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  1. In good working condition , if possible in original packaging. Thank you.
  2. Does the OAG Prism has to be parallel with the sensor or to be at the corner of the sensor so there is no vignetting ?
  3. I knew it was a bit confusing that's why I post the question....I think I will do a visual check...and I will post the answer with a photo. Thanks Nikolas
  4. I am looking for the ZWO ASI 120MM-S to use it as a guiding cam.....if possible in the original packaging in good working condition. ...or any other mono model as long as it has the 1/4 screw thread to connect it to a photo tripod... Thank you, Nikolas.
  5. Hello , i am just trying to put together my ccd + filter wheel + OAG....... My question is : the oag prism has two sides , one is like flat and the other has a small like circle .....??? which side goes where ???? Nikolas.
  6. Thank you all !!!!!!!!!!!! Really appreciate it !!! Nikolas
  7. I am wondering what is the best placement of a Guide Scope on telescope , for better guiding and balancing. Because from what i see the traditional way is to place it on top of the main scope....some others they place it under the main scope on the mounting bar.....or at the side where the finder bracket is... Does it make a difference on guiding results ????? this is how i have mine..............it's a guiding camera with a cctv lens................. Thank you , Nikolas.
  8. I was wondering if the dew shield has to be extended all the way ?? does it really makes a difference ?what if i remove it ?
  9. Excellent......its a shame i still didn't try mine....
  10. I just bought the newer version then , from what i see the newer version box is more safe and secure for the telescope. The dedicated FF has an M48 thread adapter to connect it to the camera , so you can attach there permanently a 2" filter i believe... Nikolas.
  11. Anybody can confirm that the backfocus distance using the dedicated flatterer is 63mm or 55mm (i am using as camera the Atik 383L) ? I am a little confused..
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