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  1. I would like the 2''inch please if it's not gone ! Thank you.
  2. Good morning, I have spend so much time trying to understand why this is happening... I do a polar alignment using Qhy Polarscope... Stellarium never shows dead center to Polaris even after I Plate Solve.. it is always a bit on the right side of Polaris Any ideas why? is it supposed to be like that? Many thanks Nikolas.
  3. Yes I know....just chasing my tail in the lockdown period..
  4. Thanks vlaiv , the Redcat51 has a rotator so it rotates the whole camera setup at once....now, if the camera is rotated the image that I will get will be upsidedown...which not a big deal because I can rotate it afterwards but it gives me a small difficulty when I try to frame an object the way I want it... So in that case I must fix only the filter holder.... I was thinking to add a thin spacer / delrin ring so in that way it will stop in the position I want...
  5. As you can see the photo below , I have rotated my camera sensor to be at 90 degrees but my problem is that, in that way I can not open the filter drawer in case I want to change filters.... The filter drawer knob should be rotated upwards but that's impossible , any ideas on how I can screw/rotate only the Filter drawer but without rotating the camera ?
  6. Even if you modify banding stays the same it's on the sensor build. Try checking at the astronomy tools web site...there is a place that you can check which camera sensor size matches better your needs in Field of View.
  7. I have been doing astrophotography mainly from a Bortle 8-9 , I have changed lots of equipment hoping that something will offer me something better but at the end I realized that I am just spending my money. The most important part though is the filter that I will use....I have started from cheap filters only to end up to he most expensive Astrodons. So the only thing I wouldn't feel sorry to spend would be a good quality filter. There are still though objects that is impossible to see unless I go to a dark site no matter what I do or what equipment that I use. The other th
  8. Maybe the famous Zwo Asi294mc pro would be a good option too , but still will give a you a wide field of view as well....
  9. The best suited camera for the Redcat51 when I was doing a research coming from the Atik 383+mono , was the ZWO ASI183 mono or color , but it didn't suit my needs also I was looking for something newer. There is no banding in the Asi2600mc pro...I didn't notice any. Before switching to dedicated astro camera's I use to have Canon , my last one was the 750d which had strong banding lines due to the new technology of the focus points in the sensor.
  10. Finally I bought it...and I have done a quick test 1 time only...with the same setup like yours...the field of view with the Redcat51 is too wide , I can't really say the I liked it so much but will check again. I am happy that I own an Esprit100ED which will give me a better field of view with this camera. Yes the sensor is large specially if you have used before other camera's , but it doesn't cause any problems except the field of view.
  11. Thank you all so much for your assistance! I will check other RDP software but so far Team Viewer was not so bad, also Chrome Remote Desktop is not bad also but simpler in use. Anyway the first think was to set up Windows updates not to restart the NUC upon downloading and installing updates anf ofcourse the Power settings not to turn off the NUC after sometime. When everything is ready my final test would be to check how it works in 12volts.
  12. I am so amazed on how easy things can be now.... I don't have an observatory but my rig is setup on a pier with wheels.. Now the only thing I have to do is to bring my rig out in the balcony, place it on my floor marks pointing North, make a polar alignment with Polemaster... and after go back to my living room and control everything with my laptop.. Currently I am using Team Viewer... Any other recommendations maybe?
  13. That's good to know I will go to the shop to check tomorrow, its a good idea because I was thinking how to attach it and not fall down.
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