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  1. I bought this telescope about 9 years ago. Never cleaned it. I used it for the first 3 years. Then it was shelved all these years. Now I opened it and saw the primary mirror is a dirty. I have read my posts in the forum on how to clean it. I gathered everything already. Before I go on cleaning I need an opinion from you guys, whether it's a good idea to clean it. This is how it looks now.
  2. I know its a bit negetive. But it happens. I see many of my friends bought 10" dob, 12" dob, 4" Refrector, 6" Refrector and they are quite disappointed. According to them "there is nothing to watch besides 2-3 planets and the moon". Then I had to explain about city lights, visibility etc. So if someone buys a 10" dob and expects to see the ring of Uranus in City light on the first night he will be very very disappointed.
  3. Thanks a million SGL team. I saw many websites, forums upgrade there platform engine. But I never saw anyone who provides such a beautiful tutorial. Its really rare. I see you put a lot of effort on it. Not only screen shots but also labeled by number!
  4. I am using 0.11.0. Whats new in this 0.11.3? Anything major upgrade?
  5. I am not expert. But I can tell you your first telescope will disappoint you. Its true. When an amature buys a telescope he thinks he will see every object in the sky very close. But when they look through the scope he does not see anything extra. To understand the difference between the sky through eyepiece and without it, you need to understand some basics. I'd suggest you to buy a astronomy grade binocular. Then start watching the sky and start learning the names of starts etc. Then go for a cheap dobsonian. 8" dobsonian is very good for starting. After using this 8" for enough time, you can decide your next upgrade. it can be 16" dob or 8" Refrector or whatever you wish.
  6. Welcome to SGL. To me the best instrument is my eyes.
  7. @Spaceboy Thats a nice trick. I'll surely try it. I dont have that type of fancy magnet. But I have some strong rare-earth magnets. I'll try to use them.
  8. I am not sure if 10m exposure is available on modern DSLR. But in SLR its very much possible. I have seen my uncle used to have 2-3 hours of exposure when he did some splendid night photography.
  9. I am planning to buy 2 Nagler eyepieces for my Collapsible 8" Dob. Naglar eyepieces usually have a lot of weight. I believe this extra weight will unbalance my scope. So i want to attach counter weight. But on a dobsonian mount when the scope is collapsible how can I attach a counter weight? Another question. I dont know how to get a counter weight. Can I buy these things? If so does they come in the exact weight as the Nagler eyepieces?
  10. I have a Dob-8. I dont think I can capture such Image.
  11. I am from Dhaka. Moulovibazar is in Sylhet division. My university Shah Jalal University of Science & Technology was in Sylhet which is near Moulovibazar. I visited Moulovibazar 2-3 times when I was in University. Never been to Shamshernagar. But I remember I always used cross the Shamshernagar Rail Station when I used to travel from Sylhet to Dhaka. Do you have any picture of that place from your father during WW2. It'll be an exclusive one for me.
  12. Hello fellas, My scope has arrived in Wednesday. I was really surprised seeing its size. To me it was huge. When I saw it in photograph in Skywathcers website, It didn't seem to be this big. But after unpacking I was really surprised. It took me about 1 hour to assemble it. I was excited. I wanted to take it in open air to see some nebula, planets. But sky condition was not good. It was a day before full moon. So merely I could see any stars. Later at late night when moon was at far west, I start observing. At the first look it was really cool to look at some star cluster like Pleiades, Orions knife. I couldn't see Jupiter that big. I think there could be two reasons for this. 1) Its not collimated, 2) The default eyepieces are not so good. I have 2 eyepieces 10mm and 25mm. And F=1200mm. So I think 120x magnification is not enough to see Jupiter. The scope is 25Kgs in total. Tube is 14KG and base is 11KG. I am thinking to attach wheel at the base so that I can move it easily. Also thinking to attache some kind of mechanism so that I can raise the platform. Thanks yeti monster ezza123 Rui Paxo richbyers Brendan of Borg just looking mark7331 brantuk glowjet Deneb Coco IvanT johnh Talitha Rusty Strings Bizibilder Si W bunnygod1 Pauly Martyn_Bannister For the warm welcome. @Moon Lander Hope I'll build one giant scope someday! @BAZ Senior I have already said WOW a lot. Its big, bright and colorful. But still worried about observing planets. Cause my friends wants to see planets as they have no idea about other things. @JBM1165 This is not the right season in Bangladesh to observe sky. Cause there will be light rain. But not heavy rain like monsoon. But when there is no rain its the most clear sky with lest dust. I still didn't get time to collimate it. Just aligned the finder scope and used it for 1-2 hours. I am looking for a first-thing-to-do-after-buying-8-inch-dobsonian type article. Could anyone suggest. I think there are already in this forum.
  13. Hello, This is Shiplu. I am from Bangladesh. It seems this forum is based on UK. In our country there is no forum for astronomy. There is an astronomical society though. And no shop for telescope. So i thought why not get to know this forum and its people and get more familiarized with astronomy. In school I built a telescope with 4 lenses. It was almost 12 feet long. Very small FOV. But I could manage to view some stars and planet. That was the start. Since then I bought a lot of lenses to build telescope. Sometimes I succeeded, sometimes I failed. But I was keep trying. I used to make my friends bring lenses for me. Yesterday my telescope making days just ended. Cause I ordered a SkyWathcer 8" Flexible Dobsonian telescope. Its in the way from Germany to Bangladesh. Long way. I hope to see this scope within 2 weeks. Before buying this telescope I searched google a lot to know "what to know before buying a telescope". And it took a lot of time to choose between dobsonian or equatorial. I found some threads in this forum useful for me. So why not become a member and gather more knowledge. I have a plan to build a big telescope some day. Lets see. Oh, It was all about astronomy. Lets talk something about myself. In short, I am a Software engineer. Working freelance. Usually work on Web technology. Thanks for reading such a long post !
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