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  1. Do you remember the mag(s)@Epick Crom ?
  2. So how did you manage to add the cross hairs ?
  3. Sure astronomy is a very daunting hobby for a young beginner without his own money ... I will tell my short story lol. I begged my dad for a year and saved and saved and with some loan ( LOL) I now have my 8" dob . That too with this internet world I seems to get tempted by any post in the forums .
  4. That cake is cool . Happy birthday !
  5. Exactly my experience from yesterday . I was using a low power of 96× with my dob .. it was quite a bit windy so my tube would vibrate few seconds and Sirius becomes a blur . The focus was highly critical - it was the difference between a star Sirius and planet Sirius. I first split Rigel with same 96× so I went ahead for Sirius . LOL my imagination made my eye see Sirius B all over the circumference of Sirius A . But Rigel B was surely there at 96× . Sirius B was a bit of rebel but will try higher mag when conditions allow . @Kon As you are using a dob without tracking , allow Sirius t
  6. How are the ergonomics of the scope mounted on the mount John ? Is it a bit on the heavy side ? Finish looks awesome .
  7. Any other recent sightings of alpine rilles ? Interesting topic !
  8. Hi Neil , nice write up ! I've read somewhere that the VIP can't be used with 1.25" filters ( Obviously with the eyepiece ) . Is that true ? Or are there may other hacks ?
  9. John are your Tak 100 and SW 120 more alike than different ? ( In light gathering and resolving power )
  10. Not trying to hijack this thread , but how much the performance increases from a 100mm apo to a 125mm apo ? Does that make either of these scopes redundant ?
  11. Nice omnivorous report pixies ! I can feel your pain of not seeing cancer - for this reason I still haven't fished M44 . Gotta get some clear night today I hope .
  12. I believed that you said Proxima Centauri A and B ... I didn't think that it wouldn't rise in your Northernly latitude ... But no worries John ! your observing reports especially double star reports are a joy to read !
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