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  1. Consider a couple of these: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/bst-starguider-eyepieces.html
  2. As Churchill said, the secret of a satisfactory eyepiece case is to proceed from one purchase failure to the next without losing enthusiasm.
  3. The solution is simple - buy lots of eyepieces and keep the ones that work for you!
  4. From Wikipedia: Although not ultimately his decision, the commander of a mission always held great sway.[35] To David Scott the choice was clear, as Hadley "had more variety. There is a certain intangible quality which drives the spirit of exploration and I felt that Hadley had it. Besides it looked beautiful and usually when things look good they are good." Apollo 15 is infamous for an unauthorized merchandising incident where the astronauts smuggled hundreds of postal covers to the Moon for a fee. None of the astronauts ever flew again!
  5. I've never been able to form an image with both eyes with binoculars (I have tried many pairs over decades). With bins I just see double whatever I do. So it is mono for me, even with binoculars.
  6. Oh please do! So I should not buy them, but you can't say why? It's even more mysterious now
  7. No, sorry. Just pointing it out in case you were interested.
  8. On FLO: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/astro-essentials-eyepieces/astro-essentials-super-plossl-eyepiece.html
  9. Exactly... turns out I can't count to 12.
  10. Makes sense - the eyepieces don't exist - they are probably just ghosts in the TS machine.
  11. Time to dust off this thread. Weirdly there are still no reports online of anyone using these. Very weirdly they only seem available from TS in Germany. I am thinking hard about getting the older ES 4.7 and 8.8, but would love to know how these compare... I'd probably go for the non-LER eyepieces, simply because they are bit lighter, their excellent quality is well known, and I am so happy with their 6.7 sister. Maybe that's how everyone feels.
  12. I fall asleep by trying to fill the slots in my eyepiece case. 12 slots currently containing three eyepieces, so many choices. I'm asleep before I fill the final row.
  13. How can you hate Mars, the bestest of all planets? My astronomy life life is centered around Mars oppositions...
  14. Gosh that's bright! Where is it? Is it naked eye? EDIT: I am now educated: http://aerith.net/comet/catalog/2020F3/2020F3.html
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