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  1. you wont get anothing of any quality for £20
  2. Its not really though is it as that diagram has no 435nm line on it for some reason it only gos as low as 480nm and has a 486nm line too...very odd. Adam
  3. Because after you find the one that fits...you stop trying lol.
  4. No your wrong the duty is small in these are they get around the rules by importing scope components as opposed to a complete scope. Hence they are counted as a UK / EU product assembled from imported components for tax. It's the whole reason they sell via people like ALTAIR and TS etc in the first place as opposed to under their own brand. Of you where talking about skywatcher you would be more correct but still wrong. You only pay the vat in the EU or the UK not both so the TS will still be cheaper than the ALTAIR assuming their web page can handle removing the VAT like FLOs page would remov
  5. Yeah by the time you have a F12 is there really any negative in going a little longer and getting the F15.
  6. 1) You should not have to pay vat at purchase though as the UK are not an EU country and hence you gain exactly what you lose. I am guessing VAT will be removed on checkout when a UK postage is selected. 2) There is no duty. Only a customs fee and that is not the same thing.
  7. It's a fast ish doublet so this is expected. As someone else above recommended I would grab a 2 inch Astronomik L-3 and place it in series with the LRGB filters.
  8. As I understand it you have to use a Wide Photo AD 60 rotator in conbination with a standard t-ring to get the correct spacing. So the standart t-ring will give you 55mm back focus and then you need to add the width of that wide photo AD-60 rotator adaptor that screws into the m48 tring. The only referance I can find seems to show it to be about 8.5mm thick so that would give a back focus of 63.5mm from the end of the etention tube 66 (provided with the reducer / flattener kit and the sensor. Of course you could just purchase the rotator and then you can be sure that the back focus
  9. Are you using a flattener or flattener reducer? If not then you may need additional extentions to account for the lack of flattener in the imaging train. Adam
  10. I tried it and ended up having to sell the HEQ5 pro for a AZ EQ6 GT, so no i dont recommend it. The esprit 100 is a heavy scope for a 100mm aperture. With a OSC you will get away with it slightly more than I did with a mono camera as your effective image scale is reduced by the colour matrix but my stars where never quite round and I am picky, you may be less picky. I would say I was getting 1.1 arcseconds with the HEQ5 and that was not quite enough for my 1.5 arcsecond image scale ( Guide RMS should ideally be half the image scale). Adam
  11. if anything the amp glow in the 294 is worse...its the 533 that has none at all.
  12. Most of the time its just different lens cell designes causing the clear aperture to vary a little from scope to scope. It can be imperial to metric conversion. It can be to optomise the number of blanks you get out of a batch of glass. If a polilshing machine often leaves turned edges you will often make the lens elements slightly larger so that the turned edge can be hidden by the edge of the cell, perhapse more cost effective than buying a better machine and trying to get better polish right to the edge of the lens. I would not worry over think it. Adam
  13. If i was going to get an OSC I would want it to be a large sensor like the 2600. However, I feel that there are other options appart from ZWO in this instance that are just as good. https://www.modernastronomy.com/shop/cameras/cooled-ccd/qhy-cooled-ccd-cameras/qhy268c-photo/ and cheaper, in some ways maybe better (camera rotator). I dont feel that the ZWO features such as USB hub and shorter backfocus are as relevant to OSC as you dont have a filter wheel. I say this as a happy ASI1600mm pro owner too. Adam
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