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  1. None of the ZWO cameras have a physical shutter, a rolling shutter is simply as type of electronic shutter that controls how the photo sites are read. So the answer is no for stellarmate.
  2. I assume this is mainly electronically assisted astronomy, so a camera allowing you to see Deep space objects in near real time? You must have some sort of budget so what is the budget? I assume that will need to include a camera and many other pieces of equipment too. Adam
  3. Seems petty to me, but at the same time its a lesson in why building regulations are important to consider. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7583691/Man-told-tear-12ft-high-observatory-neighbour-said-needed-sunglasses-glare.html Adam
  4. Where they f6 or slower? You see it on everything it's just worse in those instances.
  5. Astro Pixel processor has excellent gradient removal and some other great features too.
  6. I think the answer is yes and yes, The thing with swapping filters for me is that you can introduce dust that way.
  7. As above the only thing that would have made me want to change it out for my ASI1600mm pro would have been an integrated off axis guider.
  8. Just noticed the picture in the OP is actually a ASI183GT
  9. Here: https://www.astrobin.com/5uf7w7/0/?nc=all
  10. No not AP applications, I just mean that its real life hardware that is currently fielded as opposed to a pen and paper specification. If you look on astro bin there are some images even from the beta testing.
  11. The ZWO version will be $4000...but people are still haivng issues with the ASI071mc... They are coming out for sure mate. Its a sony sensor and already in other products. I could afford a camera, but not with a scope to cover that sensor. You are already half way there. Adam
  12. Something is binding and then releasing.
  13. sell them both and get a QHY600 mate.
  14. Interesting, but like you say most people want LRGB HA, OIII, SII filters. But even if not then you would need to ask yourself how much cheaper is it to get a ASI1600mm pro and ZWO EFW mini? Does it have an integrated off axis guider? That would be an advantage. Maybe it weighs less? Adam
  15. Its all to do with F-ratio mate more so that pixel scale. Lower f- numbers tend to result in less micro lensing. So yes it works the opposite way. But its also that larger apertures collect more light resulting in brighter point sources (stars) and so more visible micro lensing. Adam
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