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    Lover of all things astro, my family and friends (for their tolerance as much as anything!), science, reading, music, snakes, anything with an exoskeleton and anything/anyone that makes me laugh!
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  1. Such great replies! My issue is that I spend most of my precious time on Ha or Lum, wanting to capture lots of data, and only have little time for the RGB (yes, I know I could give more on one night but don't wanna!). I was thinking about adding colour from my DSLR. If I image a neb in Lum/Ha with my Megrez and Atik and the RGB with my Canon on the 200P, the sizes will be similar so not much adjustment. But If I use my 200P for a galaxy, the difference in FOV from each of the cameras will be huge and I'm not too sure about resizing the colour, as to how much detail I'll lose. I know detail isn't too important in RGB, but there's a limit! I'll consider capturing over more than one night and see how that goes. I'll give the OSC a miss then!
  2. Because of my poor health I'm not always able to spend hours imaging, so just tend to do Ha. I want to take RGB but don't have the staying power. I'm seriously thinking about using my DSLR for colour but it has its issues. I might consider getting a cooled colour CCD. I'll even consider a bank loan! What cameras would you recommend that aren't too pricey?
  3. All great ideas! I'll ask my daughter's school. Thanks all. X
  4. I have a load of old S@N mags and CDs from 2005 to 2014 I want to give away. I don't want to chuck them and my local library won't take them. I've advertised them on astro forums but no-one's interested. Any ideas? I'm near Buckingham. Alexxx
  5. Have a look here to see what FOV you'd get. Yes, I assume the FOV will be much larger. You can of course crop the image as you suggest. Orion has loads of lovely nebulosity surrounding it so it'll still be a nice image - mainly in Ha. Alexxx
  6. Of course I'll have a go, but I always consider myself a beginner in PS! I've never used Dawn. It'll be interesting to separate the channels in my DSLR images to see how I fare. I normally just choose the separate channels in Curves and Levels instead.
  7. I've never tried deconstructing. I find my LRGB results always much softer than images from my DSLR. I don't know why. I took 11 x 7 mins for my M101 and that took a lot of processing. DSS can be wonderful, and then it can throw a wobbly. Do you want us to have a go? If so, post us a link to your unprocessed subs and calibration frames. Mind you, I'm not at all familiar with the Atik 414EX! I assume you took LRGB??
  8. That's not bad at all. The object is faint at 7.86 mag. What length of subs did you take? Do you use a Bahtinov mask for focusing? Alexxx
  9. Gorgeous image. Alexxx
  10. If you don't have a modded webcam or dedicated planetary cam, then taking a vid of the Moon with your DSLR would be good. Try that as well as stacking RAWs and see which is best. Let us know!
  11. Thanks Wim.
  12. Thank you! If you buy second hand from a reliable source, you won't loose much money if you want to sell on for a better model. Of course you don't get warranty. Astro Buy and Sell and Astroboot are good places. I wouldn't buy on eBay or even Amazon for second-hand equipment. Once you get to 50 posts you can buy from the Classifieds section on this site and 250 posts to sell. Good luck!
  13. Can you give me a link to the types of anchor you use? I assume the roofing material is roofing felt like this?
  14. The stacked image is better - more detail. You have a little bit of movement between the subs but not much. Poss a tad out of focus? Processing will bring out the colour. What software do you have? The GIMP is a good start but I don't use it. Ask on here. Alexxx
  15. Thanks Carole. I'll have a look when I get home as I can't open eBay at work.