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  1. I was disappointed ? You make me laugh ! forget the others who had problems as well...
  2. Sounds like S&N Magazine reviews, but the other way round...
  3. With the criticism of this scope, I think this scope was cherry picked for you Steve... I mean it has a glowing review of 93% & it performs perfectly - Time will tell with the sounds of Cry Wolf... Nadeem.
  4. Does the QC exist for this scope, RobH had one, a few were used at Olly Penrices place, My one was certainly dodgy, oh must not forget Ian King sent his whole stock back ! Come Come Now, Don't tell me they were QC checked as well, were they ? Nadeem.
  5. Im quite actually shocked you reviewed this scope, as it was a disaster as you've seen in the threads on this forum. Clearly the results speak for themselves, as someone who already owned that scope I do not need to READ that review... Talk about trying to revive a dead horse ! Regardless if it was you Steve, an experienced imager or anyone else I would need a Serious Bribe & or a trip to the Maldives to write anything decent about that scope, after seeing the problems with the scope & supposedly getting a overall score 93% for a pile of junk... & Nor do I apologise for expressing my opinions of this scope. Nadeem.
  6. The reseller/Dealer probably bribed the reviewer with a Holidays in the Maldives or something, but i've always found S&N magazine reviews over the top anyhow. I am probably the most hated for telescope dealers...
  7. Nice one Guy, look forward to some colour...
  8. Excellent as always, But have you not done this one before ?
  9. Don't waste your time & Money with it, they must have tested it probably sometime in the summer...Another disaster scope added to my scope memoirs !
  10. Listen I can write Memoirs about the scopes I have had in my sleep. I have had enough scopes to tell me what to look out for even without buying the scope, even though Ikharos may offer you exceptional value for money for what they are, As a imager for that type of aperture for imaging - I know what I want, Decent Optics in that aperture size, good colour correction with faster ratios. I be very happy if Ian King sends me scope for me to test one, & I will tell you what I think of it (Just in case your viewing this Ian). Well what do you get with Ikharos, a scope with tube rings & dovetail with using FPL-51 glass, for £295, depending on what mating glass they have used will depend on how good the star colour will be especially with reduced ratio to f/5.6 I would suspect the blue channel will show more halos/blotchness around the stars, just like how the WO 72 Megrez exhibits. The focuser is a CNC machined 2" Focuser. Nothing special, this was same designed threaded focuser I had used with my past AA115, but found after a while it starts to stick on it's rotational mechanisms. For £295 I would not expect it to be better optically then the ED80. But Ian King service is exceptional - So before anyone comments I am not knocking Ian King. Now lets look at the ED80, A well proven scope for imaging, equipped with FPL-53 Glass mated with Schott glass crown element. It comes with tube rings, dovetail, Case, 28mm Eyepiece (which tell you the truth is a lot better then the cheaper eyepieces you get with other Skywatcher Telescopes), 9x50 finder & 2" Di-Electric Diagonal in one package. Yes the focuser might need to be tweaked, but thats no biggy. Even though the scope will be a tad slower the colour correction will be better. When I present images I want nice round colour corrected stars with my optics doing the hard work... Anyway here's my 2p's worth, the OP had asked how it compares with the ED80, whatever you choose, good luck with it... Nadeem.
  11. The question is Guy, will you be watching the Scope at night or the Sky , I suppose the colour would really get unnoticed. Everyone is going crazy on Anodised Red atm...my only concern would be will the colour fade over time.... Nadeem.
  12. The best value for money Apochromatic Scope I really rate is the Skywatcher ED80 DS Pro, you really can't go wrong with it, equip it with a 314L+ with a Manual Filterwheel & HaLRGB Filters, what else do you need... The mount you have already, so no problem there, with a reducer you will bring the scope down from f/7.5 to f/6.25 or if your using a reducer with a compression of 0.8x f/6. Until the ZS70 comes out & people have had a good play with it, I can't recommend anything better for best bang for buck tell you the truth... & NO im not in Skywatchers Pocket or FLO's !!! Nadeem
  13. Im all for Naming & Shaming on Factual Stuff, no holds barred...
  14. I think if you was narrowbanding (S2,O3, Ha & Hb) then using the achromat would not matter, I can't remember, but something was posted up using a 120mm achromat with narrowbanding... How much do you want to spend ? Nadeem.
  15. Between the two I would go for the CG5 Goto, only due to it having 2" diameter legs opposed to 1.75" legs, which lets the HEQ5 Pro down... anyway the noise of the CG5 is really not that bad come to think of it.... I would rather have a sturdier mount with better legs. Payloads are exaggerated from manufactures & the Goto System is much better on the CG5 as well... The only thing what does go amiss you have to fit a polar scope to the mount, but thats no biggy... Nadeem.
  16. Spend another £150+ & buy the ED80 Outfit. My Review of it can be found here
  17. Maybe not Mercedes Steve, but how about bags of gold coins...
  18. Not necessarily, I was doing an image of this area the other day using a DSLR @ F4. You be amazed what you can image with a DSLR. Without shelling out a few grand on a semi decent ccd & filters... Nice image btw, how would it look without the OIII ?
  19. sorry I missed a point to this, of course your budget is in account as well, if you've got the extra cash get the NEQ6 Syntrek/Pro otherwise get what can afford really...
  20. This also means, that people who will sell to make a quick buck on this hobby as well, especially when it comes to scamming people buying c-r-a-p scopes... I noticed PC World has starting to stock Celestron Scopes... Nadeem.
  21. Here's my 2p's worth.... The HEQ5 mount is quite capable of handling a 200P DS no problem, but one thing you might have to bear in mind, if your planning to image, then try to find a lighter alternative for a guiding scope, to limit your weight on the mount. A good thing about 200mm reflectors they are quite portable compared to something like a 250mm Newt. Also if you decide to go down the refractor route for widefield imaging the HEQ5 will handle it as well. If you choose to go for a 250P DS, then you will need a NEQ6 pro/Syntrek & no their not really portable... Nadeem.
  22. Now - the only thing you need to do is put the four images in a wooden photo frame... Nadeem
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