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  1. I don't know that looks like a good system and hopefully is as I am hoping my similar system will work so I would stick to it if you can otherwise I found it a nightmare if I changed how I stored all this data nearly every time I obtained new data. Steve
  2. Amazing, but that is not too dissimilar to how I have ended up. I just recently moved everything into similarly structured directories and really is almost same you you have done. Steve
  3. I too keep everything stored on a small server (so everything is backed up as it automatically goes onto two separate drives in the server) I bought off Ebay for about £80. Issue I have is getting some sort of order to the directories so everything is in a logical order and easily found. Steve
  4. Well you could have fooled me. But I am still at the start of a big learning curve regarding processing anyway and learning Pixinsight and PhotoShop. but slowly I am getting there. I am beginning to love PI as I now kind of understand the logic behind it and find it really well written and now fairly easy to follow, in parallel I am also trying to learn PS but still not got to grips with that yet. When I started this I was amazed to see how some people can get so much out of so little with good processing and realised that getting the data was probably not even half the story and there was a lot more to this before you get some of these wonderful images seen on this forum. I look forward to seeing what the SII does for the image Steve
  5. Yes I think that is actually better for me, I prefer more subtle colouring (so much of this processing is down to personal preference) but still has all the detail. Steve
  6. Nice images, I love the Bi-Colour Steve
  7. Yes it is not surprising that image is in print it is stunning. Well done and well deserved Steve
  8. As many did I had some clear sky last Saturday and used my new CEM60 mount for the first time. Due to some messing about getting to grips with the new setup I had a short window to image Orion before it went behind neighbours house. So Only managed: 2x 240S RGB + 2x 60S RGB But this gave me enough to try combining both using PS to try and get over the blown core I had always had on this target. So by no means the best image of this popular target but it was a nice exercise for me and look forwart to getting more data and trying at a better image soon. Many thanks to @carastro for directing me to a tutorial for a nice easy way to achieve this. Steve
  9. A lot of work gone into that image but really is worth it. A wonderful image Steve
  10. Hope it helps, update the thread with how you get on it would be nice to see how you do with it Steve
  11. Yes I know what you mean I tried the trial and in fact extended the trial for another month (They will extend it if you ask) and like you just thought it was far too difficult to use. Then after another year thought I would take the plunge and pay for it and as it is not cheap that would make me learn to use it. Funnily enough although it does have a steep learning curve and takes a lot of work to get to grips after a while something sort of happens and the penny drops how the logic of it all works and it suddenly becomes a lot easier as you sort of understand the thinking behind it all and it is a great piece of software. Now I am not suggesting you do try Pixinsight as it is a handful but I really would recommend Nebulosity 4. I always have to write down what I am doing so I can follow the same flow next time and I did these instructions if they are of any help to you ? Just looking at these instructions again (not used for sometime) they were written when I was using a DSLR but are okay for OSC and for mono you would just need to follow the instructions for each filter then combine the stacked images. Steve Pre-Processing & Stacking with Nebulosity 4.pdf
  12. Nice image, and I am sure could be a real nice image with some more processing. I am far from being any sort of expert on processing but there looks to be plenty of data to work with have you tried Nebulosity4, that's what I started out using for processing and found it really easy to use and produced some reasonable results. Yes it is lacking a bit in some areas but for basic stacking and manipulation I found it easy and really good. I am now using Pixinsight and Photoshop but both have fairly steep learning curves and still sometimes go back to Nebulosity4 just to get a quick image. Steve
  13. Ah yes makes sense. I am guessing then of there is nothing in the Fits header then it will not matter whether it is selected or not. Steve
  14. Ruzeen, The HEQ5 is an excellent mount but having stripped one down and rebuilt mine I would say it is fairly simple in design and so should not be too difficult to get it working correctly with some more information. Before you did the belt mod and replaced the gears how was the mount performing? What gears exactly did you replace and were the replacements genuine SW parts? Did you replace or re-grease any of the bearings? Also a screen shot of PHD2 with the graph displayed and showing Ra and Dec together with the correction pulses will give everyone an idea how good or how bad it really is. If you manually slew each axis in turn at maximum speed through the full movement of each axis does they move smoothly without too much noise, and no stalling of the stepping motors. Listen very carefully is there any noise that seems periodic as if there is some binding once per rev of the worm gears ? Steve
  15. When using ImageIntegration process do you need to select "Subtract Pedestals" under the Image Integration parameters? If so do you need to do this for all images, Darks, Flats, Lights etc? Steve
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