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  1. From the wife... yes. The trouble is still the trees!
  2. Looking good Francis. I've been clouded out here for months (obsy project on hold but without it I can't take advantage of the couple of hours of clear skies before the rain...)
  3. This is the famed Philips SPC900NC - webcam of choice for the early "lucky" imagers. They certainly used to be worth a few quid so would be worth putting it on the for sale forum if you don't want it...
  4. x6gas


    Ah yes... I was forgetting how big the FLI ML16200 chip is in comparison to the Atik 460/490 that I usually use. I very much enjoyed seeing this image Brendan so thanks, as ever, for sharing.
  5. x6gas


    Another wonderful image Brendan. Is this a mosaic, I wonder? - I recall this being a pretty big target.
  6. Bit late to the party but just to add my appreciation of this terrific image, Ciarán. Loving Olly's mash up too - what a wonderful part of the sky... Great stuff...
  7. Nice image Bobby. On my monitor the background looks a bit black to me and I wonder if you've clipped the black point at some stage. Cheers, Ian
  8. Wowsers - what a surprise. Thanks so much - lots of great renditions and I am absolutely honoured. I agree with @Grant - this is a tough target to process. In honesty, I was never particularly happy with the results I got from my own data, but the IKO stacks were lovely to work with - especially the OIII which had so much to give - and I was really pleased with what came out of the process. There were so many great images posted in the thread... it must have been tough to judge! Thanks again FLO and IKO for providing this great data. I really enjoyed processing it and seeing all
  9. Interesting, thanks Olly. I don't get the same thing when I do an ABE... something odd going on! It does seem clear that the black point of the stack has been clipped somewhere along the line...
  10. OK could you indulge me here Olly... by default I always get that posterized view of the background map (whether using ABE or DBE) but as I understand it that's just the Screen Transfer Function skimping on resources... So could I ask: if, in PI, you go to IMAGE > Screen Transfer Function > Use 24-bit STF LUTs (or indeed if you drop the STF into Histogram Transformation and apply the stretch for real) then do you still get the crude gradients? I am curious whatever, because I assume that you don't usually see backgrounds looking like this... so something must be different with th
  11. So I don't think that this has anything to do with your capture (the individual sub and the stack itself are definitely not over saturated)... so in my view it's something to do with the CCD range that AstroArt is applying to the stack, for some reason.
  12. Well when I open that file in AA5, View>Range>CCD range gives the full monty, as I'd expect.
  13. Hmmm. This is an interesting one. I should say that I am stuck with AstroArt 5 so things may be different with more modern releases, but: If you click on View>Range>CCD range then you get the burnt out image that Dave posted originally. This is strange as whenever I've done this with my data it gives the complete CCD range (as you'd expect from the name of the function) but that's not the case here - you get a very different result if you select View>Range>Min->Max... so saving that gives this (which behaves OK when I stretch it in PS): 9 Hours O.tif so I wonde
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