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  1. Ags

    What did the postman bring?

    Basically plastic, more plastic, and traces of microchip?
  2. Not too sure the bump in CA from a prism is going to affect the views in an ST80; it's never pointed at targets that would bring out CA anyway. I can understand the concern if the prism was going on something like an Esprit 80...
  3. Well... I need two ultimately, so I could get both @John, the issues with F5 refractors would be increased chromatic aberration?
  4. The Baader Zeiss sounds very nice, but it is a bit too much for me. It would be a bit comical hanging off the back of an ST80 The TS one sounds more like my kind of thing. I've also looked at the Takahashi diagonal, it's only a few Euros more, and surely a Tak's good?
  5. I use the default Skywatcher cheapo diagonals with my two scopes, and they are intensely irritating because the locking screw is so far up the barrel the screw head pushes against the base of my wider eyepieces. I don't expect a diagonal upgrade to make any significant difference to views but what are my affordable options for two better diagonals? I would prefer prisms as they are less fragile than mirrors and I like the sound of 100% internal reflection. But mostly I just want my wider eyepieces to go into the diagonal straight, and to no longer feel the lock screw head grinding away at the base of my favorite eyepieces!
  6. Local light pollution from my no-curtains upstairs neighbors was particularly bad tonight and being a weeknight I couldn't wait for them to go to bed, but I thought I would try use the setup to view some brighter clusters in Casseiopeia. Achird was barely visible to the naked eye, so could see down to mag 3.5. I couldn't get any color from Achird's faint and usually strongly red companion, so perhaps haze was dimming views a bit. First up was NGC 281 near Achird, not found! I didn't expect to see any nebulosity but I didn't see any clump of stars either. Next I did find the Dragonfly / ET Cluster and it was a very nice sight in the Mak. As ever, the ST80 was essential in hunting it down. M103 was another fail, but NGC 659 was a success! And another triumph for the superfinder ST80 setup. I missed a trick - NGC 129 would have been an easy spot Midway between Navi and Caph, but I overlooked the opportunity. Stopped by the Double Cluster for the grande finale I had some stickiness in the Alt axis but delicate adjustments to the tension reduced (but did not cure) the problem.
  7. Ags


    I know passing the heliopause is one definition of interstellar space (in terms of the properties of the probe's immediate surroundings), but if it hasn't cleared the Oort Cloud it's still well inside the Solar System!
  8. I've never seen a "10 Best" article that was worth reading. On the other hand, @lukebl, you can see an awful lot with a 5" telescope.
  9. Ags

    Live rocket launch

    Big milestone for SpaceX: https://www.google.nl/amp/s/www.teslarati.com/spacex-falcon-9-block-5-return-to-launch-site-landing/amp/#ampf=undefined
  10. If you look on CN you will see some threads about using gaussian lenses like a 50/1.8, but I doubt camera lenses are going to beat the 70mm field stop of the 80mm 3" Masayuma. You may also want to have a look here: http://www.siebertoptics.com/SiebertOptics-eyepieces-observatory.html ...although I must say the Siebert website makes my eyes bleed
  11. Ags

    Shall we get rid of the moon?

    @SIDO, according to that article Earth's core has only cooled by 10% since formation, with the Moon delivering a trillion Watts to the core currently. This doesn't quite add up to me as the Moon used to be much closer, and I believe the energy delivered goes up as the inverse cube of the distance. So surely in the distant past the Moon was delivering well over 10 times as much energy and the core would have been much hotter anyway?
  12. Ags

    The Veil gets its tail!

    I'm curious how the image would look like with only the RGB data...
  13. Ags

    Shall we get rid of the moon?

    I have a compromise option - better than either vaporizing or keeping the Moon. Instead, simply condense it to less than 109 micrometers, and it will form a black hole! The Mooniacs would be happy knowing it is still there, and the DSO brigade would have dark nights. Also, instead of occulting stars, it would form Einstein rings. I'm not sure what a solar eclipse would look like...
  14. Shouldn't you be looking at 3" eyepieces for an observatory scope like that? http://apm-telescopes-englisch.shopgate.com/category/3439303532 I have heard somewhere of people using reversed camera lenses...
  15. Ags

    Shall we get rid of the moon?

    Flock the Moon? Actually, apparently it is already about as black as a lump of coal.

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