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  1. So - just to check - when you turn the wheel that @Cornelius Varley has circled, does the eyepiece move in and out?
  2. The trouble with the Baader microfibre cloth is that it obviously gets dirty with use and eventually needs washing. Astrodon / Optical Structures recommend using Kimwipes and that's good enough for me!
  3. +1 for the Telegizmos 365. Expensive but I've had mine for 8 years and it's still going strong. As with others it's sometimes just covering the pier, sometimes the mount for a few days / weeks and sometimes the whole setup for a day or two...
  4. I completely agree and went through the same thought process... thought it could bare a bit more sharpening but then decided I really like the more ethereal look that Carole's sympathetic processing has produced. I'm not normally a fan of the pink either (though bright red can also grate a bit with me) but here it just seems to work with the hot blue stars. Very nice indeed Carole.
  5. I prefer the second version FWIW, Martin. Super work, though, and I'm pleased you posted the Ha as well which looks stunning.
  6. Thanks fellas! I'll wait it out for a buyer then and if the missus gets too annoyed it can go to the local astro club...
  7. Still available... ...must admit I thought this was a bargain - have I got the price wrong?
  8. I'd be weary of 'general purpose' cameras. If you want to do primarily planetary and lunar and dabble a bit with deep sky then fine but the chips in these are pretty small so check out the field of view you'd be getting with your scope before committing for the deep sky stuff. Also none of these cameras have active cooling so there is a practical limit to the length of exposure you can take (though I don't know too much about 'modern' CMOS imaging...). I think all these are also only 12 bit cameras which is a bit limiting for deep sky imaging. QHY used to do a small sensor, cooled camera (but not set-point cooling) with the SONY EXview ICX618AL CCD sensor and a 14bit AD (IMG0H). Not sure they make it anymore (Bernard at Modern Astronomy could tell you) but you could look for one second hand? They're good cameras but have a bespoke power unit and an unusual power socket (to accommodate the TEC cooling) which is a bit of a pain...
  9. The Zeiss wipes are pre-wetted so not the same thing. It seems to be really hard to find something similar in the UK. Safetiss are lint free, strong when wet, and don't shed too much but I'm not sure how they compare,,, Cheers, Ian
  10. Hmmm well CO and the BBC both say its cloudy outside but my eyes say different! I'm not sure it'll last but I am managing to capture a few subs!
  11. As Vlad says you can, in fact, focus the Orion exactly as he describes, but you can't focus the reticule. You could always just buy a new bracket for the SV on AB&S - the Antares one from RVO would work fine.
  12. It won't have an effect on the climate. The amount of energy falling on the Earth will be tiny compared to the sunlight reflected by the moon (let alone energy from the Sun itself). It'll be quite a show, though, for sure. I'd love to be alive to see it, though I'd be sad at the passing of such a wonderful stellar companion.
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