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  1. Capricorn? You mean that time of the year when the Sun is in Sagittarius?
  2. Good photo, but too much light pollution near the horizon. Or was it shoot during dusk, shortly after the sunset?
  3. From the perspective of the person itself, times goes at it's normal pace in every circunstance. When a person would be travelling at a speed nerar the speed of light or would be subjected to a strong gravitational field, he or she wouldn't see any difference and would experience time the same way we do. The time difference would only be detected when compared with someone who didn't experienced that speed or strong gravitational field. Just a remark: there isn't any place in the Universe without gravity. Earth's gravity field extends to the entire universe (even though it is negligible al long distances). In the same way, here on Earth we are subjected to the gravity fields of all the bodies of the entire universe (even if we can only feel the gravity influence of the Sun and Moon).
  4. Well done Luis! I prefer the one at right for colour rendition, but the greenish one at left seems to show finer detail. Keep them coming as Jupiter approaches opposition
  5. I have 2 binos: 10X50mm and 11X70mm. And they are both easily hand-held. But when I consider the extra weight of the 11X70 binos, i guess they wouldn't be so easily hand-held if they were 15X70 instead. Another thing: for a casual look, I always pick the 10X50 because they're so much lighter and easy to take anywhere. And, to be honest, the difference in the views are no that big, when I compare them side by side (but in a really dark place, they do make a difference!). Considering the photo tripod for binoculars... long ago I had 30X80mm binoculars that were used only on a tripod. The views were great, but it was not practical to use at all. Up to about 40º high or so, it was possible to view the sky confortably, but from there up (where the conditions are more adequate to observe), it's a real pain in the neck. I ended up selling the 30X80 binos plus the tripod and adapter. In conclusion, for day and night use, I recommend the 10X50mm. Clear skies Rui
  6. Here, in my terrace I only have a clear view due south and east. But, as if street lights weren't enough, some neighbours keep one or two outdoor lights on the whole night. I have no idea what's the purpose of keeping those lights on all through the night, but very often they do.
  7. Welcome Liz. If you want to learn, yes, you're in the right place. I'm here for the very same reason:) Cheers Rui
  8. Hi Luís, A warm welcome from northern Portugal too. Rui
  9. Nice and thorough step-by-step tutorials. No need for translation either When I have time I'll try to work something out... Thanks for sharing Rui
  10. That's a jaw dropping picture. and with a fine colour rendition. Congratulations Damian.
  11. Well done Luís! That's a fantastic Moon. And it's huge. Doesn't evenfit in my 19" screen. And that terminator is really very well defined. Keep sending them!
  12. Good news! The dealer did a first class service: contacted TV and will provide new caps. Couldn't be faster!
  13. Looks like there isn't a fixed pattern about the Ep's caps. I have 4 other TV Ep's (Naglers and a Radian) and all those, bought some years ago have black end caps with the logo. Well, seems like Televue is saving 1 ou 2 miserable cents in each cap. Considering the cost of those eyepieces, that's a wrong commercial practice, IMO.
  14. If it's only dust, then those brushes with a blower should do. When you don't have one, try with a hair drierblowing cold air with the selector in the minimum speed.
  15. I've ordered 1 Panoptic 25 and a Nagler 13. Received them today and was surprised with it's caps. Both came with a transparent plastic cap in the barrel and the upper cap on the Nagler was the black one but without the Televue logo. The Pan had the regular black cap with the Televue logo. Contacted the dealer (as they were bought new!) in order to get the regular black caps with the TV logo and he says that that's the way they came; even send me a picture of another Pan 24 he has there with the transparent barrel cap. I've seen that in the second hand market the fact that a TV eyepiece has the original box and caps is valuable and referred in the adds. Anyone can tell me if this is normal? What would you do in my place? Thanks for any advice. Rui
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