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  1. Icesheet

    Astrophotography in Hawaii

    Yes, it would be something else! The closest I have been to an active volcano was viewing Etna from some miles away spewing ash. My wife will be thrilled when she hears what I have planned. Stars and lava
  2. Icesheet

    Astrophotography in Hawaii

    Thanks, looks stunning! I work as a geologist so it’s two birds with one stone I guess Either way way it will be the trip of a lifetime!
  3. Icesheet

    Astrophotography in Hawaii

    Yes, I had a read about it and cloud cover can be a problem at lower levels particularly in the south and east. The NW coasts and inland seem to be the best according to this figure but still have cloud cover 30-40% of the year. That’s still better than where I am now though Apparently it’s <10% chance of cloud above the inversion layer.
  4. Icesheet

    Astrophotography in Hawaii

    That was a good read and some cracking images there! Well I’ve not actually tested the SharpStar on the StarAdventurer but I have comfortably got 90sec subs unguided with a 300mm Nikon so hoping for similar results with the SharpStar. Anyway I’ll have the 14mm and 135mm Samyang’s too and as you say perhaps that’s the best place to get truly widefield shots. I will definitely learn from your experience and test everything before I go! Thanks
  5. Icesheet

    Astrophotography in Hawaii

    I recently got married and the upside ( ) to that is I get to go to Hawaii for part of the honeymoon! So I'm already planning ahead and looking at taking advantage of some of the best dark skies in the world. Looking for some advice on two aspects: Location/ Tours/ Advice I'll only have one or two nights where I'll have the opportunity to image so I'm wondering if anyone has any advice on a good spot. The obvious choice would be Mauna Kea but in the brief reading I done it seems like it may not be the best. The only place you can set up your own scope is at the visitors centre and then only on certain nights. Plus apparently it can be overrun with tourists too. I was initially interested in one of the tours but they are around ~$250 and I wouldn't be able to image on my own scope. From the light pollution map it seems the west coast (where I'll be staying) has class 1 skies anyway. So would I miss out on anything by not going up Mauna Kea? Anyone have any experience or advice here? Equipment I need to travel light so I'm planning on taking my StarAdventurer with SharpStar 60ED and Samyang lenses. However, I'm not sure what to do regarding a camera. Should I just take my stock DSLR or should I take my ZWO ASI1600 and filter wheel? Can you even take a power source on a plane? I guess that would be the limiting factor if I were to take the ZWO. Hopefully some of the people who image when they travel can let me know what they do? I've only ever had the pleasure of gazing up on class 1 skies once before and that when I was on a field trip to Ardnamurchan, Scotland when I was studying. Actually, that's when I first really took an interest in astronomy. I want to make sure I make full use of them this time as who know when I'll get that chance again! Oh and any other advice on day trips or any other activities while I'm there would be good. I'll have two nights in Honolulu and 3-4 nights on the big island. Cheers Chris
  6. Icesheet

    Tripod stability

    Thanks @Jojo204 I will try that out. To me it seems a bit unstable but I’m not sure if that is because I’m comparing it to the Berlebach 312 I’ve been using for the Star Adventurer. It’s not really portable though. Thanks for the feedback too @Charic
  7. I’ve bought a 3LT Punks Corey travel tripod for my star adventurer but I’m not convinced about the stability. I’ll not have the opportunity to get it out to test before the period I can return it ends. Can anyone suggest a good method to test the stability of the tripod?
  8. Thanks, that’s noted along with the batteries. Fingers crossed for some clear skies now!
  9. Thanks for the quick feedback folks and good point about the batteries! I wouldn’t have thought of it. Ray, just so I make sure I understand. You tried to take the balance weight in hand luggage and they rejected it or you tried to check it in then they did not allow you to carry it on either? Chris
  10. I’m travelling in the next few days and plan to take some astrophotography equipment. I’m carrrying on my camera and lenses but I’m wondering if it would be safe to pack the Star Adventurer mount with the checked in luggage. Anyone with any experience or advice with this? Chris
  11. Looking for an HEQ5 dual saddle upgrade or Vixen to Losmandy adapter. Please let me know if you have an unwanted or unused one lying around. Thanks Chris
  12. Icesheet

    Using Canon lens with ZWO 1600MM?

    I’ve used my Nikon 300mm f4.5 lens with my ASI 1600mm and if you have a quick look around there are quite a few using the Samyang 135 (which I’ve now bought) Check this thread out
  13. Icesheet

    Some odd bits for sale

    Can I have the 28mm eyepiece if still available? Chris

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