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  1. He does not qualify anyway, you only qualify for the Darwin Award if you have not already reproduced and hence failed to onward propagated your DNA.
  2. Flattners dont correct vignetting, they correct for field curvature. Apart from that imaging at F7.5 is also not so great.
  3. Yes I see that now, I was looking on another web page where the scope was pointing right to left and there was no split, but I can only think that they must have flipped the image of the scope as seen from the other side. I am guessing that the dove tail will need to be mounted quite far back to get balance and so if you need to rotate the entire scope in the clamp to get the correct sensor orientation it will be best to mount the scope with the focuser upside down. Also wondering if that is a compression ring on the 62mm or they went cheap and its just thumb screws. Adam
  4. Not even sure its a clamp with the 62mm it might just be incorporated into the scope and not be removable.....in which case I dont see a camera rotator...which begs the question, how do you rotate the sensor if using a threaded connection to the dedicated 0.9x reducer flattener?
  5. I see, you will almost inevitably want a flatterer / reducer in the near future for imaging.
  6. Hi, what happened to stop you imaging from your back garden?
  7. Everything you will need, in terms of adapters for a 55mm back focus comes in the box with the camera. You will not need to buy anything.
  8. I get the impression this is the 1.25 x 8 model but its not 100% clear.
  9. Only way to add spikes to a refractor is to make a mask and do it properly. I personally think it adds something to open clusters, but spikes added in processing do look rubbish.
  10. If you are just starting then a ED80 / 70 or a 130PDS are your best choices.
  11. Thats a completely different focal length to a 80/100 ED so what do you want to do with your new scope?
  12. Looking at your images vs what I am seeing in the PHD chart the results done seem to align with the data. That kind of error should be very obvious in terms of star shape. Is there any chance that guiding is correct but that PHD is not correctly calibrated in the RA and so appearing to magnify the guide errors? Adam
  13. Beware of voltage drop with long lengths of cable and low voltages.
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