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  1. That's a truly beautiful image. @ollypenrice's comments say it all.
  2. 1 sub, good grief, that's some scope you have there! If only.........
  3. That's amazing for such a short duration. The two panes are well put together. What camera were you using?
  4. Oh dear, I put this in the wrong forum, it should be in Imaging - Deep Sky. Any idea how I get it moved? Thanks
  5. Thanks to an immense amout of patient guidance from Ian (x6gas) I have reworked my Thor's Helmet data. Its an HOO image composed of 14 x 600s Ha and 19 x 600s OIII. Data capture using SGP and PHD2. Processed with APP and PS. It uses Steve Cannistra's synthetic green method of combining the colours. The reworked image has much smaller stars, some with a little colour, a less pitch black background (now at 23/23/23 and not clipped) and I think I've managed to keep the nebula less bright and blue. The improvement is entirely down to Ian, any remaining faults are my own. Thanks
  6. What a wonderful image, there's so much detail to look at. The dramatic illumination of the gas clouds, the gently fading blue areas, sumptous! After investing 28hrs you deserve such a glorious result.
  7. Great Image Carole, I wish I could stay awake all night!
  8. rubecula


    that's beautiful, such glorious colour
  9. That's a loverly image, I've just added it to my to do list. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Or maybe this is better. The last one the adjustment was made to the midtones in this one the adjustment is to the shadows, which has had less impact on the nebula. But on my monitor I can't see any change to the background. Thanks
  11. Does this look any better? I tried Colour Balance in PS and moved the Blue/Yellow slider towards yellow. The blue value is almost the same as the red and green. Other than the Ha being more prominent and the nebula slightly less blue the background still looks the same on my monitor. Thanks
  12. Ah, I see background too blue, I thought Martin meant the nebula! It must be my monitor as it looks quite black to me, in fact too black. I tried the method Ian (x6gas) showed me to get the background to 23/23/23 which worked a treat in my NGC 3628 image but made a complete mess of this one so I left it alone. How to remove the blue in the background without spoiling the nebula? Thanks Adam
  13. Interesting comment Martin. Do you mean too bright a blue or the wrong shade? Looking online there are all sorts of shades from bright green to a darker blue. I did look online before I finished it (but when is an image ever finished?) and ended up where I am. I would appreciate your further feedback. Thanks
  14. Thanks guys for your kind comments.
  15. Wow, that's so good of you Ian. Thanks for that illustrated explanation. You've added a whole new avenue for me to explore. I had a quick go on the image and as well as lestening the blackness it revealed the small distant galaxy that is just to the centre left of NGC 3628 and also (if I'm not fooling myself) a very feint hint of the NGC3628 tail. It has however made the background a bit blotchy so that may need more work. I had a problem with the captured images. The camera dessicant seemed to have suddenly given up and there were what looked like little drops of water and some icing in the images. I've had to clone them out so that may contribute to the blotchiness. The folks at Atik kindly sent me some new dessicant tablets so it's all ok now. I'll have a play tomorrow and put up a copy when it's as good as I can get it. Once again thank you, that was very generous of you. You're a
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