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  1. Couple on new toys to have a play with.
  2. These were all done using my AZGti in Alt/Az mode. Maximum of 15 minutes integration time live stacked using sharpcap All with my 178mc. Some with 72mm scope some with an old lens. Close up Orion was with a 90 mm Mak I think.
  3. Thought i would have a crack at this, despite the moon. lol 40x120s subs, 30 darks. 72mm Semi Apo refractor, ZWO 178MC. Captured using ASiAir Pro. Processed in Startools, Paint.net and windows photo editor. I have and continue to have trouble selecting an optimal gain setting tbh, i had been using 270 and things constantly look noisy to me and are even more difficult to process. So i knocked the gain down to 130 for this and it seems to have helped somewhat. Some stars still look very big though not sure what the best course of action is with them. Thanks for looking.
  4. I have one of these now surplus to its the green and white version. I tried to use it with my AZgti and 72mm scope but the alt adjustment isn't smooth enough for my tastes. I tried adding some additional washers made from a milk bottle material it improved it slightly but I have now bought a William Optics wedge. It may be ok for use with a camera and lens for someone? Looking for £35 including delivery. PayPal friends and family or bank transfer. Collection (social distancing and lockdown permitting) from near Swindon, Wiltshire
  5. The Mrs got me these for Xmas. I haven't used them in an astro capacity yet. But a walk to the shops and back and my hands were toasty warm. Two fingers and thumb still available for phone operation etc https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0173PG4QI/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fabc_KY07Fb8DYRMZA
  6. Thanks for the info Pete. I have noticed it in Venus images i have captured previously and have wondered what it may be, but it seems more pronounced in the Mars image. For a pretty small planetary scope i can't grumble too much.
  7. Had a go at this last night. Captured around 5000 frames with the ZWO 178MC and a 2x barlow Processed the best 50% using PIPP, AS3 and Registax. Can anyone help to explain why it seems like i have a sort of "double" edge to the planet, mainly on the right hand side?? Thanks for looking anyway
  8. Been away in Cornwall for a week, just outside of Marazion. First night there was nice and clear and i had the benefit of a roof terrace/balcony so set up the Star Advenurer, Sony A57 and Minolta 50mm lens. I was having issues polar aligning initially but think i was somewhere near, however i then had issues with power supply intermittency. Its either a dodgy USB cable or the socket on the SA itself. Anyway all i managed was 18mins worth of 20s shots at iso 3200. If i had more dark nights i would have had another crack but alas none were as good as the first night. Visua
  9. Very interesting thread this is. I've been using my AZGti along with ASIAir Pro recently. I guide it using a small guidescope and 120 mini. I had some backlash which seemed to affect my images and guiding performance so I disassembled the mount and removed as much of the backlash as I could. Last time out I lost no subs at all guiding at 180s. I use a 72mm semi apo scope and zwo 178mc camera. My most recent effort was this :-
  10. I was hoping for some more sharpness in general tbh. It's come out ok don't get me wrong. The lens is a well regarded 50mmlens but I'm sure I read something years back about it being sharper from f4 upwards. But forgot when I captured this image. Lol.
  11. I think I should have stopped the lens down a bit more. Might try at f4 or higher next time.
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