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  1. 1st image of the new Astro season

    love it
  2. Its a great object with everything you could ask for, emission, reflection and dark nebula. If that's where you are with just luminance then you all set for a superb colour image. A fantastic start.
  3. North West Astronomy Festival 2017 dates

    Just got back its a nice event met lots of folk very friendly loads to talk about...had a great time will go next year
  4. oozing quality...such a tight and crisp image
  5. M109

    Lovely job on this.... I like the framing on this with those smaller galaxies very nicely placed.
  6. Cocoon - A tricky little nebula!

    The dark dust lane is coming through nicely. As you say more subs will improve on that and even show the blue reflection around the outer edges......really nice shot there
  7. B-143 in Aquila

    thank you Paddy, Paul...cant wait for some longer darker nights
  8. A7S, Antares, Astrofarm, Astro Pixel Processor

    a real stunner....I've yet to use my A7s on my scope...think I might give it a go after seeing this
  9. Hello there !

    welcome to the forum
  10. B-143 in Aquila

    Thank you Rodd, Yep had to wait a few times before. Very difficult to know how to process the blacks as everyone's monitors are calibrated differently
  11. Rho Ophiuchi and Beyond - Summer special part II

    Fingers crossed you get the clear skies on those dates. I do get good views of Antares from here and have thought about trying it. But with its fleeting fly-by across the horizon I've always thought about going to a better location to image it....never got around to it. Your image has really made think hard about giving it a go from here. It would be interesting to do an overlay from an image from further South and compare how much atmospheric refraction you have in yours. Peter
  12. Rho Ophiuchi and Beyond - Summer special part II

    For some reason I had this in my head it was imaged outside the UK. This makes it even more remarkable, a superb achievement from your location. How long is it image-able (if that's even a word) for you during an evening?
  13. B-143 in Aquila

    Yeah I know anything after a tweak or clean I tend to call a 'test' image.....I've spent some time designing a modified Dall Kirkham. It will be a 250mm, carbon truss design fully corrected across a 50mm field. Ill let you know how it goes.
  14. M57 - getting there (wip)

    great scale super shot
  15. Veil Nebula Ha

    nice to see it all in one shot. Lovely image