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  1. Did some more 3D modeling today. This is the view from Jupiter: That was ok, but the view from the sitting room was Shed Central: Now looking at if I can make the back right corner work as an observing area. The problem is the grape-clad pergola due south of it and a lovely crab apple tree next to it.
  2. Visual mostly with a little imaging. There is a streetlight due south of the site which might be a real deal-breaker depending on the angles and a couple of young hazelnuts will have to come out. Is it a bad idea to let creepers grow on the side of an observatory? I don't want to pour concrete for a pier however. I am thinking of something less permanent - perhaps something deeply staked into my heavy clay soil. Note I am not thinking of very heavy equipment, maybe a C8 at most. I think it would also be nice to recline in the darkness of the obsy with a pair of binoculars taking in t
  3. I live in a ground floor apartment, surrounded by neighbors in a land where no one seems to use curtains or blinds. I have 3D light pollution from local light sources, and nearby Schiphol airport and a surrounding city. I often think about a structure to block out the local light pollution. One which I would be able to build anyway. A dome is simply too complicated to build and far too expensive to buy. A roll off roof is awkward in my space and won't block light from upstairs. Tonight I thought of a flip-lid observatory - if the roof flips up it will provide more shading. Something like this
  4. I finally get to try out my Artcise tripod tonight but not sure of a target.... I have a small mono sensor attached to a 100 mm f2.8 lens giving a 5 degree FOV. I only have the west and the zenith. Any suggestions?
  5. Well I am happy with mine. Light and capable,a good all-rounder.
  6. Some lovely images have come back already from Perseverance. I am also keenly following the developments by SpaceX at Boca Chica. I think bigger cheaper rockets will really open up Mars. I remember the early pictures back from Mars and thinking it looked so plain and ordinary and familiar, which was the most exciting thing - a planet nearby that wasn't utterly alien. Here in Holland the state pension age is linked to life expectancy so tonight I was checking when I would retire. It turns out it will be at age 67 + nine months for me, in the late 2030s. My first thought was "Wow, I
  7. Yes it is in AZ mode. The C6 is quite large so the counterbalance serves to reduce strain on the gears. It's not in perfect balance, only less out of balance. Also keeps the relatively small tripod balanced.
  8. FedEx sent me a bill today for VAT and import duties - 30% of the original cost.
  9. Stilll haven't had a chance to use the tripod, but I did get a bill for EUR 39 import duties today.
  10. Still on the fence about catching one of these to Australia...
  11. Shame, very close to success. A miss is as good as a mile...
  12. Just another picture of the starship fleet and its tank farm.
  13. Hello from Noord-Holland!
  14. If UK people are paying more it is exclusively because of how the UK is applying the rules. The money goes to to the UK government following the UKs interpretation of the rules.
  15. The closest I have got to Astronomy the past few weeks has been Moon halos...
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