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  1. Like most hobbies I have found that buying quality first time saves a lot of money I just wish I hadn't gone through 3 DSLRs to get to my final one, I do buy a lot of lenses second hand though. Alan
  2. I would stick with lens pens, all fluids just spread things like a grease spot over the whole surface and it takes a lot of rubbing to remove. Alan
  3. One thing that creeps up on you is the cost of extras, a couple of extra batteries for the camera some LP filters, remote intervalometers and the man hours I put in modifying my mount etc. Alan P.S. if imaging you soon find out one PC is not enough too.
  4. I went the basic short fl unguided route and still spent an initial 1.2K with a DSLR included since then have spent even more on other cameras and lenses but is only a fraction of my previous hobby (audio) spend where a set of interconnects and speaker cables could easily be 5K. Alan
  5. Mine is 2.19 Alan
  6. Bigger is different but certainly not better... Alan
  7. Would not Cyan Magenta and Yellow filters be the same thing and I believe they do exist and have been used for AP. Alan
  8. I am immune I want ultra low powers and wide field something that big scopes cant do. Alan
  9. I am enjoying this program, one of the best I have seen on this subject. Alan
  10. You wouldn't believe where my DSLR lives Alan
  11. I too found the EQ3-2 to be huge after camera tripods but as I am single it lives either in the wet room or hall depending on if I am showering or not. Alan
  12. Thanks for that info it is very useful. Alan
  13. Would be a good idea but I suspect you might need several versions for different browsers. Alan
  14. I dont know how an SCT differs fundamentally from a Mak but I have noticed slight difference (cant say better or worse) when imaging depending on the position of the main mirror in relation to the secondary when using a direct connection or via a 2 inch extension, I suppose with the mirror further back the light cone hitting the secondary is less steep. Alan
  15. There should be enough adjustment with the three legs to overcome any marginal slope provided you dont have the tripod fully extended. Alan