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  1. Alien 13

    80D + lens + pillows + bits + moon..

    Nice moon, I do use my lenses for lunar often via wifi control, makes manual focusing easier. Alan
  2. Alien 13

    Power Management

    It makes little difference to the lost nights due to a failure with whatever number of supplies you use, it only needs one to fail. I personally would opt for two, a "clean" supply for the camera etc and a "dirty" one for the mount/heaters and focus motors. Alan
  3. Alien 13

    Lens pens how long before replacing

    No idea but would like to know, I have a couple that gets used on camera/scope lenses and even the sensor, never had an issue and would never use that horrible fluid stuff even if people think its wonderful... Alan
  4. Interesting question, our sun and solar system is 2nd/third or whatever generation and is still mostly hydrogen, there is also obviously a mechanism for creating hydrogen from nothing/energy the void otherwise the big bang would have never happened. Alan
  5. Alien 13


    I would +1 the use of a 600D for AP because flip out screens are so useful, if you can cover a full frame with your scope/lens then the 6D is as good as it gets for Canon cameras noise wise but if limited to APS-C size sensors then the 80D is probably the best camera in the Canon range. Alan
  6. You can always batch convert a cameras Raw files to Adobe DNG format. Alan
  7. Alien 13

    Forum Speed Issues

    Took ages to log in just now.. Alan
  8. Alien 13

    DSLR Hot Pixel

    Canon cameras can re map the sensor to remove hot pixels, try the method mentioned here. http://www.bluehoursite.com/articles/how-get-rid-stuckdead-pixels-canon-dslr-camera Alan
  9. Alien 13

    Win 10 Fall Update

    My laptop is connected for around 19 hours a day (I play a lot of games) but am using a Dell and from what I know MS and Dell dont get on regarding updates so that could be the reason. Alan
  10. Alien 13

    Win 10 Fall Update

    Its odd but I have never postponed any updates and dont think I could on the home edition, I actively seek out updates for everything probably spending an hour a day searching (am a bit OCD with this). Alan
  11. Alien 13

    Win 10 Fall Update

    I wonder how these events are timed, my laptop just installed the 1803 update even though I manually check everyday in conjunction with the auto settings? Alan
  12. Alien 13

    Forum Speed Issues

    Couldn't get in just now and been slow on/off for a week. Alan
  13. Alien 13

    Canon EOS 6D PC recognition

    As I said above I tried my Canon 80D with the correct version of APT and it locked up solid and wouldn't reboot at first without removing the batteries etc. Alan
  14. Alien 13

    Canon EOS 6D PC recognition

    My Canon 80D locked up with APT, not sure why or if its related to the processor version more than the camera age. Alan
  15. Alien 13

    Canon EOS 6D PC recognition

    I have found that software like BYEOS and APT dont work with modern canon cameras even if its listed that they do. Alan

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