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  1. When you dip the blue a did you mean something more like this or even less saturation?
  2. I always thought that the flats taken though the CLS filter would do about the same thing?
  3. Really need some help with this, its my first attempt at processing with APP, have a taken it too far? Color balance is very hard when using a CLS filter and so I am not sure if this is anything like what I should be expecting from this target. I have said it before.....but I really am no good at processing galaxies. 550D, 225 x 120s @ISO3200 + FLATS. 130PDS.
  4. A quick Pelican

    I love seeing a good OSC image, I like the natural look you get from them. You should be very happy with this. One tip from me though, you appear to have some twisted spider supports on your 130PDS. Either that or you rotated the tube between images.
  5. Yes OIII is normally more bobby with little detail in my experience, at least in comparison to H-a. Hence why you hardly ever see people post their OIII on its own lol. Makes it hard to know what to expect.
  6. I am surprised at how much OIII you managed to get in the heart I found it to be very dim when I did the soul. Maybe slightly more in the Heart?? Can you show the OIII data on its own?
  7. New WO73 fpl53 glass.

    More to it than just the quoted color correction specifications, i.e bubbles and inclusions are not specified in either case...at least not to the public. One of the things that most people dont realize is that there are multiple grades of FPL-53 that cost more or less depending on these largely unacknowledged factors.
  8. QHY10 with Purple Frame...

    Irrespective of the amp glow you should not be getting the lines under the stars. As far as I know that is a voltage issue internal to the camera, unless you are below the supplied voltage specification. Its worth sending an image to QHY and getting advice. Possibly also posting on their forum they should respond.
  9. New WO73 fpl53 glass.

    Interesting scope F5.9 is a little fast for a doublet though? Will have to wait and see some RGB images to see how well corrected it is...not that the 61 looks bad at all.
  10. m81 and m82

    Wow that is a tone of integration in only two nights, must be getting clearer skys down in Swindon than up in Lincoln. Nice image.
  11. QHY10 with Purple Frame...

    http://qhyccd.com/bbs/index.php?topic=4967.30 this probably wont help but it looks like you are not alone.
  12. QHY10 with Purple Frame...

    Yes I would go with that, I do now seem to remember a thread about some guy with a QHY10 that had to alter some variable resistor on the camera to change the voltage to the sensor that fixed this. Ill look for the thread.
  13. QHY10 with Purple Frame...

    If it was a CMOS I would say amp glow. But its a CCD.... not sure about zero gain, lots of people using something more like 15, whats the exposure length, I assume this is a single sub? Does this purple effect appear in your darks???? If not why is it not being subtracted? Light leakage is also a possibility.
  14. thoughts on roll off roof idea

    I doubt that will bend to be honest. I don't know about others but my obsy only spends about 2% of its life in use so is hardly ever left in the fully open position.
  15. M33 at last

    Rod if you did not give us at least 8 verions then it would not be you Latest Version looks fantastic, not going to be easy to improve on that without ending up on the slippery slope towards over processing. Adam