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  1. Never understood why a homeowner has the right to complain about what a neighbor is doing, if he wanted to build a 50 story block of flats on his property that would be fine with me............... Alan
  2. I am a complete novice in the theory of these things but for me it would make no difference to the number of photons and hence its brightness from a single star going down a 4 inch tube whether it had a focal length of a 10 foot or 6 inches, I expect extended objects might benefit from shorter focal lengths though with or without a reducer. Alan
  3. I would have thought that even after a comet strike the conditions on Earth would be far preferable to any other object in our solar system, so why leave? After all advanced life survived the last one.... Alan
  4. I have my tinfoil hat so I will be fine Alan
  5. The later 650/700/750D models are not the best for AP as they suffer from banding under certain conditions due to the "hybrid AF pixels" they use. If you can stretch the budget a bit have a look at the 60D as well and check the MPB photographic site too. I do like the wifi feature though... Alan
  6. The scary thing is that we will get hit by a comet at some point in the future but could take several million years or next year.... Alan
  7. I have done this with potentiometer knobs, got some nice anodized metal ones but they need a bit of packing out with shims made from a beer can.. Alan
  8. I enjoyed it but agree with the other Alan that some questions didn't get answered properly, I still struggle with the size of the universe with the observable size and most distant object and its age considering that some say that the universe is smaller than the smallest sub atomic particle. Alan
  9. Not sure if you are using a mono cam and filters but are they rated for use at f/2 as some struggle?... Alan
  10. I would advise you to think about what you want the camera for, modding will make it pretty much useless for normal daytime photography unless you spend lots on a proper filter replacement option. Some of today's modern DSLRs do have reasonable Ha response without modification anyway. Alan
  11. I would have said a 3 inch refractor a few years ago but now would go for 60 mm instead...... Shame is that there are not many realy decent ones around. Alan
  12. Not a fan of straps etc, its the uneven side pressure that causes spacers to stick in the first place so using them will never end well. Alan
  13. I have yet to meet a spacer that I cant undo with the palms of my hands, roll the spacer first on a worktop etc to remove any stresses then a quick flick with the palms will undo it. Trainers work well but best of all if you cant manage with your palms is a pair of table tennis bats, even better if you can print an astro design on them Alan
  14. Its best to look for Polaris during twilight or even daylight, it stands out then or if you have an illuminated reticule turn it up so the dimmer stars vanish.. Alan
  15. I used to set up and image from my garden with my dog and cat in attendance and felt perfectly safe... Alan
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