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  1. This is what I went for in the end: Explore Scientific dob counterweights with an M12 bolt. I did try a longer piece of threaded rod instead of a bolt but felt it vibrated too much.
  2. Thanks, I think i can do much better - I could have made the RGB sequences at least 4 times longer for example, and I am not sure I really got best focus with this run either.
  3. Had a break for a bit as I got side tracked by aquariums. Started up again last night with Mars. Cloud was coming in fast so I shot just 2000 6.5 millisecond frames each of R, G and B around 23:00 UTC. Processed in AS!3, Registax 6 and Gimp.
  4. Agree Maks are a bit sharper. I really see the difference on double stars.
  5. I expect it would be hard to tell the views in a C6 and Skymax 127 apart unless you had them set up side by side. The C6 would just be a small incremental improvement over the C6 in terms of light gathering and resolution. The main argument for the C6 is it is the biggest aperture you can put on an AZ-GTi.
  6. 3.8 kg is an often quoted value, but that seems to be the weight with a diagonal and random eyepiece. I have weighed just the OTA and I measure 3.3 kgs.
  7. Thanks! Yes it is barlowed slightly. I measure the focal length at 2400 mm. Equally importantly, the camera is mono with small pixels.
  8. High density knots of dark matter have been observed in the core of large galaxy clusters, which was not predicted by current dark matter models. https://www.spacetelescope.org/news/heic2016/
  9. That won't knock them out of orbit - but it will mean they need to launch a whole new batch of working satellites.
  10. The International Telecommunications Union nominally controls this; by international agreement the licensing decision is delegated from the ITU to the launching nation's telecoms authority.
  11. I am using it in Alt AZ mode on a Berlebach Report tripod.
  12. It is still working out well. Good for visual and photography.
  13. A dob of similar aperture looks tiny in comparison...
  14. Now I am thinking about a 10" goto dob. Maybe one day!
  15. True - I have to empty my hard drive after each session!
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