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  1. That was nice clean data to play with and gradients aside a great image. Here's my take on on the data after giving it a quick process in PI Cheers, Wyvern
  2. 63.5mm produces a nice flat field for me.
  3. Yes indeed. It is now fully operational and works really well. The the main issue with the stars was simply backfocus, the 31mm adapter tht comes with it is just too long for my scope so I had to buy some adapters and m48 spacers. The second issue I found was that this camera does not like being connected to USB hubs or extension cables, or at least mine didn't.
  4. Afternoon, Thought I may as well throw my hat in the ring as well. I used a bit of a custom channel mapping with this one, but it's roughly R=Ha, G=SII, B=OIII Unfortunately I don't really have a process to share as I tend to just do stuff until I like the look of it. Final polish was in photoshop which was just some levels, saturation etc. Wyvern
  5. Thank you for all your Kind comments!
  6. After a few pretty nice nights I've managed to capture M31and M33 in HaRGB and M45 In RGB M31 20x R 240s 20x G 240s 20x B 240s 20x Ha 300s M33 20x R 240s 20x G 240s 20x B 240s 20x Ha 300s M45 30x R 240s 30x G 240s 30x B 240s I'm liking how each has turned out. Feel free to pixel peep and be brutal Wyvern
  7. If you haven't watched this already it should answer all your questions.
  8. Really Really nice! I had no idea there was anything other than Ha in this object. Still collecting data for this one and I will add SII to the mix. Thank you for sharing!
  9. Very nice too, love the star colours and some nice nebulosity showing. This is a hard collection of nebulae/star clusters to frame, I'm currently imaging this myself and am not as happy as I could be with it.
  10. Just wow! fantastic result and thanks for the info about it too!
  11. That's exactly it, just make sure the subnet mask is the same, default is
  12. I'm not a mac guy but I do know a thing or two about networking. How have you set up the IP addressing on both the mac and the pi?
  13. Had a quick play in Pixinsight and there's actually quite a bit of data here! It looks like you have a bit of coma which is deforming the stars, I haven't used camera lenses for astro so not sure I can advise what is the cause. Anyway here's my take on your data.
  14. Could it possibly also be the barlow magnifying the effect of coma? or even affecting the backfocus distance? Do you have any pics taken without the barlow to compare with? The only reason I ask is that when I use filters I have to account for their thickness in the backfocus calculations, I'm not sure if the same applies to a barlow? edit, missed that you were usung the mpcc III corrector
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