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  1. Would be interesting if Skywatcher published the API to this mount. Could easily create an equatorial mode, link up an autoguider (both axes)...
  2. Berlebach Report 112

    And it has arrived. It feels very solid given its light weight. Other family members say it is heavy - you can't please everyone!
  3. Berlebach Report 112

    I have finally bitten the bullet and placed an order for a Report 112 Astro. Just got to add the AZ5 and maybe the AZ5 pillar and I'm ready for Mars in the Canary Islands!
  4. Mike, you do sound much more positive about the Newt. I'm just surprised the view is noticeably better than the Mak; I would expect them to be about the same with arguably nicer star shapes in the Mak.
  5. It really sounds like there is something wrong with that Mak...
  6. Richard Feynman once theorized that positrons are simply electrons travelling backward in time, because they are simply electrons with all properties reversed. Balls of wool spontaneously form knots, while shoelaces spontaneously come undone... So are shoelaces simply balls of wool travelling back in time?
  7. I really hope these can reach focus with a prism! If it is, I might finally be an apo owner! Anyway, what is S-FPL53 glass? I'm guessing it's not quite as good as plain FPL53 glass...
  8. Favourite Class Of Object, And Reasons

    Mars is in a class of its own! I would say double stars, if I must name a class with more than one member Why? They have a meaningful scale in AU separation and years period.
  9. I think the only reason to prefer the 6" newt over 8" newt is the smaller aperture might be less sensitive to seeing conditions. Best solution here is to just get a 16" dob - then you can get an unobstructed aperture mask of approximately 6" for nights of poorer seeing, and also slay the aperture fever bug! How is the Newt standing up to the Mak?
  10. It means bright security lights will fall down.
  11. Using super-cold rubidium atoms, scientists have created light with mass. Also, the photons are slightly sticky. https://phys.org/news/2018-02-newly-optical-state-enable-quantum.amp?__twitter_impression=true
  12. Falcon Heavy cost

    It's an exciting time for rocketry. If you consider the the space shuttle as a wasteful digression, there was basically no significant advance in launch technology since the 1970s. Some new rockets came into service, but they were little more than modernized versions of what we already had. But with SpaceX's reusability, advances in payload capacity, and high launch frequency, things are radically different now. It's like SpaceX are flying jets while the rest of the industry are still using biplanes. SpaceX's rockets are cheaper that the competition even if they are not re-used - to me it's amazing they can hit a lower price point and pack in the technology, infrastructure and extra fuel required for reuse. Musk claims that BFR will get off the ground next year (in the form of a very short distance atmospheric hop) - but we'll see!
  13. Live rocket launch

    Next Falcon 9 launch contains two test satellites for Musk's global internet service: https://www.engadget.com/2018/02/13/spacex-launch-satellite-internet-starlink/
  14. Falcon Heavy cost

    He also mentions that SpaceX might enlarge the FH second stage or the fairing, if BFR is not available on schedule (highly likely, methinks!). So possibly some plans to further develop FH.
  15. As far as I understand it, Gold, Platinum and other very heavy elements are not formed in supernovae but in colliding neutron stars, as in the recently detected gravitational wave which was confirmed optically and spectrographically.