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  1. When I first started polar alignment I found it useful to do it with the mount switched on and tracking. This was just because in early days it used to take me quite a while to get it done as I was not altogether sure I was doing it correctly. Also I found it reassuring that I had correctly aligned after polar alignment to leave mount as it was and leave it tracking for 30 mins or so and check that Polaris was still in the same place exactly. This was just to convince myself I was doing things correctly and obviously I now get straight to business
  2. Some great images I really like the 3rd one, almost looks like it was taken from a drone just hovering above surface, some great detail. Steve
  3. I was building in the garden until an hour ago and kept looking up at the moon and thinking I should really be getting my scope out and put the trowel away . I really am too tired now though Thanks for the great image though, very nice to see it a bit clearer than by eye. Steve
  4. Yes somethings worth watching for once. Both on record. After a long day building in the garden I am ready to watch them both in bed. Steve
  5. I must admit early on a Sunday morning I had to look at it for quite a while before I realised what was happening A great solution though @Rodd to be able to leave your rig out safely Steve
  6. Found it on You Tube and watched it again & the sequel ? Cheers Steve
  7. I am fairly new to all this but as far as I am aware you are aligning the centre of the RA axis with North Central Pole point (NCP). As Polaris is slightly off this point I guess depending on the FOV of the lens you have attached you may not be able to see polaris at all in your main telescope directly after polar alignment, but it should be pointing roughly towards it. I think sometimes my HEq5 has to move both RA and Dec axis quite a long way to actually get Polaris in centre of view due to where it is in relationship to the RA axis. Somebody more advanced will probably explain much better than I can. Steve
  8. Would something like this do? 4 channel 12V relay board Steve
  9. qhy-polemaster-adapter-for-az-eq5 Funnily enough I would agree with both above replies. I would say I am very happy to have a Polemaster on my HEq5 and personally would agree it has been one of my best buys. Really makes polar alignment easy and as much as anything I am very tall and my back is not great so worth the cash not having to bend down to look through the polar scope every session. However it is not cheap, probably around £280 new with mount adaptor, especially when you only use it 5 minutes every session and then that's it, and there are other methods as mentioned above. So up to you if you can afford the outlay then get one or if the £280 could be better spent on other bit of kit then maybe look at other methods that give you just as good result. Steve
  10. Wow, what a discussion this is. I have only just seen this thread and just read from start to the latest post. My passion at the moment is imaging but love to read threads about any aspect of Astronomy on often read observing threads as well as loads of other aspects of Astronomy. I am not experienced enough in any form of Astronomy to say what is right or wrong (if there is a wrong?) but a couple of things I would like to comment on. Congratulations to all for having what sounds to be a fairly heated debate at times from people with a passion for their particular aspect of this hobby without verbally abusing anyone for their opinion. That is what a good Forum is about and believe me I have been on countless others (not astronomy related) where the language does get somewhat offensive. But having said that it does appear a very small minority that use NV are being ostracised from where they feel they want to be included (i.e. as observers) for no other reason than the true observers (which I admire greatly and do read many observing reports despite not being my area of interest) feeling it is not really observing. If it was the small minority wanting to break away then I would say yes a separate section is required and fine as there is still a large section of members left in the observing section, and they can still know where to find any NV reports if they wish and minorities should be catered for. But until there are many more than 3 or 4 that would post in that section I would say it is not required. My thoughts are that often we create too many sub sections and try to get everyone in a defined section. We have some wonderful images in NB showing wonderful colours. But these are not true colours. So as I take images in RGB should I not really want to see NB images in this section ? and probably both would offend somebody imaging in B&W as this is probably more realistic to the true image. Sorry for going on but I think what I am trying to say is leave the small minority in the section they feel comfortable in. They must only contribute a small percentage of the posts in that section so anyone from the majority that are true purists that accidentally opens up a NV thread will soon realise and can soon close it again and move to the next thread. And please nobody take offence to my very simplistic view I do not mean to offend any form of this wonderful hobby / obsession. Steve
  11. Believe me I am with you all the way as in exactly the same situation with the ZWO1600mm and also using APT. I was unaware that you could set different gains in the filter settings dialog of APT and had to use scripts to do it, until I saw this thread. I too am on V3.63 and if I click on settings for the FW when on the Gear Tab I too get the dialog same as above that does not have any gain settings (I believe this is just the Ascom Dialog APT opens). But if I go to the "Tools" Tab and click on "Settings" and then click on the "Filter Wheel" "Tab in Settings" I get the following:- However, I have just seen this so not tried it to see if it works but I guess it should, most things do just seem to work in APT. I don't know if this helps but I have learnt something today at least ? Steve
  12. A very nice image , and we all think in the UK is is clear skies all the way in Australia, obviously not in the blue mountains.. Steve
  13. Awesome. A pretty popular target I think but usually a fairly bland but bright cigar is the result. This really does show far more detail than usually seen without the use of an orbiting telescope. Really well done. Steve
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