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peter shah

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  1. peter shah

    M31 HaLRGB

    thats beautiful....full res is really worth looking at
  2. peter shah

    Soul nebula

    lovely colour....nicely done...
  3. peter shah

    First Horsehead

    you have some lovely colour coming through and its framed perfectly...... I do think your focus is a little soft
  4. peter shah

    Flame in SHO

    Its a lovely image Steve, But this is one of those objects that takes a lot of effort to get it to work well in the traditional HST pallet.
  5. peter shah

    From the flaming Star to Spider and Fly

    Thats super Arno...full res is great
  6. peter shah

    Cassiopeia from the garden

    puts everything in its place nicely....a lovey image
  7. peter shah

    The Heart Nebula

    That is great result with the kit you have used. Just goes to show that you don't always need a telescope....background looks a slightly vignetted pink on my monitor with a darker centre. Possibly something caused when calibrating?
  8. peter shah

    M33 in HaRGB

    Adding luminance will allow you to give a more aggressive noise reduction to the colour layer without damaging your detail. It is important to match your luminance stretches with the RGB or the colour will suffer. You can push the RGB stretch futher but this will introduce colour noise. If you apply too much of a noise reduction it will show as blotchy colour. So there is a fine balance. The answer is really more RGB subs. You can increase the signal in the RGB by binning 2x2 if you wanted. I don't do this I just get more frames and bin everything 1x1
  9. beautiful..... I quite like the colour you have manged to get out of this data
  10. peter shah

    M33 WIP now with DSLR colour

    A superb result....Remote imaging is wonderful....thats of course when it goes well. Its those moments when the panic hits and there is not much you can do about it. My system is quite old and I tend to get a few glitches.
  11. peter shah

    NGC 7635 & M 52

    Lovely subtle process, great colour and nicely framed
  12. peter shah

    M33 in HaRGB

    This is lovely. Rich colour with those HII regions standing out nicely
  13. peter shah

    My second Andromeda of the season

    Thats very natural looking...real nice image
  14. peter shah

    M33 - 400 min.

    Great detail in this shot. You have managed to get right down to the faint edges of the galaxy. Great work
  15. peter shah

    NGC488 - an unusual galaxy

    super object not seen very often....great image Peter

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