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  1. The Astrodon 3nm delivers! (Cone to Rosette in Ha)

    how deep can you go....well that deep then!!....Lovely image.... darks are over rated anyway
  2. Another fine image Sara....you've managed to combine data from the two scopes really well. Tight clean image.....nice!
  3. star shape is good to the edge.....I think its a well suited lens...thanks for sharing
  4. Core of NCG1333

    Its a superb image....your star colour is lovely and your field is really deep
  5. Better focusing or guiding?

    Motorising your focus really helps , but IMO you will get more out of guiding. Take advice on this though there is quite a lot to understand and there are other guiding options especially on longer focal lengths.
  6. M78

    Dean that's a really nice shot and what makes it even better is its done with an unmodded 450
  7. I know Samyang is very under rated, I had a 14mm which was amazing.... I want something I can use with my Sony A7s. Ive a Nikon 200m f2.8 which you would think as being a very capable lens but its not great for astro stuff. Prime lenses will always beat zoom lenses every time and the Nikon just doesn't give pin stars especially at the edge. My main concern was what the star shape was like at the edge of the field especially on a full frame, chromatic aberration etc. .... The Samyang 135 was one I was thinking about and its really nice to see one used for astro imaging. Thanks for sharing this image. Do you have any other examples I can take a look at?
  8. Superb image....Ive thought about buying a Samyang for wide field.....after seeing this I might just do it
  9. vdb141 the ghost nebula-crop

    Stunning Job and so deep.
  10. First image with my new scope

    thank you Steve....It was a tense moment first time it was put on the mount Thank you Graeme I've had to pinch myself a couple of times
  11. Hyades

    just gorgeous....superb colour lovely processing
  12. First image with my new scope

    So happy Barry, Thanks
  13. First image with my new scope

    Thanks peter, I don't have very many but this is what I do have
  14. IC-443 bicolor

    I know what you mean with Bi colour. When ever I did one I always felt like it was unfinished until I got that third channel.....that said....this works a treat, very deep nice work
  15. First image with my new scope

    Thanks Rodd, It has an internal three element corrector that sits just behind the primary, Its not designed to work with a reducer. I Also have an AG12 which is very fast at F3.8 which gives a very high signal so I was surprised at the amount of signal this produced at f6.8. This shot was only a single 20min sub in each LRGB and only intended as a test shot for the scope.