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  1. Well, feeling a bit frustrated with my full moon Ha subs being a bit washed out I pulled the trigger on the 3.5nm Ha's. I think next month I'll get the SII then I'll have a full set. It means I'll be putting mt Baader ones up for sale.
  2. Despite clouds rolling in and no imaging taking place, I believe I have finally sorted vastly improved my backfocus issues! there might be a little tilt as the bottom stars are slightly misshapen but that is fixable. in fact it could just be focus as I wasn't paying much attention to that, in fact having sgp properly correct for my focus backlash is next on my todo list. Night all.
  3. I'd love to be imaging tonight, but I can already see the moonglow almost as bright as the sunset and I don't think my 7nm Ha will cut the mustard. Shame as the seeing looks fantastic, can hardly see a twinkle in the stars. Also pretty windy here but I'm pretty sheltered and the GT81 on the eq6 holds pretty steady.
  4. I'll have a look at those, thanks! I'm definitely interested to see how the one I ordered turns out. £47 for a 102x72cm dibond print is very cheap and if you want a whole wall I think they can go up to 3m wide.
  5. I probably would print my own but I tend to get my prints done on aluminium as they are nice and easy to wall mount without frames or excessive use of spray mount to get them to stick to a board. Having a quick google of Baryta paper it looks like printing paper has come a long way since I last did any, would be good to see some of the results when you use it.
  6. Afternoon all, I guess this should go in the imaging topic as well... us imagers have lots to print! Up until now I've used mypicture.co.uk for my prints but always wait for an email offer and have been pretty happy with the results but have had a few damaged during shipping which have all been replaced whenever I raised a case. However I have put through an order with https://www.pixartprinting.co.uk/ as their prices seem a lot more reasonable without having to wait for discounts. It looks more geared towards commercial use, however this seems to allow a bit more flexibility in terms of choosing the dimensions of your print. It's due to arrive on the 13th so I'll update this thread as and when i receive it. However I'd love to know if anyone has used this supplier before. Wyvern
  7. Also hoping to snap some images this month, not sure how well it will work on my mono+RGB filters but I'm going to try if weather permits. Ideally the night of the 10/11th where my framing would also include the broken heart cluster, although not the most interesting of the open clusters it would add a little something extra.
  8. hmm mines a 7nm. Time for upgrades soon I think
  9. I was also looking at Sun/Mon Was wondering what I could image as the moon will be out although it is quite low. Maybe heart nebula Ha? Any suggestions?
  10. I am also fighting the same issue with my GT81, even with the field flattener. It seems very sensitive to backfocus. Waiting for a clear night to have another play now that I have my calipers out.
  11. Let me know how you get on with the Ha, I currently have Baader 7nm Ha/ 8nm SII and will eventually look at replacing them with these
  12. ahh typical... clouds have rolled in.
  13. Thank you! and big congratulations to you too! Both on the y and the top pic! Thank you!
  14. Evening All. Going after the Bat/Squid tonight, Just to see what data I can capture. On another note as a newbie to astrophotography I'm a little chuffed that I managed to get my veil nebula posted on the apod.sky facebook page! Hope all goes well in all your imaging sessions tonight! Wyvern
  15. Utterly stunning, I can only hope do do something like this someday.
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