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    Lover of all things astro, my family and friends (for their tolerance as much as anything!), science, reading, music, snakes, anything with an exoskeleton and anything/anyone that makes me laugh!
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  1. Thank you! That shows just how much detail there is. I don't think I can push it much further. I need a whole night at a very dark site!
  2. This is an Autosave.fit processing in ST and PS. Is this any better do you think?
  3. I took 4 subs of 7 mins and 6 subs of 15 mins. Just seeing if my guiding was good enough.
  4. Thank you! I just can't do anything with the noise! The cooler was on to -15 so why do I still have a noise problem?
  5. I'm having no luck with the FITS file. It's far too dark. Yet with the TIFF files I get lots of noise and then blotchiness as I try to reduce noise. I've had to take the image into Photoshop and done a layer over the top in Overlay Blending Mode and all sorts of jiggery pokery. I'm not too happy with it. It's not very dark in my garden due to LED lights and the dew was a problem. How can I prevent the blotchiness? TIFF image:
  6. Here's a link to the FITS file if you want to have a go: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1hJVslkh_wFXVupAQYwsDXeQQ_jD9HrGm
  7. I've just read the stretching info on ST and it's 'cause mine's too bright. I used TIFFs right the way through which I think was a mistake. I've just stacked the FITS files and produced a FIT file so I'm trying that now.
  8. Thank guys. I thought it was unstretched. It's the stack straight from DSS. Then, when I opened it in ST, I chose 'Linear, was not Bayered or is whitebalanced'. How can you see it's been stretched and how do I stop it?
  9. OK my lovelies, I have a TIFF here of the Pacman Neb, and cannot get StarTools to work well. I just don't understand the software to be honest. It's not the best image as I had dew issues, but if you can have a go, and give me your workflow, that would be brilliant! Thanking you in advance. Google Drive link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1W_fuuxTRTkDyEg9LIXUBnsQcbU0_mTdY Alexxx
  10. Choice of Ha Object Tonight?

    Thanks guys. I have awful lights nearby hence the Ha. Don't normally image in the garden but am desperate! Might be better for Pacman then, as it's brighter. Thank you all!
  11. Choice of Ha Object Tonight?

    Surely it'll still be dark enough?
  12. Choice of Ha Object Tonight?

    Oh, but the Jellyfish looks good too!
  13. Choice of Ha Object Tonight?

    Ooohhh, the Pacman looks nice!
  14. What's a decent Ha object fairly high up in the sky? I've done the Heart and Soul, Wizard, Bubble, Cone, Elephant's Trunk, Flaming Star, Horsehead, Orion, Nth America. Anything else? I'll be using my 72mm frac and Atik. Alexxx
  15. I'm really glad it helped. There's always tweaking to be done.