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  1. Canon vs Nikon

    Interesting, If I am reading it correct then my 80D has far lower noise at higher ISO long exposures than the equivalent Nikon D7200.. Alan
  2. Integrated WiFi - The Future?

    I am sure it will become the norm, I am planing on a simple Alt Az setup using a wifi controlled DSLR and lenses with the new SW GTI mount. I should be able to sit indoors and do all the star alignment and camera focussing/shooting and review of images without venturing outside, the big plus for me is I could use the same setup for daytime photography.. Alan
  3. Would any of these fit, various shaft sizes available..http://uk.rs-online.com/web/c/passive-components/variable-resistors/potentiometer-knobs/?cm_mmc=UK-PPC-DS3A-_-google-_-1_UK_EN_G_Resistors_BMM-_-Potentiometer_Knobs-_-%2Bpotentiometer %2Bknobs&matchtype=b&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI7beeuI7N1wIVL7vtCh1uuQgjEAAYASAAEgILgPD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds&applied-dimensions=4294876144 Alan
  4. Could anybody use some spare cloud

    Send it to me I like cloud in the winter, makes it warmer.. Alan
  5. VLF radio receiver build

    Impressive, you will learn lots from this project.. Alan
  6. You can always do Radio astronomy or Meteor detection Alan
  7. Canon vs Nikon

    Although I am a Canon man I do regret not picking up a Nikon all those years ago but once you get tied in its hard/impossible to change. Alan
  8. Canon DSLR wired remote

    I have quite a collection of remotes including the Giga T Pro II and can also use a tablet/phone over wifi but still often choose a simple wired one when I am out and about. The problem with most is that they use a bit of springy steel to make the contact which gets intermittent at times and combine the focus and shutter using the "half press" which is fine if you are not a fan of BBF. There are plenty of DIY options out there on the net but this is my take on it. The circuit is pretty standard but I wanted to add the option of external triggering using sound/light or any other source so I added a second jack plug. I use FR4 boards for all my projects as they look more professional and are much stronger, this is the components before assembly. The finished item will have two boards mounted on top of each other using pins to connect tracks between both layers. I have tested the unit out and all is well just need a box/case to put it in now and some switch covers.. Thanks for looking. Alan
  9. Canon vs Nikon

    The choice between the two is never easy as both have their strong points, even software availability is not realy an issue anymore. There are a couple of areas where the Canon is better more suited and they are its ability to be readily modified and compatibility with old M42 or Olympus lenses using cheap adapters due to its shorter lens backfocus. I am sure you would be happy with either. Alan
  10. Backyard EOS v Eyeball?

    Eyeball live view screen every time for me, cant be bettered in my opinion. Alan
  11. That has to be my favorite, I never take flats... I hope my son is reading this, the book will make a welcome pressie. Alan
  12. Arrrgh.... Left Bhatinov on!

    I have noticed this problem being reported but not sure if its due to Camera model or settings or a result of the f ratio that is being used. I can certainly see stars well below mag six on my DSLR flip screen with either camera lenses or the ZS71 and FF/FR but you have to be zoomed in for some reason and obviously they wont show if focus is even slightly off. The settings that I normally use to get an image on the display (not the final ones for actual imaging) are shutter at 20 seconds and ISO near its max to start then backed off if there is too much noise, the only other thing is trying the liveview exposure simulation both on and off. Alan
  13. Arrrgh.... Left Bhatinov on!

    Not if you use the DSLR liveview zoom function and focus on the faintest star in the FOV near to the "thirds" intersection, it should then become either on or off with the slightest of movements. Alan
  14. Arrrgh.... Left Bhatinov on!

    Never needed one but im DSLR.. Alan
  15. The important bits are SSD, decent processor and lots of fast RAM, dual SSD and HDD drives is nice to have too. To get most of this though you end up with "gaming type" machine with a graphics card included. Alan