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  1. If any consolation i spent just shy of £1400 on a telescope last month and still waiting for first light! Welcome to the lounge and astronomy
  2. Hi an welcome to the forum, i originate from Cheshire too!! Now live in Wiltshire
  3. Hi is the neq6 bluetooth module and gamepad still available and does gamepad come with a dongle? Please pm me
  4. dark knight

    Hello world

    A warm welcome to the lounge
  5. Oh no Mark what a shame, think id get the sandpaper out now while everything is in the component stage, be a shame to put it all together only to find it affects the overall performance in a negative way, all looks great though
  6. Looking very nice so far Mark, hmm that last photo makes me think its time to wash the mirrors in my 200p as its not been used for ages!
  7. dark knight

    New here!

    Hi and a very warm welcome to the lounge
  8. Sorry to play devils advocate here, but personally i would always start with the mount, this gives a level of future proofing your set up in the long run, the best telescope on an inadequate mount gives rubbish results. Guess what im saying is the mount provides the foundation for success, spending money here will allow your hobby to grow if you choose to upgrade your telescopes, cameras etc without having to buy another mount in the near future.
  9. How about a quiz based tour of the heavens, clues could be given for us to identify targets to view
  10. Any filters sit inside the dslr adapter so wont interfere with the overall spacing.
  11. dark knight

    New hobby

    Hi monty, a very warm welcome to the lounge, hope you've had first light with your new telescope and you enjoy this great hobby. Also just remember theres no such thing as a silly question, ask away, the support here is immense.
  12. Dave, thank you so much for that info, that really makes things simpler for me to work out the width of the dslr ext tube, again many thanks
  13. Quick update, I have found a local company who have the right equipment to make me an m62 to m48 spacer/dslr ext tube, all I now need are the correct measurements if anyone can help.
  14. Hi everyone, bit of a long shot here, i have the above telescope and intend to use it with my modded canon dslr for astrophotography, it came with the dedicated flattener however the dslr m62(flattener side) to m48 (canon t adapter side) dslr ext tube is missing. Is there anywhere i can get one? Does anyone have that part who could measure it up should i require to have one custom made, any help/advice gratefully received, sorry for all the rain and clouds!!
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