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  1. ZWO ASI183MC

    I would say its definitely unsuitable for that scope the pixels are to small. Down size to a 130PDS and bin a mono 183 2x2 and you will have a good combo...or if you really want OSC I think you would be better off with a ASI294mc pro or better still a ASI071mc pro for the larger field of view...but ditch the 200p in any case. What mount do you use?
  2. Realistically my maximum exposure is 20 - 30 mins and I use that exposure with both my current OIII and Ha filters. So I am sure that for me this would be fantastic for my set of circumstances at any rate. Not sure why all the negativity about this development to be honest at the very least you can think of it as a narrower UHC filter for imaging and that is no bad thing. I would rather expose OIII and Ha in parallel for twice the total integration time, than use the separate narrow band filters in series and in effect half my integration total in each channel. That is worth more than any slight difference in exposure settings between channels...if indeed that is something I would want to do. How much did the custom filter cost you? Guessing more than 230 dollars?
  3. Did you apply flats to the OIII data? I do wonder is some vignetting might have gotten through.
  4. Those are not close to anything that you could class a narrow band, not even the Astronomik UHC. The one I linked is not a UHC filter its 10nm wide at OIII and 12nm wide at Ha. The astronomik you just linked is a good 40nm wide at OIII and actually gets the H-b line to as a result and again 40nm wide at H-a getting the SII line too. The new filter is much more selective and will be greatly more tollerant to LP.
  5. I get results I like with my cooled DSLR exposing OIII and Ha seperatly this would just allow me to do both at the same time. Also not sure about the one you mention but they are selling this one for 240 dollers for the APS-c clip ad 330 dollers for the 2 inch,
  6. ZWO ASI183MC

    Honestly get the mono version not the OSC! The tiny little pixels on the 183 are mainly suited to short focal lengths unless you bin 2x2 and you can only do that with the mono really, what scope are you thinking of using this with? Adam
  7. A year or so back I remember joking about how much I wished that it was possible to have a narrow band filter that allowed both OIII and Ha through at the same time to enable me to image both emission lines simultaneously with a OSC camera.....apparently someone somewhere was listening to me and wishes do come true. See link below. www.stcoptics.com/en/astro_duo_narrowband/ Problem is no one in the UK stocks it ( @FLO ) and its seems sold out everywhere. Here is a link to an example image: https://www.astrobin.com/full/329743/0/ Adam
  8. Take 100 and stack them?
  9. M33 Triangulum

    You can try moving the primary mirror as far up the tube as you can on its adjustment screws first. After that I would tend to go with chopping the draw tube down to size....but you have to take care But as you say to be honest I think I would have a preference for using a MPCC MKIII over the SW CC just because the SWCC also has some issues with reflections on brighter stars.
  10. M33 Triangulum

    Yes it will be the coma corrector the SW coma corrector is also a mild reducer (0.9) and so it moves the focus back towards the OTA tube causing the draw tube to move further into the light path than in the case of a MPCC MK3.
  11. No problem at all, if you have any questions please feel free to ask.
  12. cls clip filter for canon

    How much do you want for that?
  13. Very nice you got better color than me and I actually used OIII data!
  14. M51

    That is impressive considering.
  15. Wanted ASI290mm Camera

    Wanted a ASI290mm in good condition. Will pay 250 pounds to include pay pal fee and delivery unless collected in person. Will also consider the cooled version for a good price. Cheers, Adam