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  1. Thanks MBJ. Unfortunately deneb is hidden by the house! The driveway would give me a better view, but that is not level!
  2. Thanks Capricorn. The mount is polar aligned. It is the synscan set up and it does give you a list of stars at each of the options. I tried to select the easiest, brightest stars for the alignment. Unfortunately, many of the stars on the list I had not heard of! Dubhe is the end star in the Plough, one of the two you follow to point at Polaris. Unfortunately it has been quite faint in the sky the last few nights. Also, the house actually restricts the view of the northern sky. Whilst we do have fairly dark skies so back garden viewing is good, the house is a bit of an obstacle. I'll check the -0 and see if that makes a difference. Thanks.
  3. Thanks. The scope is level. Your 5 questions have all been entered correctly. The alignment is taking around 45 minutes in total as we do not recognise the names of some of the stars that are listed so are finding them on a star chart first. Longitude is -2.94. I'm guessing it might be simply the time taken, but if so, how quickly do you have to complete?
  4. Maybe it is the time then. It always seems to take an age to find the second star as it is always out of the finderscope's view. I'll try to speed up next time its clear:)
  5. I have a Skywatcher Explorer 200 PDS on an HEQ5 Pro mount. For the first 18 months I have not used the GoTo as I wanted to try to find my way around the sky myself. I have now decided to put the GoTo to use to speed up the process and see more before I freeze and need to go back in again! Over the past week I have been trying to align it using the 3 Star alignment approach. I have found Polaris and entered my location, and I have then aligned it using Sirius, Dubhe and Betelgeuse. However, after entering the third star, I keep getting the alignment failed message. I initially assumed that I was somehow finding the wrong stars, but am confident from getting the same failure on every occasion that this is not the case. Does anyone have any thoughts about what I might be doing wrong? Thanks.
  6. In defence of the Tal, I am not criticising them in any way, shape or form. They certainly do what they are supposed to do, and do it very well. I have just not used any other barlows to know whether my viewing experience would be enhanced by using them with the premium EP's. Thanks.
  7. When we bought our scopes, we bought the relatively cheap Tal barlows. As we now have a couple of premium eyepieces, would you advise buying higher quality barlows so as not to diminish the effect of these eyepieces? Thanks for any advice.
  8. Just had my first viewing of Jupiter . Saw four of the moons tonight. What a beautiful sight. I didn't realise what a wide orbit some of the moons have. If only I didn't have to get up early tomorrow, I could have stayed out all night. Roll on the next clear night.
  9. Moon Lander


    Welcome to the forum Neil. Feel free to ask as many questions as you like, you'll always find everyone willing to advise. Oh, and the clouds you have now are nothing compared to the ones that will appear when you get your scope
  10. Hi Shiplu. I wish I had the ability and patience to build my own scopes. You will have fun with your new scope. Do let us know when it arrives and what you view first through it.
  11. A warm welcome from Staffordshire to SGL Paul. Newgrange also fascinated me on the two occasions I have visited. How they did their calculations to build the way they did is completely beyond me. Enjoy your scope.
  12. Welcome to the forum from Staffordshire Buzz. My reaction when my scope arrived was very similar - it looked far bigger in real life than in the picture!
  13. Moon Lander

    Old newbie

    If only attachments could be made as quickly as you can read the instructions. I bet it's not quite as straighforward in reality. You have my instant admiration! Welcome to SGL Tom.
  14. Now I've finally managed to get my scope in focus with the provided 28mm EP, it looks like I need a further extension tube in order to get focus with my 13mm EP. Is there any real differences to extension tubes you can buy? Are there any I should look out for, or others I should avoid? I've noticed that they do different lengths (50mm and 80mm). Is one more useful than the other, or would I be better getting both so that I have all eventualities covered? Any advice would be appreciated (again). Thanks. David
  15. The moon came out again tonight (very briefly) so I tried the extension tube - it worked!!! The moon was beautifully focussed using the 28mm EP that came with the scope. I tried the 13mm Ethos as well, but the cloud cover came over before I had chance to try properly. However, it did look like I might need a further extension tube for this to focus. Thanks to all for the advice, and particularly Adam for the solution. David
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