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  1. Try MPB photographic and Wex for used cameras or lenses... Alan
  2. Satellite observation is the new train spotting, more please.... Alan
  3. Another happy Affinity Photo user here, I did use PS CS6 for ages but it does not support the latest Canon RAW files anymore and didn't want the faff of having to convert them. The transition to AP was painless with its good layout and user interface plus it has many more features too at what I consider a bargain price. Alan
  4. The free adobe DNG converter will convert any RAWS into the "digital negative" format that any post processing package can use, it also does batch processing so is quite efficient. DNG converter is something I use as my Photoshop version cant handle my Canon RAWs. Alan
  5. The 550D along with the 60D are the only Canon cameras that have a true 1:1 video crop mode as far as I know for fast frame capture for Planets etc, the rest of the specs are similar to the 600D. Alan
  6. As a general guide the latest models do seem to have slightly better Ha response, I would never mod my 80D for instance and I think the 6D is fine as well although modding will always increase sensitivity....My personal view is that Canon try and match the maximum bandwidth to there lenses as if you go too far then you will get star bloat etc. Alan
  7. There are a few Canon cameras that have plenty of Ha response out of the box. Alan
  8. Not sure if its already been covered but have you used the same USB socket each time? Alan
  9. I believe the voyager is mans greatest achievement in space exploration but would be interested in which star they will meet first and if us humans will be waiting to greet them? Alan
  10. Isopropyl is fine but ideally needs to be diluted with distilled water, the problem with any "wet" cleaner is that it will dissolve a speck of grease but then deposit as a smear when it evaporates, you then end up with constant rubbing with a cloth to finish off so I never use any wet cleaners. Alan
  11. I find my two custom settings very useful as I can never remember what state I have left the normal ones in and things like reduced ISO range or mirror lockup etc might not be what you want for a daytime shot. In your case you could have them optimized for Luna/Planetary and Deep Sky. Alan
  12. The custom setup allows you to store any of the cameras features on the mode dial so for example you could have it set to manual/bulb/mirror lockup/ISO setting/white balance/f/stop if using a camera lens etc. My camera has two custom settings, I have one set for NTSC video and the other for nightscapes. Alan
  13. The 60D is actually far better than the 600D, It has also has many more features including a custom option on the mode dial that lets you lock in any AP settings you want to use, it also uses the Canon "pro" camera batteries so if you ever add a 5d/6d/7d it will use the same ones. Alan
  14. MPB photographic or WEX are my most used camera/lens suppliers.. Alan
  15. Oh yes, gave me goosebumps. Alan
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