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  1. Alien 13

    How to do flats with Samyang 135mm F2

    I had this thought too, if your camera supports it then use mirror lock up too. Alan
  2. Alien 13

    Mineral Moon help needed 🙂

    I am sure Gimp should do it but if you want a very good editing package at a very reasonable price then have a look at Afinity Photo it does pretty much all that Photoshop can do, I think there is free trial available too. Alan
  3. I would look at any of the carbon fiber tripods available and with that include brands like Zomei. Stability will be dramatically improved by keeping the tripod low, this can be done easily with a camera that has a flip out screen or in your case by using the Canon camera connect app over wifi. The awkward low position of the polar-scope is also easily fixed by holding a DSLR right angled viewfinder from Seagull or similar against it, you can of course make up an adapter if you wish but I dont bother. Alan P.S. +1 for a hotshoe mounted RDF finder of if allowed a green laser pointer.
  4. Alien 13

    band running along image

    I have always saved to the on-board card, is there a reason that you need to save it to PC instead? Alan P.S. Is the connection between camera and PC via cable or by using the camera wi-fi connection?
  5. Alien 13

    band running along image

    That shows it better, I did wonder if my eyes were playing tricks. I hope someone comes along that has a solution.. Alan
  6. Alien 13

    band running along image

    Have no idea but can see another blue band below it on my screen with the hint that there might be others too. Alan
  7. Alien 13

    450d external power...

    Similar one for the 1100D from Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/SinFoxeon-ACK-E10-Adapter-Charger-Cameras/dp/B01GR9A32W/ref=pd_sbs_421_3/260-4648130-4257317?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B01GR9A32W&pd_rd_r=22b2708e-2e33-11e9-ad4d-0f0d9059216b&pd_rd_w=LbjhO&pd_rd_wg=aKbYL&pf_rd_p=18edf98b-139a-41ee-bb40-d725dd59d1d3&pf_rd_r=QT83SCG57PEK9DESA83W&psc=1&refRID=QT83SCG57PEK9DESA83W Alan
  8. Alien 13

    Do 12V sparks damage electronics?

    The spark certainly can damage electronic circuitry, I would put a 100 nano farad capacitor (non electrolytic) rated at around 50 volts across the circuit to be powered and if using a switch put one across that too. You could also add a large value inductor in series with the supply as well, its worth looking at auto accessory shops in the sound system department for an off the shelf solution too. Alan
  9. Alien 13

    Mak wrap - should really break the CoC

    I like the idea and I am sure that once proof of concept is done that a "pretty" version could easily be made.... Alan
  10. Does that include any organic compounds too. Alan
  11. I think its a massive missed opportunity, we know that everything in our solar system is made from pretty much the same stuff but it would have been nice to confirm that other systems were similar or not. Alan
  12. The optimum resolution is obviously very different with "lucky" planetary or lunar imaging, 0.25 or lower being ok. Alan
  13. True but it is supposed to be the worlds sharpest 250 mm lens Alan
  14. Alien 13

    Geared tripod head.

    They are good and like you say dont suffer that final sag when you let go on ball heads or pan and tilt heads too. I use one with my MAK and DSLR for luna shooting and there is very little space around the Luna disc so any sag would be disastrous. Alan
  15. Thanks Ray, manual focus camera lenses do fine on portable rigs and provided the focus ring on this one is smooth and without slop etc it will be a winner. Alan P.S. As it will no doubt be cloudy during your testing it would be nice to know how it does perform as a "camera" lens in the daytime. Alan

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