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  1. dark knight

    SGL 9 - Bookings

    Well due to unforeseen events we now are not going to make SGL9, really sad as this will be the 1st one we have missed in 4 years. We therefore are looking to sell our pitch on for what it cost us, nights are Wednesday - Monday (leave Monday daytime) included are 2 x Hogroasts, Pitch is a Hard standing complete with electric, pm me if interested please.
  2. Should have no problem with the Orion Nebula M42, amongst others.
  3. dark knight

    John L Dobson R.I.P.

    John Dobson, the inventor of the Dobsonian telescope has died aged 98yrs, his contribution to Astronomy and getting it to the masses through his invention is inspiring to say the least. R.I.P John
  4. dark knight

    NGC 2244: FL of Tak FSQ106N + ATIK 383L+

    Wow that looks stunning, an absolutely beautiful result, I really am hard pushed to decide which I prefer, the mono or colour, guess I'll just sit and appreciate both.
  5. dark knight

    Canon EOS 100D

    Here's an example I took of NGC 6992, part of the Veil Nebula in Cygnus
  6. dark knight

    Canon EOS 100D

    I use a modded Canon 1000D and have to say I love it, it's a great camera with plenty of available accessories like filters, timed shutter releases, mains power supplies, software and is easily hooked up to a computer so it can be controlled via a laptop or pc tower. It's a great way to get into astrophotography without spending a fortune. Also I have found the battery life of these camera's to be outstanding, 2 fully charged batteries are more than enough for a night of taking images and the battery recharge time is pretty quick too.
  7. dark knight

    Anti virus software

    AVG is one of the most reliable free antivirus programs
  8. dark knight

    Really struggling with motivation

    Is there no one locally who could share the hobby with you, I find the more social the viewing the easier it is to get motivated, sharing the experience in real time is very rewarding and makes the long nights less lonely, just having some company can make all the difference. As other have said, don't beat yourself up over it, should you leave and then return to the hobby even many, many years later not much up there will have changed. Good luck in whatever you decide and remember, you only need your eyes to do astronomy so even selling your gear doesn't necessarily mean the end of your interest.
  9. dark knight

    what is some good stargazing music?

    Jeff Wayne an War of the Worlds, just awesome
  10. dark knight

    Traveling from Bristol to Northwest of England?

    Can see that from my back bedroom lol. It's a great spot, and yep we get decent skies, just a shame a Dairy at Westbury has it lights going 24/7 which causes slight LP to the NE, still not too bad though.
  11. dark knight

    Traveling from Bristol to Northwest of England?

    Your very welcome mate, your doing an amazing job getting kids involved in astronomy, glad I will be able to help in some small way. So I just pick the dob up from Bristol an take to Stockport, simples. I'll let you show me a collimation exercise/demonstration..
  12. dark knight

    Traveling from Bristol to Northwest of England?

    Shane I go to Cheshire next Thursday for 3 days, coming home on the following Monday I can go through Bristol, and then on to Westbury where I live (just other side of Bath), I'm not really that far from you.
  13. dark knight

    EQ8 - The Unboxing

    can't wait to see further unveiling, interested to see this alongside your Neq6 for a size comparison
  14. dark knight

    the yesyes observatory - the build

    Very nice job so far indeed Chris, any more progress, looking forward to more updates..
  15. dark knight

    Hybrid Polar Scope-Drift Align Technique

    when drift aligning there is a definite relationship between the Alt and Az adjustments, each one slightly altering the other, that's why it takes so much time to do as you have to keep switching between adjusting Alt and Az until it is fine tuned enough for your needs.

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