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    Lover of all things astro, my family and friends (for their tolerance as much as anything!), science, reading, music, snakes, anything with an exoskeleton and anything/anyone that makes me laugh!
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  1. Do you know if it'll reduce the red halos I get round stars with my modded Canon? Is there any way I could use this with my Canon? I normally use a clip-in filter.
  2. Astrosurf

    Which CLS Filter?

    Excellent. Thanks guys!
  3. Astrosurf

    Please Explain Debayering

    That makes so much sense! Thank you.
  4. Astrosurf

    Which CLS Filter?

    Hi all, which CLS filter would be best? I get nasty red rings around the stars with my modded Canon and wondered if one of these would stop that. https://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/astronomik-cls-ccd-deep-sky-light-pollution-filter-canon-eos-clip-fit.html https://www.tringastro.co.uk/skytech-cls-ccd-canon-eos-clip-filter-12845-p.asp Alexxx
  5. Astrosurf

    Please Explain Debayering

    Thanks James. I'm not sure if it is USB3 to be honest. Will have to check. But why is it called DEbayering?
  6. Astrosurf

    Please Explain Debayering

    Thank you!
  7. I have an ASI120MC cam and prefer to capture in RGB with SharpCap. It defaults to RAW and I ended up capturing in that setting today. The vid is monochrome and covered in dots (Bayer?). I read in the manual that the image needs to be debayered, which Autostakkert can do. So, the CMOS chip has a Bayer pattern, so why debayer? Is it better to capture in RAW or RGB? and what's the difference? And as an aside, I can rarely get above 22fps using USB3 with my laptop. Any idea why it isn't faster? I know that increasing the Saturation slows the frame rate down which is why I try to keep it as low as possible. Thank you! Alexxx
  8. Astrosurf

    Flats Advice?

    That's excellent! Very many thanks. I've saved this to Favourites.
  9. Astrosurf

    Flats Advice?

    Thank you! I did need that, but I meant how you put the light box together!
  10. Astrosurf

    Flats Advice?

    I'd like to see your work flow. I can't picture the light attachment!
  11. Astrosurf

    Flats Advice?

    Great! Many thanks.
  12. Astrosurf

    Flats Advice?

    Thanks Mark, but my kit isn't set up still. I couldn't reproduce the optic train setting. What light source do you recommend? I did an artificial flat using this tutorial!
  13. I've always been rather daunted by trying flats with all the myriad advice on how to create a light source, some being quite techie for me! I want to take flats with my 72mm frac. Can someone suggest a simple flats technique? Alexxx
  14. I've tried processing with FITS and I never get a good image.

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