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peter shah

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  1. a beautiful part of the sky....superbly imaged
  2. Thanks for the feedback Olly. It's reassuring to know the I apply a gradient removal at the very same point in my processing flow. I have to use a couple of different methods one being Gradient exterminator which I find very good but can fail on complex or varied fields. The second method is to make a gradient map and manually remove it which can be a real pain. So I'm thinking of getting PI just for that tool alone.
  3. Beautiful and very deep
  4. I agree Olly.....I must admit I quite fancy some of the tools in PI, for one the Gradient removal tool looks amazing. It would be interesting to hear your comments on this particular tool. I down loaded the trial a while back but never got the opportunity to try it before the trial period ended. Getting good star colour to the core is easy in photoshop if you keep your curve stretch flat from the high-mid to the whites I've found I've not needed to mask the them either.
  5. A beauty Tom....what a treat for the eyes
  6. Perfect thank you for that explanation . This very same method I have used but with mixed results. I think its quite a fine balance, the star layer process has to be a good match with the background to get a smooth transition, a testament to how good your processing is.
  7. I can see you have retained a beautiful star colour, it was more of the balance between the star layer and background. Did you have to use the opacity slider at all to get a smooth transition and did it affect the colour saturation in the stars much?
  8. Nicely done, Love this version over the previous. It would be interesting to understand workflow adding the RGB star layer. You have managed to add them seamlessly, a superb final rendition.
  9. Superb images....I do prefer the first rendition, cant comment PI as I'm more of a PS man myself.
  10. love this Yves, pure dedication and time well spent....would be worth trying again at full res
  11. was there both days was nice to meet up with a few of the SGL members...
  12. Great shot....I had PI for the 30day trial but never really got a chance to use it. I only hear good things about it.
  13. lovely shot ...the Ha will make those H2 regions pop
  14. Love the fov nice colour and tight stars, super processing ....DSLRs have come a long way
  15. nicely captured Carole