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  1. So, do I need to to the calibration every session? Or just if I removed the guidescope and camera?
  2. Tried guiding again last night. After a few seconds the graph went crazy like +/- 16. I had removed the guidescope and camera. So I'm guessing this could be part of the issue?? Should I always leave the camera and guidescope attached, once calibration has been performed? Also, if anyone is guiding with an AzGti, is it essential to enable the auxiliary encoder when setting it up prior to guiding it??
  3. I seem to recall a Helical focusser when I had the LS35. It's also a rotating one. So it will rotate your camera also. The advice regarding pulling the blocking filter/diagonal out is consistent with my experience with this scope.
  4. Can do I guess, but I'm sure it will. Interested in the dimensions of the heatsink and fan tbh.
  5. I'd be interested to know which fan, heatsink and peltier unit you used. And where you got it from?? If you don't mind sharing.
  6. Hooked up my Sony DSLR to the 90mm Mak, fired off a few frames.
  7. Captured last late last night / early this morning. Packed up around 1.30 am. If I can regularly get 2min guided exposures I will be more than happy I think.
  8. So, I set up the AZGTi, with the 72mm scope, ZWO178MC, and the new added guidescope with 120mm mini. Captured around 35x 120s subs at 270 gain as this is supposed to be the lowest noise setting for the 178mc from what I have been reading, however guiding seems to have thrown a wobbler after 21 frames. The graph on PHD did look quite alarming to my eyes, swinging from +3 to -3. But im not sure exactly how to interpret it yet tbh. I am also not sure it isn't a problem with the usb port on my laptop which the 120mm was plugged into. So, I ended up with 21x 120s subs. I did some darks and flats (still not sure if im doing my flats correctly) Anyway, all things considered I am pretty happy with this tbh. Processed in Startools and a final tweak in Paint.net. Thanks for looking and constructive criticism very welcome. I do feel this is much better than my previous efforts. Thanks for looking
  9. You can get USB C OTG cables. Also if using ZWO Camera download AsiCap. As long as there's an iOS version.
  10. I really enjoyed that, good work. Just shows that you don't need to spend thousands to view and capture some awesome sights.
  11. Managed to view it in my 127mm Mak last night. Very bright indeed but so low down and with a turbulent atmosphere, was very difficult to focus on. Wanted to try and grab some video to process but some cloud decided to make and appearance then when it cleared Mercury had dropped below some houses.
  12. Sold a few bits and bobs lately and recycled them into some different stuff. These arrived today. Hoping that when my AsiAir arrives I can be up and running sooner. Also plan to have a play with the camera for solar and lunar. Have to say. Good service from 365Astronomy, who matched the package price that RVO are offering, even though RVO didn't have the camera in stock.
  13. I am going to be doing this at some point for sure, watched a video on youtube of a guy doing the zwo 120 I think it was. Fairly cheap to do also. One question, should the fan be sucking the heat away from the heatsink, or should it be sucking air onto it? If you see what I mean??
  14. i'm not messing with it any more now. lol last one, honest All things considered, and after looking at lots of m106 images on flickr, I think this one is ok tbh.
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