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  1. Amazing result !!! could you please let me know your Bortle scale ??? i am struggling to find a color camera that can actually give me some results in Bortle 8-9 scale where i live. DId you use any filters in front ? Thank you, Nikolas.
  2. Anyone knows if any of these filters or similar come in size of 36mm unmounted ?
  3. I use Astrodon , but if i had to choose would go with Astronomik because i think they give a little bit better on the nm , and my next best choice would be Chroma...i haven't try them but i wish i could because i have seen some very interesting results..... Don't forget though the most important factor, light pollution.....so it depends on which side you are....... I would make up my mind depending on that factor and then my budget......
  4. Very nice result....i see that you spend a lot of time...how many nights ? Merry Christmas !!!
  5. WOW !!!!!!!! Thank you Steve...... All the info given from all of you are very helpful ...... Thank you all !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nikolas.
  6. Hi , i always have the same problem when i try to create an RGB image from narrowband images..... The Ha detail/data gets so faint on the RGB end result....if i strech it gets worse.... How can i enhance the RGB image with all the Ha data.......???????? On the left is the Ha and on the right is the RGB from Ha + Oiii...... Nikolas.
  7. Both of them are very nice you did a great job and spend many hours to acquire all this data. I prefer the first one because it shows more of the nebula and because it has a more ''exotic'' color. The second is more natural. Nikolas.
  8. Recently i bought this brand new camera from David Hardie when he was doing a big sell out of some really nice items in excellent offers !!! Unfortunately the camera although brand new doesn't serve my purposes so I decided to sell it at exactly the same price which I bought it from David , it was a really special offer The camera new costs £1685 and I will sell it for £750 to be fair.... Camera comes with all its extras and case in absolutely brand new condition....!!!! Info from FLO site : https://www.firstlightoptics.com/starlight-xpress-cameras/starlight-xpress-trius-pro-674c-colour-ccd-camera.html Postage expenses are on me, secured package. Paypal accepted ,just buyer pays the fees. If payment is in EURO we will just calculate the daily exchange rate at Xe.com. Many thanks ! Nikolas.
  9. I was wondering what is best to do.....we have images from multiple sessions (different nights) and we want to create a single integration (stack) ,,,,,is it better to process each session(night) separate or to throw them all together in the software... Me , i use APP and Pixinsight ? What will give us better result.....? Because my images are shifted from night to night how can i put them all as one ???? in Pixinsight ?and not have this border mark on the side ?..should be in star alignment ?
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