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Hello Everybody! This is Shiplu


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This is Shiplu. I am from Bangladesh. It seems this forum is based on UK. In our country there is no forum for astronomy. There is an astronomical society though. And no shop for telescope. So i thought why not get to know this forum and its people and get more familiarized with astronomy.

In school I built a telescope with 4 lenses. It was almost 12 feet long. Very small FOV. But I could manage to view some stars and planet. That was the start. Since then I bought a lot of lenses to build telescope. Sometimes I succeeded, sometimes I failed. But I was keep trying. I used to make my friends bring lenses for me. Yesterday my telescope making days just ended. Cause I ordered a SkyWathcer 8" Flexible Dobsonian telescope. Its in the way from Germany to Bangladesh. Long way. I hope to see this scope within 2 weeks.

Before buying this telescope I searched google a lot to know "what to know before buying a telescope". And it took a lot of time to choose between dobsonian or equatorial. I found some threads in this forum useful for me. So why not become a member and gather more knowledge. I have a plan to build a big telescope some day. Lets see.

Oh, It was all about astronomy.

Lets talk something about myself. In short, I am a Software engineer. Working freelance. Usually work on Web technology.

Thanks for reading such a long post !

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Welcome Shiplu.

If you're fluent in English (and you are!), this's the right forum. You've chosen well.

I'm sure you'll get a lot of pleasure with your new scope. 8" shows a lot os stuff and it's a good idea to start with a dobsonian. I have a dob and an EQ and the sob gets used more often.

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Hi Shiplu,

A very warm welcome to SGL, you have made an excellent choice with your 8" scope, if you have really dark skies where you live, it should provide you with some stunning views, enjoy the forum.


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Hi Shiplu and welcome to the forum.

I hope you are experiencing clearer skies than we are in the UK. If you have any spare time, perhaps you could write up a small review on your new scope (did it arrive safely, easy to put together and most importantly, does it meet all of your expectations?) I always enjoy reading about other people's new kit as it reminds me of the items that I have bought and how I got all excited at opening them and testing them out.

Clear skies


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