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  1. Alien 13

    Sol 7-12-2018 ha and a plane transit

    Nice, I hope the passengers on the plane were OK after flying across the Sun.... Alan
  2. Along those lines I would put H.G.Wells at the top of the tree for inspiration alone. Alan
  3. Alien 13

    Windows 10...

    I totally agree with whats already been said but if you do want to go Win 10 at some point then do a complete fresh install, ideally on a new hard drive if possible. Alan
  4. I would agree with Stuart, a good lens that you already own will have no better overall alternatives in the scope market whatever the cost unless you go with mirrors like the Tak Epsilon. Alan
  5. I think you are correct in that unless you are using insane magnifications you can plonk an EQ mount down level it, point the leg north with a compass and set the angle to your local co-ordinates and off you go and with a single motor you should be able to keep the object in the FOV with just the odd tweak in the other axis for tens of minutes. Alan
  6. I like that combination looks good... Have to ask will that new mount ever be sold separately? Alan
  7. I agree, the az-gti represents the next generation of mounts, probably ideal for a newbie. Alan
  8. Would be nice to have a 90mm Mak in the mix perhaps the heritage, not a general purpose instrument but very well built, camera friendly and excels on Lunar/planetary. Alan
  9. Thanks I have seen those but want a 90 degree job ideally. Alan
  10. I have tried it and works up to a point but most correct image diagonals are 1.25 inch so it limits the eyepiece to a 32mm plossil or maybe a 70 degree ES job, ideally I would like a magnification of less than 8x or at least single figures. Alan
  11. I would be very interested on your thoughts using this camera once you have had a play and digested the manual. Alan
  12. watching this thread with interest as I would love a 90 degree low magnification scope. Alan
  13. Dont know much about the 77D but the image stabilization sounds like a very useful addition as I too tend to shoot a lot of video. Alan
  14. Alien 13

    Mak Attack!

    Thanks just corrected my previous post. Alan
  15. Alien 13

    Mak Attack!

    I think my C90 is the same. the baffle tube internal seems to be a matt finish and has a texture. I will certainly try a piece of rolled up flocking (non sticky) to see if there is a difference though. I noticed from the link supplied by Happy-kat that the dimensions of the material required to flock the C90 was 53x190 mm. Alan

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