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  1. peter shah

    NGC 6888 - Soap Bubble

    beautiful shot there Yves
  2. what place....if I could I wouldn't hesitate
  3. Yes it will have but it will be in a better position to image.... They close the gates at 8pm so you cant drive up to the observatories after dark and you are not allowed to stay over night at the very top where the observatories are. but there are a few parking points along the road where you can set up. and there are lots of other locations around the island specifically for astronomy. The island have very strict rules about light pollution so you are never far from a dark site where ever you set up. thank you its well worth a trip
  4. Thank you James, have you been before? what kit will you be taking with you?
  5. If you haven't been before I can safely say you will love it....Im planning on going back
  6. I've just got back from my visit to La Palma...well what can I say other than 'jaw dropping' ...those who have visited will already know. I drove up the one and a half hour journey to the top every night for five nights and stayed till the early hours. Seeing Scorpio in full for the first time was amazing, its now my new favourite constellation. Being in the presence of these historical observatories along with the ink black skies will stay with me for the rest of my days. The zodiacal light stretched up way above my head it was magical. I had a chance to go into the William Herschel and Isaac Newton Telescopes. There is a massive amount of work going on with the WHT at the moment as they are completely replacing the telescope control systems. They were testing it the night I took this shot. Sagittarius and Scorpio rising above The William Herschel Telescope. Taken with my Sony A7s and Nikon 50mm lens. 3x 20s two panels dark frame subtracted. Thanks for looking
  7. peter shah

    Markarian's Chain

    nice detail coming through not easy to do on this target
  8. peter shah

    Iris and Ghost

    Oozing quality....lovely dusty, deep and great star colour
  9. whats not to like about this very smooth and clean, lovely round stars and superb detail....love it
  10. peter shah

    M63: Full Data Set

    Despite your flat issues you have a super image there. I can even see the outer loop just starting to show no easy task.
  11. peter shah

    Leo Triplet - Esprit 100 First Light - At Last!

    Superb image very deep. You can still use the subs effected by trails as long as you dither your guiding and stack using a SDmaks or a sigma reject. It works very well rejecting any hot noise or artefacts that shouldn't be there.
  12. peter shah

    Markarians Chain testing out my new rig

    I was taking a little 58mm lens with me too but the results with the m25c are not great nice stars in the centre and real ugly around the one edge, even stopped down to F8. Im looking for an alternative 50mm was thinking about a Nikkor 50mm 1.8d. I did want to get a Canon 50mm but I dont think the nifty 50 can be used manual aperture. I welcome any suggestions.
  13. peter shah

    Markarians Chain testing out my new rig

    Thank you, I think the apartment is in El Pueblo but the wife booked it so I guess Ill find out when I get there, its a small enough island and I'm hiring a car so will be driving out and spending my nights at the top of the volcano. I'm borrowing an EQ6 off a friend. I just hope the weather stays fine.
  14. peter shah

    Markarians Chain testing out my new rig

    I will be using a EQ6 for this....all set up with an OAG so no guide scope or filter wheel. I will be able to piggyback a 58mm Helios lens on to for real wide views. Im also taking a skywtcher star adventurer for my Sony A7s I wont be doing much sleeping providing it stays clear
  15. peter shah

    Dark Nebulas in Cepheus and M101

    beautiful set of images

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