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  1. All Thanks for your input - I will start again from scratch and reprocess the data. Will post the results . . . Dave
  2. Hi Stuart, thanks for your reply. Interestingly I cannot see the issue in either individual subs or the master flat. Good to know that you do not use the flattener as this points to an issue with the main optics of the scope. I will check with a torch as you suggested, however looking through the OTA at the sky seems clear.
  3. In October I broke the piggy bank and bought an FSQ-85ED, which was supplied with the 1.01x Flattener. Given our rubbish weather, I have only had a couple of opportunities to use it, the first being with my ASI1600 mono. I had the flattener fitted for that session and was pleased with the results. In December I purchased an ASI2600 OSC and fitted that to the Tak without the flattener, first to save the aggravation of setting accurate back focus and secondly because it should not be needed for that sensor size (the flattener is supposedly only required to correct astigmatism with ful
  4. Hi Jon Many thanks for the link, that explains everything! Will do some measurements and get back to you. Regards Dave
  5. Hi, A couple of questions re the OAG please - is it the model with M42 threads on both the scope and camera sides, and what optical length (thickness) is the body? Thanks and regards Dave
  6. Hi Adam According to the PrimaLuceLab site, yes: https://www.primalucelab.com/astronomy/sesto-senso-robotic-focusing-motor.html#:~:text=SESTO SENSO is compatible with,not lmited to these)%3A&text=Telescopes with Baader SteelTrack®,with 2" and 3" focusers
  7. In July I bought a PrimaLuceLab Eagle 3S Controller and on impulse bought 2 Sesto Senso focusers, to replace my geared stepper motor DIY setups. Having the controller, I don't actually need the focusers' built-in wifi and apart from looking very smart, they really do not provide better functionality than my home made drives. As my next purchase will be a camera Rotator (the Pegasus Falcon looks good), I have decided to offer these for sale . They have had less than 2 hours' use, thanks to our weather and come with all adaptors, allen keys, cables and boxes.. Asking £199 each (£70 under
  8. Both mounts now sold, thanks to everyone for their interest! Dave
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