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  1. Hi All. First I must apologise to skywatcher because in fact the stock focuser on a 200P is not a rack and pinion at all but a single speed Crayford focuser, so with that in mind I have plumbed for two options either the skywatcher low profile dual speed focuser or do some work on the stock focuser as shown on you tube and then buy a lacerta dual speed 1:10 microfocus upgrade kit.
  2. Thanks for the reply mikeyJ1, I really don't fancy re-drilling holes in my OTA, the other reason I picked these two focusers is, I have a Crayford on my skywatcher 180 MAK with a motor drive and depending on which scope I use I can swop the motor drive from one to the other.
  3. Hi all. I'm thinking of changing my rack and pinion focuser on my skywatcher 200p, I have two in mind which are, Dual-speed low profile 1.25"/ 2" Crayford and Dual-speed Crayford 1.25/ 2" for skywatcher explorer, bearing in mind I will be attaching a Cannon DSLR to it. Apparently according to FLO they are both a direct fit and the prices are not to far apart for either of the focusers.
  4. I have a Vixen Super Polari's mount which carries an Astro systems 150mm Newtonian reflector, I bought them both back in the early eighties, the last time I used them was a couple of years ago, the motors still worked and the scope gave stunning view's, I was wondering about the polar scope because if I remember when you looked through the polar scope the reticule had the year next to it or it was in the manual and as the years went by you had to alter the mount so Polaris was a little bit away from the reticule. My question is can I fit a newer polar scope. Cheers Keith
  5. I would also like to add my thanks to the team who organized the event and to FLO for the Marquee it bought every body together, and a big thanks to Lucksall not only for more or less taking over the campsite but for providing the bar in the Marquee.
  6. Hi all I have a Skywatcher 180 mak and I want a better focuser, I was thinking the Skywatcher duel speed 2 inch Crayfod sct , Will this fit also can I attach a Skywatcher auto focused to it. Keith (Thommo10)
  7. From what I can remember Kingfisher is hardstanding ie gravel, oaks is softer hardstanding
  8. Hi Grant Great work, I don't mean to be a pain but is it possible to move me to caravan hardstanding please.
  9. Thanks Grant really happy with my pitch, cheers.
  10. Sorry for your loss Daz our thoughts are with you.
  11. I have a 127 mak not really fast enough for DSO's better on planets, for DSO's a reflector of about F5 is better but even then they look like a smudge but attach a camera and image you will see more detail. You can buy web cams that have been converted for deepsky or even a cannon dslr off ebay which will do the job at a minimum cost if you really want to see DSO's in all there glory.
  12. Hi Daz. still a bit concerned about the non astronomer next door but one, is there a chance I can be moved please. preferably Kingfisher (hardstanding) if possible.
  13. that's it done, but a bit concerned theres a non astronomer next door but one is there a chance I can move up a bit please if not no worries.
  14. Last Monday I thought I would try my recently purchased Skywatcher 180 pro, I had it all set up on my HEQ5 pro mount, I was using skytrek, well I will rephrase that I was trying to use sky trek, I could not get it to work then found that the finder was so far out I could not capture anything I was anticipating good views of Jupiter but in my haste forgot the golden rule of Astronomy, make sure everything is working and aligned before you observe. Tuesday night I made sure everything was working and aligned well before hand, when it was dark enough I slewed the 180 around and found Jupiter in the finderscope, looking through my Baader zoom there was Jupiter in all it's glory as I have never seen it before, I zoomed in to 8x with a pollution filter on, I could make out the red spot and the gas clouds, I called my son who has no interest in Astronomy at all, "Wow he said, that's brilliant" he couldn't stop watching it for the rest of the session. To Sum up what a fantastic scope for Planetary observation, and should complement my 200p very nicely. Thank you Mark for selling it to me.
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