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  1. interesting ....Shock waves are very similar as how the crescent nebula gets its ripples too.....does sound more likely when its explained.
  2. Thank you everyone for commenting. Go ahead and get one printed if you want Ive always know it as the curtain and seems to be more noticeable in the Ha data. According to Wiki....(who knows if is accurate) the streaking is caused the magnetic field from stars in the open cluster (Sigma Ori), sound plausible to me..
  3. its really good result. your flats look almost like the filter wheel is off centre. Do you calibrate your flats?
  4. A great result....superb video....It gives a good perspective for your final image......
  5. That's beautifully processed
  6. Wow thank you that is a massive complement ... I would love that to be true
  7. star colour is great...nice work
  8. That's a very respectable image....especially with your limitations, LP and view etc...
  9. what a stunning rendition....and a beautiful scope....I was hoping to see some results from the an ED160 soon
  10. Ive had a very quick go at a repair on your halo....its has some really nasty edges but with a bit more time spent it can be fixed.
  11. I've only had a quick go, but with a bit of time you could get quite an accurate correction.......The damage in the area is already been done so its a case of repair and disguise. Its a difficult one as it has hard edges. This was all done in Photoshop with the colour range tool and and circle selection combined with colour balance to deal with the offending colour in the halo. I then layered the red channel with a circular feather and set it in Luminance mode to deal with the halo. On the second image I added some flare to disguise Alnitak. Its a long winded process but it can be
  12. lovely detail and colour
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