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  1. I think it was Space X Star Link satellites
  2. went outside just before work at 6.15am this morning, looked up, clear sky to the north west and to my surprise spotted a satellite moving from the west to the east, a small gap then another and another and then more, all in I counted 24 strung out across the sky like a pearl necklace moving east!! I was gobsmacked but what a fantastic sight, well worth venturing out before work.
  3. dark knight

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    Hi and welcome to the lounge
  4. Quite agree Stuf the sensor being rectangular will be better suited to my needs
  5. Think in my head thats settled my choice. Thanks and amazing images
  6. Looking at getting one of these to go on my esprit 120ed, has anyone any experience with this one shot color camera, would it be a worthy/suitable addition to my telescope. My main concern is finding a suitable spacer to go between dedicated flattener and camera, also would it work OK with a fairly low spec laptop with only usb 2 ports and 8g ram running windows 10 Thanks for any advice
  7. dark knight

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    Hi and a warm welcome to the lounge
  8. I always used backyard eos for my canon camera control https://www.otelescope.com/files/category/3-backyardeos/
  9. Finally got everything ready, just need a clear sky for a test run, new telescope new guide scope new laptop and even migrated to NINA with plate solving, just itching to get going now as not used plate solving before
  10. Postman dropped this off yesterday, thanks Aunty FLO...
  11. Hi an a warm welcome to the lounge Tiny
  12. Ive just spent the evening loading NINA, eqmod, phd2, ascom drivers, windows.net framework, Cartes du ciel,, ASTAP plate solving plus star catalogue, QHY 5 camera drivers etc onto my new astronomy laptop, now I got to get them all working together and talking to the mount, to say I'm hopeful of it going smoothly would be a huge over statement, pass me the paracetamol!!!!
  13. Looking good, guiding makes a huge difference, worth all the headaches once sorted
  14. I just ordered a new laptop so I can run N.I.N.A, of course that also means I will have to put all the other software on there too!! Ascom drivers, eqmod, Bluetooth for wireless mount control, guiding software, plate solving, planetarium etc etc never a smooth ride but well worth the struggle, well done Russ
  15. I have Esprit 120 ed, it has great wide field views, great for big nebula and the associated astrophotography, it came with a matched flattener, however surely a longer focal length would be better for planets
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