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  1. Kinch


    Thanks - I am surprised there are not more images of this about......it is quite an interesting nebula.
  2. Kinch


    Thanks Richard - just about had enough data to pull it off....I really had planned on more exposure time .... but then the weather changed!
  3. Kinch


    Not exactly a rare subject for imaging - but at the same time.....not very common either. Full info @ https://www.kinchastro.com/sh2-112.html
  4. Kinch


    You are most welcome - if I like an image myself (from someone else), I too enjoy having a closer look at it. The big FLI 16200 is off the scope now - next images will be with my QSI 6120i - with reducer attached. I have started afresh tonight with one I tried earlier in the year: SH2-174.
  5. Kinch


    Thanks Richard. That camera was taken off the scope today - changed back to the QSI. It does not cool as well as the FLI - but it sure is easier to work with (Sony chip requiring no darks). Nearly time to go out and check the basics - balance, polar alignment and start focus position. I don't think it will be clear enough for imaging - but that is OK - a whole new set of flats to do anyway.
  6. Looks fantastic actually ....you certainly make that Epsilon produce the goods.
  7. I presume you meant "I am NOT sure...." For me, it is not actually habit, but on many occassions I just go for 1 hour each R,G & B for star colour - when an opportunity for getting reasonable RGB arises. (I need a dark nights and high target - out of the light pollution). This is generally only used if there is little colour in the stars of the final NB image. I said it on another thread, that it is just a dislike of mine......seeing stars all simply white (or nearly so) in narrow band images. On this occassion, I don't really think I needed to colourize the stars so much....but I had the data and the time....so I put it in. I don't think what I did on this image made any huge improvement / difference and I think it was more a matter of using the RGB - just because I had it. Having done so - I just recorded the fact that the RGB was in there. Brendan.
  8. Yes - I have to downsize....the final images are just huge even as JPEG. Even on my own website, I rarely put up the full image (even in the link to higher resolution) What you refer to is indeed a PN and I believe I am correct with saying it is: PN G135.6+1.0 (WeBo 1) Here is a crop from the full resolution image that shows it better....
  9. ....wishing you clear skies (which I don't have until next week )
  10. For sure...if you know there is bad data in there, you should get rid of it. Less time with better data always gives you a better foundation if you are going to add more time to it. I am sure you will get it sorted ... but do add as much time on it as you can bear to run with.
  11. Kinch


    ....Thanks Mark.
  12. Thanks Kon - I like looking in on this one (on my computer - in high resolution)....I am very happy with how it turned out.
  13. Kinch


    Thanks for the comment and to answer your question......no - not a mosaic. In fact it is trimmed slightly. This is with a 16200 chip on the FSQ130ED - no extender even. Shooting at 1.9 ArcSec/Pix - so still able to get some nice detail on a wide field shot.
  14. Kinch


    Thanks Steve. Yes sometimes, I spend 3 hours on RGB data to put star colour in because I really dislike ALL white stars. But sometimes there is just no need. I don't know how it works out but here you can see coloured stars - but it is false colour in the sense that there is no RGB in this image.....it is, as it says above, simply 22 hours of NB data. Brendan.
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