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  1. Thanks for that very detailed explanation of what you did. I can now better understand your reason for the time spent on it.
  2. Thanks for that - in general, that is how I like to see astro-images myself. (I am not keen on "loud" colours).
  3. It certainly stands out......but in truth, I am not so sure you needed to spend that amount of time on it.
  4. Did I mention that I have been under lots of cloud for the past week or more? Did I mention that it looks like cloudy weather will continue for another week - or more? What to do! Pulled out some data from last year and started working on it again - with some new processing ideas. Just a test - that I think worked out OK. (I do hope you can view this on a larger screen). This was 16 hours total Ha, SII & OIII data with FSQ 130ED and FLI ML16200 camera.....January 2020. (For Info: This is not exactly an SHO image; I generally mix them in some proportion other than 1:1:1 to RGB. I also
  5. Thanks for your comment - glad you like it.
  6. Thank you Adam. I was not too sure about the end result here....but it is not one of the easier targets....so I suppose I should be happy that I got what I did.
  7. Thanks Robin....yes, some of those Abell targets are hard though....but worth the effort.
  8. Thank you Peter - appreciated.
  9. callisto, Miguel1983, Paul1, & orionoffelt Thanks very much for the comments guys.
  10. For me- this was a hard one....so I am not sure how it will go down. I tried it in January and gave up (even though I obviously kept the data). Again now, very recently, I went back to it until the weather (humidity mostly) has put a stop to any imaging once again. Last night though, I actually combined the Jan & Feb data - even though the imaging scale and the camera rotation had both changed considerably. APP did a fantastic job...bringing everything together ..... and then with quite a crop....I came up with a result. (Total time: 23½ hours). More details & larger image @ https://
  11. Rogelio just had another batch printed and at the end of last week, he dispatched a big number....worldwide. If you are on FaceBook - he has a page there with updated info: https://www.facebook.com/groups/masteringpixinsight
  12. Kinch


    I have been lucky in that I can continue to image the night sky from my back garden......and I am learning something every day
  13. Kinch


    Thanks for such kind words.......but I understand completely what you say about some images being overprocessed. To my mind that happens way too often 'out there'........
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