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  1. Alien 13

    600d ot 60d

    Its not that I cant do it but in my view its at best not required and worst case makes the camera realy useless unless you want everything red. Alan
  2. Alien 13

    Flat Earth one line debunks

    I am happy with a flat earth sitting in a flat solar system within a flat galaxy all contained in a flat universe, I cant see the problem, we have no idea if the whole thing is real or a hologram but our senses do perceive the Earth as a sphere maybe a microbe has a different view. Alan
  3. Alien 13

    600d ot 60d

    Wex Photographic is another worth looking at for used cameras and lenses. Alan
  4. Alien 13

    600d ot 60d

    To be honest all the Canons I have owned have had plenty of Ha response without modifications, would never ever never mod mine.. Alan
  5. Alien 13

    600d ot 60d

    MPB photographic would be my choice of retailer too, you may even get a 70D for a similar price. Battery life is often overlooked especially when used for astro and the temperature drops. Alan
  6. Alien 13

    600d ot 60d

    I would personally go for the 60D, it should have many more features and have better noise performance. Another benefit is that it uses the "pro" batteries i.e. LPE6 which should give you more shots. Alan
  7. Alien 13

    usb dew warmers

    I have a few battery banks in my collection, even run my EQ3-2 with one, this is the last one I bought https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01LXWLCI8/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Alan
  8. Alien 13

    usb dew warmers

    Portability is a key issue, a 10AH mobile phone battery bank costs £10 or less and weighs very little, a 12V system is going to be heavy. Alan
  9. Alien 13

    What did the postman bring?

    Go for it, you know you want too. I got mine lit up in England colours ready for the footie later. Alan
  10. Alien 13

    What did the postman bring?

    The full workshop manuals for Alienware laptops are usually freely available off the Dell website should you want to take it apart, might just need a blow out though through the exhaust ports. Alan
  11. Alien 13

    Life on other worlds in our solar system.

    I do think the definition of life does need revisiting after all a flame ticks most of the boxes, life on the Sun or within a Supernova/Black hole could be interesting. Alan
  12. Alien 13

    Life on other worlds in our solar system.

    Life is much harder to destroy than we think so material ejected from volcanoes and meteor strikes will probably have already been spread around the solar system. I am an optimist and believe every planet (even the gas giants) and moons have life on them. Alan
  13. As above if the scope has fluorite elements in it then it will be Japanese. Alan
  14. Alien 13

    laptop question

    The Surface Pro are nice, my laptop is very heavy having a metal chassis so borderline for travel but the battery life is surprisingly good. Alan
  15. Alien 13

    laptop question

    Nothing like an Alienware, mines the 15 r2 with SSD and HDD and Nvidia GT970M. Alan

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