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  1. As a general rule of thumb the most curved part of each lens goes in the middle and the flatter part towards the eye and scope. Alan
  2. I would like a bit of both, the FPS of the second one but maybe stretched over 2 mins Alan P.S. I could quite happily watch a 5 min version too.
  3. Thats a lot better than my sky and I manage DSO fine (AP). Alan
  4. I enjoyed that, great 1st time lapse. Alan
  5. Nice, could be good for grab and go Lunar (solar with correct filter). Alan
  6. Led are not good for visual if you are in direct line of sight but great for imaging. The other plus is that the associated technology allows you to turn off, dim etc. Alan
  7. Amazing stuff it certainly expands what is considered habitable environments. Alan
  8. I meant camera lens filters but I do have duplicates of screwdrivers hex keys etc with each bit of kit that needs them too, I spent to much time working in aerospace companies with Lean, Seven Sigma... Alan
  9. I think the only wifi compatible software is EOS utils and Canon camera connect for phones and tablets. I use the PC to frame/focus the object remotely then switch over to the Giga T pro wireless intervalometer if shooting multiple subs. Alan
  10. I flock all my Camera lens hoods apart from the L versions does that count Alan P.S. I have been guilty of touching up the internals of my ZS71 with paint where bare metal was showing.
  11. I have been caught out a few times before when a vital cable or adapter is in another bag or worse still put in a "safe place" never to be found again Alan
  12. I have done it by design, I like to have all my scopes and cameras set up as "kits" so will order duplicates of items like extensions, T adapters and filters etc so that each bag or case has everything required to operate without having to swap things around. Alan
  13. Its odd but for visual I find an EQ mount can always put the eyepiece in a comfortable position dobs are painful whatever position you point them (I will not sit when observing) unless you have a large one and can rotate the tube. Alan
  14. Tak green would be nice or Canon white. Alan