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    Lover of all things astro, my family and friends (for their tolerance as much as anything!), science, reading, music, snakes, anything with an exoskeleton and anything/anyone that makes me laugh!
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  1. Astrosurf

    Flats Advice?

    That's excellent! Very many thanks. I've saved this to Favourites.
  2. Astrosurf

    Flats Advice?

    Thank you! I did need that, but I meant how you put the light box together!
  3. Astrosurf

    Flats Advice?

    I'd like to see your work flow. I can't picture the light attachment!
  4. Astrosurf

    Flats Advice?

    Great! Many thanks.
  5. Astrosurf

    Flats Advice?

    Thanks Mark, but my kit isn't set up still. I couldn't reproduce the optic train setting. What light source do you recommend? I did an artificial flat using this tutorial!
  6. I've always been rather daunted by trying flats with all the myriad advice on how to create a light source, some being quite techie for me! I want to take flats with my 72mm frac. Can someone suggest a simple flats technique? Alexxx
  7. I've tried processing with FITS and I never get a good image.
  8. I'm a bit daunted by flats with all the light source malarkey! I'll have a go.
  9. Ta, I don't do any alignment in DSS. Just save file with embed adjustments etc. Here are the unstretched 30 min and one 15 min file from FITS. The 15 min has the satellite pass.
  10. Here's a deliberately blown-out canon image. The patchiness does seem rather similar.
  11. No flats or darks. The camera was cooled. I try to cram in as much data as possible. Flats take too long! But I think the problem is with my Atik so I might need to start doing them. 6 x 10 mins, 3 x 15 mins and one x 30 mins, trying out different exposures. All group stacked in DSS - default settings. Here's a quick and dirty stretch - yuk!
  12. Thank you. I've yet to find the time to read them!
  13. Thank you. I didn't use any erase background command. Do you know what I can do to rectify the problem?
  14. I've taken two images of the Leo Triplet, one with a modded DSLR and the other with my Atik on Luminance. Both have patchy background, which I managed to remove from the colour image as it was reddish. I can't with the luminance one. Is this nebulosity or imperfections in capture and processing? I used StarTools and Photoshop for the processing. I also need help with processing as I'm awful at it!
  15. Thank you! That shows just how much detail there is. I don't think I can push it much further. I need a whole night at a very dark site!

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