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  1. I really like that....a wonderful result
  2. Wow that's just Stunning Tom!!.... beautifully processed ...not a lot else I can say
  3. wonderful image ...the outer halo is showing nicely
  4. great image nice to see both in the same frame
  5. Its a very special camera...unlike any I have used......It takes some getting used to especially if you are used to CCD and doing long subs. I found the longest sub on faint objects and narrowband only need to be 180s, 60s for Luminance on brighter objects.....so no guiding and less time waisted if you get a bad sub. S/N ratio at 180s is pretty much the same as 15mins on the equivalent CCD sensor (16803). So you get the benefit of frame volume decreasing the noise floor further. I have been grabbing lots of data hopefully will have a few more data sets completed soon.... the weather seem
  6. Thank you...I'm glad I did....I actually was doing a couple of hours of Ha ...but just couldn't wait...
  7. Thank you I have done some work to the core detail on this rendition best seen at full res....I felt it was a little plastic in the original when viewed closely. Olly, what a complement .... Thank you Thank you Emil....I cant say I'm not pleased with it ....I have wanted to get a nice one of the Triffid for a few years
  8. Thanks Earl, I think it was worth the extra 30mins of Ha
  9. Thank you Its an amazing camera I felt the original needed some H-alpha so I grabbed 30mins worth to lift the background. So this rendition has 10x180s added.
  10. Great image and an early Veil....summer comes around fast
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