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  1. Hey, all good thank you, I would like to meet up sometime at MR in the new year. i’m actually in Australia now, have an astronomy night sorted at Uluru and Mangrove mountains and another at great barrier island NZ. Lol once again unplanned I have turned a regular holiday into an Astro one but my wife enjoys it too! Will bring her to MR as well. How are you?
  2. Thanks for the advice, I had actually looked into that B&B but was hoping to make it over to the Great Barrier island for other reasons. My trip isn't primarily for astronomy so was unable to plan my dates for that purpose so well however I believe moon rise is fairly late at this time thankfully. I actually have a pair of 15x50 Canon IS on the way to day, but was hoping to see a bit more detail with a large instrument whilst I am there. Will probably go ahead and book a tour with https://goodheavens.co.nz/ as they have a 8" Dob they take out for evenings.
  3. Hello, I have a trip planned to Australia/New Zealand in December and have a few days towards the end in Auckland and I am looking to use this time to travel to Great Barrier Island , one of three dark sky sanctuaries in the world. As much as I would love to bring my own scope it's just not feasible with the kind of trip booked, I'm looking into Telescope hire as well as a company called Good Heavens who do sky tours. I feel like their prices are little high for what they offer and considering the location was hoping to find others who have ventured here who could offer advice? Dan
  4. Well finally found the ideal scope then When are you guys free next? let's arrange a day
  5. So good to see you guys are around still! Unfortunately I had to sell the house and cancel the observatory as I broke up with my fiancee ? but all is good now, i've since gotten married and hoping to buy another house in a years time complete with Observatory of course! I think an MR reunion sounds awesome, I see you went and got a big hefty scope to carry around like me Blazar? At the very least a good catch up is in order I think!
  6. How's everyone doing? I've been MIA for a while, i'm still not in Essex but have moved several times... Still have my all my equipment but in NE London with very little view from my garden
  7. Just put down the deposit for a 12x8 with warm room and I am booked in for October/November. I can conclude as with Gnomus that they have been great with the planning and customising the build to suit my garden and have gone above and beyond my expectations.
  8. How's the build going Gnomus? I'm just in the process of planning mine with Home Observatories UK seems you were right about their backlog, I'm looking at end of October if I order now!
  9. Looks like you had a great time Steve, glad to see the sky is great there as I will probably head out there, my mum was born in Mauritius and I have family there but have yet to visit!
  10. dan_uk

    Ian King?

    How's the process going Gnomus? Your thread has been really helpful to me as we are 4-5 weeks away from owning our first home and you've addressed concerns that I haven't even thought of yet.
  11. Oh on that note, has anyone got any recommendations on companies that build roll off roof observatories?
  12. I'm still here! Been out in the garden mostly with a few MR trips to show some non astro folks around. Hoping to get out soon to try out my upgrade Video CCD but real life is always a distraction. I may end up becoming a lone cloud dodger this year, we're planning on buying a place and it may not be in Essex. On the plus side part of the criteria is a dark area with a big garden , I'll certainly look at holding some form of house warming star party though.
  13. I've not been on hear much either lately, although I have been out in the garden whenever there is a small window of opportunity with the weather! Did any of you get out on Saturday? It was a great night until the clouds came and the meteor shower was impressive enough to get my gf out!
  14. There's an update out to resolve the ASPA issue now on Team Celestron. The initial release had some bugs but a newer version was released this morning. Despite the bugs it seemed to be working, hoping to test it out myself soon. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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