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  1. Hi Fozzy Just a quick question I connected the dongle and Wi-fi settings shows wlan0 in devices like yours when I click down the same wlan0 is shown. I downloaded the driver and have tried to extract the files. Thanks Peter
  2. Hi Sorry for the confusion. I thought the price of the dongle it was worth trying that first as I do have a wifi signal outside as picked up by my phone if weakened. I wasnt sure if the ethernet home plug adapter would work with my wiring my outbuildings are on my main fusebox so it should work? I think I follow your first part of your instructions fozzy. But I am lost on the second part? Thanks for all your help
  3. Hi I clicked on the link you sent me. It says mini wireless N USB adapter TL-WN823N I will try tomorrow thanks
  4. Hi my tp-link wireless adapter arrived today I will try it out tomorrow. Just looking at the instructions you connect it to the computer RPI install the driver this can be done with the supplied CD or download. Do I connect RPI AB to a mouse and keyboard? Does AB have a browser I can go online with to download the driver? Then press WPS button on router and then WPS on the dongle Thank Peter
  5. Hi my laptop and iPhone still picks my Wi-fi outside. I have a small back yard my mount is directly behind the house. The house was built 1910 ish they are brick but old type. I had the house rewired when I moved in 13 years ago and I had electric supplied to my 2 sheds which I use for power for my Astro. I understand that a powered Wi-fi booster which uses the electric wiring the the most efficient? The cost of a dongle if it doesn’t work properly it can be used on a laptop when on holiday? Thanks Peter
  6. Thanks I see they also sell Wi-fi extenders designed for outdoor garden these are more expensive . I could try the dongle first? Thanks for the replies cheers Peter
  7. So the dongle plugs into a USB port on the raspberry pi?
  8. Ok thanks Stuart should I invest in a Wi-fi extender booster as the signal will fade from my hub to the garden thanks Peter
  9. No I didn’t do that. So I need to bring the AB inside connect with an ethernet cable. Shutdown then connect all my devices outside power up login into AB and it should work? I will try that tomorrow thanks Peter
  10. Yes I made those changes in astroberry preferences network wifi settings
  11. Hi Stuart I changed those settings it did not work I will try again later cheers Peter
  12. Thanks Stuart are those setting in astroberry or in my home Wi-fi settings? cheers
  13. Hi I have tried again using different usb sockets no joy connecting any of my cameras looked online and some people have had problems with powered hub I assume if it works ok with my laptop the hub should be ok? Dont know if I need a Wi-fi booster I am off next week would like to get this sorted before I return to work. Many thanks for all your help cheers Peter
  14. Hi All I tested the astroberry yesterday. I loaded INDI settings for my set up Atik 314L CCD Atik filter wheel EQMOD Hitech astro focus. Plugged my existing leads into my devices then into my powered hub and from the hub into the AB a blue coloured USB socket. I powered up all my devices and the hub. I also tried to install PHD2 for my auto guider QHY5 I use PHD on my laptop with this camera. The only connection I succecced in making was the Eqmod and I was able to move the mount NEQ6. I have made a note of the USB socket on the hub that works. I will try again tommorow. The wifi w
  15. Hi All I have just managed to connect to the home wifi. Thanks to everybody who helped especially Steve and Stuart. I deleted the network settings. Then when I clicked on my home wifi I entered my password as requested and connected. Many thanks Peter
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