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  1. teoria_del_big_bang

    Testing Bortle 8 home-made Pier

    Ingenious Steve
  2. teoria_del_big_bang

    M42 and Running Man

    Nice! Never tire of seeing images of this Steve
  3. teoria_del_big_bang

    My first telescope

    Hi, Welcome to the forum a great place to learn and chat. I am pretty new to all this as well which means my advice may be limited. What will help with getting advice is to maybe elaborate on what you potentially hope to do with the scope, observing only or astrophotography and do you have a main interest in planets or DSO's. Most new to the hobby either are not sure or want to have a go at it all. Unfortunately, there really is no do it all scope. Yes, most can observe planets and DSO's and you can take images through all of them but none are really great at all of them. Also if you do intend to do any serious imaging of DSO's then best advice is to put the majority of your cash into a good sturdy mount. The best scope in the world with a poor mount will not take decent images. The 2nd hand market always has a lot to offer, especially for beginners equipment as many sell their early stuff on after a while as then progress in the hobby. My first scope, like so many, was a Dobsonian like this. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/beginner-telescopes/skywatcher-skyliner-200p-dobsonian.html It is not a goto, but I see that as a positive for beginning as you have far less to worry about , such as alignments etc, so you can get started as soon as it arrives, also you learn the sky better where everything is rather than just press a button. You can pick them up for around £180 2nd hand, maybe less, and is a great introduction to the hobby. Gives you a great idea what you can see out there for a low cost start up. Many people when they start seem very underwhelmed at what they first see as in many instances the stars are just a bit bigger and brighter than with the naked eye, but wow there are so much more than you could ever see without a scope, I think they see the Hubble images and think they will see the same with a £200 scope, it really is not like that. BUT, if it is for you then it is not underwhelming, quite the opposite. After a few sessions with the Dobsonian you can then sell this on you have lots of time to find the scope (and mount) that you really want. I now have a couple more scopes and still cannot bear to part with my Dobsonian. But this hobby can take a lot of cash if you are not careful (but it doesn't need to) so take time to choose well and you can get equipment that serves you well for many years to come. Anyway I digress as you will get lots of help from many with so much more experience on this forum. This is just my experience as a newbie. Most of all enjoy your sessions, too easy to get bogged down in all the setting up, aligning and tripping over wires or getting frustrated with not getting all the high tech stuff to work and you get little time observing. Keep it simple (to start with anyway). Steve
  4. teoria_del_big_bang

    Skywatcher 17 Amp Power Tank

    In it's simplest terms this battery should give you an average of 1 amp for 17 hours, or 2 amps for 8.5 hours and so on. In reality not so simple as even the rating can depend on what current draw the manufacturer bases the rating. Also in practice it is probably not straight forward. For instance you should not fully discharge it during use or it will not fully charge again, I have seen advice about only discharging to 50%, although not sure this is true. Also the temperature will have a big effect and if used in very cold weather this will reduce the time it will last, and obviously depends what you are running on it. The current from the mount will depend on the mount and to some extent how heavy the scope and other equipment is, especially if not balanced correctly. The general figures banded about for a HEq5 I think is about 1.6A for slewing and 0.9A for tracking. So if only using the mount then with an average of say 1 amp you should get in theory 17 hours use, but not discharging it fully probably more like 9 hours use. If also using dew heaters then this will reduce as each heater probably takes 0.3 to 0.5 A all depends on size and temperature but they are obviously a significant draw. So I guess after all that rambling on my answer is I do not know but IF you only have the mount and say a camera and one heater (so say average 2 amps) then I would think you would easily get 5 hours, could well be a bit more but would not bank on it without discharging it too much. Also always put it on trickle charge after a session to fully recharge again and also if you have a long period not using it just get it out and trickle charge it now and again. Steve
  5. teoria_del_big_bang

    BGO and Meade 4000 Japan swa..REDUCED+INC POSTAGE

    Am I missing something, can't see a price? Steve
  6. teoria_del_big_bang


  7. teoria_del_big_bang

    Where can i send my camera to be modified

    Where I got mine done and was returned within the week. Well pleased with the service. Steve
  8. teoria_del_big_bang

    17 hours on the California Nebula (NGC 1499)

    Isn't it just Steve
  9. teoria_del_big_bang

    QHY8L Cable Retainer Clip

    Bill, I can't find it either, I suspect it has been removed as maybe they want to sell spares or a partner of theirs is selling them. It definitely was on their site as I can find a link but the link doesn't work anymore. Do you have a printer? The clamp looks a fairly simple item to print, preferably from PETG or ABS I would think. If you struggle to get a replacement you can send me a drawing of it with all dimensions and could make a STL file pretty quick, or even print you one, I am only down the road from you. PM me if you are struggling Steve
  10. teoria_del_big_bang

    The Moon 18 November 2018

    Very nice sharp image , and you can never get tired of looking at our nearest celestial body Steve
  11. Wow, some great images and well deserved winners. Steve
  12. teoria_del_big_bang

    Bahtinov mask generator 3d print

    Hi, I have not used that particular generator but used this one succesfully for various scopes. Bahtinov Mask Generator You need to download OpenScad to run the generator. OpenScad Steve
  13. teoria_del_big_bang

    first photo

    Bob, That is an absolutely great image for a first attempts. As I am finding out it is a steep learning curve but looks like you are climbing that curve pretty well. Steve
  14. teoria_del_big_bang

    Nebulousity around M45 - 7 hours data

    Adam, Nice image. Like most people on this forum you are too self-critical. Thanks for sharing the image Steve
  15. teoria_del_big_bang

    SHO Pacman (still with problems)

    Looks great to me. Steve

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