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  1. Thanks again for the helpful insight and amazing amount of info. I will certainly be trying the Canon. Hopefully with platesolving too. But I might also try the 0.5 reducer I have on the Samsung and GP Cam. Many thanks for the shed load of info.
  2. Thanks for the info guys. I am definitely going to try my Canon for EEVA, I also want to try platesolving to improve my goto accuracy prior to capturing an image. I am surprised that my GP Cam can't perform better than the old Samsung tbh. The Samsung just seems much faster at gathering the images but the GP Cam crawls along. And seems to require much higher settings in terms of gain and exposure time. I wonder if something like the ASI224 would be huge improvement over the GP Cam??
  3. I think the Samsung has a 1/3 inch sensor. I was wondering about the Altair Astro 183C or maybe a QHY equivalent? A slightly larger sensor would be good in terms of positioning of objects onto it.
  4. Carrying on with my ebay £5 camera I managed to grab this 15 minute live stack using the AZGTi and 72mm Altair scope. Processed in Startools. I feel that my Altair GP Cam is nowhere near as sensitive as this tbh. So, if I were to buy a modern camera, to use for EEVA with my 72mm scope, what should I buy? Are there any options around £300 to £500 ? Thanks for looking
  5. There's a modded 550 on astrobuysell for £200 right now. FYI
  6. Yes. You have to enable it via the app everytime. Not used it enough yet to see if it's any better tbh.
  7. In on my second mount now after returning the first one to FLO. I'm still not convinced that the second one is all that good tbh. Need to.have a few more outings with it. My intention was to use it for some imaging and some EEVA perhaps. But I'm not sure the "GOTO's" are accurate enough the based on the time I have spent with it so far. Perhaps I will try using sharpcap to platesolve for more accurate imaging first. That's is the tracking is good enough. Lol
  8. So, I picked up 2x ancient Samsung SCB2000 cams for the princely sum of £10. I know these are proper old school these days, but couldn't resist for a fiver each. Anyway, I hooked it up to my 72mm Altair scope along with my AZGti mount, and used sharpcap to produce the following image of M13:- This was a "live stack" of around 15mins. x256 for the camera exposure, and AGC set to low, I think. lol I am intrigued by the "economy of effort" involved with EEVA and is something I will be exploring further during this "season" I also have an ALtair GP Cam, and I have a question. Which cam, between the altair and the Samsung will be best for EEVA ?They both have the same size sensor AFAIK, but im sure the Samsung is more "sensitive" for this sort of activity. Hoping to try M27 next. Thanks for looking Tips and comments welcome.
  9. Star adventurer, DSLR, Lens. About as cheap as you can go imho.
  10. I was keen to try this with my Fire tablet. I have an old Samsung SCB2000 and a capture device. Can something like this be used with a tablet via an OTG cable? Thanks
  11. Just out of interest. Would you need any sort of building regs or planning permission for something like this?
  12. Thanks for the info guys. Hopefully FLO will be in touch shortly regarding the one I returned. Ideally I want a replacement that doesn't make a noise like the last one did. And also has much less play or backlash in both axis. The mount itself is ideal for my needs.
  13. Spurred on by my efforts last night I thought I would have another bash tonight. This time with the addition of a 2x barlow. 127Mak, GPCam, Star Adventurer, 1500 frames, PIPP,AS,Registax, Gimp Thanks for looking
  14. Thanks Craig. Consisting the difficulty I have observing in this direction at the sort of altitude Saturn is nowadays I am quite happy with this. Wanted to try with a Barlow but the cloud stopped me.
  15. First time in around 7 years that I have had a go at capturing Saturn. I only had a small window of opportunity as it passes between buildings when viewed from my garden. 127mak, Altair GP Cam, 1500 frames, pipp, AS and Registax. Thanks for looking.
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