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  1. Markarians Chain testing out my new rig

    I will be using a EQ6 for this....all set up with an OAG so no guide scope or filter wheel. I will be able to piggyback a 58mm Helios lens on to for real wide views. Im also taking a skywtcher star adventurer for my Sony A7s I wont be doing much sleeping providing it stays clear
  2. Dark Nebulas in Cepheus and M101

    beautiful set of images
  3. M16 from Astro campsite

    nice shot there Carole ....looks like you had a great time
  4. super shot very clean with lovely colour
  5. Oh No! M51 again! (2018 vs 2017 version)

    lovely detail
  6. Virgo Cluster Quickie

    love the detail you can see in the galaxies....nice job
  7. NGC 6946 The Fireworks Galaxy

    love this object...nicely done
  8. Markarians Chain testing out my new rig

    Clone tool on this one...I didn't have enough subs to remove it completely but I always dither my guiding and stack using an SD Mask which would normally average out any unwanted trails from the final image
  9. Markarians Chain testing out my new rig

    Im just hoping its going to be clear while im there....that will just be my luck
  10. Markarians Chain testing out my new rig

    Thank you Paul I did fix the sat trail in the one but not the other
  11. Well I'm off to La Palma for a break in a couple of weeks and so I decided to buy myself a little rig to take a long with me....No messing no fuss, portable and fun sized. After a lot of thought and trawling though reviews I went for a little TS-APO-65Q and a OSC SXM25C. I've spent a while getting the laptop all set up with the software needed for the job and took full advantage of the UK's mini heat wave last week. Surprisingly good for a cheap little setup. This is the result. 4x900s subs Markarian's Chain. Used with OAG plate solved and automated with CCD Auto Pilot. The lower image I added some Luminance from my AG12 just to sharpen things up a bit. I'm also taking a 58mm lens with me for some nice wide FOV.... still got to test that though....fingers crossed for some clear skies thanks for taking a look. Peter TS-APO-65Q and the M25C TS-APO-65Q M25C with some Luminance from my AG12 resampled down
  12. Even more refractor galaxies . . . M51

    Lovely Image Barry
  13. Remote imaging experiances

    I agree ....Its very been interesting reading.
  14. Remote imaging experiances

    sharing work flow to help other images to improve their technique.....I'm all for that Olly. I know that's kind of what goes on here anyway but it would be much easier if everyone was working from identical data and very interesting to compare different renditions.
  15. Remote imaging experiances

    No dilemma really....I originally wanted some feed back to get a better understanding of these systems..... But yes that's what Id like to do.... While I'm in the planning stages I will be buying telescope time from either ITU, iTelescope or like to fill in that gap......