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  1. Not impressed - why give the guy a national platform? We all may laugh, but he got to spread his ideas to a huge audience. And from the other side - there's something a bit off about putting somebody on TV with the intent to merely laugh at their sincere beliefs.
  2. To add to that, even if Earth is compressed into a black hole, the gravitational strength experienced at 6371km from the black hole would still be 1g.
  3. Well, the C6 weighs 3.8 kgs plus accessories, so that should be ok. But it is getting close - that's why I am looking for real-world experiences.
  4. You don't need a lot of mass to form a black hole, you just need a lot of density. If the Earth was squeezed into a sphere 17.4mm in diameter, it would be a black hole. If you spread out the same matter over an Earth sized sphere the gravity at the surface is only 1g or course. By the way, as you travel into a uniform sphere the gravitational force experienced is equal to the matter closer to the center of the sphere than you. So if you went to the center of the Earth you would be floating about in free fall!
  5. Just revisiting this thread - still not sure the AZ-GTi can take a C6. I have started saving for one anyway Does anyone have any new thoughts or experiences on the C6 + AZ-GTi combo?
  6. I tremble at the thought of setting up that beast. Hats off to you. On a simple practical level, how do you manage it?
  7. Looks like it went well....
  8. Just posting a big Thank You to the postal workers who brought a ton of good stuff this year. AZ-GTi and ASI178MM in particular, an awesome year from an astroconsumerist point of view.
  9. One Falcon 9 rocket launches 66 Starlink satellites at a time. As these satellites are in very low orbits they should only be visible in twilight. Those passing overhead at night will be fully in Earth's shadow.
  10. I got the Teleskop Service version of this: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/astro-essentials/astro-essentials-canon-ef-lens-to-t2-adapter-for-cmosccd-cameras.html
  11. I'd forgotten about the region around Sadr! Is there anything in Spring to early Summer?
  12. I am looking for targets for my camera lenses. They need to be north of Orion. I know about North America Nebula, California Nebula, the Veil, the Pleiades, Heart and Soul, M31... But what else covers a few degrees of sky?
  13. Ags

    It focuses!

    Sorry, I have been using it for months exclusively with sharpcap, and I've never noticed what happens when I cancel a capture. But I have never gone over 30 second exposures.
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