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  1. I had a pair of these and let them go which I regret now. There was quite some discussion about this on the bird forum. However, at their price point the optics compete with the top of the line compacts binos so I guess they had to cut costs somewhere. For me that is evident in the slightly cheaper housing, lack of accessories and narrower FOV. That is something well worth living with if you don’t want to shell out nearly 3x more on the Zeiss Victory or Swarovski CL compacts. There were a lot of suggestions where to pick up suitable accessories at a reasonable cost. Enjoy them, great little bins!
  2. It probably means it’s been sold already unfortunately.
  3. Check this video posted on Twitter. He claims they would only be visible at dusk and dawn
  4. Do you think the AZ GTi would be able to guide that sort of FL? The main reason for 250-350 range was because it gave me something between 135 and 550 which is the FL’s of my other equipment. Wouldn’t rule it out though.
  5. Thanks all. Yes, I have seen it and I believe it’s the same one. I need to wait until I’m paid so if it’s still available then I’ll have a closer look.
  6. Thanks for the input @Davey-T . Do you have the Star71 too? Any preference for one over the other?
  7. It is a bit of click bait isn’t it The AZ GTi might struggle with a refractor that size! Will edit the title
  8. Thanks, the Star71 was one of my preferred options. Have you used it?
  9. Looking for some recommendations for a compact apo in the 250-350mm focal range. I had been intending to get a WO RedCat but there seems to be mixed reviews. Similarly the 71mm quad APO (WO/ Meade/ TS) seem to get very little or mixed reviews. I would prefer to not have to deal with focal reducers/ flatteners but will for the right scope of course. Plan is to mount it on an AZ GTi and image with an ASI1600mm. Any first hand experience with any of the above or anything you can recommend would be appreciated! Edit: No set budget but the 71mm quad at ~£1200 is probably my top end
  10. Thanks Steve, I’ll keep my eye out for the announcement then.
  11. Any idea how much the ASIpro will retail for and will it be included in the 10% off if it arrives during Dec?
  12. I’ve always wanted to attempt narrowband and in particular the Hubble palette. This is my effort on the heart and soul nebula’s with the Samyang 135 and ASI1600mm. 90x120 Ha 30x120 Sii 30x120 Oiii +calibration frames. I have to be honest, I’m not really sure how I got to this ‘final’ image as there was a lot of fiddling and googling going on! Looking for some honest feedback. My stars aren’t the greatest, mainly due to including an hours worth of Ha which wasn’t framed properly and had poor stars. Actually my corners (and focus) never seem to be great with my Samyang copy, so this is also cropped down. May have overdone it a bit with saturation and contrast and the background sky may be a bit too bluish? Will keep working at it and hopefully use any feedback from here! Edit to add calibrated and stacked Ha, Sii and Oiii channels. Alwys interested to see what people can do with my data. AutosaveHA.tif AutosaveOiii.tif AutosaveSii.tif
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