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  1. So the idea is you can load another OS on a different SD card and then it would be possible to switch between the two depending on your needs/ equipment?
  2. Your images just make me want to sell my gear and get a RASA and 2600MC. If only it was as easy as that! I know that it takes a lot more than gear to produce what you do
  3. It makes sense the closer to Polaris you are the less a guide star will move. How that plays into the calibration I don’t know. It does seem that the PHD2 ‘lite’ version the ASIair uses is a little erratic. I certainly have to fiddle more with settings and do more calibrations than when I was using the full PHD2 on my laptop. Also, I’ve had runaway guiding a few times but I think I worked that one out. It’s after I cross the meridian then I have to go into settings and flip my calibration then it starts guiding again. Just in case you come across that.
  4. Hi, This isn’t actually my settings. Just a screen grab from the internet to show you where to look. Yeah I would have auto restore on unless you are imaging from different locations all the time. I only reset the calibration if I’m getting bad guiding that I can’t troubleshoot. Also, you mention your focus was as good as it’s been. As far as I’m aware it’s actually good practice not to have perfect focus. Just slightly out of focus is good as this makes it easier for the algorithm to track the star centroid. Probably something mathematical behind it but have a Google abo
  5. I’ve had problems with guiding calibration on the ASIair before. I managed to get a good calibration by changing the calibration step and max ra and Dec durations. Can’t remember if I increased or lowered it but you can give it a go. Worth a try anyway! Edit: Hadn’t noticed @Delboy_Hog has suggested this already
  6. I would never have thought of this, great idea! Some good things to work on. Thanks folks
  7. That makes sense and I haven't tried that yet. Will see how I get on with that. That looks a lot more like what I was expecting. Seems I maybe haven't been careful enough with the samples then. Will go back to this too. Thank you! That GAME script looks useful, I will try that when trying to add the Ha to the galaxies.
  8. Thanks for clarification Wim, I suspected so. I was looking at buying an Astrodon filter on here. Looks like I’ll need to look out for an unmounted one.
  9. Thanks Adrian! Yes, that’s the one I prefer too. Thanks. I’ll try that too then and see if I get anywhere. I followed a Light Vortex tutorial for adding the Ha and this seems along the same lines but they didn’t weight it so perhaps that will help. I tried the NBLRGB script and that was a complete mess. Probably done something wrong though.
  10. Bear with me here there were a lot of firsts for me for this image. First galaxies imaged outside of M31. First full workflow with all pre-processing and processing done in PixInsight. A lot of new processes, pixel math etc. First time analysing FWHM and eccentricity. I'm not unhappy with the outcome(s) but I'm sure there's more to be had from the data as well. Data captured with Esprit 100ED and Zwo ASI1600mm Cool. L: 100x45s RGB: 20x120s Ha: 8x300s ~4hrs integration Calibrated with Darks, Flats and dark Flats Workflow (followed basic workflow
  11. In case anyone else has this question Zwo support replied to me. Hello Chris Recommend to use the same specification(all mounted or all unmounted )
  12. There is a link on the ZWO ASIAir Pro page to a GitHub page where someone has seemingly found a solution to problems communicating with the EQ6R. Not sure if this is the same problem with you but worth a try I guess. https://gist.github.com/timucingelici/217ac492bc2b127c6645ce033463d265
  13. Wasn’t sure where to put this but I’m wondering if anyone knows if it’s possible to mix unmounted and mounted filters in the ZWO filter wheels which accept both? I have a full set of 31mm unmounted filters which you have to secure with some screws and washers but then it looks like it would not be possible to thread a mounted 1.25” filter due to overlap of the washer and screw. Wondering if anyone knows if this is possible or if there is a solution to it if it isn’t? Picture below that might help If I’m not being clear.
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