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  1. The proposal sounds about right, I use two SSD drives and a HDD in my lappy so that one of the SSD is dedicated to the OS and PC drivers only with the other for the rest of the software and working space, the HDD is for mass storage. Dont forget some fast RAM too, 16 Gb is fine but 32 Gb is better. Alan
  2. Are these batteries for your new EQ5 mount? The reason I ask is that if its the 6V version i.e,. non goto then the mount will run off 5.2V mobile phone power banks, a lead can be made by chopping off one end of an old USB cable and soldering the black and red wires to a 5.5mm connector.... Alan
  3. Might just be me but there is far more detail in the F2 images to my eyes.. Alan
  4. It depends somewhat on how wide you want to go but would say that the Samyang 14 mm and 28 mm are worth a look or perhaps the Canon 200 mm f/2.8 L although its not in the same league as the Samyang 135 mm. If the budget is tight then you could do worse than the 18-55 mm STM kit lens or the 50 mm f/1.8 STM prime. Alan.
  5. Couldn't agree more Frank. I switched from PS 6 to Affinity a while ago because of the lack of camera RAW support for newer models, best thing I ever did. Alan
  6. Thanks, just ordered the kit.. Alan
  7. Me too... Shame they dont have a video editing package also, would have that as well. Alan
  8. Spherical mirrors do have some plus points as previously mentioned, they are relatively easy to figure to a high accuracy and combined in a scope that can correct distortions like the Maks/SCT etc that use additional optics then all is good. The parabolic mirror is not without its own issues too so is not often used in large professional scopes. Alan
  9. Well done mate on getting there, I had a meal of new potatoes and ketchup especially for this mission. Alan
  10. Touchdown yay, Elvis has left the building.. Alan
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