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  1. Adam J

    Altair hypercam 183c

    Yes but in what software it seems the range is different in different applications for the hypercam.
  2. Adam J

    Altair hypercam 183c

    Yes I noticed that about the hypercam. Really odd. Can you set in one and read off the value in the other? Is it a linear relationship etc. I would ask on the apt forum.
  3. Adam J

    Altair hypercam 183c

    A offset of 200 is too high that's using 5% of you dynamic range in offset. 50 or so might be more like it.
  4. Adam J

    EQ6-R owners club

    You should take him with a pinch of salt as he is effectively sponsored. Also gets things wrong all the time. I suspect it was included as a review package. That being said the Esprit 100 is a scope I would love to own myself. I would consider having it checked and tuned via Flo considering the investment.
  5. Adam J

    Using NB Filters with OSC

    Rather than separate narrowband filters how about an STC duo narrowband filter. It will allow you to image ha and oiii at the same time with an osc.
  6. Adam J

    RGB Filter Size for CMOS Camera?

    1.25 are easily ok.
  7. Adam J

    Canon 1200D or ZWO ASI178MM-Cooled

    I would say that you will get a low FOV with the 178m and the Z61.....but it will be sufficient for many targets. The image quality will easily exceed the 1200D Adam
  8. Adam J

    Obsy for a refractor

    As I have been using mine which is 5.5 x 5.5 and I have never wished it was bigger (actually recently wondered if I could have gone smaller and accessed the scope from outside the building), 7x7 is clearly not the minimum operating room. More room is not always better, more room costs more money and more time and requires a bigger garden. I would agree that 7x7 would be nice for observing though, but in my location that is not going to happen in any meaningful way.
  9. Adam J

    Obsy for a refractor

    yes you dont need a huge obsy to image. Mine is 1.7m x 1.7m I just left sufficient space to squeeze myself around the scope.
  10. this looks more like the color I got when I shot this.
  11. is the secondary mirror still just a flat surface...if so i dont see why it would be expensive to replace.
  12. Adam J

    woodhall spa

    yes the skys are nice and dark around your location.
  13. You will certainly get a better pixel scale with the 183m, but also a better FOV with the 1600, so its more about which is more important to you. Both will do narrowband fine with such fast optics.
  14. I am not sure you can change it I was thinking more manufacturing error.

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