6gas

    Very excited 44 year old XT8 owner greetings

    Welcome to SGL M. I think Q is already on here!
  14. x6gas

    Oiii flats uneven?

    That's odd. I presume the flats were taken in the linear range of the camera? As an aside it might be worth cleaning your sensor window - you obviously have some dust bunnies which the flats should clean up but that spot top left is pretty dark...
  15. x6gas

    Under Rated Images

    I have to say that I have little understanding of why some of your posts in this thread are so aggressive. That makes it very difficult for me to be 'kind' in my response, but I've always found SGL to be a welcoming and friendly place so I am doing my best... You seem to be arguing against yourself. You've posted saying that better images get more likes; others have pointed out reasons for liking images that perhaps aren't that great and for not liking great images, for instance because they haven't been seen. I agree with all of that but would agree that great images tend to get more likes. The more prolific 'top-notch' imagers also tend to get more likes, I believe - though I have no empirical evidence for that - because I suspect people will actively click on their images because they know it will be worth viewing. Then in the quote above you are saying you get upset when images that are, in your opinion, inferior get more likes than yours. Well cripes. Firstly that makes you sound like a petulant child, and secondly - by your own reasoning - maybe it means that your image wasn't as good as you think it was?

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