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  1. Glad to hear you are enjoying it Gordon.
  2. No longer have my Lunt LS35 but still nice to grab a WL image now and then. Taken using Altair 72ED + Altair GPCam
  3. iddling with settings etc on my new printer. But thought I would have a go at printing one of these.
  4. The Exos 2 Goto does have a larger payload capacity. But the star adventurer is much easier to get out, set up and get running in my experience. Just mulling over ideas really. Wonder if some sort of polar scope could be fitted to the AZGTi??
  5. I am sure I have read that the AZGti can be used in EQ mode?? Can someone confirm this is the case? What is the performance like compared to say a star Adventurer? In terms of payload specifically? I am considering getting one, and perhaps getting rid of my Exos2 GOTO EQ5 type mount and also my Star Adventurer. Would the AZGTi be able to carry my 127mak and perhaps allow me to still capture some planetary images with my GPCam? Could I use my 72ED refractor for imaging of DSO's using the mount in EQ mode with a DSLR? I assume I could use the AZGTi on my Vixen Porta II as I currently use my Star Adventurer on this mount with no issues.
  6. Can only agree with the sentiment of the OP. I too spent an hour looking at the moon last night albeit on my smaller Dob, but with a new (to me) Meade uwa 24mm eyepiece. Very crisp views. One of my favourite areas is Sinus Iridium always has been and it looked stunning last night. Also towards the south pole area was very interesting too, never really paid much attention previously to this part.
  7. FYI Mine was marked as sold yesterday. In the title. Following reading this post. I also posted immediately within the thread as per Stu's post above, that it was sold following confirmation that it had sold within hours of it being listed. I fail to see how confusion could really be blamed for one solar scope selling quickly and another not so. The titles of both adverts where clearly different.
  8. I do have a separate guide scope. Only used it a couple of times. Would need to mount it on other end of dovetail I guess. Or use a standard Skywatcher finder converted to a guide scope? So it can mount on the main scope, right? Still like the idea of attaching the cam to the polar scope though.
  9. Always wondered if it is somehow possible to attach my Altair GP Cam to the polar scope then use the polar alignment feature in sharpcap for alignment?? I have used the feature in sharpcap previously with the camera in the main scope then swapped it for imaging camera DSLR for example. Just thought of I could attach it to the polar scope directly It could be a more elegant solution.
  10. Had to take a quick snap through my new Meade 24mm UWA on the Dob. Handheld phone shot processed in Snapseed.
  11. One thing I will just add. The stars still look much better in my little 72mm semi apo scope. Absolutely pin point in that. But I am generally more of a refractor type of person. For the last couple of years I have mainly dabbled in imaging. And produced some results that I am really happy with, especially considering the economy of effort I put into capturing and processing the images. And also the equipment I tend to use. However after a couple of nights panning around with my 72mm scope I was bitten by the visual bug for the first time in years. And that's how I came to end up with the 250 dob. First impressions very, very good. Definitely need to try under a proper dark sky. Although for an average suburban back garden I have been pleased with what I have managed to a) image and indeed b) see visually
  12. Very windy all day yesterday. Yet the forecast looked promising for 7pm onwards. So, I got my (new to me) 250mm dob set up in my back garden. My first target was the moon. I guess ideally this should be the last due to how bright it is lol. Anyway I stuck a basic 25mm Skywatcher Plossl in the focusser and the moon filled the view nicely, the earthshine was really beautiful to behold and I could clearly make out some surface features within the earthshine portion itself. Looking along the terminator then crispness of the view really impressed me. Albeit quite turbulent. I dropped my Celestron Xcel 9mm eyepiece in and had a closer look along the terminator even small craters had great sharpness and detail to them. With ridges and small craterlets also visible. I then proceeded to swing the scope to Polaris to check out how my collimation was. And also align my RACI finder and Telrad. With a 6mm eyepiece I de focussed Polaris, a nice concentric disc presented itself and everything looked fine to my eyes. Feeling content that everything was aligned I swung the scope over to Orion I immediately noticed more definition to the nebulosity around M42 with the 25mm eyepiece. Definitely more detail in this than I have seen previously, even when I had my 8 inch dob. With the 9mm Xcel eyepiece I had a closer look at the trapezium. Four stars easily visible. No sign of the fifth or sixth, not sure what it will take to see these. Need to do some reading. Lol. Finally I wanted to try and view M51. I didn't think I have ever seen this target and certainly not from my own garden. Took a few minutes but I definitely located it. Could make out two brighter cores with faint smudges around them. Considering I was looking towards the light pollution from Swindon a few miles away I am very pleased. Anyway. All in all a good couple of hours spent with the new scope. Looking forward to hunting down some more objects that I have never seen.
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