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  1. Great image. Well done. ☺ Sent from my SM-T805 using Tapatalk
  2. Utterly delicious! this is awesome and makes me proud to own a 314.
  3. Very nice. There's loads of fine detail in here. I like this a lot.
  4. Fantastic. Really like the second palette.
  5. It's a good scope. In fact I'd like one. Also Olly's advice as always been spot on for me. I know that scope choice is always personal but his opinion is good. Mark
  6. I'm an EQMOD/CdC user and it's working pretty well. This may be a stupid question but are you pressing 'Sync' when you've centered your alignment object? If so do the objects then show up in EQMOD when you've synced them? EQMOD should have 'Append On Sync' set for the 'User Interface' if you're using CdC. Hope this helps. Mark
  7. I agree too. When out imaging the stress of getting everything working, hoping the seeing will hold out and praying you know what to do with the results can be quite stressful at times. Then I look up and can't help but smile. So I try to sit in a garden chair and just look up. It's wonderful.
  8. I bought my NEQ6 with a 12" Newt. Works fine. You'll probably need an extension tube for the counterweight shaft (NEQ6 comes with one) and more weights as mine takes four of the 5kg weights to balance it. The only other thing you may occasionally need is a ladder to get to the eyepiece. Hope this helps Mark
  9. This is a tough one. I don't think I could give up my NEQ6 even for 400mm. So I've voted no. but would have like a 'both' option
  10. Hello and welcome to SGL from me
  11. Yes really good stars for unguided! Can't wait to see your images when you get the QHY set up. Brilliant start. Mark
  12. Hi albusdl. As dag123 said you're scope and equipment are fine. You'll be able to see a great deal of objects from our solar system and beyond. A simple way to work out what to explore is though planetarium software such as Stellarium. You can become familiar with your local sky before you get out there with your scope. Some things to look for are the Messier objects: M57 (the ring nebula), M27 (the dumbbell nebula), M51 (the Whirlpool galaxy), M31 (the Andromeda galaxy) and of course M42 which you mentioned in your post. You can see the objects I've listed in binoculars so a scope lik
  13. For me the PI version is the best showing wonderful star colour and delicate details. Over and above that though these are both brilliant, well framed images.
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