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  1. DSLR's have come a long way with noise and sensitivity.....but they do rely on software to reduce noise and can damage the raw data. Having said that I've seen some stunning images done with DSLR's. Im a mono man through and through....but I do believe OSC and DSLRs do have a very valuable place in this dark art.....In fact I have a very capable Sony A7s which I also use, its ridiculous in low light levels.
  2. I do agree with Olly logically you would think will not be happy and you will end up buying twice...I did If you can afford to buy in one go build up your kit bit by can have a lot of fun with just mono no filters...
  3. You are correct, the blue data is the most problematic and it would be the right thing to do.....however the UK isn't the best location to be picky and M51 is bright enough to give it a go.....If you were going for a deep image then you have to wait for dark skies . When ever I do RGB I'm very fussy on which nights I choose.....probably why its been ages since I've manage to complete an image
  4. More than a hind I'd say...lovely job
  5. love the composition ...nice rich colour
  6. Lovely detail and real it
  7. M51

    nice an clean with good colour
  8. Thanks Barry I hope I get more time to image too I will take a look at that thread got a link? My camera is an old H35 by starlight xpress... it doesn't have set point cooling so I don't use darks as I can never get them to match properly Ill look out for it...I do like galaxy season Thank you Sara... nice to be able to get something even if it is only a couple of hours worth....still got to tweak the mount Thanks so much for all the feedback
  9. An AG12 300mm Newtonian
  10. Not imaged for a long time with mount problems and work commitments ...and of course not to mention the UK's weather. I've managed to knock out this only a quickie 3x 600s in each LRGB... still with a few small technical issues ... ed-public/ thanks for looking Peter
  11. just stunning
  12. so much going on there a great simple set up......One area I've also spent a lot of time on capturing the IFN. This shot really shows the amount IFN coverage...I just love it
  13. a beautiful part of the sky....superbly imaged
  14. Thanks for the feedback Olly. It's reassuring to know the I apply a gradient removal at the very same point in my processing flow. I have to use a couple of different methods one being Gradient exterminator which I find very good but can fail on complex or varied fields. The second method is to make a gradient map and manually remove it which can be a real pain. So I'm thinking of getting PI just for that tool alone.
  15. Beautiful and very deep