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  1. Wow, I could look at this for hours and not get bored or any less in awe at what is out there , Thanks for the link. Steve
  2. Also received my long awaited books from the US this week. A good book and a good cup of coffee could I want for more ? YESSSS! - Clear skies Steve
  3. Nice, I think the coffee they make is so much better than the pods I used to use (and saves all that aluminium to recycle). Personally I would have gone for a smaller model as takes up so much room as I like to froth my own milk if having a milky coffee (mostly drink black though) but wife wanted one she could just press Latte, or cappuccino or whatever and it made it for her. Steve
  4. Can't say I have But ......... I have had nights when everything goes wrong but I persevere to get it right, but it doesn't and I end up wishing I had just packed up and got some sleep. As it has been said we have all been there, more than once. Only thing to take from it is that the next time things do go right is it a great feeling and makes it all seem worthwhile, those nights get forgotten. Steve
  5. Not strictly Astro related but will at least keep me awake when those long dark CLEAR nights come (they will come won't they ? ) Steve
  6. Hi, sorry for delay in answering but yes it went very early on. Steve
  7. Hi Mike, Sorry for delay in reply. The hyperion EP's seem fine to me but I bought them right at the start of my first year into astronomy and now mostly into imaging so in all honest I am not really experienced enough to say whether they are bettor or worse than others at this price range but I think Baader are generally pretty good quality mid price range gear. Steve
  8. Hi, Welcome to SGL, I hope the skies re kinder to you than for myself at the moment. Ask any questions nobody judges on SGL and no question is considered silly. Steve
  9. Yes I think Lithium is the way to go. If imaging it's the Rpi and cooler that takes most of the current from my reckonings. Not sure what the cooling for the ASI 1600 camera takes, it suggest a 5A supply but assume that is a bit more than what it does take. Steve
  10. Its okay I have seen it now in the title says 22000 mAhrs so 22 A/hrs. I need to check what my setup pulls but if I don't so too much slewing of mount I would guess about 5A, so I would get around 4 hours. So not bad for that price. Might need 2 of them though Steve
  11. I cannot find any reference on the Amazon listing to Ampere/hours is there anything in the documentation you got with it, so I have no way of working out how long it would last on my setup. EDIT: Forget it I can see it now in the title 22A/hrs Steve
  12. Thanks for the info. It is good to hear that sales are still good and hope that continues, the supply glitch was inevitable with the current situation. I guess for those who have had to work from home (or those who are unfortunately furloughed - or worse sadly) a nights imaging or observing may be easier as you can get an extra half hour or so in bed with not having to travel (or even dressed if that way inclined ), also more time maybe sat in front of laptop browsing and the temptation to press the buy button is just too great, who knows. It is just a pity that the weather has not been so great (up north anyway) and the skies have not have been so clear. Anyway great to hear how you are doing your best to obtain stock of the now rarer items. Steve
  13. I agree, I would definitely return for a complete replacement and not repair. Steve
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