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  1. teoria_del_big_bang

    Warm Room v Telescope Storage

    I am only guessing here but I do tend to think trying to keep moisture out is almost impossible in a wooden shed without a dehumidifier, but as LightBucket says air flow to stop condensation is the key. I do a lot of 3D printing and it is essential to keep the plastic filament dry when stored for any length of time. I seal the rolls in those supposedly air tight sealed plastic bags that you pump the air out (vacuum bags) and also put a few silica gel bags in there that change colour when they have absorbed water. It works but even with all that effort the silica gel is completely saturated after a month or two and you would think no other moisture would enter other than that trapped in there to begin with. But it does. So I just think you will never keep the area dry as in no moisture in there. So keeping the air flowing at least means you can prevent this moisture condensing which is the best you will achieve. Moisture in the air should not be a major issue but if it condenses on your equipment then it will. Steve
  2. teoria_del_big_bang

    Help me choose an imaging frac

    I can't really comment as I only have experience of my Zenithstar 73 but I am very happy with it. The only issue I have had is that the focuser was quite sloppy even after adjusting and had to strip it down add soe shims now as solid as a rock and still soopth. But yes you need the flattener and that adds quite a mark up to the original cost. Steve
  3. teoria_del_big_bang

    witch head nebula disaster

    Top marks for at least trying. It is frustrating isn't it? Steve
  4. teoria_del_big_bang

    Warm Room v Telescope Storage

    That looks amazing considering it is just a conversion and not starting from scratch. Regarding sealing to stop moisture ingress I am no expert on these matters but I would put some sort of ventilation for the actual shed / warm room rather than trying to seal it from any moisture entering. The problem is you just can't stop moist air entering without spending a fortune sealing everywhere, and then I doubt that the air inside would be any drier than the outside, so I think better to have air circulating. Just make sure you stop any wind swept rain entering. And if I understand this is what you have already done. Whether you can keep the storage area any drier than the rest of the interior I am not sure but without a dehumidifier personally I doubt it. I also suspect that it would take a huge amount of silica gel to keep th storage boxes dry for any length of time. You can get small moisture meters for a round £3 each so you could buy a couple and put them in the boxes and see the percentage moisture in the box. If it does work it will then tell you when you need to replenish or re-generate the silica gel. How big are the scopes? You can get some fairly big zip lock bags that would help the silica gel to last longer. Just my thoughts, as said I am no expert and often only testing will tell. Steve
  5. teoria_del_big_bang

    Valentine special

    Very Fitting Steve
  6. teoria_del_big_bang

    first images of 2019, finally...

    Yes absolutely brilliant sharp images. Steve
  7. teoria_del_big_bang

    Desktop PC of Imaging - Advice & specification

    Thanks to all for the advice. Had to be careful as when ordering a new PC it is very easy to go crazy and £1000 gone before you realise it. In the end settles for a mid range spec but should cope I think. I might add a graphics card at a later date if needed. I already have dual 24" monitors so should be fine for my needs I hope. Game Max Silent Black Midi-Tower with Card Reader 500W Aerocool Integrator 80+ Certified Power Supply ASUS Prime B450M-A uATX Motherboard (AMD) AMD Ryzen™ 5-2400G Quad Core Processor (3.9GHz) with Vega Graphics 16GB 2400MHz DDR4 (2x8GB) - Major Brand Integrated AMD RADEON™ RX VEGA 11 Graphics 250GB 2.5" SATA III SSD 1TB SATA III 6GB/s 7200rpm 64MB Cache 8ms Integrated 7.1 High Definition 8-Channel Audio ASUS PCE-AC55BT 802.11ac 867Mbps AC1200 Wifi/Bluetooth PCIe Adapter Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit Steve
  8. teoria_del_big_bang

    copernicus 14-2-19

    Simon, Great image in what was I think less than perfect conditions yesterday evening. I love your signature as well Steve
  9. teoria_del_big_bang

    Don't blame I'm old :)

    Great images and I am so glad I am not the only one that does stuff like that, thanks for being so honest Steve
  10. teoria_del_big_bang

    Skywatcher Evostar 100ED

    Wow, these don't seem to hang around long.
  11. teoria_del_big_bang

    Jellyfish Nebula - IC 443

    Great Image. Yes last night surprised me as well with the clear skies up north. I did look at clearoutside.com and it said 100% cloud cover till Midnight then 1% and then 0% but at 11:00pm looking outside at the rain though better of setting up and went to bed. Then at just after midnight got up to let an annoying cat out and couldn't believe how clear it was. Unfortunately I was then in sleep mode and with work beckoning at 6:00 am though better of getting scope out and went back to bed. I must get on with an obsy then I can spend a quick hour getting some data easily. Anyway glad you got some time to enjoy the clear sky, and once again a great image Steve
  12. teoria_del_big_bang

    Flame Nebula & Horsehead Nebula

    Very nice. There have been a lot of great images of this piece of sky lately and that certainly is another great image Steve
  13. teoria_del_big_bang

    Too windy

    John, I Know the feeling, and was pleasantly surprised to see some reasonably clear sky, but as I am full of cold decided against it tonight. So thanks for sharing that image Steve
  14. teoria_del_big_bang

    Emission nebulae

    Great explanation Steve
  15. teoria_del_big_bang

    COMPLETED - Skywatcher autofocus SOLD

    Hi, I will take this if that's okay. PM sent. Steve

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