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  1. Adam J

    OK i Want the Redcat Now!

    Yeah Ask yourself what are the most important things you want to know about that scope. 1) How flat is the field, what do the corners look like. 2) Is it well corrected for CA? 3) How easy is it to focus with the helical focuser? 4) An example image in high resolution (you can add still frames to video that looks much clearer when you dont pan in causing compression artifacts). I suspect the reason he does not do that is that it was not a great image that told you little or nothing about the quality of the scope, pause it and take a look at the star trailing. What was his total integration? Optolong dont make a 6.5nm Filter? (The answer is no they dont its 7nm) and all that is just for a start. He answers none of those questions. Ask yourself what do you know about the scope from his review that you did not know by reading the basic information available on WO's web page? Adam
  2. Adam J

    OK i Want the Redcat Now!

    No one who has ever been sponsored to endorse anything ever gave a honest review mate.
  3. Adam J

    OK i Want the Redcat Now!

    Yes Astrobackyard is entertaining but I would never buy a piece of equipment because he recommended it.....every single thing he has ever tested is the best thing since sliced bread...he is basically outsourced marketing and very low on true technical information and its getting worse.
  4. Adam J

    Leo Triplet

    Really like this never seen the tidal tails on this target before.
  5. Adam J

    Astrokev's ROR - The Build

    I think I got them for 50% off from Homebase.
  6. It's because of the short sensor to filter distance on the asi1600 on the why that is longer and so you can't use 1.25inch like you can with the ask. Also worth noting that this is all f ratio dependent so for fast lenses you need bigger filters too.
  7. Adam J

    Astrokev's ROR - The Build

    I used this: https://www.floormats.co.uk/interlocking-rubber-flooring-tiles it is expensive...but then my obsy is small. However, its also much better than the kind of tiles you linked previously as those tend to be more foam than rubber and are not very hardy. I dropped my coma corrector on it and it just bounced with no damage. Adam
  8. Adam J

    Another filter issue?

    And the bias and darks? Gradient exterminator will cause the effect you have too if you apply it to the entire image. You need to select the background only or it will result in the area around the bright target being considered as background and over corrected.
  9. Adam J

    Another filter issue?

    Do you take flats? Am assuming that this is not calibrated due to the bad pixels that are evident in the image. If not then the answer is that you need to shoot Bias, Flats and Darks.
  10. Adam J

    Baader Sii 8nm

    Not tempted by the new 4.5nm baader? It is pre-ordering now. I suspect that you will see a few 8nm on the market in a month or two as some people choose to upgrade. Adam
  11. Adam J

    Jellyfish nebula with OSC camera

    I assume that you are using a focusing mask? You will need to expose for a good 10seconds at high ish gain to focus a narrow band filter and you have to do it on a bright star too. It takes practice and you have to wait a cycle between each adjustment to allow the scope to settle down again. We will be running out of narrow band targets in the next month or two so hope you get to try it out before that. Adam
  12. Adam J

    COMPLETED - Baader ha. SOLD

    I would say he is already giving it away at 100 pounds.
  13. Adam J

    Color CCD + HA

    APP is Astro Pixel Processor, it is a simplified stacking and processing program in comparison to Pix Insight that gives good results that can automate some tasks like channel combining. But as Olly says PS gives you more control.
  14. Adam J

    Color CCD + HA

    Ah sorry cant help with that I use APP and Photoshop.

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