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  1. Hello , I am going to use for the first time my color camera and i was wondering if i should check the debayer algorithm in apt tool to RGBG (my camera) or not ? what is the difference ? Thank you.
  2. I am sure that somewhere here has been discussed before but I would like to ask since I am going to try for the first time to combine 2 stacking results from 2 different cameras : Which photo do you usually register to the other...the smaller fov into the wider or the opposite ? Thank you. Nikolas.
  3. The L-enhance looks very interesting filter comparing the price with the others on the market , maybe i would like to see a comparison along the Altair's Tri-band filter , because my main concern is that with the L-enhance i see the photos come out very reddish......or is it just a matter of processing ??? If these filters can capture Ha and Oiii what about bicolor coloration ? is it possible to do HOO ???
  4. Adam thank you for your reply , Yes my Flats are corrected with Bias in the procedure of creating Master Flats (if that's what you mean) , also i have discovered now by experimenting that 16bit master calibration frames work better than 32bit , i don't know if that should be correct or not.... If they are over correcting , does that mean that i should use less calibration frames to create my Masters ? although someone told me the more the better......
  5. Hello, i am having so many difficulties as far as i remember to make some nice flats to match my images.For some reason it it impossible for me to find the secret spot in time and adu for my Flats. This is my equipment : Telescope: Redcat 51 Camera: Atik 383l+ mono (i know the shutter problem that's why i always aim for 3sec and above for taking my flats) Filter Wheel: Atik EFW2 (36mm) Filters: Astrodon Ha & Oiii 36mm 3nm FlatBox: Geoptic flat field generator 164mm (dimmable) Image aquire software: APT Tool v3.71 Software: Astro Pixel Processor This is what i get...i am uploading some images converted in jpeg for the site... Photo A is a MASTER FLAT Ha (Bin 1x1) created with 30 Darks, 50 FLats (3.7sec adu 22000), 50 Dark Flats, 100 Bias Photo B is a MASTER FLAT Oiii (Bin 2x2) created with 30 Darks, 50 FLats (5sec adu 46000), 50 Dark FLats, 100 Bias Photo C is an example result of stacking my fits of Helix Nebula at Bin 2x2 , with the above calibration master frames (this is the Oiii in this case) Are my calibration frames Over correcting ? if yes what can i do ? Is the Optical path problematic ? as i can see at photo A ? what can i do , what to check ? I have checked also the filter wheel position related to filter change , but it comes centered...i couldn't see a fault on it. i Believe i have a problem also finding the correct ADU value....i made any experiments by changing the adu value and i have tried at 22000, 32000, 47000 by using the CCD Flats Aid.......but nothing all come out the same. I hope someone can help cause i am loosing my mind and my fits
  6. Nikolas74


  7. I have deselected Auto Meridian Flip from EQMOD settings , i have deselected LIMITS as well , but still i can not figure this out.......
  8. What I am trying to do is when I issue a go-to command to a target that is on the other side of Meridian , I would like the mount to go directly and not make a circle around to reach the other side.... Is that possible ? Thank you.
  9. Do you think I can still use it for galaxies or star clusters ? I don't believe that they can be so strong as eg. Astrodon 3nm I have been looking for the Altair Triband... My purpose is to use the color camera mainly for getting RGB acctualy....
  10. Thank you I have experience already for the IDAS LP2 but there are so many version I am confused now which one is better for color camera .....
  11. Soon I am going to receive my first time OSC ccd ,I live under Bortle 8-9 skies...I was wondering what filter would be my first priority since I like to image Nebulas mostly....but i wouldn't like to loose the opportunity to image galaxies and star clusters.... There are so many filters out there and now the new Multiband pass filters that combine Narrowband lengths. Duo bad, triband,quad band etc. In my opinion I need a Light Pollution filter and for Nebulas a Multiband pass filter..... Any recommendation on brands ?
  12. How about the target ADU value ? Is it the same like bin 1x1 or should be less ?
  13. The LUMINANCE is now SOLD , the RGB still for sale so to be fair i am reducing the price to £375. Thank you.
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