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  1. Am I a dinosaur?

    I like the word imager, it best describes the process from PC-Mount- Scope with the actual camera and photographic bit as a useful tool to record results... Alan
  2. Manfrotto 546GB + 501HDV

    Sorry Rich, cant help with this but my instinct would say they are limit screws of some kind so may be destined to be set loose.. The other option are that they make sure that the head remains perfectly level during panning in which case they need to be nipped up. Alan
  3. As with 99% of scopes of this type you need a 2 inch extension to get focus with a DSLR if using a FR/FF you can get focus without any other adapter, not sure about a flattener only though... Alan
  4. Waves are waves

    I think the original analogy is a valid one, a two inch speaker can produce low bass just as good as a twelve drive inch unit perhaps better (it is stiffer and lighter) but not at the same sound levels. Equally a two inch lens can will give better results than an eight inch because its easier to make a top quality small one but again it cant compete on the "volume or level" it transmits. Alan
  5. Anyone know what AstroTrac are up to?

    Interesting, I might be reading too much into that Logo but to me it suggests tracking in RA and Dec over a full circle rather than a small segment and possible with an ALT AZ option too but that would be too common so no idea what the "breakthrough" is. It would be great if it was a lightweight DSLR tracking platform though Ideally ALT AZ with a built in field rotator to keep the overall form factor small and do away with any need for counterweights. Alan.
  6. Manfrotto 546GB + 501HDV

    Nice collection there Rich, I used to use my fluid head "video" tripod quite a lot with my scopes when I couldn't be bothered setting up an EQ3-2, held them quite well. The big lever is handy for getting precise positioning as well as just gliding around looking for stuff to snap. Alan
  7. Waves are waves

    I would love to see the scope that this camera fits onto for afocal use Alan
  8. The SW AZ GTi mount would fit the bill I think if you can find one.... Alan
  9. Yet Another AllSkyCamera Build

    That sounds like a good idea, I would like something similar that could be used on nights of interest like Meteor showers etc. Alan
  10. Favourite Class Of Object, And Reasons

    The Moons including ours and Planets, fascinating to watch them change positions etc....Not keen on static/unchanging objects like Stars/Galaxies/Nebula. I should include the Sun, Meteors and Supernova too. Alan
  11. Flymesh bahtinov mask

    I think I spied some frying pan splatter guards in my local pound shop the other day, its surprising the stuff they sell that can be adapted for astro use. Alan
  12. I think you are right, it doesn't help that things like the AZ GTI mount are more or less permanently out of stock, makes me want one even more Alan
  13. Skywatcher ED72

    I would guess that Doppietto is synthetic FPL53 glass Alan
  14. Skywatcher ED72

    I tend to trust Skywatcher these days, some of there recent stuff have been game changers.... I am still wanting an AZ GTi mount but they keep selling out. Alan
  15. Skywatcher ED72

    Maybe its a secret one thats better than FPL-53 and the match with the other element is probably just as important. Alan