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  1. I don't quite agree with that. I find a wide field scope and red dot finder (and some patience) help me find objects more reliably than my old goto system ever managed.
  2. @iPeace I wonder if the Nagler 3-6 is "lucky" simply because it is a zoom... It's always the right focal length for the conditions.
  3. To be fair, the paint job was only meant to last a week...
  4. The Cargo Dragons are already re-used and I believe the same will be true of Crew Dragon.
  5. That's not chilled enough. Just step outside and admire the stars naked-eye.
  6. As long as you read it first
  7. I totally overreacted. Apologies.
  8. That looks so wrong. And heavy too!
  9. That's why we have ISO8601: 2017-02-10. Still waiting for a Goto mount that accepts stardates...
  10. I think they would be more excited if they hit liquid water
  11. Well, half a meter down is already much further than anyone has gone before. Can they reverse mole and try a new spot?
  12. I enjoy finding the targets as much as actually looking at them, so goto doesn't work for me.
  13. No drama, @steveex2003 - It didn't vibrate, it swayed gracefully. Twilight I is fine for short scopes, not a medium sized Newt.
  14. Putting a 150 Newt on an Explore Scientific Twilight I mount.
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