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  1. I bought my Esprit 100ED fro FLO without having a test and it is perfect !!! One of the best telescopes i ever had. Nikolas Athens Greece.
  2. Thank you, my problem is that these dual band - triband or quad band filters dont come out in 36mm so the only option is for 2inch which ofcourse more expensive
  3. Thank you Adam for explaining this to me....anyway I was thinking it's not going to work since they were vignetting on my Atik383l+ mono that has smaller sensor. I use to have 36mm filters....
  4. I think that a filter like the Optolong l extreme will make a difference on imaging results since I live in a city.
  5. Thank you Dave , I will pair it with an Esprit100ED and with WO RedCat51.....it will be undersampled with the RedCat51 but wide... I was checking the Astronomy Tools website to see what kind of filter size I can go with and the minimum recommendation was for 30.8mm if I am not mistaken.....Does that mean that a 1.25" filter will not cause vignetting.. ?
  6. Thank you Gina , I appreciate your answer , deffently I will never compare the results from a mono ccd with a Color CMOS unless technology goes so far...but if I can get descent results to be happy with I will spend to buy this camera and a filter as well
  7. Thank you for your answer , could you tell me how long does it take to download an image ?... approximately...
  8. As I am ready to invest in this new CMOS camera from ZWO the Asi2600mc pro , I am trying to understand why this camera will be better than a DSLR with a filter Infront.... How this camera will give me better images ? I have used DSLR camera some years ago , when I was starting this hobby but after that I have been through mono ccd's , since the time I realized that unfortunately due to lack of time I can not continue with mono imaging and filters.... So I am thinking to give it a try with a brand new, let's say technology of Color CMOS and see what I can get out of it.... I see some really nice examples on the net but am I going to achieve them ? The Zwo Asi294mc pro widely used around the world is also very promising...Discontinued already as I hear...Amp glow issues....is it really so annoying ?cheaper than the new asi2600 MC pro by half price.... So can someone persuade me that the Zwo Asi2600mc pro is better than the others ?
  9. In case that someone is thinking of selling it although is still very early to find it.... Nikolas.
  10. So if i have a filter wheel and a set of narrowband filters of lets say Baader, i can do the same job? as if i have one filter? lets say L extreme?
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