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  1. peter shah

    The Horse Head in HaRGB

    Thank you Barry....mosaic...Hmm?...no! That is a very good point Rodd....and balancing colour with lots of data is easier because you don,t lack signal in certain areas. However the real point and the main reason for me using G2V calibration is the amount of time saved acquiring the data as we know that sky time is precious in the UK. Thank you.....and thats a great rendition beautiful tight stars. Unfortunately trails, spikes and bad columns are an occupational hazard and does push processing to the limit...... still always worth giving it a go. Thank you you are very kind.... a fast scope and and a little bit of luck Yes very often overlooked....I dont think I've ever seen it done as a stand alone image.... I guess a big scope and steady skies are rare.
  2. peter shah

    The great Orion Nebula - 14 hours

    Superb rendition
  3. peter shah

    IC 447 Reflection Nebula

    Beautiful image Bob nice to see one of the lesser imaged objects
  4. peter shah

    The Horse Head in HaRGB

    I don't think there is much going to be gained using a Jpeg file but you are more than welcome to have a look at my fits data and see what you can do with it.
  5. peter shah

    A bit of a shaggy nag!

    a great experiment, detail in the HH itself is superb....Alnitak is a massive pain
  6. peter shah

    The Horse Head in HaRGB

    That would be great.... I'd like to find out more on that I always thought you needed to do a G2V calibration even with Astrodons.
  7. peter shah

    The Horse Head in HaRGB

    Hi Lewis, I used the Ha in several ways layering with the screen mode in PS and blending the Ha+RGB in with the RGB.... very time consuming. It still showed a lack of contrast around Alnitak and that is where most of the work went.
  8. peter shah

    The Horse Head in HaRGB

    You are very kind, thank you Ahmed... there are plenty of great HH about. It might have been a little crisper if it got higher in the sky....I guess another one of the downsides imaging in the UK.
  9. peter shah

    NGC 6946

    Lovely image with great star colour
  10. peter shah

    The Horse Head in HaRGB

    I know what you mean...I know they are different objects but I wonder if the Horse Head would have the same appeal if it wasn't there
  11. peter shah

    M45 - Guided on a Star Adventurer

    A great result....I love those little SA units...I took one with me to La Palma in my hand luggage, very convenient.
  12. peter shah

    The Horse Head in HaRGB

  13. peter shah

    The Horse Head in HaRGB

    I have weighted my exposure to give a more or less correct colour balance. This saves on wasted exposure times where you would only process the heaviest signal only part way to get the correct colour. This method I can give equal curve stretches to each frame. It also makes colour balancing easier. you are very kind Rodd.... Alnitak was extremely difficult to control thank you
  14. peter shah

    The Horse Head in HaRGB

    Thank you Tim. The whole area is plagued with aircraft and satellites. if you look around this rough stack you will see how many I had to remove...Still got a couple to do. You can even see where the navigation lights of and aircraft has flashed and shown its engine housing as its flown across the FOV....and there is a nasty reflection from Alnitak which although I did a repair was mostly cropped out. If I had have don more subs I could of easily removed them with an SDmask or sigma clip stack.
  15. peter shah

    The Horse Head in HaRGB

    Thank you.... I'll take the complement but I've seen some stunning renditions of the HH

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