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  1. nicely processed with rich star colour
  2. great job with really nice colour
  3. Thats stunning, delicate process with beautiful colour balance
  4. no that doesnt fit the profile....it came from N and that is way south from my location
  5. would have been awesome....but like so many things too good to be true....but there was this one from the same footage ...i know this isnt an aircraft
  6. Well for those meteor fans there were a couple last night on the same footage
  7. Thats a shame I got really excited about that one and it certainly fooled me, but it does seem very bright for an aircraft and normally wouldnt navigation lights would be visible?..
  8. It took about 2 mins to cross and longer to dissipate
  9. I captured this Meteor/Fireball early this morning on my newly installed Allysky camera. I was wondering if anyone else had managed to capture it on there Allsky cameras.. It happened at 03:12 -03:15 just as the sky was getting lighter. The clip is from dawn till dusk and the event took place near the end of the video. cheers allsky-20200524 Meifod fireball.mp4 Peter
  10. Thats lovely ....very clean and sympathetically processed....great work
  11. lovely catch Carole.....great to see them together
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