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  1. fingers crossed for more clear skies in 2015
  2. thanks guys for your help this is way beyond me so decided to sell it I like to surf the skies and stargaze through the binoculars this is way to much messing about for me
  3. hi ronin thank you for getting back to me so prompt, yes it is a goto, sorry I should have put that, o/h will go out and set it up for me no so problem there as for the cost I will sell his 200p dob to get the money for anything I need lol
  4. hi all hope I have put this in the right thread,if not sorry mods..... o/h bought me a Skywatcher Heritage 114P Virtuoso Telescope last christmas but it is still in it's box unopened. I am thinking of getting it out this winter to see the night sky for the first time, but I don't want to sit in the garden with it, due to health and back problems my question is can I buy some kind of lead that I can connect it to the lap top? so I can use it indoors, and is they anything else I will be needing? thank you
  5. ALL THE Best for 2014 Plenty of dark clear skies to come hopefully Chez/Malc
  6. well guys not long now ;o) winter is coming looking forward to dark,crisp winter nights and clear skies and trying out my new telescope o/h bought me for my birthday in June not been out of the box yet ;o( Chez
  7. just found out off the website its booked up with ehu oh well maybe next time
  8. can we come please ? 1 caravan 2 adults 1 dog oh and 1 new telescope I got for my birthday
  9. This is Now Booked for Fri 18Th-20Th Oct 2013 This is 2 weekends before Halloween To book on this rally please post on this thread. No deposit is required just a commitment Paying: Malc will collect your site fees Saturday,no need to go to the office,Just pull on the field to your right. Cost of meet £9.50 per night with electric.this is for caravans and tents. £8 for tents without Ehu. Also you can arrive on the Thursday but tell owner you are with stargazers weekend The rally field is grassed and level. Toilets and showers are available. Ehu, water and waste disposal on site. Note This site requires no noise after 11:30pm and all dogs must be kept on leads, these are just extracts from the sites terms and conditions. Members are reminded that their booking is a direct contract with the site and the site's full terms and conditions apply during your stay. The MC, 365 Camping Caravanning or its officers cannot be held responsible for the safety of vehicles, equipment or possessions stolen or damaged or for any personal injury or incident resulting from attendance at this meet. We also understand fishing is available from site Trentfields has 14 hook ups 2 to the left as you go in the field then 12 down the right hand side it will be very cold and the field maybe wet?(bring your wellies) as you hardend campers/amateur astronomers know. Please get your names down A.S.A.P if you are thinking of coming only the e.h.u gets taken up quickly at this time of year. FULL MOON THIS TIME This is great for those wanting to see the craters on the moon. we also might get to see the comet that is on its travels http://www.astronomy.../n1209/25comet/ The Theme is: Halloween Amongst the ***Stars*** Chez/Malcs (ours) Pearl Wedding Anniversary Prizes for best dressed male/female/child. and of course you know me,always on the scrounge for any bric/brac/towels.for the Dog Rescue. we have 6 pitches left with ehu and we are a friendly lot
  10. Theres a few kids going and very friendly, about 7 of the little darlings. so yes most welcome we will be putting 3 gazebo's up with heating in so promise we wont let you freeze to death we are having a table top sale,with items what members donate. and a raffle money goes to my local dog rescue also if you have any old towels and fleece blankets for the Sheffield dog pound the dogs will be very Grateful oh and don't forget your Santa hats as its BRING BACK CHRISTMAS If the stars are not coming out to play trust me you will love it I am doing stew,and turkey sandwiches Friday night chez
  11. see you there Simes do you want feeding? turkey or stew? dont forget your santa hat
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