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    Lover of all things astro, my family and friends (for their tolerance as much as anything!), science, reading, music, snakes, anything with an exoskeleton and anything/anyone that makes me laugh!
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  1. They're lovely images. Nothing at all to be embarrassed about! Have a go at stacking in Autostakkert!2 and then take the resultant TIFF into Registax for the Wavelets. I love AS!2. It'll be interesting to see the result you get. Alexxx
  2. Okeedokee. I'll PM you my mobile. Thank you!
  3. Hi Graham. That's fine. I don't usually go to the meetings. Tonight is out I'm afraid. I'm near Buckingham. Maybe we can meet half way? I'm in France 18th to 25th though. alexxx
  4. Left-hand book - 2007 - £1.50. Right-hand book - 2003 - £1. P&P £3. Both hardback. Alexxx
  5. The Stargazing one is well-used - 1988 - paperback. The Sky at Night - 2012 - hardback. £4 for both + P&P £3. Alexxx
  6. yup, it's 978-1-84406-095-5
  7. This huge, beautiful book retailed at £60. I'm selling for £20 plus £7 P&P (Collect+). About 2 feet high. In good condition. Very little wear. Or collect if you're near Buckingham. Alexxx
  8. I don't know what you did to process your Jupiter vid, but I put mine through PIPP which crops and also produces a vid file that's compatible with Autostakkert!2 which I use to stack. Then I bring the resultant TIFF into Registax for the Wavelets processing. Then to Photoshop to tweak if necessary. You can also use Castrator to crop out the black sky before stacking in Autostakkert!2. It's escellent.
  9. They're lovely images. All you need now is to guide and take flats. I use the GradientXTerminator plugin in PS so I don't take flats. I find it excellent. Some would disagree! Then it's a case of learning more techniques in processing! In PS, check the Histogram for colour balance. I alter each channel in Levels to ensure the left hand side of each peak line up. Then there's another nice plugin for PS: HLVG (Hasta La Vista Green) which removes the green tinge. GradientXTerminator also has a colour balance option which I use Was Jupiter a still or vid? Alexxx
  10. I haven't done processing for ages. I got a lot of detail but also a lot of noise! How did you keep the noise down? And what HDR setting did you use when converting to 16 bit? I prefer your first one!
  11. That's a very nice image! Don't bother with any pre-processing in DSS. Just use it for stacking. What's your processing workflow in PS? Alexxx
  12. Wow, thanks! Great info. I can get to reasonably dark sites so that wouldn't be a problem. The Rollright Stones near Chipping Norton is one. I'll send a letter to Santa for next Xmas!
  13. Nice shot! Can you give us specs about the capture, equipment etc?
  14. And the 071: Which specs of the two would you say were better? I'm hopeless at the techie stuff!