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  1. I will give it a try when I will have the time, thank you for the suggestion.
  2. Hello , unfortunately no I couldn't find the reason , still have on my mind a couple of tests I would like to do when I will have the time...and we will see the results....I thought about many possible problems but can not come to a conclusion. The only filter I had good success is the Ha 3nm Astrodon...all the others give me a short of reflection or I don't know how to call it..
  3. Perfect. Thank you very much , it's my mistake then. Nikolas.
  4. Hello , Anyone has experience in this combination ? The Pocket Power box is giving max 2 Amps in every output but the Zwo Asi 294MC Pro or any other Zwo camera needs 3 Amps to operate otherwise software will hang as i am reading.. Is this true or did i understand something wrong ? Thanks Nikolas.
  5. Amazing result !!! could you please let me know your Bortle scale ??? i am struggling to find a color camera that can actually give me some results in Bortle 8-9 scale where i live. DId you use any filters in front ? Thank you, Nikolas.
  6. Anyone knows if any of these filters or similar come in size of 36mm unmounted ?
  7. I use Astrodon , but if i had to choose would go with Astronomik because i think they give a little bit better on the nm , and my next best choice would be Chroma...i haven't try them but i wish i could because i have seen some very interesting results..... Don't forget though the most important factor, light pollution.....so it depends on which side you are....... I would make up my mind depending on that factor and then my budget......
  8. Very nice result....i see that you spend a lot of time...how many nights ? Merry Christmas !!!
  9. WOW !!!!!!!! Thank you Steve...... All the info given from all of you are very helpful ...... Thank you all !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nikolas.
  10. Hi , i always have the same problem when i try to create an RGB image from narrowband images..... The Ha detail/data gets so faint on the RGB end result....if i strech it gets worse.... How can i enhance the RGB image with all the Ha data.......???????? On the left is the Ha and on the right is the RGB from Ha + Oiii...... Nikolas.
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