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  1. Hi looks good to me, maybe just a LP gradient that could be removed as you say. Gradient exterminator is a good PS plugin. What scope did you use? Adam
  2. First of all Scalping = the practice of buying an item / number of items at shelf price and then selling them at an inflated price / above retail price in order to make a profit. This is usually done when the availability of an Item is very low and specifically involves the "scalper" buying that item / items with the sole intention of selling it on at an inflated cost. This practice in itself often leads to further unavailability of the item being sold. During Covid-19 there has been a number of occasions when I have been looking for second hand items only to have them offered to me at higher than the normal retail value as displayed on sites such as FLO. Often with the owner claiming that they have only had it for days / weeks and are selling due to a change in direction, never having opened it. So...why did you not return it under distance selling regulations? I was starting to get annoyed by this and then I recently saw this add on Astro buy Sell. For referance a Az GTI is currently £215 new from FLO... https://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php?view=167393 Am I seeing things or is this actually going on? Supply and demand is a thing I guess. Adam
  3. Yeah an it would have to be a poor fpl53 design before it was outperformed by a fpl51 scope. In practice I have never seen it happen.
  4. Would love to see a table of results for the scopes you tested.
  5. This happens constantly in the FLO offers section, just a suggestion but maybe the threads should be closed as the items are sold? Or maybe marked as sold. Regulars know a broken link means it's gone but less frequent forum users don't automatically understand that. Guess it was an old one mind you.
  6. It's almost the same as fpl53 not quite as good in terms of dispersion. But overall I would say it's better glass as it is harder and easier to grind resulting in better figure on average and a high performance lens. Having said that though I am not overly in Impressed with the optical report they show it's got a significant central zone showing.
  7. Most astronomy equipment will take a 13.8v supply and its often better than using a 12 volt supply as you counter voltage drop in longer cables etc. Adam
  8. This is my worry across the board at the moment for all astro equipment there is a great temptation to cut corners to increase production when demand is high. Adam
  9. It's talking longer because signal to noise has improved so I fail to see how it's a bad thing.
  10. Looking for a Pegasus Astro Pocket Power Box Advanced (The one with the Blue Aluminum case and USB HUB). https://pegasusastro.com/products/pocket-powerbox-advance/ Might consider the original version but at a lower price of £110 including delivery. Adam
  11. No 1.25 inch mounted and 31mm are not the same size as the 31mm is all filter but in 1.25 inch the filter mount is measured not the clear apperture which is 26mm at best. Once mounted even the 31mm filters are 29mm at best due to the ridge they sit on inside the wheel. You will need 36mm filters I am sorry to say.
  12. Its all great until you have someone send you cash via friends and family for something you are selling on here and he then spells your e-mail address incorrectly as happened to me. With friends and family that money is lost and unless you are very very lucky it is unrecoverable. Hence you should use either PayPal proper or a bank transfer if you don't want to pay the fee. If you are insistent on using friends and family you have to be very sure of the seller and even then its a good idea to send £1 first to confirm everything is working as it should. But I don't recommend it myself after that experience. Adam
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