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  1. I am thinking about getting one purely for visual although for me the fl is a bit long and it would not be easy to get single figure magnifications. Alan
  2. Oops missed that one, the 200D has wifi and everything.. Alan
  3. The RAW image will still be red with a custom white balance. Alan
  4. I agree but the question I answered left it a bit more open, couldn't resist.. Alan
  5. Why would you want to modify? I am probably in a minority here but have yet to see a decent image taken with one and lots of others that are poor compared to an unmodified cam, newer Canons have plenty of Ha out of the box. I had better run and hide now Alan
  6. The 750D is a lovely camera, I find the WiFi control on the new Canons so useful too. Alan
  7. If you can find one the 600D has many features that make it an ideal choice. Alan
  8. I am not so sure, depends on the Dob and Mak in question Alan
  9. I think you might have issues with hardware and software support, the usual entry level minimum recommended is the 450D. Alan
  10. This was another thread on this scope, Alan
  11. It does look like a lovely scope and one that might sit nicely on a Star Adventurer Alan
  12. Very nice, I think a recent topic on this scope showed that the blue might be the most popular Alan
  13. Good result, I have a few M42s that will mate with T2s a lot depends on the male thread length, I tend to permabond any useful made up adapter once tested and label it. Alan
  14. Nice, its good to see a proper test bed.. Alan
  15. I always thought that all FF used the standard 55 mm distance so that a DSLR like Canon 44 mm b/f with the 11 mm t ring worked in all cases. Alan